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The 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas. by Half_Empty
Chapter 2 : Not-so sexy education
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shipsinthedark @ TDA I love you THIS *big hug* much! :D








“HIV, AID’s, Herpes…”


A soft snore in the back ground and a thump as someone’s head fell to their wooden desk.


“All products of un-safe sex-”


One or two muffled giggles.


“Many STI’s don’t come with a warning label! No symptoms can be seen!”


The teacher’s voice rose with unshared excitement whilst the boys at the back began to sing beneath their breaths:


“Let’s get physical, physical-“


“Discharge, Pain, Itching, Rashes…” The woman at the front continued, oblivious to her student’s distractions.


The girl next to me turned an unflattering shade of green whilst the boys continued to sing, blocking out the droning teacher:


“I wanna get physical-“


They weren’t much better to listen to than the teacher.


“Imagine it. Just imagine it! All that sticky-“












“Imagine it!”


Kill. Me. Now.


The boys continued to sing:


“There’s nothing left to talk about unless it’s horizontally-“




“The contraceptive spell is easy to remember, just a few simple words. Unfortunately it does not protect you from STI’s. “


The boys changed their tune: beginning to sing some form of love based ballad:


“I can be your hero baby!”


A girl a few seats behind actually fell from her chair in silent laughter.


”I can kiss away the pain-“


The lady at the front continued her rant in extreme detail, waving her arms about frantically in illustration as I giggled, the sound muffled by my hand. The fallen girl behind me clambered back into her seat- still shaking with her hysterics, but not everyone found the boys display funny. A gaggle of girls in the corner glared at the boys in accusation, venom clear in the green eyes of their leader.


“They’re so immature.” She muttered to her friends at a volume loud enough for the boys to hear, and with enough malice lacing her tone for them to look suitably discouraged. The grins slid of their faces as they fell in to an awkward silence and Rebecca Thomas watched on, smiling in clear satisfaction. I scowled but it remained unseen- hidden by the mass of curly blond hair cascading down the right side of my face.


“Why do they insist on torturing us like this, ya know?” Her sultry voice interrupted my staring contest with the table. “They didn’t make Harry Potter do this sex education crap.”


My glare turned into a grin. Here we go.


“That’s ‘cause he was saving the world Bec’s…” An excitable follower named Sammy interrupted her.


I laughed gently under my breath, waiting in trepidation for the aftermath.


“Don’t interrupt me Sammy! It’s rude.”


There you go.


Sammy stuttered, grasping at thin air for a suitable response. Unfortunately there are no suitable responses when it comes to Rebecca Thomas.


“That’s what I thought.” She hissed, her green eyes narrowing into snake-like slits whilst Sammy’s widened in fear and what I suspected with disgust to be a hint of shame.


“Sorry.” She whispered, her voice cracking with fright.


I scoffed - what a friendship.


“As I was saying…” Dear old Becky sent a glare sideways to the girl who had tears pricking at her eyes. “This is so stupid.” The rest of her lackey’s seemed to whole-heartedly agree with her as a roar of approval rose from within the group. “Harry Potter wouldn’t have put up with this!”


…and her obsessive nature shines through! Her true colours have been exposed! Her beauty can’t conceal the evil beneath!


… I’ll stop now.


But the funniest part about her obsession with the famous Harry Potter? She’s dating his son.


Her hunger for power goes beyond leading the girls at Hogwarts, perhaps even beyond being Minister of Magic. She strives to have the same strength sway as Harry the hero and unfortunately for his son he’s the easiest way to get a slice of that sweet, sweet pie… easier than saving the world anyway.


Although I guess it’s too bad she wasn’t the one who was nearly killed as a baby as her parents were murdered in cold blood, shoved into a foreign world full of magic and creatures and forced to kill one of the most evil men in history. Scratch that- it’s too bad she wasn’t just killed as a baby.


“There are however ways that you can protect yourselves from STI’s…”


Curse you Professor McGonagall, she-who-must-not-be-named! She-who-condemned-us-to-this-torture-by-deciding-that-this-year-we-should-be-educated-on-the-’most-beautiful’-part-of-human-life-A.K.A.-Sex. A decision that was undoubtedly unpopular with most. For example: the green faced girl sat beside me.


Many people say the old girl’s gone loopy- I disagree. I think she’s been taking advice from Dumbledore’s portrait. Especially because she actually appointed Professor Trelawney to teach it.


“I can see it! You’ll all catch-”


For the love of all that is holy-


She clapped twice loudly. “Alright, alright. Everyone partner up. It’s role-play time!”


…not the thing you want to hear in a Sex Education lesson.


“Boy girl, the pairs have to be boy girl…”


…even better. But- even I have to grudgingly admit- slightly less awkward then doing a STI based role play with a member of the same sex… unless you like that sort of thing.


“Frank! Put. Jenny. Down.”


Get me out of here. Please, I’ll pay you.


“I’d watch out if I were you” A deep, inviting voice said by my ear, surprising me and causing me to spin around to face the owner, swaying slightly from my speed. The boy continued cautiously, steadying me by placing his large hands on my shoulders.


If he thought that would do anything to calm me down he was seriously mistaken.


“Whoa there.” He grinned. “You need to be more careful… apparently Frank likes blondes. You could be next.” He habitually ran a hand through his dark hair, grimacing self-loathingly at his attempt at an icebreaker.


I coughed uncomfortably. Normally during boy-girl pairings I’m more likely to be partnered with my desk than an actual boy. “Was there something you wanted…?” I asked, trailing off at the end unsurely.


He chuckled, releasing both hands from my shoulders to tuck them into his pockets. “Be my partner?” he asked, lifting one hand to continue its trail from his head to his neck where he rubbed it sheepishly, waiting for my answer.


I may have twirled a little too fast if he really said what I though he said- so many girls would kill to be partner’s with this particular boy, where as I would usually settle for one that merely breathes. I usually get a nose picker.


I stuttered, blushing. “S-sure.” I responded as he smiled gently in thanks.


“Great.” He said simply, sitting on the desk beside me before introducing himself. “Albus, by the way. Albus Potter.”


I gracefully withheld my retort of ‘No shit Sherlock.’ Instead responding with a polite. “Kyra Miller, nice to meet you.”


He smiled. “Ditto.”


…did he just say? I think he did!


*Sigh* A man of my own heart.


I grinned like a fool for the next 5 minutes (obviously hiding my giddy expression from my partner-who doesn’t pick his nose for the least I don’t think he does…). Professor Trelawney explained our instructions between ‘visions’ of future afflictions, my expression only morphing to one of pure horror when she was done with her admittedly long explanation.


We had to write a script…. where I wasPregnant… with his baby.




*Insert awkward silence*


As if it isn’t awkward enough to be talking to the bloke. Now I’ve got to pretend to pregnant with his spawn. Nice.


What the heck does that have to do with STI’s anyway?


Oh yea… to make a baby you have to… never mind.


“So…” Albus started but trailed off in apprehension, continuing to the rub the back of his neck slowly- I was beginning to sense a nervous habit. “Do you want to start or…”


I cut him off abruptly, shaking my head. “It’s fine! Really. You can start!”


His eyes narrowed playfully causing my cheeks to flush again as he scrutinised my expression. He crinkled his nose cutely.


I was still in shock that he was actually talking to me.


“Thanks.” He replied dryly, gently rifling through his bag for a quill and some ink. “How about… “Baby, what is it y’all wanted to tell me?”?” He lowered his voice slightly to a drawl.


Huh, what a fitting pet name in this situation.


I raised an eyebrow nervously. “Is there a reason you’re from Texas or…”


He remained in stony silence, indicating for me to continue.


Tough crowd.


“Fine, fine.” I muttered under my breath, playing along despite the blush on my cheeks. “No sense of humour… AHA!” I grinned, triumphant albeit slightly hesitantly. “What about: “Sweetheart… promise me y’all won’t be mad.”” I matched his southern accent easily, grin still firmly in place.


He, plastered an over exaggerated pout onto his face, his (grass, venom? Both don’t sound exactly appealing…) green eyes brightening with a mixture of surprise and amusement. “Don’t you trust me pumpkin?” He batted his long eye lashes quickly in succession, looking very much like a child caught with his hand in a cookie jar.


Apparently my cookie jar according to this damn exercise.


“Of course I do Albie!”


Really Kyra. Really.


He chuckled deeply. “Albie? Really?”


Called it.


My eye’s narrowed slightly in offense. “What’s so bad about it?”


“I sound like some… magical elf from a Disney movie.


I gasped overdramatically. “You know of Disney?”


He crossed his arms over his chest indignantly. “Of course I do! Best TV channel in the world.”


I found my lips curving at the corners un-consciously. “Marry me.”






He smirked- cocky prat. “At least let me buy you a drink first.”


I blushed, but played along despite my embarrassment.


I’d just asked the son of the saviour of the Wizarding World to marry me. You see that nice sharp knife over there? Stab me in the chest with it, please. But make it quick- I don’t like blood.


Of course then the inevitable word vomit came up:


“Well now might be the best time to mention I’m pregnant.”


Seriously? That’s the best I could do?


He laughed, a deep alluring sound that drew me in. “Witty.”


“I do try.”


On the inside I was in shock, he thought I was witty.


Okay… Fan girl moment over.


He cleared his throat, a short burst of laughter escaping his lips. “Let’s pick up where we left off then shall we?”


So he’s a nerd. That’s worse than a nose picker- at least with a nose picker neither of us want to do the work: they’re too busy digging for gold, leaving me to day dream in peace.


…is it possible to be a nerd in Sex Ed? Wouldn’t that make you like… promiscuous or something?


I nodded, reluctantly breaking from my dazed state.


“What about: “Then why won’t you tell me Kyra?”?”


I shook my head rapidly at his suggestion, my eyes widening in over-exuberant alarm. “Uh uh, no way”


He raised an (very attractive) eyebrow. “Why not?”


“We are not putting my name in this thing! I refuse to be connected to a script about teenage pregnancy! My mum would kill me if she ever saw it!” She’s not the smartest person around- my mum.


“Okay, okay.” he said, smiling placatingly and holding up his hands in the universal ‘I surrender’ position. “We won’t use your name.”


I huffed, crossing my own arms over my chest and leaning back in my rickety chair. “Good.”


He chuckled nervously, looking at me with trepidation like I was some sort of foreign creature that was going to bite him.


Nice first impression Kyra. Now, he thinks you’re going to eat him.


“What do you want to say next then?” He smiled genuinely, seemingly forgiving my early blunder.


I hummed quietly, filled with relief and stopping to think for a long moment.




Surely Albus Potter had actual friends to pair up with, extremely willing female friends.


…Not that I wasn’t extremely willing mind you. He is gorgeous… just hard to speak to, his dad saved the world after all.


It’s enough work sitting next to him without squealing let alone talking to the prat.




Jolted unceremoniously from my revere by the Golden boy himself, I spoke slowly as I answered, careful to keep my thoughts out of my voice. I smiled, but it was wobbly. “How about: “Woops, false alarm! Guess my period’s just a bit late this month.”?”


Kill. Me. NOW.


His vivid green eyes sparkled with amusement. “Nice try. But I think if you said that I’d be more likely to run away awkwardly shouting: “Happy PMS” then to stay and listen to your explanation.”


I bit my lip to keep from laughing. “Boys… no sensitivity.”


He grinned sexily. “What? Do you think I actually want to talk about your feelings? Sorry but I’m not a middle aged women quite yet.”


…and he’s funny too!


Maybe I should ask him to marry me again…


“No. Then you’d be the one missing her periods ‘Miss Menopause’.”


I decided against it. Obviously. Because if that’s the way I plan to propose to someone I’m in desperate need of therapy. It’s like those people who propose on television- the only reason they’re saying yes is because they don’t want to embarrass you in front of millions of people: that’s it!


I chuckled quietly under my breath, tuning him out slightly as he gasped good-naturedly. But what I saw as my eyes scanned the classroom absent-mindedly nearly caused my heart to skip a frantic beat.


Oh. My. Merlin…


They were snogging- that much was obvious- in plain view of everyone in the classroom. His hands coiled tightly around her waist as he pulled her to him and their heads appeared almost surgically attached at the lips he had her pressed so tightly against one of the desks.


One thing was for sure: James Sirius Potter and Rebecca Thomas were definitely going for the gold.


How are they even breathing?


My shoulders shook with silent laughter drawing Albus’s (momentarily unwanted- I was laughing at his brother’s expense after all) attention.


“What?” He asked, smiling nervously as he watched my self-control falter. But that trepid smile dropped when I pointed him in the right direction. For a moment I feared the worst- that he was upset with me but then he started to laugh. His chuckles turned to guffaws and I laughed along with him.


“Oh Merlin.” He whispered, his own shoulders beginning to shake. “And in a sex education class too… talk about ironic.” Not upset then… but there was definitely something dark behind his smile.


I laughed, my giggles growing louder with every word.


“I knew they shouldn’t have put the 6th and 7th years together.”


I couldn’t take it anymore as I burst once again into pearls of laughter. My head rolled on to Albus’s shoulder when I was too distracted to notice, as he too laughed freely at his own brother’s expense.


Charming. The brotherly bond is strong in this one… (Notice my sarcasm)


“What’s so funny?” A scathing voice cut into our fit, causing us to look up in surprise, though more fear than surprise in my case- The last person to laugh at James Sirius Potter woke up with spots. Purple spots.


Oh… they’d stopped.


I snorted once not being able to help it.


Classy, Kyra, classy.


“Nothing.” Albus spat out between laughs, not looking the least bit intimidated by his older (and admittedly huge) brother’s glare.


I giggled causing Albus to once again burst into laughter.


It was kind of funny…


Unfortunately I had also managed to draw the attention of the lovebirds.


“Why is your head on his shoulder?” Dear old Becky asked rudely, one hand placed on her hip, the other around her boyfriend’s waist possessively. She looked as if I’d somehow offended her personally by merely talking to Albus.


Well... I’m not the one who stabbed her with a fork in first year.


But wait… oh Merlin… my head’s on Albus’s shoulder… I bet I look like a right slag –ahem- lady of the night.


Why couldn’t I have been partnered with Jeremy? He’s so ugly I wouldn’t even by tempted to put my head near that nit’s nest.


I stopped laughing abruptly to consider my predicament. “I don’t know…” I responded slowly, deciding to milk this for all that it’s work (the damage was already done after all), and looked up at Albus who continued to laugh. “That’s a very good question.”


At least Albus didn’t seem to mind.


Which made me feel all fuzzy inside…


Back on subject.


She seemed… smug, for reasons unknown. James however just chuckled.


He’s happy now… just wait till he gets stabbed with a fork.


“Got yourself a girlfriend Bro?” The future stab victim asked, running his unoccupied hand through his hair in a habit similar to Al’s.


Albus was still laughing as he placed an arm around my shoulders, and I pretty much choked on my own spit at that manoeuvre, but I don’t think he noticed my surprise- he was too busy laughing. Rebecca certainly did though.


Somebody pinch me.


“Kyra, James. James, Kyra.” Albus introduced us between chuckles. I notice he didn’t mention Rebecca, or even look at her.


“Nice to meet you.” I added quickly, questioning my new friend’s sanity. “And I’m not his girlfriend.”


Unfortunately. Jeremy’s probably got more chance with him than I have.


James laughed (and what a beautiful laugh it was), swiping his hand across his forehead comically. “Phew… and the universe is back in the balance.”


Why are they both so gorgeous? And why can’t I be in that gene pool?


Of course then I’d be drooling over my relation…




I’m not a Malfoy after all.


Albus scowled. “Thanks James… thanks a lot.”


James grinned, his hazel eyes filled with mischief. “No problem Al, and just because you’re not getting any doesn’t mean you can laugh when I am.”


I giggled from behind my hand at Albus’s expression- a cross between indignation and reluctant defeat.


“That was not why-“


“Yeah, yeah… see ya Albus… Kyra.”


I nodded my goodbye between giggles, watching as Albus’s face relaxed at his brother’s exit.


Hmmmmm… suspicious.


“Use protection!” Albus shouted after them, chuckling serenely as James shot him the bird over his shoulder.


Ewwww... I did not need that mental image.


I removed Albus’s arm from around my shoulders reluctantly in the midst of his laughter. I can’t seem too eager now can I?


“Maybe you should buy me a drink first.” I mimicked what he’d said earlier drawing a chuckle from his stern lips as he crossed his arms over his chest.


“You’re the one with her head on my shoulder.”


I plastered a cheeky grin onto my face, attempting to hide my intense mortification whilst I lifted my head and leant back in my seat, waiting for the bell to ring, as I attempted to calm my rabid teenage hormones.








I’m just that good.


My victory however was short lived as the scramble for the door began.


“Oh! Jenny-“started Professor Trelawney innocently as she began packing up her equipment for the end of the day. “Could you-“


Jenny appeared startled as she floundered for an excuse. “Um… sorry Professor I’ve got to… go…” Then she ran- rather cleverly- for the rickety ladder leading away from the room.


Her sights landed on Albus.


“Oh Albus dear, how about you? Could you-“


His eyes grew large (but they were still beautiful, mind you, if slightly Bambi-like), showcasing his obvious fear. I laughed, causing him to shoot me a withering glare.


“Er…” He responded eloquently, running a hand through his already messed up hair- again. “Sorry Miss, but Kyra here is feeling a bit sick so…” He trailed off apprehensively, shooting me a sideways glance that clearly said ‘play along if you want to live’.


But you see… I don’t like being told what to do. So instead I smirked and said: “Actually, I’m feeling a little better n-“


He clamped a sweaty hand over my mouth and nose, effectively cutting off my speech and making it so that I couldn’t breathe.


Charming. You know… I think there’s been too much contact for the first meeting already. Not that I’m complaining, mind. But you see… for some reason I enjoy having oxygen in my lungs… which explains what I did next:


I bit his finger (very sexily), and from his loud angry swear I think that it hurt. A lot.


I smirked.


He glared.


I pouted.


But then he sent me a pathetically pleading glance and I had to relent, albeit reluctantly. He did save me from Jeremy after all- I owe him.


“Oh no.” I said in an obnoxious fake sick voice- one eerily familiar to that of a six year old child who wants a day off school. I sarcastically placed a hand to my forehead in a classic damsel-in-distress impression.


“I feel faint.” I gasped, rolling my eyes. “Albie! Please save me…”


I may as well embarrass him at the same time…


He frowned in response, before copying me and rolling his eyes irritably. “Always with the Albie.” He grumbled.


I smirked, but hid it behind the hand that had slipped from my forehead, forcing my eyes at least to appear sincere for Albus’s sake.


Professor Trelawney bought it however as she looked positively alarmed. “Well, yes... Please do Albus!” She ordered. “She needs medical attention immediately!” She checked me over looking panicked and pressed a hand to my forehead. “She’s burning up!” She exclaimed.


I really wasn’t.


But Albus didn’t seem to mind playing along as he sent her a relieved expression. “Thanks Professor.” He replied with fake sincerity. “I’ll do just that.” He assured her before bending down slightly and swinging me into his arms-bridal style- as if I weighed nothing.


I can assure you, I weigh far from nothing. Just ask my mum: she’s being trying to force me onto a slimming world (muggle thing) diet for years.


…not that I’m fat. Crap. What if Albus thinks I’m fat?


As we descended the ladder I groaned, deciding not to risk it.


“Put. Me. Down.” I ordered firmly, emphasising each word with a hit to his chest.


I don’t like to be carried. It makes me feel like a little kid. And, you know… there’s the whole insecure about my weight thing… (Thanks mum).


He grinned cheekily. “Nah, I don’t think I will.” He said.


It’s your arms you’ll be breaking if you don’t.


“I’ve been told to take you to the Hospital Wing you see.” He decided to inform me unnecessarily, pulling me in tighter.


Remind me again why I’m objecting to this…


I glowered (reluctantly) at his smug smile. “You know very well that I’m not sick.”


“Not physically.” Albus muttered. “Mentally however…”


He’s only known me for half an hour and he’s already insulting me?


Wow, look out ladies…


But even I have to admit that I’d grown accustomed to –and rather fond of- his presence over the past half hour.


I scowled. “Don’t even both finishing that sentence.”


He winked, tipping me up playfully so that my head nearly touched the floor.


Did I mention I’m afraid of heights too? Well… I am.


I could actually feel my hair tickling the stone and my blood rush to my head.


“Lift me up, lift me up!” I screamed, hitting his stomach with enough force to wind him. He laughed, but did as he was told, pulling me even closer to his chest as he did so.


…I’m really starting to enjoy this.


“Okay…” He replied. “But only because you’ve saved me twice today.” He shifted me into an easier position to carry.


I adopted a confused expression. “Twice?” I inquired curiously, tapping my fingers on his arm in obvious boredom.


I only remembered saving him from Trelawney.


He nodded casually in response placing a hand over mine to stop me from tapping. “I’m ticklish.” Was his excuse, but there was something darker behind it.


I raised an eyebrow, hoping for further information.


I’m nosey… so sue me.


He let out a long suffering sigh. “Yeah. You know, you agreed to be my partner too…” he answered me sweetly, trailing off towards the end when he added no further detail.




Wait a minute...


Not even Mia (my best friend) likes me that much.


I raised an eyebrow. “Not that I’m not brilliant company… but how does that count as ‘saving’ you?” I asked, smiling gently and continuing to tap my fingers on his arm much to his annoyance.




His green eyes clouded slightly. “It would have been embarrassing to be partner less, is all.”


But for some reason I didn’t think that was the full story.


I prodded him once on the arm to get his attention. “Awww.” I cooed, batting my eyelashes.


He grimaced. “Stop that.” He cringed uncomfortably, looking away.


I raised an eyebrow. “Albie...”


“Stop calling me that!”


I grinned. “Nope.” I replied popping the ‘p’ like I would with bubble gum. “As long as you’re hanging with me you’re an elf in my eyes.”


What I didn’t say out loud is that he looked far from like an elf.


But he didn’t need to know that.


His eyes brightened. “I’ll put you down if you stop calling me Albie.” He offered, sounding surprisingly hopeful-perhaps my weight was getting to him.




And in order to keep up my indifferent pretence I had no choice but to agree.


Me: 0                                                            


Karma (aka: the thing ruining my life) : 1


Next time I’m being partners with Jeremy- he’s far less distracting.




Mia attacked me as soon as I entered the Great Hall, grabbing my arm and dragging me into an abandoned classroom some way away from my destination, an angered expression on her face through the whole tense journey.


Yeah… because that doesn’t look suspicious at all…


But Mia didn’t seem to mind.


“I saw you!” She shouted in accusation, pointing a finger in between my eyes and making me go cross eyed. “I saw you talking to mdfghnhug-”


I had raced towards her, clamping a hand firmly over her mouth -much like Albus had done to me earlier- smirking victoriously as she glared.


“Don’t.” I warned patronisingly, my hand still in place before I let go, placing a finger to my pursed lips in the universal sign for ‘shut the hell up’. This was our routine.  


She was scowling when I released her, ignoring my signal. “How dare you not invite me!” She poked me in the chest once violently, making me take a cautious step backwards away from the door. “I thought I was your best friend.”


I don’t remember giving anyone an invite to whatever she was talking about.


I raised an eyebrow, confused. “Invite you to what?” This seemed to only anger the beast.


Her cheeks flushed angrily. “The bloody wedding!” She screeched indignantly as if I should have known, attracting curious mutters from the people occupying the hallway. “I thought I was your-“


I sent a silencio her way, effectively shutting her up without her knowing. Her lips kept moving at a fast pace but no sound escaped.


I was really confused.


“Oi!” I snapped my fingers in front of her face to get her attention. “Listen to me.”


She scrunched up her nose in distaste before raising her hand and with a painful and loud smack slapping me full on across the face, letting me glare at her in confusion her for a full thirty seconds before she pointed to her sealed mouth angrily.


I gaped.


She actually slapped me.


She’s always been dramatic…but… she’d never done that before.




“Not until you hear me out Miss ‘Jump-the-gun.” I teased, resolutely crossing my arms over my chest. I was going to draw this out as a punishment. “Nod yes or no.” I ordered. “You think that there’s a wedding?”


The outside hallway had gone silent (nosey buggers) as she nodded- her glare still in place. They probably thought I was talking to myself as I was the only one who could be seen through the window but I was past caring.


Well… almost past caring because on the other hand now they’re going to think I’m knocked up or something with all the talk of weddings- knocked up and crazy.


I held up my left hand slowly before pushing it into Mia’s eye line. “Look.” I said, in a patronising tone. “No ring.”


She rolled her eyes, pointing yet again to her momentarily useless mouth.


“Nuh uh.” I replied, scowling and attempting to ignore the guilt in my stomach- I was being unfair. “Not a chance, you’ll just start screaming bloody murder again. Why do you think I’m married?”


She raised an eyebrow.




“Act it out.” I snapped, too angry to care that I was being mean and unreasonable.


She turned her back on me, sending a glance back over her shoulder which I took to mean an angry: ‘fine’ for her response. But as she walked from the room and towards the Great Hall I immediately changed my mind.


“No. Mia!” I shouted, running after her pathetically- I’ve never been a good athlete. “I’ll un-silencio you, just stop!” I grabbed her elbow weakly but she kept walking resolutely forwards, determined to embarrass me like I’d done to her in private just before.


It’s a lovely friendship we have.


“No!” I screamed chasing after her but it was too late. She’d already stalked into the Hall, towards the Slytherin Table and grabbed Albus Potter by the collar of his oxford shirt.


I think I actually wanted to die when she pointed between us both and made a love heart shape with her hand- Taylor Swift style.


Albus and the rest of the hall just looked astounded and very, very confused.


I shook my head at Mia, releasing Albus’s shirt from her hands and sending him an apologetic glance in the process of pulling her from the hall. I dragged us through the hallway, back into the abandoned classroom, locked the door and un- silencioed her in quick succession.


“I am not married to Al!” I said sternly, whacking her lightly on the arm companionably before she could open her mouth. “We were partnered in Sex-Ed! That is all!”


Although… I am carrying his baby in that class…


She cut in scathingly. “Did I say you were married? No.” She pouted. “But you will be! And can you explain to me why I see you sneaking of to the muggle Vegas without telling anybody, including me?” She didn’t appear to be too happy with me, understandably it seems if what she says is true.


Did I mention Mia’s a seer?


No…? Well she is.


I scoffed. “I’m not getting married to Albus Potter, let alone in Vegas.“


I like to think I’m classier than a fake Elvis.


She raised a challenging eyebrow, an incredulous expression on her face as if she couldn’t comprehend why I wouldn’t like to get married at sixteen. “And why not?” She asked, scornfully. “He is fit and you’re both technically legal.”


I face palmed into my hand. “Did I say he wasn’t- that we weren’t? I’ve only met the boy once Mia and you want me to start planning our bloody wedding?”


Not only was she a seer but she was a bloody overconfident one at that.


She snorted. “Don’t swear, and I didn’t ask you to plan it all… I only ask that I be invited to the stupid shindig!”


I frowned, and replied scornfully: “If it’s so stupid why do you want to come?”


“Because I’m your friend you idiot! Of course I want to see you make the biggest mistake of your life.”


Mia doesn’t believe in marriage. Obviously.


I laughed harshly. “Well if you want to continue to be, I suggest you don’t shout to the whole great hall that I’m going to marry the second son of the saviour of the world!”


She grinned sheepishly, running a hand through her silky black hair (What is with that habit?) in defeat. “Sorry… I was a bit annoyed… I didn’t really think that through…”


The saddest part of this whole thing? I was used to it, things like this happened so often.


I gave her a disparaging look. “No kidding.”


Common sense: 0


Mia’s scatter-brain: 382


This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. For example: sixth year. She decided that telling Professor Trelawney her unfortunate fate of high cholesterol could be avoided if she’d lay of the donuts.


Imagine how well that went down.


Trelawney predictably responded with a death-glare and said- rather rudely, after all Mia was only trying to help- that maybe if Mia stopped being such a little mhmm (insert rude word here), she’d have gotten more than a T on her Divination OWL.


But Mia wasn’t discouraged! Not at all! She in fact continued to tell the rest of our teachers how to prevent their untimely deaths- with the exception of McGonagall: she was surprisingly healthy for a hundred year old woman.


She got 10 detentions that week for poor student conduct, meaning peace and quiet for me- which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.


Kidding! I love her to bits.


…most of the time.


I hugged her close, accepting her apology easily.


“It’s okay Mia, I’ll just go tell Rebecca about that time you snogged James for a dare-“


I laughed as she chased me from the room.


Overall I did many new things that day:


1)    I made a new friend… I think.


2)    I bit Albus Potter. (His dad’s probably going to send an Auror squadron out to kill me.)


And 3) I think that for the first time in my life I got one up on Rebecca Thomas.


It was a good day. 



A/N: Who spotted the Star Wars reference? Come on… I know someone must have. I also threw an Olympic one in there just ‘cause it’s in my country. :P


Thank you very very very much for a reading (this and the extremely short prologue) and reviews are welcome (Hint, hint.)


Disclaimer: I own nothing. The songs at the beginning belong to their respective owners: Enrique Iglesias and Olivia Newton John. I especially don’t own the Harry Potter universe (unfortunately): J.K. Rowling’s got that covered. 




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The 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas.: Not-so sexy education


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