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Knock on Wood by banshee
Chapter 30 : Everte Statum
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Sophie’s little reminder of the third and final task made me finally notice all of the murmurs through the castle about it. The excitement for the Ravenclaw vs. Gryffindor game – coming up in two weeks’ time – was pushed completely into the dust as the students tried to guess what the final task would be.

“I’ve heard a Cauldron Cake eating contest,” I told her through my laughter as Sophie and I got ready the morning of the task.

“We heard Centaur races yesterday.” Sophie rolled her eyes; “and Hippogriff shooting, with a bow and arrow.”

“Is that even legal?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Exactly what Albus said; the third year nearly wet herself.” She laughed again.

“Aw,” I smirked, “My little Sophie’s the envy of all the Potter fan-girls.”

She blushed, and stuck her tongue out at me. “Why are you in such a good mood today?”

I shrugged, and refused to tell her it was because I saw Fred and Delilah arguing in the corridor yesterday. They hadn’t been dating, what I first thought when he said yes and she ruffled his hair, but they had been spending a little time together so it was good to see them having a rough patch.

“He doesn’t like her,” Sophie commented as she looked out the window.

“Sure,” I rolled my eyes. She has been trying to convince me this and, as much as I want to believe her, Delilah’s giggling tells me otherwise.

“We probably don’t need even need jumpers today,” she said as she turned from the window, ignoring my resentment. She noticed my frown, though, so she added, “I know why they were arguing.”

My eyes bugged out, and I stood up off my bed. “What!? Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“Because your hostility is maddening and you never say please.”

“Did Al tell you to say that?” I retorted. When she frowned, I softened my eyebrows and added, “Please?”

“You’re probably going to be mad at me—”

“I hate when you start sentences like that,” I interrupted her.

“Has anyone ever told you that you interrupt people a lot?” she raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Sorry.” I frowned again. “Why were they arguing?”

She only told me after I put my hand over my mouth and promised her I wouldn’t speak over her. “Albus’ family is coming for the task – and yes, before you interrupt me again James will be here – but he wants all of his friends to be civil for him today. What you walked in on earlier this week was Delilah asking Fred – much too formally, Fred said, according to Albus – to sit with her and the Ravenclaws.”

I honestly didn’t know whether or not to be happy about that. Part of me was thrilled at the thought of Delilah sitting by her stupid Ravenclaw friends and me being in close proximity with Fred; but I was worried. “What if we start fighting?”

“Don’t,” Sophie shrugged. “Come on, I’m sure they’re waiting.”

My heart started to race as she pulled me for the stairs and down to the common room. I was still trying to figure out the situation I had gotten myself into when we arrived at the bottom of the stairs to find Fred and Al waiting. Al was pale nervous, and Fred – most likely in an attempt to avoid my eye contact – was trying with everything in him to convince him that things will be fine.

Before Sophie rushed over to comfort him, she leaned over to me. “Albus doesn’t know his family is coming yet, so don’t mention anything.”

I nodded, and unlinked arms to free her. She took a few steps over to attempt to flatten his unruly hair and straighten his shirt, before kissing him and intertwining her fingers with his. “You’ll be great, love.”

In order to give them a moment of privacy I stepped back and dared a look over to Fred. He, however, had suddenly found complete attention in a string hanging off of the hem of his t-shirt to notice me. This was going to be a long afternoon.

Al was completely shocked to see his parents and older brother waiting for him outside the Great Hall. After he pushed out of a hug from his mum, he mumbled, “Stop being so embarrassing,” and turned to shake James’ hand. James patted him on the back and joked about how shocked he wasn’t dead yet, only sending Al into a further bit of panic as Ginny Potter swatted her eldest son on the back of his head.

“James!” she rolled her eyes before turning to Sophie. “Thanks for getting the information to us, sweetheart; It’s good to see you again.”

“No problem, Ginny,” Sophie smiled.

“Ginny!?” Al dropped Sophie’s hand and looked at her in horror. “You call my mum ‘Ginny’ now!?”

“Stop being so dramatic, Albus.” Ginny rolled her eyes. “Freddie, it’s good to see you too.”

“Hi Aunt Ginny, Uncle Harry,” he smiled as he hugged each one of them. He turned to James and did one of those guy ‘shake hands and hug’ things, “James.”

“Hey Freddie,” James smirked, “Good to see you and Wood are still together; I thought she’d have ditched you by now.”

Thank you, James Potter, for saying the worst thing in the bloody world. You’re lucky you’re so damn beautiful or I’d probably curse you.

He quickly realized his blunder as soon as Fred didn’t laugh and my face flew into a shade of scarlet to match the Gryffindor banners.

“Err, Let’s get some breakfast, shall we?” He tried to save himself from his mother’s nagging and ran into the Great Hall. I looked for Sophie for help, but she was being dragged by Ginny to help force Al to eat. After Fred refused to look at me, instead slumping his shoulders to follow his family members in, I looked to my shoes and did the same.

Luckily enough I found a seat close enough to Al and Sophie next to Lily. If Al was mortified about his parent’s appearance at the Gryffindor breakfast table, take that tenfold for fifteen year old Lily Potter.

“Lilypad, pass the toast, please,” Harry asked (completely normally, I may add).

“Dad!” she cried, burying her face in her hands, “Stop being so embarrassing! Everyone’s looking at you!”

Harry looked to Ginny for help, but Ginny shook her head, “You wanted a girl, Potter.”

I snorted into my juice, and busied myself with my bacon to avoid laughing further. I tried to think how my parents would act if I was in Al’s spot, and suddenly felt a little more sympathy for Lily.

The truth was there were a lot of people staring at the famous Harry Potter. Not that I could blame them, we had learned about him in our bloody History of Magic lesson. If they didn’t know one of his nieces and nephews, they had the right to be in awe.

After the rather entertaining breakfast with The Potters – Lily nearly started crying of mortification when Ginny asked how she was doing in all of her classes – we all said our goodbyes to Al.

“Good luck, Potter,” I smiled as I gave him a hug.

“Thanks, Hannah,” he laughed, and instead of letting me go he leaned over to whisper in my ear; “Stare at my brother some more; it drives Fred mad when you do.”

I pulled back from him and looked over from Fred to James. Smirking, I whispered, “Okay.”

Al faked a shudder of disgust and turned to give Sophie one last hug and kiss goodbye, before heading off to the front of the Great Hall.

“Ginny, let’s go visit with Hagrid,” Harry nodded up to the front of the Great Hall where Professor Hagrid was waving excitedly. “Sophie, Lils, we’ll meet you in the stands.”

“Daaad!” Lily whined, “I have to sit with you too!?”

“Lily,” Ginny frowned and warned her daughter.

“Come on Lils, don’t you want to hang out with your big brother you never get to see?” James asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and messed up her hair.

“James!” she shrieked and squirmed to try to get away from him, “Did you put deodorant on today!? You smell like sweaty socks!”

“I had to practice before I came here!” he retorted, poking her in the cheek. He turned to me and gave me one of his gorgeous smiles. “Someone’s dad made me do extra laps so I could miss out on normal practice.”

“He’s a nutter,” I shrugged, “not my fault.”

As soon as Harry and Ginny left us Lily rushed over to her friends, probably to complain. I avoided looking over to where Fred had pulled James into a private conversation, and turned to Sophie.

“We have seats saved up front with Ginny and Harry,” she reminded me, and turned to the boys. “Do you want to go out now?”

James nodded, and looked up to locate his parents.

I decided to test out Al’s advice, and put on my best flirty smile. “You don’t want to go visit Hagrid, James?”

“Err,” he smiled back politely, probably wondering why his Quidditch captain’s daughter was being so ‘cute’ with him. “Naw, it hasn’t been that long.” He cleared his throat and asked, “Where does the task take place?”

“The lake,” Fred butted in, obviously irritated. I was stunned into silence at how well Al’s advice worked.

“Shall we?” Sophie offered, and the boys nodded.

Much to Fred’s dismay, I ended up next to James on our walk to The Black Lake. All of the tensions – thankfully – were gone from his earlier slip-up about Fred and I.

I smiled and looked up to him. “How’s being a full time Chaser been? I hope my dad isn’t working you too hard.”

Too much hair flipping and eyelash fluttering? Fred’s scowl – that I snuck a peek back to check – says yes.

“Of course not,” James chuckled, “it’s fantastic; actually though, I have a message from your dad.”

“Oh hell, here we go,” I pressed my thumb and forefinger to the bridge of my nose, already feeling the embarrassment flooding me.

That made him laugh, and he said, “It’s not that bad; he just wants you to write your mum more.”

“Oh,” I laughed, and smiled back.

We walked out of the castle and immediately paused at the sight of the grounds. Where we would normally get a view of the field sloping down to The Black Lake, there was an intricate obstacle course set up in the air, putting to mind an outline of what was to happen for the final task. It was going to be all physical.

“It’s in the air; do all of them fly?” James asked as we walked down the hill and towards the lake.

“All of ‘em but Lydia – Ravenclaw’s champion – play on their house teams,” Fred pointed out.

“As captains,” I added, giving another one of those smiles to James.

“Look,” Sophie added, pointing out over the lake. I followed her finger out to the center of The Black Lake where I noticed a large wooden raft floating dead center. “McGonagall said it started in the lake.”

“They have to swim and fly?” I put the pieces together as we found places in the scarlet Gryffindor stands. Sophie shrugged, so we followed the boys towards the edge of the lake.

I took a seat in the front row between Sophie and James. Similar to the first task stands, only this time the scarlet Gryffindor stands were hovering about two inches off the ground. Even as more and more students piled on they remained sturdy.

James gave me a good – and gorgeous – distraction from my emotions as we went on to discuss the recent Puddlemere game against the Wasps. In his efforts to keep my eyes away from his cousin (at least, I hoped) Fred even joined in on the conversation and his own theories on the game. It was a record, the first conversation we managed without arguing or me running off and crying. I resisted my temptation to blurt out everything I had told Scorpius earlier that week, but today was Al’s time to shine and I wanted to respect that.

As James and Fred went on about the game the conversation quickly turned into two instead of three. I looked out over the lake and sighed. He – Fred – clearly did not want to be sitting with me, and mixed in with Al’s brother and girlfriend, I felt like I was tagging along unnecessarily.

“LILYPAD!” James suddenly stood up and started shouting and waving to where Lily was trying to escape with her friends. “Lily! We’re over here!”

I couldn’t help but laugh as she buried her face in her hands and trudged over to our little group. James tried to do the same with Roxanne, Dominique and his other cousins, but Louis Weasley seemed to be his only taker.

“Rosie!” he tried to call Rose over as she and Scorpius entered the spectating area.

“James!” she dropped Scorpius’ hand and rushed over to us. He enveloped her in a bear hug, and rustled her hair.

“Rosie, you’ll sit with us, won’t you?” he looked towards the sad group of his family he had gathered.

She frowned, “I’m sorry, James! I’m sitting with my boyfriend.” She waved Scorpius over. “You met him at Christmas.”

“Yeah,” he didn’t try to fake a smile as he stiffly shook Scorpius hand. With a curt nod, he greeted Scorpius with, “Malfoy.”

Scorpius only nodded back before turning back to Rose and dragging her towards the Slytherin stands.

“Soph,” Fred leaned over James and called over us. “Why do I have to sit over here if Roxy doesn’t?”

In my whole life I am the only person I’ve ever seen Sophie snap at – until now.

“Because!” she flew out of her seat and placed her hands on her hips, cheeks dusted in pink. “Albus is your best friend and your cousin! You really need to be an arse and sit by her today, of all days!?”

In his own best interest, Fred apologized to Sophie and kept his mouth shut.

“She’ll fit right in with the Potter women after all,” James laughed, ignoring the scarlet that had just flooded Sophie’s cheeks at the thought of marrying Al. “I can’t wait to see you holler at my brother like that, that was bloody brilliant.”

“Thanks, James.” She smiled through her embarrassment.

Ginny and Harry joined us a few moments later and started to talk to Sophie and – to her horror – Lily about the second task. “Hagrid told us all about it,” Ginny explained, smiling to Sophie, “how Albus nearly lost it because he thought you were really in danger.”

“He should’ve known better,” Harry added, “But with Uncle Ron’s horror stories about the last Tri-Wizard Tournament in The Black Lake—”

“Does Ron still tell everyone he was your Auntie Gabrielle’s hero?” Ginny asked Louis with an obvious eye roll.

Louis laughed. “Mum says he was trying to make up for ‘accidently’ asking her to the ball.”

Ginny and Harry both gawked at eachother at the sudden memory of their own school days, before bursting out into laughter. Through giggles, Ginny went on to make fun of her older brother about someone named ‘Vicky’.

“Attention, attention please!” Professor McGonagall’s amplified voice cut everyone else off as it carried from the center of the lake. We didn’t notice before during our conversations, but a small boat was now tied up to the raft, and Professor McGonagall, along with the four champions dressed in swim trunks, were perched on it. “Thank you, students and families, for coming to support our champions in the final moments of the tournament!” She waited for our cheers to subdue to continue; “In third place, with one hundred seventy points, Ravenclaw’s champion Miss Lydia Sharp!” Lydia was sporting a very cute royal blue swimsuit as she waved to the Ravenclaw audience’s cheers.

“Tied for second place with one hundred eighty points, Hufflepuff’s champion Joey Smith and Slytherin’s champion Theodore Whitley!” She waited again for Hufflepuff and Slytherin to cheer and whistle (let’s face it, Teddy and Joey looked pretty damn good in their green and yellow trunks) for their champions.

“Finally, in first place with one hundred eighty points, Gryffindor’s champion Albus Potter!”

I stood up on the bench to cheer, and through everything I heard “That’s my baby boy!” from Ginny. From all the way in the center of the lake we saw Al burry his face in his hands.

Professor McGonagall went on to explain the final task. It was going to be a Hogwarts style Triathlon. Now that the weather was growing warm enough the champions would start out swimming to shore from the center of The Black Lake, diverting any creatures that may come to the top and try to befuddle them. They would then grab one of the brooms, and fly through the obstacle course to the outside of the Quidditch pitch. Third, each champion would face a dueling partner; they’d have to duel their way against one of our Professors to the first place trophy, winning the tournament.

The hovering of the stands was also explained. It was almost like the school carriages – sans Thestrals – for us as the champions advanced through each of the three trials. In order for us to not miss one moment of the task, we would be pulled forward in front of the in-air obstacle course, and to the front of the Quidditch pitch for the duels as Al, Teddy, Lydia, and Joey advanced through.

Professor Flitwick stood at the edge of the lake with a whistle. Not only would he be in charge of starting the champions’ swim, but he would charm our stands to move forward as each of our respective champions advanced through the course.

We waited with baited breath for him to turn to the lake and blow the whistle. As he did, each of the four champions took very different procedures to getting into the water.

Teddy put his hands above his head and immediately dove into the water, starting directly into a fancy swimming technique. Lydia pulled her wand out of a holder on her side and preformed a quick bit of magic, before doing the same.

“Must be a webbing charm,” Ginny whispered to Sophie. We knew from the start Lydia would have to use her brains to get her ahead in the beginning to make up for the fact that she wasn’t going to be as strong of a flier as the rest.

Joey stood on the raft for a few moments and watched before slowly lowering himself into the water in a safe place. While he proceeded much slower than the other two, he was careful to watch and cast spells into the water to ward off any creatures.

Albus Potter did none of these things.

“He hated pools as a baby,” Ginny commented as she began to grow nervous that he wasn’t leaving the platform. Her eyebrows creased as she looked over to her eldest son. “If someone wouldn’t have tormented him he might not be so scared to get in the damn water!”

“Mum, it wasn’t my fault! He slipped,” James said through an obvious smirk.

“There he goes,” Harry interrupted the minor squabble that was about to take place as Al finally casted a few spells towards the water, and climbed in a moment later.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise, considering his ‘jump first, think second’ technique, that Teddy was the first one to run into a spot of trouble. He had been in the lead – even with Lydia’s charm he still got a quicker start and could swim a bit faster– until his head disappeared under the water. He resurfaced a few moments later, thankfully, and wrestled off a Grindylow.

Al was the second to be yanked under the surface, but much to Sophie’s relief he only stayed under for a few seconds before he splashed back up and continued his trek.

Each of the champions had their fair share of attacks as they made their way to the shore. Joey encountered a nasty tousle with a mermaid, while Lydia had a school of Aquavirius Maggots get caught in her hair and slowed her process.

Teddy and Lydia were at a dead tie by the time they reached the shore. Both preformed a quick bit of magic to dry themselves off before pulling on one the house colored uniforms provided for each of the champions. Both the Slytherin and Ravenclaw stands began to pull forward as the pair mounted their brooms and headed for the obstacle course.

Joey made it to the shore only moments before Al did, so our stands started to move just after Hufflepuffs.

“He’s lucky he’s a fair flier,” James commented as Al mounted the last broom and shot past Joey through the course.

The obstacle course could be argued as one of the more difficult parts of this, depending on how you took it. One would first fly through a series of rings that brought them up and around the Quidditch pitch, followed by a spiral, straight up the length of the Astronomy Tower. They’d fly back into a nose dive through a smaller set of rings; these ones were set up so if the champions missed, charmed bludgers would fly through and they’d be knocked off their broom. They’d go through a series of ups and downs tied off my magical ribbons, and land in front of their respective head of house for a (friendly) duel to the finish.

“I have to use the loo,” James publically announced as he stood, stretching his arms.

“James, it’s the middle of the task!” Ginny scolded. “Why didn’t you go before?”

He pondered for a second, before shrugging his shoulders and running towards the forest looking for what he called a ‘private tree’.

This didn’t cause a problem for me until his empty place started to close up with the amount of people looking for a closer view. Just as Al began his climb of the Astronomy Tower, one of the smaller first years squeezed in between Fred and Louis, shoving Fred next to me as he weaseled his way in.

I tried to avoid his eye contact as his arm grazed mine, but I knew my cheeks had to be as red as the stands we were sitting on.


“It’s fine, don’t be sorry,” I quickly interrupted, daring a glance up to his eyes. He looked as uncomfortable as I felt. “Err, he’s going great!” I forced a smile and pointed to where Al had passed Lydia and shot through the bludger hoops.

“You don’t have to pretend, Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny aren’t paying attention to us,” Fred mumbled as he placed his chin in his hands and rested his elbows on his knees. “Probably for the best, I suppose.”

“Yeah,” I snapped back; I was glad for the rowdy cheering that Teddy had just made it to the finish and started his duel against Professor Josephine. “It’s too bad you couldn’t sit with her, sorry for ruining you and your new girlfriend’s romantic date. Glad to see you got over me so quickly.”

“She’s not my girlfriend, not that that’s any of your business. Don’t worry though, I’m sure you’ll just go cry to Malfoy about it,” he muttered back, not even bothering to turn away from the task to retort. “Or, perhaps you’re waiting until you’re in another committed relationship?”

Ouch. “I ended things with him, you insufferable arse!” I cried back, feeling the lump start to form at his harsh words. “And, nothing—”

“Right, I forgot,” he faked a laugh as he stood up, “nothing happened.” He walked across Sophie, Ginny, and Harry and took the seat at the edge of the stands, just as it started to travel so we could have a perfect view of Al’s duel with Professor Longbottom.

My eyes had blurred over as some red sparks flew out of Al’s wand and were quickly shielded by our Herbology Professor. I hastily rubbed them away, trying to push Fred’s unforgiving accusations out of my mind and focus on the duel in front of me.

“Soph,” I whispered, ignoring the wobble in my voice giving away my unhappy composure, “this’ll be one to tell the grandkids.”

She shook her head and chuckled as she kept her eyes glued to where her boyfriend was trying to disarm her father. “I was listening, just now. We’ll talk later, promise.”

I cringed as Professor Lupin only just averted a tickling jinx from Joey. “Thanks, Sophie.”

It was quite the sight; all of the champions had now reached the final stage of the triathlon, and were sending charm after charm, jinx after jinx towards their respective heads of houses. The professors weren’t attacking back; they’d only block the spells each of the champions would send their way. It was all about finding that moment of weakness and targeting it.

Red light after yellow light after blue light flew across the stage towards our educators, the boundaries of student to teacher broken as each Al, Teddy, Joey, and Lydia fought for eternal glory for their houses and their own names.

“Everte Statum! Stupefy!”

My eyes finally tore away from Al to where Teddy had just successfully thrown Professor Josephine across the raised floor. A baited silence filled the grounds as the other champions stopped their duels. He blinked to himself in disbelief, only for a second, before looking up at the silver goblet awaiting his acceptance. Three short strides and he wrapped his shaking hand around the cup’s handles and held it in front of him.

The roars from the Slytherin stand erupted as Teddy spun around and held up the goblet and let a grin overtake his shocked expression. Madam Pomfrey instantly rushed over to revive and heal Professor Josephine. A plump woman and a man with a thick moustache – his parents, I guessed – ran out onto the stage and hugged the life out of Teddy.

I looked away from the embrace as I saw Al turn to us. He looked a little sad, but I knew he wasn’t eternally crushed.

James – back from his trip to the loo – was the first one to greet him as he walked over to us. “You did great, Al.”

Al actually cracked a smile as he realized James was being genuine. “Thanks, James.”

Ginny rushed over to hug him and Harry followed to pat his son on the back. I stood back with Sophie, letting them have a family moment before she walked over to give him her own praise.

When he finally freed himself from his mother’s grasp, Al smiled to Sophie. I took a few steps back to give them some privacy as he rushed over to embrace her.

“You did great, Albus,” Sophie said as she held on to him. “I’m so proud of you.”

They held onto eachother for a few moments, before Al pulled back. “I wanted to do this after I won – with the money and all – but,” he looked over for a second to Professor Longbottom, before turning back to Sophie. With his adrenaline running high, he smiled and asked, “Will you move in with me when we graduate? You know, get a flat in London together? If it’s okay with your mum and dad, of course,” he added as an afterthought when Professor Longbottom caught the end of his query.

“Dad?” Sophie looked over to Professor Longbottom.

“Well,” Longbottom started, looking from Harry and Ginny back to his daughter, “of course we can’t leave mum out, but it seems you’ll be able to defend her well enough.” He chuckled to himself as he reached out to shake Al’s hand. “It’s good to know I’d still kick your—”

“Daddy!” Sophie’s face was almost purple, I swear. After she managed to get her dad to stop ‘embarrassing’ her, she turned back to Al, and answered him with another tight embrace. “I’d love to.”

I turned away after Professor Longbottom left; free of her father’s eyes Al was free to celebrate their big step in their relationship by snogging my best friend in front of the rest of the school. Even James distracted himself into a conversation with Fred.

I looked over to Teddy and smiled. If Al couldn’t win, I was so glad it was he who took home the trophy. Even as he thanked the hordes of people for their congratulations, Teddy kept his eyes fixed towards the emerald stands; his smile wavered for only a second as he caught eye contact with Emmeline. His eyebrows rose, as if to ask for another chance. I felt his heart shatter for him as her gaze fell, breaking their moment in a negative reply. Teddy had won for her; he had worked harder than any other champion to win the thousand galleon prize, all for her.

And she refused.


The rest of the day passed as a blur as the vision of champion Teddy being denied kept replaying and replaying in my head. My heart went out for him as he forced a smile and mingled through the celebratory feast, all the while keeping his sights locked in a distant space away from eye contact.

“Hannah?” I turned back to the Gryffindor table to Sophie’s voice. “Albus is saying goodbye to his parents and James, please tell me what happened with Fred today?”

“What happened to your terrible memory?” I smiled, unsure of how she’d take my joke.

She rolled her eyes and ignored it. “You told him you ended things; that was news to me.”

“Yeah,” I nodded and smiled a bit more, “the night I found you and Al in The Owlery, I did.”

She didn’t ask me to go into details, but I told her how I asked Scorpius to try to fix things with Rose, and how I never wanted to speak to him or see him again.

“I take it you haven’t told Fred, then,” she asked.

“No,” I sighed. “I wanted to, believe me. When I got to Gryffindor tower, well, that was the night Matthews asked him…” I let my sentence trail off.

“Oh,” she didn’t make me complete my thought, which I silently thanked her for.

“After that, and today, I figured he wanted to move on. I wrote to George to quit my internship that night.”

She let out a small gasp, and shook her head. “Hannah, why? It was your dream!”

“I don’t want to damage anything with Fred’s family,” I explained. “It’s for the best.” Sophie frowned; I was sure she wanted to argue back, but she didn’t know where to begin. “It’ll be fine, I’ll figure something out.”

She gave me another concerned smile, before looking back down to her dinner plate. “I hope it’s the right something.”


A/N: I reached thirty chapters! This is kind of exciting for me. I never thought this story would go so far.

I want to thank ScorpiusRose17 for the help with the technical points of this task! You do not want to see what I had written without her help, so thank you, lovely!

I have a new story! It’s a James II/OC called Triple Chocolate Frog – it doesn’t connect with this story, but if you’re interested, I’d love for you to read it!

Anyway, what did you think of the last task? Are you happy for Teddy or are you sad that Albus lost? What about Fred and Hannah, and Teddy and Emmy? Before you get sad just remember, the story’s not over yet!

Thank you for reading, and if you have time reviews are love!

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Knock on Wood: Everte Statum


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