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Enchantress by Zyii
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six - The Start Of Something New
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Chapter Six – The Start of Something New

Sirius wasn’t getting nearly enough sleep. His quest was taking up so much time. He hadn’t had a chance to charm a beautiful girl since he’d returned from the veil. He wished he’d been able to bring his brother back with him but whatever fates had allowed him back obviously hadn’t felt that his brother deserved to return as well.

He’d been excited when he’d first found proof of Isabella’s existence but his excitement had quickly vanished when he realized how hard it was to find more information on her. This woman seemed to have lived the most secluded life, but Sirius was up for the challenge as he’d promised his brother he’d find the truth.

Hermione worried about Sirius’s obsession with finding this mysterious woman but recognized the need to follow it through to the end. It became her mission to make sure he didn’t forget to eat and sleep. Hermione was having dinner at the Manor tonight and had resigned herself to telling Lucius and Severus what she’d learnt.

April 1978

Today was my Seventeenth birthday. Two letters arrived for me this morning and I managed to intercept them before Matron. One detailed the money Great Uncle Alfred had left me and how I could access it from Gringotts. But the second letter made my day. I’ve stuck it in here so I’ll always remember. It was addressed to The Brown Eyed Beauty, In the Smallest Room of Red Cottage:

Brown Eyes,

     Happy Birthday! I wonder what you would do now with all your inherited money. Will you live a life of action and adventure? You certainly have the spitfire personality to do it. I loved watching you give your parents a dressing down. Purebloods like the mare of the weakest kind. If you wondered why I was there your parents owe money to mine and I was sent to make sure they didn’t try to escape their debt. I’m glad you stuck to your guns and your money. Your parents can’t hurt you now.

The owl’s name is Bel, she will always find you when you want to send me a letter and she will always find you for me.

You don’t deserve the hand you’ve been given and I know you’ll do great things. I want to be a part of your life. I haven’t managed to stop thinking about you. I come from an old Pureblood family where tradition and devotion go hand in hand. There is so much expected of me and all I want to do is make my own decisions but I haven’t been given a chance.

I await your response with the gladdest of hearts!

     Your tall dark and handsome stranger.

It seemed to Hermione that her Mother had been besotted with this stranger, she just hoped as she read on that this stranger didn’t break her Mother’s heart. Who was he? Why were no names mentioned? Who or what were they hiding from?

Hermione dressed in a daze flooing to the Manor with a million questions embedded in her mind. Between reading the diary and arriving at the Manor she’d begun to feel guilty for the way she’d treated her Mother when she was alive. If Hermione had had a past like her Mother’s she’d have probably wanted to keep it a secret as well. Suddenly there were moments of Hermione’s past that were now put into perfect clarity.

“Hermione, Hermione! Miss Granger!!” bellowed Severus.

“Sorry” said Hermione, coming to.

“Are you alright Hermione?” asked a concerned Lucius.

“Yes” replied a distant Hermione.

Lucius and Severus exchanged a look and ushered Hermione into a chair by the fire as she had gone a deathly pale white. It was as if all the things she’d found out had finally sunk in and she’d gone into a panicked shock.

“What’s wrong? Draco mentioned something but he didn’t go into detail” said Severus.

Hermione looked into the kind faces of her adopted family, “I’m not a Muggleborn” she whispered.

“Sorry what did you say?” inquired Lucius.

“I’m not a Muggleborn” said Hermione firmly.

Lucius and Severus shared a look that clearly said they both thought she’d gone mad.

“My Mother left me a diary and a series of letters when she died. I didn’t read them because I was angry at her. My Father left because she’d admitted to him that I wasn’t his. Draco persuaded me that it was time to read them” she paused.

“My Mother was a squib from a Pureblood family. They hid her away because they were ashamed. The first time they saw her in seven years was because a relative had died and had left her money. Her parents were trying to get her to sign the money over to them but she refused. A man had accompanied them on the visit, he wrote to her on her birthday. There is no mention of names so I don’t know who he was”.

Lucius sat there in shock, his mouth parted and his eyes widened, Severus recovered before his lover.

“So you’re a half-blood or a Pureblood” he muttered.

She nodded.

Lucius was still processing the information. In his search for the Enchantress he’d long held suspicious that Hermione was it. Her magical signature matched the one he’d felt before and he’d witnessed the greatness of her magic first hand. Her change in blood status didn’t do anything to change that fact Lucius just wondered how to tell Hermione who she was and what was expected. On top of that who was her Father? Was he alive? Did he know about her? He’d have to have a meeting with the Lords to figure out what plan of action would be best.

Hermione never came to their dinners empty handed. She always had something to tell them and this was apparently no different. Each now had a lot to think about, things would only get more interesting from here on in.

Lucius paced back and forth waiting for the others to arrive. The once gleaming black and white tiles lay discolored and decayed, their glorious appeal ruined by years of neglect. It had been years since this room had been filled with the power of the five united together. The balls were long forgotten, the mannerisms a thing of the past. All traditions lost as the Lords had died away. The room recognized the power like a returning beacon. Gleaming thrones rose up from the floor and waited for their masters to be seated. It had been over half a century since the last Lords had called a meeting and even then it hadn’t been for the noble reasons their court stood for.

Now though they had a purpose, a calling, to espouse the feelings of protection and devotion they’d pledged to uphold when they were mere lads. The honor of guiding, protecting and aiding an Enchantress was their divine right. They’d been picked by Mother Nature’s first descendant and the rights were passed down through generations. No other family or Pureblood line would satisfy an Enchantress. Her magic was linked with the Lords. Each Lord represented one aspect for the Enchantress: safety, love, protection, passion, devotion, hunger, calmness, comfort, closeness, home, power etc. Each Enchantress had a different combination.

“I welcome each of you Lords to the place of our Lord creations as a united front. The Pureblood Court” said Lord Malfoy.

The Wizards sat a little straighter in their thrones, throwing out their chests with pride at being one of the five Lords in court.

“I call you here because I have found the next Enchantress and I wonder how we go about telling her who she is” said Lord Malfoy.

“Who is she?” shouted Lord Byron.

“Where did you find her?” asked Lord Gold.

“What is her blood?” asked Lord Nolan.

“Gentleman please! Let’s not resort to shouting in this sacred place” said Lord Malfoy, “Lord Sirius can tell you who she is for she lives under his protection”.

Lord Black smiled, “Our Enchantress which we have sworn to protect is Miss Hermione Granger”.

Gasps ran through the five Lords they’d all heard of Miss Granger. She was perhaps the most famous witch in the last 1,000 years.

“She is a Muggleborn” declared Lord Nolan.

“No” replied Lord Malfoy, shocking all the Lords including Lord Black.

“She recently found out that her Mother was a squib from a Pureblood family, she is no more a Muggleborn than you or I” said Lord Malfoy with a smile. Oh how he’d have been rolling in his own grave if he’d said those words mere years ago.

“I propose Miss Granger is told of her inheritance by Lord Malfoy and Lord Black” proposed Lord Gold.

“Yes. It seems she is most comfortable with the two of you. Once she is used to the idea, she can be introduced to the rest of us” said Lord Nolan.

“We don’t want to scare her away” said Lord Byron chuckling.

“Then it’s settled. Lord Black and I will tell Miss Granger of her inheritance” said Lord Malfoy formally.

“It will be up to her to form the bonds. Each of us should expect a visit when the time comes” said Lord Nolan, “We must remember to be patient with her”.

“Agreed” replied the other Lords.

“Has she shown the extent of her power yet?”

“Yes. I have seen it firsthand” said Lord Malfoy.

“But she isn’t controlling it yet” said Lord Black.

“No. At present it comes forth when she feels a certain emotion; anger, revenge, sadness. In time she will learn to control her magic over emotions” answered Lord Malfoy.

“Has she chosen yet?” asked Lord Byron.

“No. But her magic hasn’t had a chance to. It is still wounded from the fiasco with Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter” snarled Lord Malfoy.

“It used to be that the Lords were more than Guardians for their Enchantress but I doubt Miss Granger would chose any of us for that right, we are too old for her. I fear what will happen if our magic isn’t enough to balance her” said Lord Gold.

“We shall cross that bridge when we get to it. Chances are her magic will seek out someone compatible before she starts to flare” said Lord Black.

“Agreed” declared the Lords.

“Lord Black, you mentioned wanting to bring something to the Court?” prompted Lord Malfoy.

The Lords were allowed to bring forth ideas, if they were without gain and done with honorable intent they were accepted.

“You are all aware of my sudden return from the veil. I’d love to tell you all how I did it but the powers that be didn’t let me in on that secret. Within the veil there are many trapped souls. Most are from disobedient Pureblood families, trapped there as a punishment. During my time I managed to find my brother trapped there” he paused.

“Apparently my crazy Mother had pushed my brother through the veil when she realized he was trying to break away from Voldemort’s control. My brother was the first to find out about Voldemort’s horcruxes but he was pushed into the veil before he could destroy the one he’d found and find the others”.

“In the veil my brother and I cleared the air between us. It seems my brother was madly in love with a girl who suddenly disappeared. My brother assumed she’d either been chased away by our dear Mother or had found out that he’d become a Death Eater. He asked me to find her. Her name is Isabella Knight but the trail I found was very short. She seems to have kept her life very secret. The only information I found was in a muggle hospital that stated that she’d had a child. I promised my brother I’d find out what happened to her and now by extension what happened to the child she had”.

“I remember the Knights, they were once a very prominent Pureblood family but they ran into high debts. They owed a lot of money to your family Lord Black if my memory serves me correctly” stated Lord Byron, “But I never heard of any Isabella Knight”.

“Are we all in agreement that this matter should be looked into?” asked Lord Malfoy.

“Aye” said the Lords.

“Then make it so” said Lord Malfoy formally.

Hermione sat in the kitchen of Grimmauld place, one leg tucked under the other as she sat at the kitchen table munching on some chocolate biscuits. Sirius was out, disappearing through the front door some time ago and had yet to return. She had the latest diary entry in her hands. What a life her Mother had led. Hermione felt angry that she’d never thought to ask her Mother about her life prior to having her. Reading these words was giving Hermione a new found respect for her Mother.

May 1978

I long for the days when I see Bel at the window. She’s a very smart bird; she always appears when Matron is far away. Matron would kill me if she realized that I was getting letters. I fear Matron less and less these days, she is even less of a squib than I am. She’s only a muggle, what’s she going to do, whip me? I’ll be out of here soon. Everytime I try to leave she appears like a snorting bull ready to trap me again. But he said he’ll come for me. It’s his birthday in June. He says he’ll help me move away from here when he turns seventeen. He says Matron won’t be able to argue with him, especially now – since the destruction debt my family has run up – Matron’s continuing employment rests with his family and not mine.

God I can’t wait to leave this place. I look around and I don’t see one thing that resembles me. I’ve been here for half my life and the walls are still as plain as when I arrived. I have no belongings of my own, Matron said only good girls were allowed such treasures as toys and fine clothing but being a squib she says I’m a bad girl. Sometimes I think Matron has a warped sense of right and wrong.

But it’s easy to forget the horrors of life when I think of him. If I just picture his face in my mind all my troubles go away. I long to write his name down but I can’t risk Matron finding this diary – even though I hide it well. Once I’ve escaped from this place I will write his name for the entire world to see and then no one would be in doubt of my feelings for him.

We live in such different worlds and yet they are so similar. I am hidden away because of society while he is bound by society. I am about to break free while he is quietly drowning. He talks about missing his brother, his devoted house elf and crazed Mother. He speaks such sweet words of longing to me, I know that wherever he is, if I am there with him I am safe.

I hope people are still enjoying this. I have almost finished writing this story and have currently taken a break from its fluffiness to write another story which is more dark and angry. ~ Zyii 


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