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Time of Wolves by Mihali1432
Chapter 1 : February 21st
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“Teddy, you know that this will change the entire future, right?” Victoire’s words rang out in Teddy’s head. “You shouldn’t do this! If you do, at least take me so that you’ll be safe!” He snuck into the Ministry in the dead of night by exploiting his position as an Auror-In-Training and Harry Potter’s godson. He grabbed a Time-Turner off of Harry’s desk, which was a new model that let you go farther back in time. It was gold and had an hourglass inside of it, just like the previous version, but instead of just twisting it to go back in time, it was possible to choose which era and year. He also grabbed another new magical device that let you return to your previous time which looked like a simple watch encrusted with a faint silver sheen. Both were untested, and both were very dangerous.

Teddy took a deep breath before he looked inside his backpack, placing the two magical devices down on the floor carefully. He pulled out a book that looked worn out, the brown leathered book was scratched and incredibly flimsy. The pages crinkled as he flipped to the exact page where the entries ended.

He reread the page again, checking the date that was written in the uppermost right corner. March 22nd, 1970 was scribbled in a blotchy ink. Teddy had gotten ahold of some of Remus’s previous possessions, and contacted the few family members that were still alive in order to find out the exact day anything strange could have happened. What Teddy learned that was the most important was from his 2nd cousin, who was extremely close to Remus; Remus stopped writing in a Journal on March 22nd in the year of 1970. He had always written, but then he had apparently lost his drive to do anything. His cousin seemed to know a strange amount about Teddy’s father.

Something that Teddy had noticed from going through Remus’s journal was that he never talked about his family. It was strangely void from his journal. Considering he was only a child at the time, Teddy thought he would have at least mentioned something about his family besides his father or mother.

Teddy took a shuddering breath. “Okay, c’mon Ted. You can do this,” he calmed himself down as he swung his backpack onto his back. He picked up the two magical devices, and then wore the timeturner like a necklace, and put the watch on his wrist. He tucked the Time-Turner into his shirt before he carefully made his way out of the ministry.

On his way out, he ran into Harry in the lobby. “Teddy, what are you doing here?” Harry asked as he pushed his glasses up onto his nose. His black hair had noticeable specks of grey in it, a sign of his increasing age. To top off his greying hair, Harry looked exhausted from working non-stop on an Auror case dealing with an escaped Death Eater. Which one had escaped was not known to the public or to Teddy.

“Uh,” Teddy paused and bit his lip as he quickly thought of an excuse. “I was just grabbing some things,” Teddy supplied vaguely before he quickly walked past Harry. “Sorry Uncle Harry, I’m in a hurry!” Teddy smiled convincingly at Harry who waved groggily as he yawned, covering his mouth with his other hand. Teddy jogged out of the ministry and let out a puff of relief as he got to the elevator.

Once he was out of the ministry, he apparated over to Hogsmeade, walking up to Hogwarts as fast as he could. He wanted to go back in time in the Forbidden Forest, but in a place where he would know where to go. He needed to be somewhere he wouldn’t be seen by anyone, but the forest had a very high chance of leading Teddy to something vicious as soon as he warped back in time.

He started to run into the dark, damp forest to get to a certain point inside, which he marked with a blue tag for Victoire. He wasn’t sure how much it would have changed over the years, but he was sure it couldn’t be too much, considering people rarely traversed into it. A feeling of fear crept into his spine as his lost sight of the entrance, and a maze of trees and darkness was all he could see. He shivered in the cold February air, his breath ghosted in front of him as he ran.

Once he found the blue mark and felt hidden, he pulled the Time-Turner out. He took a deep breath before he set it to go back to the year of 1970. He closed his eyes and felt the anticipation of going back in time flow through him. He felt giddy and nervous, yet fear prickled at his skin, almost to the point where he felt he could puke. When he opened his eyes, he couldn’t tell if the time turner had worked. Confusion replaced the nerves that had empowered him not so long ago. He looked around and scratched the back of his head.

“Huh?” Teddy whispered to himself as he looked at the Time-Turner. A low rumble sounded out from somewhere close to him. Quickly tucking the Time-Turner inside his shirt he looked around for the place where the sound was being emitted from. He heard it again, yet it sounded longer and more driven this time. Teddy’s breathing sped up slightly, and the air in front of him ghosted white as he blew air out. He pulled out his wand, holding it close to his chest, and slowly circled around. He looked up and saw a clearing in the trees, just large enough to see the full moon shining in the nighttime sky.

The sound was louder now, closer but more curious than before. Teddy’s nerves got to him and he quickly ran through the trees, feeling the cold winter air blow into his face. A loud pounding resounded from behind him and he knew at that moment that he was being chased by a werewolf. The wind snapped as its tail moved around viciously, or what Teddy presumed was its tail. The huge monster’s jaw snap sounded louder and louder as it got closer, as if a thunderstorm were approaching Teddy. He stumbled over a branch, falling down and skidding across the ground. Leaves picked up into the air and Teddy felt the branches on the ground cut into his cheeks. He rolled over to his right as the monster pounced, skidding across more damp leaves. It barely missed Teddy, who got up and ran once more again. He began to pick up a sweat as he ran for his life, or his humanity.

An ironic turn of events had thrust themselves upon Teddy Lupin.

The wolf bounded past him, causing him to bump into it. He fell to the ground and began to back up, stopping at tree. The wolf growled and white puffs of breath escaped into the air. Teddy whimpered in fear and froze, stuck in place. The wolf lunged, pinning Teddy to the tree. His breath ghosted into Teddy’s face and the scent of animal blood assaulted Teddy’s nose. Teddy’s adrenaline kicked in and a primal instinct drove him to bring up his legs and push the wolf off of him. The monster was pushed back but not enough to move it off of Teddy. It whimpered for a second before he growled again, more angry than before. Teddy tried to push himself off the tree but his attempts were for naught.

Time seemed to slow down as Teddy’s life flashed before his eyes. His hair shifted through many colors as he lost control over his metamorphmagus abilities due to his fear overtaking him. The wolf looked down at Teddy before he bit viciously at his shoulder. He screamed out in pain, feeling the sting of the bite and pain from his flesh being torn open. His world seemed to fade out into a red spiral of pain and discomfort.

He was unconscious but he could hear the sound of someone yelling angrily, a human, or someone who could speak. He heard a grumble before all was lost again.

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