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A Bitter Day by Sairahi
Chapter 3 : monkey nuts explanations or sort of.....
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                                                                                                        Chapter 3



            Hermione looked at the now sleeping child lying on her couch. Her mind raced with different scenarios. What would she do if he got sick? What is she going to say when he asks her where is his mummy and daddy? Hermione turned her back on the sleeping child, walked into the kitchen, and put the kettle on. She needed something to calm her nerves. She had to stand on her tippy toes to reach the valerian tea. Once she raised herself off of her heels a little blond head caught her eye. He slept so soundly, a small crook in his grin. Hermione couldn’t but to think how angelic he looked while he slept and how much he looked like his father.


            Hermione made her tea, catching the kettle before it whistled, trying not to wake the sleeping boy. Admittedly, she wanted him to sleep as long as possible; she was nervous about what to do with him once he had a woken. She crept up behind the couch and watched the rise and fall of his chest. Her eyes traced his features, how he looked like exactly haft his mother and father. Draco’s harsh features were softened by Astoria’s and his best were highlighted also by her. Scorpius’ hair looked like shiny cotton, his skin looked like a dolls, and his cheeks had a just a hue of pink. He pursed his lips while he dreamed; Hermione intimated him without knowing it. She smiled to herself before taking a seat in her favorite dark brown leather chair. A book lay open on one of the arm. She put her feet up on the matching ottoman, laid her tea on the table beside her, and lost herself in her book.


            A tiny voice pulled Hermione back into reality shorty after falling deeply into the story of lost loves and desserts islands.


“Ms. Hermione?”


            Hermione quickly put the book down and rushed the couch where Scorpius was now standing on.


“Yes” she answered weakly


            The little boy looked onto her with a little apprehension. “Um, Ms. Hermione loo?


            Hermione had to stifle a giggle. She didn’t know what she was thinking her first conversation would be about, but for some reason asking her where the bathroom was the farthest thing from what she was thinking of. Hermione pointed down the hall with her index finger. “Do you need help” she called after him as he jumped off the couch and ran toward the loo.


“No, thankza……” he yelled running down the hallway.


            Hermione took the few moments that Scorpius was in the bathroom to make him something to eat. She could remember her mom making her pb &J sandwiches. So, she felt the need to do the same. It had always comforted her; so in turn she hoped it would make him happy too. Scorpius peak his head into the kitchen. He was surprised that Hermione could tell he was standing there even with her back turned.


“Sit. I made you something to eat.” She placed a white plate in front of him.


            Scorpius eyes fell onto the plate. A confused look replaced the smile he had been wearing.


“Um, Ms. Hermione what is this?”


            It never dawned to her that this was ‘Malfoy’s child’ of course he had never seen a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before.


Hermione smiled at him and giggled a bit. Scorpius face dropped even more, almost in the exact way his father scowled. “Sorry about that. I forgot that you probably never see a pb & J sandwich. Well, you know what a monkey nut is right?”


Scorpius squinted his eyes then looked up to the right to think for a second “Yea. I know what a monkey nut is?”


“Ok, peanut butter is just bunches of monkey nuts crushed up to make a paste and the jelly is fruit cooked with lots of sugar.”


            Scorpius watched his sandwich suspiciously while Hermione talked. His little stomach growl, he was very hungry after all. So, he picked up a half of the sandwich, lifted it to his nose. He could smell the richness of the peanut butter and sweetness of the strawberry jelly. Slowly he brought the triangle to his mouth and took a hesitant bite. His eyes closed when his mouth did. The squishiness of the bread was the first thing he noticed, next came the warm richness of the peanut butter, and then the tart but sweetness of jelly. To his surprised it tasted amazing. Scorpius bright eyes open wide and he devoured the rest within three bites.


            Hermione looked on with a slight warm feeling washing throughout her body. She smiled as she turned away from the boy sitting at her kitchen table. “Can I get you something to drink” She asked with a voice dripping of sweetness. “What do you like?”


            With elbows on the table and jelly smeared across his face. Scorpius put down his last bite of his sandwich and met her warm eyes with his cool ones. “Um, I like pumpkin and strawberry juice.”


            Hermione had to think, she didn’t have either one of those in the house. She was more of a water/tea drinker. From her tippy toes she reached up to her top shelf of her cabinet. Hermione reached for a red cup and whist picking it up a thought dawned on her. “She was a witch after all, taking care of a young wizard, so what would it mattered if she used a bit of magic.”  


            She turned away slightly from the little boy enjoying the last bits of his first pb&J sandwich. A quick muttering of choice words were said as she poured water from a pitcher that she kept in her ice box into the red plastic cup. The clear liquid turn a glossy red as it hit the bottom of the cup. She tried to keep her sly smile in check. Knowing Malfoy, his son would easily pick up on any deviations from the norm. Hermione placed the bewitched red cup in front of the blond boy. She silently prayed to Merlin that he wouldn’t notice anything about his “juice”. Luckily, for her the little boy tipped the cup back and emptied it down his throat not knowing anything was the slight bit off. She mentally patted herself on the back, her way was healthier, way less sugar than if it was real juice.


    “Maybe this whole mothering stuff won’t be as hard as I thought” she said silently to herself.” She crooked her neck just enough to sneak a peek at the curious little boy. Their eyes met, Hermione found herself blush from his stares. “So…..Scorpius…….” She said when she gingerly step from the sink to the table, taking a seat across from him. “What is it like at your house? What do you do, say like after breakfast?”


            Big bright blue eyes seemed to glaze over as Scorpius thought about his answer. His bottom lip was pulled in as he sucked it gently right before he spoke. “I come downstairs every morning and daddy is already sitting at the table reading his paper. I eat a few grapes, thens we play till he leaves for work.”


            Hermione felt the corners of her mouth curl up at the thought of Malfoy playing games with his son. Draco Malfoy was always so serious and uptight all the time. It was hard for her to see him let loose and let his pretentions down. 


“Then after daddy goes to work mummy takes me with her for her days errands. We go to the stores or granddaddy office then she takes me for a snack. Normally, ice cream, that’s my favorite” he said as he raised his eyebrows, mockingly snapped a pretend pair of spenders, and shrugging his shoulders. ”If it’s not ice cream, she sometimes takes me to this place called ‘dunkin doughnuts’ , I’m not really supposed to tell people about that, though.” The little boy looked like he was waiting to get yell at.


“Don’t worry Scorp. I won’t tell anyone. I also love ‘Dunkin Doughnuts’. My favorites one are the ones with pink frosting and multi colored jimmys. Well. Then let’s do that.”


“What Ms. Hermione?”


            Just as the words left his lip, Hermione had bolted out her back door into the field behind her house. The little boy followed her out of the house and grabbed on to her hand just as they reached the gate. Hermione made sure she had a good grip of his little hand before aparating. Moments later they were standing in front of a very ordinary Dunkin Doughnuts. Scorpius got a chocolate one and Hermione had her usual.  They ate there and finished quite quickly. Hermione had hoped that this would take up more time than it had. Thinking fast once they got back to Hermione’s home, she had a wonderful idea. She stuck out her wand hand, then pointed it at the path in front of her, and turned it into ice. Scorpius slid after her and bumped right into her. Both of them slip and slid down the garden path only stopping at a big oak tree. They sat laughing for a few minutes, till leaves falling from the trees overhead caught Hermione’s eyes. She lifted her wand again to turn each of them in to shiny colorful bubbles.


“Pick a color and whomever pops the most wins a chocolate frog card” Hermione always had a few cards stuffed away incase Ron or Harry need a little pick me up.


            Scorpius jumped up and began to jumping up and down popping all the blue and green bubbles. Hermione popped the purples and red ones, but held back letting Scorpius win. The bubbles zigged and zagged or went in circles around their heads. They would even bump to each other changing their paths. Every time Scorpius almost about to reached one it would just fall out of the reach of his little fingers, but when he wasn’t looking two would stop by his nose and he would pop them unknowingly. They spent most of the afternoon outside playing till it was too cold for them to be outside anymore. Scorpius took Hermione by surprise while they walked back inside, unexpectedly Scorpius reached his hand out as they stride together and closed the distance by taking her hand. The warmth of his hand against her chilled skin scared her at first, then the warmth traveled up her arm and right into her heart. She looked down first at his hand then to his face. His big blue eyes sparkled like twinkling stars and his smile almost reached ear to ear. The both laughed in the moment and went into the house. Hermione thought to herself “That this possible might not be that bad. Maybe, Malfoy was a good father and must have changed some of his outlook on life for him to have created this lovey boy.”


            Too much of her surprise she had the nicest afternoon that she has had in a long time, since the war nothing went the way she would have planned. The only place she felt comfortable was whether in school or fighting next to Harry. Every time she found a job she thought she wanted it would turn out not to be a fit for her.


            Healer; she thought it would be great to help and heal people in need, but it was just too emotionally draining. Hermione felt that she had already spent most of her life so far in life and death situations only to often to have to be responsible for life and death all day long, was just too taxing on her mind, body, and spirit. She has seen so many of her friends die in the war and dealing with every day just wasn’t worth it to her. Hermione did a short stint working with Harry in the Auror’s Office. Harry and she made a good team. Hermione would figure out the mystery, then they would go and get the bad guy. After a while it became just the same case over and over with interchangeable details. From there she worked for the Greengrass law firm. But, from there she found out, that she really couldn’t change the laws and help united the wizarding world. They were all great learning experiencing for her, and they all led to where she was now. Hermione wasn’t sure what her next step would be in life, all she knew so far she hasn’t been happy anywhere yet.




            The wind rustled a few lonely leaves in the gutter in front of a tall white stone office building. The columns were slightly crooked where they held up the many baloneys under where they met the green trimmed arched darken windows. Draco’s feet hit the pavement harder than they normally did. He just thought that he was tired or just too overwhelmed at the moment to care about a soft landing. His eye trailed up the five story crooked building, his eye catching a black cloud that turned out to be three black birds flying together just over the grey rooftop. Draco made sure no one was in sight as he went towards the heavy cherry double doors.


            The lobby of his father-in-law’s firm’s office was usually empty for this early in the afternoon. Draco poked his head around one corner and then another; doorway after doorway finding no one in their offices or in the hallways. Draco stepped lightly not knowing what could be around each corner. When he finally made it to his father-in-laws office, the sight took Draco by surprise. He felt his back hit the wall next to the door way, as his hand covered his mouth to hold in a scream, while he step back and away in horror. His eye fell onto the floor at the sight of a festively plump man in a pin striped waist coat lying on the floor in a pool of blood and other bodily fluids. Draco swallowed the sick that entered his mouth before turning on the spot.




            Draco welcomed the hooking feeling that grabbed him at his navel. Within a moment he was standing outside the ministry. He went through the entrance as fast he could and rushed to Harry’s office. He wasn’t breathing, nor thinking, just reacting. He dashed to the elevator, down the hallway of the Auror office, right to Harry’s door, Draco didn’t knock or wait for a response, he just barged in.


            Harry was in the middle of talking to two other people, but stopped mid-sentence. All eyes rested on Draco because of the interruption he had just caused.


“Mr. Malfoy, how can I help you?” Harry said curtly.


“He’s dead. I was going to talk to him about what happened and now he is d.d.ddead…”


            Harry’s scowl dropped from his face and upon further notice Draco realized that Ron Weasley was in the room with another woman also. The other women, he barley heard was many be called Evie as Harry rushed an introduction. She had long dark reddish brown hair that fell just at her waist. Her brown eyes were the size of saucers trying to hide behind vintage frames.


“Dead? Who’s dead? Malfoy are you alright?” Harry slowly stood up and took a step towards Draco. All eyes were still on Draco. He couldn’t believe that in the pass 24hrs, he had been in contact with two dead bodies. Not to mentions that they were the bodies of the two people he loved and respected the most in the world.


            Draco stepped backward from each of Harry’s steps towards him and slumped into a chair in that stood in the far corner of the office. Ron watched him with a look of bewilderment and amusement.


“Malfoy who’s dead now” Ron said standing a little straighter knowing his word would cut into Draco’s vulnerable state.


            Draco hung his head down and cradled it between his hands not caring about the obvious poke at him. His light tan coat was smudged with dirt, and hair messed up, sticking up in random directions. Harry could feel the tension coming off him in waves.


“Draco” he said in a voice that sounded like he was talking to a small child. “Who’s dead?” Harry went to put a comforting hand on Draco’s shoulder, but it only made Draco flinch.


            Draco looked up with tears clouding his blue grey eyes “They both dead. Astoria…. I watched her died. Harry can you understand that, I watched her died. I saw the mother of my child killed before my very eyes. She’s dead….” Draco needed a second to finish his thought. All of a sudden it felt real, him saying the words made it real.  “I went today to talk to her father. Ask him advice, ask him why. Ask him what to do next. I mean Harry, he had to know something.” Again tears were threating to come out with vengeance from Draco’s eyes “Harry why, would anyone do this. Why would anyone kill her and now her father, but not go after me?”


            Harry was just thinking the same thing. He let Draco have a second to compose himself. Ron was looking at him like Draco had sprouted two heads. Ron hadn’t ever thought of Draco as anything other than little rich boy prat. Now, he looked at the broken man in front of him and couldn’t keep the wall of hate up.


            “We’ll find out who did this, mate?” Ron said to the obvious surprise to the rest of the room. Harry smiled slightly at his best friend to let him know he had done the right thing.


“Yeah, Draco will figure out who’s behind this. Don’t worry you have my word that you and your son will be safe. And, you know my word means something.”


            Draco knew Harry meant what he had said even though he didn’t why he didn’t want to believe it.


Ron’s ears perked up with Harry’s words “Malfoy, I didn’t know you had a son?”


Draco looked up at him with apprehension, Harry answered before Draco could even formulate his words.


“Draco’s son is somewhere safe, that’s not the issue. We have to worry about these murders, before anything else. Why would anyone go after Grable Greengrass’s daughter, then go after him???” Harry’s eyes darted from one line to another on the random paper he was holding as pretending to read it giving him a second to think.


            Draco wondered why Harry didn’t say anything to Ron about Hermione, something felt off to him about the situation. Draco couldn’t let these thoughts bog him down, he had more important thing to do. Draco stood up suddenly, Harry, and the others looked on and watched as Draco left without saying anything else. The heavy office door closed with a loud bang with the three off them watching with slacked jaws.


“Send a team to the Greengrass manor and a team to the Greengrass Law firm. Then, I want SIS on Draco. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.” Harry said making Ron and Evie nodded their heads in agreement.


“You got it boss” Said Evie as she rushed out the door.


            Ron stayed behind “Harry, think he’s involved?” Ron leaned on Harry’s desk as Harry to a seat behind it.


“I don’t know what to think, to tell you the truth.” Harry said while returning to his pile of paper on his desk.


            Harry didn’t like the look in his best friend’s eye. There was something unsettling in the glint in the corners of them. Harry swallowed his bad intuitions and set his eyes back to the paper he was holding, noticing for the first time that in his hand the hold time was a record of the most recent donations to St Mango hospital. On the top of the list was Greengrass 1M.GBP. Harry did a mental double take as he skimmed the rest of the list looking for anything strange. Malfoy was on the list and all the other pureblood elitists were there too. The only name that was out of the norm was of a former classmate, Cromac McCleggin. From what Harry remembered he was too into himself to think of anyone else and would be the last one that would donate a large amount of money to a hospital. Harry knew it wasn’t a direct link to Draco, but something told him from deep inside his gut that this was the start that he needed to begin to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together.





A/N: another chapter here. Draco playing with his son and Hermiones games were fun to think and write about. Hope you enjoyed them too. Tell me what you think. Leave me a little note; they inspire me and right now not feeling very. Lot's of love to you in internet-land; it was nice that you stopped by. Be safe; till next time. ~S

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A Bitter Day: monkey nuts explanations or sort of.....


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