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Explosive Things by watchoutfornargles
Chapter 5 : V.
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CI by inspector.@TDA

I woke up in my bed, replaying the events of last night in my head. I was becoming a sap. I sat up and looked around. WAIT, how was I in my dorm? WAIT A SECOND, THIS IS WAY TOO CLEAN TO BE MY DORM. WHERE THE HELL AM I? WHY IS THERE A DUDE NEXT TO ME? WHY IS HE TOPLESS? Hold up. Stop the train. I took a closer look at the blonde head of hair beside me. It was Louis. I relaxed. I loved that kid. I might just have to marry him to keep him around. That would be a sexless marriage though. UNLESS-okay Victoria, I’m gonna stop you right there. BUT HE’S FIT! Stop whining, you bitch. You guys are just friends. You don’t even like him. You like—SHUT UP---pancakes. I was going to say pancakes. Sure you were.

“Morning love,” Louis said, thrashing about in the bed, “what time is it?”

“Seven I think,” I said.

He sat up and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

What the hell was that?

“Okay, I still have time to sleep,” he said, and promptly went back to bed.

Ugh, boys and their lack of need to spend loads of time getting ready in the morning.

“GET UP!” I screamed at him.

Four different voices yelled back at me.

Let’s see, there was:

Jackson Thomas. Dark brown-blackish hair. Okay looking. Quite a nice bloke. Destined for Emelie of Ravenclaw. Nice girl. We aren’t friends though.

Xander Finnigan. Sandy hair. Okay looking. Pyrotechnic-inclined. Destined for Char.

Then Potter. Black hair. UGLYBASTARD. Okay, fine. Hot. Douche. Destined to become a male prostitute.

“WHO IS YELLING?” Potter screamed.

“VICTORIA!” Louis screamed.

“VICTORIA SHUT-“ Jackson started, “wait. Why is Victoria in our dorm?”

This got all the boys up. They all ran over to Louis’ bed and stared at me.

“Hi guys,” I said.

“Did you guys, you know?” Xander asked.

“No, I don’t know,” I said crossly.

He looked at the other two boys, and they burst out into chorus.


“There’s no need to sing about it,” I said crossly.

“So you did?” Jackson said, mouth dropping on the floor.

“No, you bloody wanker,” Louis said, voice muffled by the pillow, “we went on a date, and she fell asleep.”

“You were that boring?” Potter said.

Oh Potter. I was wondering when you’d make an appearance and grace us with your dulcet tones.

“It was like eleven,” Louis explained.

“What were you guys doing that late?” Xander asked, “Never mind, I don’t even want to know.”

Louis and I smirked at him. Potter looked pissed.

“So Potter, where’s your whore?” I said cheerfully. I jumped up and peered into his bed. No girl. Muy interesante.

“Maybe she left early,” he countered.

“Maybe there was no girl,” Xander sniggered.

“Okay, none of you have girls here except for Louis,” I pointed out.

That shut them all up.

“Well I’d love to sit and chat, but I must be getting ready,” I said, “and it smells like shit in here. Try febreeze.”

I skipped down the dorm stairs, like a baws.

Sure you did.

Sometimes I really hate the voice in my head. I think I’ll name her Veronica. Veronica’s a bitch and a slut. I blame her for my bad genes and lapses in judgment.

I walked back into my dorm.

“Where were you?” asked Emma worriedly, “You didn’t come home all night.”

“With Louis,” I said.

“YOU GUYS FINALLY SHAGGED?” Char said, looking hopeful.

“NO,” I yelled, “why does everyone think that?”

“No clue,” Char said, rolling her eyes, “maybe because you guys are joined at the hip, have too many inside jokes to count, are on a first name basis with each other’s parents…”


“Whatever you say,” she said, winking at me.

I walked over to a mirror. I looked so attractive right now. No wonder Potter couldn’t wait to jump my bones. Oh wait, that’s me. Damn those abs. I mean, WHAT? POTTER. PRATHEAD. DOUCHE. BROKE YOUR HEART. Much better.

James Potter POV

“Jackson, Xander,” Louis said, “can you guys leave for a sec? I need to talk to James.”

“Don’t snog while we’re gone!” Xander called as they walked out of the dorm.

Louis obviously didn’t trust them very much, as he cast Muffilato around the dorm.

“You really hurt Victoria,” Louis said to me, glaring, as if the whole shebang was my fucking fault.

“Dude, she turned me down,” I said angrily, “so I asked someone else. Why am I the bad guy here?”

‘You should have tried harder,” he pressed.

“Tried harder? Tried HARDER?” I screamed, “Do you know how much guts it takes to ask a girl who despises you out?”

My lovely cousin had the decency to look the least bit disconcerted.

“If you really liked her you wouldn’t have asked Jenny,” he said.

“I’m over Hathaway,” I said shortly.

“She’s over you too,” he offered, “but I don’t think so.

“She never fancied me,” I said, leaving the room before he could spew more shit.

Albus Potter POV

Breakfast was super awkward today. I mean you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. James and Victoria? I was half expecting them to start fucking in the middle of the Great Hall. They kept making eye contact, glaring into their cereals, and then avoiding each other’s eyes for a few minutes before glancing again, but still. Meant to be. Victoria’s cool, almost like my sister really. Soon to be sister in law.

What happened to them? Ooh yesterday was Valentine’s day. James screwed up, didn’t he? They were so good recently. I WAS GOING TO WIN THE BET. Team Vames over Team Vouis any day. But James/Victoria is perfect. I would totally watch a movie about them, even if it were romantic, and I’m a dude. Albus Severus Potter approves this message.

“Can you pass the sugar Al?” V said.

“It’s next to James,” I pointed out.

“Can you please pass the sugar?” V said.

“But-“ I said.

“Al, pass the sugar to V,” Louis said.

“The-“ I said.

“AL!” Victoria shrieked, “PASS THE DAMN SUGAR!”

The Great Hall fell kind of silent. Victoria looked pissed. Then stormed out the Great Hall. Char and Emma sighed, got up, and followed her.

“Is Hathaway PMSing or something?” James said.

“Shut up!” Louis, Jackson, Xander, and I said.

“Sorry,” he said, looking sheepish.

It seems like I got the tact genes in the family.

Charlotte Lance POV

Emma and I followed Tori out of the Great Hall.

“Tori!” Emma called, “What’s wrong?”

“Potter and his face,” she said.

“What happened last night?” I asked.

“Well we were at the shop, and then I tried to talk to Veronica-Jenny, and James got pissed, and was mean, and I’M OVER HIM!” she said.

“Okay,” I said, “but you guys are meant to be. Or you and Louis? I’m kinda leaning toward Team Vames though.”

Emma glared.

“What Char means to say is,” she said, “Potter is a git and we support you. Right Char?”

“Yes,” I said weakly.

They’re still meant to be.

A/N: We've gotten past the first day, yay! Rhyming ftw. Well, at least this one doesn't end with a cliffie, eh? :D

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