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Star Crossed by weasleytwins123
Chapter 13 : Collapse
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This was the fourth time this week I’d heard it. She didn’t mention it because she was completely ignoring me, but even our roommates Millie and Georgia had heard it. They’d broken out into whispers as soon as the familiar sound of retching had woken the three of us up, and soon enough the familiar sound of Lucy throwing up filled the tense silence.



I slowly climbed out of bed and set about getting dressed, trying to ignore Millie and Georgia’s pointed glances in my direction. They obviously thought that I was the reason behind Lucy’s sickness which was naïve of them, seeing as I had a pretty good guess as to why she was ill.



All signs pointed to Lucy possibly being pregnant, and nobody could deny that. She was pale and sickly looking, she barely ate and she threw up every morning. She looked extremely stressed to say the least, and went to bed early every night and yet still managed to fall asleep during classes which clearly meant she wasn’t sleeping. She hadn’t said a word to anyone for the past week, and it could possibly explain why she’d been so ready to blame me for the situation with Peter.



It would make sense as well, she’d been sleeping with Peter for around a month now, and so she could easily have just discovered her pregnancy.



I didn’t know whether to confront her about it or tell Professor McGonagall, Madame Pomfrey or just someone.



Lucy emerged a moment later, after she’d flushed the toilet and washed herself off and I noticed her hands were shaking as she closed the door behind her, refusing to meet anybody’s gaze. None of us had said anything for the past few mornings she’d been throwing up, but I could feel Millie and Georgia practically bursting with curiosity on the opposite side of the dormitory.



“Are you alright, Lucy?” Georgia broke the silence, and Lucy immediately whipped around to face her, her expression bewildered.



“I’m fine thanks,” Lucy shot her a small smile. “Think I’ve got a tummy bug, that’s all.”



“You should go to Madame Pomfrey” Millie advised as she played with her hair in front of the mirror. “That’s what I did when I… you know.”



Millie caught Lucy’s confused expression in the mirror and shot her a pitying smile. “When I thought I was pregnant, Lucy.”



“Oh, god no!” Lucy stammered with wide eyes. “I’m not… oh no I- we…”



“Everybody knows you and Peter had sex, Lucy” Georgia said wisely. “Amos told practically the whole school.”



“Georgia, leave it” I replied when I spotted Lucy’s tearful expression. “If Lucy says she’s not pregnant, then she’s not pregnant.”



“Alright, fine” Millie flipped her hair over her shoulder as she turned to face me. “At least we’re looking out for Lucy, I mean you’re meant to be her best friend and you’ve ignored her for the last week.”






I could sense Lucy tensing as she tied her tie around her neck beside her bed and I rolled my eyes, turning back to my bed where I collected my bag and slung it over my shoulder violently.



“Just leave it” I said sternly, before exiting the dormitory alone.



I wasn’t sure whether to trust Lucy’s word, she could be lying about not being pregnant, or maybe she hadn’t even considered the possibility yet. Either way, I didn’t know enough to go to a teacher or Madame Pomfrey, but I did know that she was ill, and it was most likely the result of her unnecessary break up.



So as I entered the Great Hall, instead of finding a solitary seat at the Gryffindor table, I marched straight up to the Hufflepuffs and tapped Peter on the shoulder.



“Err… Adrienne?” he frowned at me as he turned to see who Amos was smirking at.



“We need to talk.”



“Look, I don’t want to talk about the whole Lucy thing…”



“Well I want you to” I said sharply, grabbing his forearm and dragging him out of his seat. “Come on” I muttered. “Let’s go somewhere where Amos can’t listen in, I know what he’s like about spreading rumours.”



“Hey! Look here Adrienne - you can’t just come along and demand that I listen to you-” Peter grumbled as he stumbled along behind me.



“I can when it involves Lucy needing some attention” I glared at him, pulling him into a corner of the courtyard.



“Why are you even doing this?” he narrowed his eyes at me. “You and Lucy haven’t spoken for a week. I heard all about what she said to you, you’re not even friends anymore.”



“She chose that, not me” I sighed. “She’s really ill, Peter, and I’m worried about her.”



“In what way?” he asked seriously, trying to keep the worry from his voice but failing. It was obvious he was nowhere near over her.



“She’s throwing up every morning, she’s pale and her hands shake, she falls asleep in classes even though she goes to bed early which makes me think she’s barely sleeping…”



“Ok, ok” he inhaled a shuddered breath. “I get it. She’s not doing well.”



I glanced at him as he bit down on his lip, thinking hard for a moment.



Well?” I broke the silence. “What are you going to do about it?”



“Why should I have to do anything?” he questioned angrily. “So she’s having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I finally stood up for myself and found out what she’s really like! It’s hard for me too, you know! You think that I wanted to end it? Of course I didn’t, I bloody love her!”



“Then why did you?”



“Because I refuse to be with a cheater.”



“But she didn’t cheat!”



“She admitted she had feelings for him, which means that when they met up she would have done” his eyes were filled with hurt. “I thought I’d save myself the embarrassment and stop everything between us before it got out of hand.”



“Remus honestly doesn’t like Lucy in that way and you know she loves you with all her heart” I rolled my eyes. “I think you were a complete idiot-”



“Well, it’s not your place to be involved!” he retorted with a snarl.



“Fine. But it is my place to be worried about her, so please, can you just make sure she’s ok? She’s really ill Peter.”



“Fine” he snapped. “I’ll talk to her… I’ll see what’s going on… when I feel like it.”



“Peter! It’s got to be soon!”



“Fine, fine” he glared at me. “Today, I’ll do it today, alright?”



“Thank you” I offered him a small smile that he didn’t return, instead choosing to storm back into the castle without another word.






“Erm… Professor McGonagall?” Peter asked with a small frown. “I don’t have a partner… Lucy’s not here.”



I watched my Head of House as she frowned and made her way across the classroom to where Peter was sat a few chairs along from me.



“Miss Flynn was taken ill earlier this morning and is currently in the Hospital Wing” she replied tersely. “However, I see Miss McKinnon is also partner less, so perhaps you could work together?” she shot me a stern glance as I tried to protest and I quickly shut my mouth, instead moving to sit by Peter.



“You didn’t tell me she was so ill she’s in the Hospital Wing!” he hissed accusingly as I settled myself beside him.



“I didn’t know!” I shot back with narrowed eyes. “I told you she was ill, I didn’t even know she was in the Hospital Wing!”



“Some best friend you are” he snorted sarcastically, groaning when I smacked him around the back of the head.



“It’s hard to look after someone who won’t even talk to you” I snapped, turning forward to face the bird we were meant to be transfiguring into a pointed hat.



“Well maybe you should stop snogging your secret boy and then Lucy might actually want to be your friend.”



“Wha-? How did you…?”



Peter snorted and rolled his eyes at me as he took his turn to point his wand at the bird. “Oh, come on Adrienne I was her boyfriend… she told me about these things. Not to mention Amos barely shuts up about it” he turned to face me, ignoring the bird which was ruffling his feathers after he shot a half-hearted spell at them. “Who is he by the way?”



“He doesn’t exist” I replied stubbornly. “As I’ve been trying to tell everyone.”



“That’s why she’s fed up with you” he laughed, but there wasn’t a trace of amusement in his tone, it was more mocking. “She’s fed up of listening to your lies. Have you actually told her one ounce of truth since the beginning of this year?”






“Exactly, you haven’t” he smirked. “And she thinks that you feel Lily Evans is a better friend, which isn’t fair seeing as Lucy’s been your friend since first year… do you get it now, Adrienne? What a shit friend you’ve been? The only person she’s had to rely on this year is me, which is why she fell for me I think…” he paused as I shot sparks at the bird, which turned into a hat with a surprised squawk.



“You should think about where your priorities are, Adrienne. Are they with some boy you’ve just started snogging this year, or the girl you’ve been best friends with for years?”



“She’s told me her plans, Peter” I replied angrily. “I know she’s leaving in a few months… and who knows when I’ll see her again? I get that it’s to protect her family, I admire her for it, but how can she be my best friend if she’s leaving? That’s why my priorities are so messed up Peter, because I don’t know who to rely on anymore!”



“You can be such a selfish bitch sometimes” Peter replied scornfully. “What matters is that Lucy needs you now, no matter that she might not be there when you need her. You have a lot of people there for you, Adrienne-”



“Oh, yes” I replied sarcastically. “So many people… ha! Don’t be an idiot Peter, everybody that I love is in constant danger, do you think that’s easy for me to deal with? And don’t you dare say that it’s the same for you, because you know it’s different. You’re a Hufflepuff – you’re a coward, don’t deny you’re going straight into hiding as soon as you finish school!”



“Keep your voice down!” he hissed, his eyes glinting with an anger I’d never seen in nice, caring Peter before. It seemed that I had a knack in provoking anger in the least likely people.



I rolled my eyes but didn’t say anymore, instead smiling to Professor McGonagall who had come over to see what we were bickering about, but had instead found it upon herself to award points to Gryffindor for my achievement in successfully transfiguring the bird into a hat.



The bell for lunch went shortly after, and without a word to one another Peter and I both headed in the same direction: the Hospital Wing.



“I want to talk to her alone” he snapped as we reached the doors, where Madame Pomfrey was nearing us with a small frown.



“Don’t worry” I replied shortly. “She doesn’t want to see me, I get that. I just wanted to ask Madame Pomfrey about what happened.”



He nodded quickly, turning to ask Madame Pomfrey if he could see Lucy. At first, she seemed reluctant, until Lucy spotted him and called out his name in a weak, haggard voice.



I could hear them whispering to each other, and watched Peter as he slipped his arms around Lucy’s thin frame, hugging her and kissing her forehead delicately.



Madame Pomfrey ushered me into her office to give the pair of them some privacy and I shut the door behind me with a quiet snap.



“I understand you’re Miss Flynn’s best friend?”



“Oh, well… I’m not sure she’d agree at the moment, Madame Pomfrey, but I really am worried about her. Is there anything I can do to help?”



“She collapsed from stress and exhaustion. Frankly, if she’d come to me sooner I could have given her a Pepper-Up Potion or a Calming Drought and she would have been peachy perfect, but as it happens she was left to… simmer somewhat, until it all became too much.”



“She’s barely eaten all week, and she’s been throwing up every morning… at first I thought she was… well, you know…”



“Oh, dear merlin no, my dear” Madame Pomfrey’s cheeks tinted pink. “Of course not! What I don’t understand it why you didn’t bring her to me, or alert a member of staff?!”



“I didn’t know what to do” I shrugged. “She won’t talk to me, but she seemed so stressed… she broke up with her boyfriend on the Monday and I wondered if that was the cause of it.”



“Most probably, although the added stress of NEWTs and-”



“She’s a half-blood” I finished with a heavy sigh. “She’s scared to death that the Death Eaters will go after her family; her mother’s a witch that married a Muggle and well… the situations not easy.”



“Yes, yes I can imagine” she shook her head. “I’ve had a lot of students in recently with similar stresses… well; all I can ask is that should you notice anything wrong with Miss Flynn you alert me immediately.”



“Ok, well thanks for letting me know how she is Madame Pomfrey” I smiled half-heartedly. “But I think I’ll go before she spots me… it might upset her a bit if I’m here.”



She nodded and ushered me out of the Hospital Wing, where I watched as Peter leant down and kissed Lucy. It was obvious they’d sorted out their issues, and the radiant smile on Lucy’s face made it obvious that losing Peter had been the cause of her instant depression.



Maybe Peter was wrong. After all, she didn’t seem like she needed me.






“How about we have lunch together today?” Regulus smiled as I met him on my way to the Great Hall. “You look a bit down.”



“That would be wonderful” I smiled tiredly as I stepped into his embrace and buried my head into his warm chest, closing my eyes for a moment. “It’s been a hard day.”



“I heard Lucy collapsed” Regulus mumbled into my hair. “Is that it?”



“She’s still not speaking to me” I sighed. “But, yes, I’ve been worried. It looks like she and Peter are back together, though, which is a relief. That’s why she was so…”



“What else happened?” Regulus frowned, taking my hand and pulling me down the corridor towards the kitchens.



“Oh, it’s just that Peter had a few words with me about how I’ve apparently been treating Lucy and he wasn’t acting like his usual self that’s all.”



“How so? Did he hurt you? Because I can hurt him if he did” Regulus’ jaw tightened as he clenched my hand a little harder.



“No, no not physically” I soothed my protective boyfriend down immediately with a small kiss to his cheek. “He just asked me about where my priorities lay, and tried to make me admit that you existed… well, not you personally because he doesn’t know it’s you, but…”



“Don’t listen to him” Regulus replied instantly, slipping his hands around my jaw to tilt my face up to his. “He doesn’t know anything about you, and he doesn’t understand what you’re going through… merlin, he doesn’t understand anything. He’s just some idiot Hufflepuff, Adrienne; don’t take his bullshit to heart.”



“I know” I smiled, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck. “I really like you Regulus” I whispered as I moved to lightly kiss him. “It’s going to take a lot more than a stupid Hufflepuff to make me give you up.”



Regulus grinned, sliding his hands around my waist and pushing me back behind a tapestry. “I think lunch is going to have to wait for a bit” he mumbled against my lips as he coaxed them into another kiss.



I pulled him closer to me and didn’t complain.


sorry it took so long to update, but I've kind of lost my spark for this story. I'm going to work at it, because I've got it all planned out and I really, really don't want to have to abandon it. Anyway, this chapter is a bit of an oddball, not really a filler but not that exciting, but please do leave a review :)

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