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The Tale of Steven Bird by alicia and anne
Chapter 3 : Old friends and new friends.
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Amazing chapter image by shotgun_sarcasm at TDA :D




“If you pull my hair like that again, I will seriously punch you in the throat,” Lucy hissed, wincing as she held a hand to her hair, the other one was currently on my knee. It was making me feel a tad awkward, especially after what we had seen only half an hour ago. We had both run from the scene and used the Timeturner to go back to the time we had come from, before rushing to get back to our common room, not saying a word to each other.


No one had missed us in all the time that we had been gone, brilliant.

We were currently sitting in the common room, me on the sofa and Lucy sat in front of me on the floor. In our rush to get back here Lucy had managed to get the necklace tangled in her hair, and it was apparently my job to help her.

“Well you’re the genius who managed to get their hair tangled up in the chain,” I tutted, leaning close to the mess of hair that had bunched up around the chain. I really hope she’s washed it.

Lucy let out an annoyed groan as she gritted her teeth.

“Do you want to try maybe attempting to brush your hair in the mornings, or at all?” I snapped, now resorting to pulling the hair as hard as I could to try and free it. Lucy let out a loud yell, causing a few people to look over in our direction before they turned away from us; Lucy’s hand flew down from her hair and hit my leg as hard as she could.

It hurt like hell.

I let go of her hair as I clutched onto my leg, knowing that it was going to bruise because of her, I could already feel it starting to go dead.

Lucy stood up and faced me, her hands touching the back of her head tenderly. I was quick to shield my throat in case she was good on her threat and lunged at me.

“Maybe you should try cutting it out?” I suggested in a short tone, she always had to cause me physical harm and it irked me to no end.

“No,” Lucy snapped, tugging at the necklace herself. “What I need is to cut you out of my life.”

I glared up at her.

“Go on then,” I told her, pointing over to the entrance to the common room. “You can leave.”

She raised an eyebrow at me before she ignored where I was pointing and instead stomped towards the stairs that would lead to the girl’s dormitory, she always had to make a scene.

I gave a sigh as I stood up as well, my leg almost caving in underneath me, but I managed to stay upright. I hobbled slowly towards the boy’s dormitory, with no help from anyone else in the common room I might add.

Lucy would calm down and come crawling back to me when she realised that I had no other friends – I mean she had no other friends.


She’s been avoiding me.

In all fairness I was avoiding her as well, which wasn’t easy when we had classes together, and were in the same house, and were each other’s only friends really. We had been avoiding each other since the whole trying to pull all of her hair out before she attempted to cut off the circulation to my leg incident.

I made a full recovery if you’re wondering.

In the times that she did sit near me in classes, I had noticed that she had managed to get the necklace out of her hair. Where she had put the Timeturner I decided wasn’t my problem, she was the criminal not me - although, if they somehow get fingerprints off of the necklace, then I’m a dead man.

It had been exactly two days since our falling out, I thought she would have caved in a lot sooner than this and started talking to me again, but she hadn’t.

Oh well, not my problem. I’ll just go and get some new friends. I glanced around the Transfiguration lesson looking for someone who would be a suitable friend, one who didn’t look like a crazy person or acted like one would be a nice change. Can you imagine a friend that got you presents on your birthday, and let you keep them? I was almost giddy with excitement at the prospect of a new friend now.

Sure Lucy was somewhat great, occasionally. But she had a very big tendency to have me fearing for my life, it would be nice to have a friend that I didn’t fear.

“Lucy talk to me.” I said turning to look at Lucy who was leaning over her parchment, her back half turned to me; I was giving her one more chance to be my friend before I gave up on her entirely.

She ignored me and carried on looking down at her parchment.

Well, if she was going to be an idiot and ignore me then I’ll have to definitely get this new friend.

I scanned the Transfiguration classroom again and saw that a girl was looking around too, when I caught her eye I gave her my best grin. She recoiled and looked away.

Way to go, Steven. Just scare away everyone.

I resisted the urge to hide my face in my hands through embarrassment; I hope no one saw that lame attempt at being friendly.

Peeking up I saw that no one had seen it at all, not that I was surprised, no one ever saw me. I sat up straight and continued looking around the room.

I chanced another smile, this time at a girl that looked in my direction; she gave me a smile back and a big wave. I instantly regretted smiling in the first place when I saw her gathering up her belongings and moving away from the desk.

Nice one, Steven. Trust you to attract the only other Hogwarts resident crazy person - well I didn’t know if she was in fact a crazy person, I just assumed.

I didn’t have time to run away before she had darted over to sit in the free seat to my left, leaving what I assumed was her friend behind. The girl left behind seemed kind of relieved and I felt uneasy at this, what had I just let myself in for?

I found out through the last hour of the lesson, that the girl who sat next to me had a name and liked various things, I would have remembered this name, but I was trying to see if Lucy was jealous of my new found friendship to pay much attention to this girl. It turns out Lucy hadn’t been that interested as she had fallen asleep on her parchment.

“So what lesson have you got next?”

“Charms I think?” I stated, wondering just why this girl’s eyes looked so wide close up. It might have something to do with the fact that she doesn’t seem to understand personal boundaries or blinking.

“I have Divination next; I’ll walk with you,”

I frowned at her comment, did she not realise after all these years at Hogwarts that the two classrooms were in two separate directions and far apart from each other? I didn’t want to mention this out loud in case I offended my new friend.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” I said attempting to be as excited as she seemed, she beamed at me.


She met me outside my classroom after my next lesson ended; I was unsure how this happened as I managed to get out of it earlier than the others. The teacher was attempting to deal with the aftermath of Lucy’s spell going completely wrong. She had somehow managed to charm her cousin Louis to inflate and float around the room; I was quick to run for it when I saw her turn to look at me with a certain look in her eye. The look that said, ‘I’m going to blame this entirely on you and you’re going to have to deal with it.’ I was not going to take the fall for her crimes when we weren’t even speaking.

I practically ran into my new friend as I rushed from the room, she stumbled slightly before straightening herself up, I mumbled an apology as she dived in for a hug that I didn’t see coming.

It took me by surprise; I wasn’t used to someone being this close a distance to me without being hurt in some way or another. I’m not sure whether I liked it, so I patted her on the back awkwardly. My friend let me go before she stood up straight and beamed at me.

“How was class?” She asked me, I gave her a shrug.

“It was okay I guess, yours?”

“Oh I didn’t go to it, I decided to wait outside here for you instead,” she told me with a bright smile, should I be feeling a sense of dread building inside me at those words?

“Won’t you get in trouble?” I asked her, glancing to the door of the classroom and seeing a few people filing out, talking animatedly.

“Probably,” she told me, still with a large smile on her face. It was unnerving me.

She was momentarily distracted by someone walking down the corridor.

“Oh hey there, Gerald,” my new friend said waving at a passing guy who frowned at her.

“I thought I told you to leave me alone, Mary. I don’t want to get the Headteacher to tell you to stay away from me again or get the restraining order.” The boy rushed off a look of panic on his face, leaving my new friend who I now knew to be called Mary, smiling after him.

I probably should have taken his comments on restraining orders seriously; I don’t know why I didn’t. Possibly because my other crazy friend – I mean ex-friend – had just walked out of the classroom with a sad look on her face as she clutched a detention slip in her hand. I wanted to go over and hug her but I stopped myself, I had a new friend to care for now.

“Hey, Lucy. Wait up,” I heard someone say. I watched with a frown as Harold Springler, a Gryffindor, made his way out of the classroom and caught up to Lucy who was stood a few feet away from where I was. Mary was standing in front of me and talking to me but all of my attention was on Lucy. I only caught words such as “Geese”, “cheese” and “King of Barbados” I was unsure what any of these words had to do with each other but Mary seemed lost in talking.

“Don’t worry about it,” Harold said throwing his arm around Lucy’s shoulders, I felt my hands clench into fists on their own accord as I glared at him with all of my might, wishing that Lucy would push him away from her. “I have some Honeydukes chocolate that might cheer you up.”

No! He offered her chocolate, her one weakness. This couldn’t be happening to me, Lucy was walking off with Harold Springler a notorious girlfriend stealer, well not really notorious, me and Lucy saw him smile at a girl we knew had a boyfriend and by dinner that night the girl and her boyfriend had broken up, coincidence? I think not!

I needed to get her back, I just didn’t know how. I couldn’t use chocolate as a bribe as Lucy had found my secret stash and had eaten it all.

I could only look on in horror as Lucy walked off with Harold without a backward glance at me; I glared at her retreating form.

Harold was a bigger loser then me and that was saying something.

I was so jealous of him right now.


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The Tale of Steven Bird: Old friends and new friends.


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