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Dear Rose by iridescentstarling
Chapter 7 : Female Weasley's
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“You should write a book," Ron told Hermione as he cut up his potatoes, "translating mad things girls do so boys can understand them.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The weeks and months flew by, and before I even had time to blink, Christmas had almost arrived. The castle was bustling with activity as usual, and everyone seemed to be in the holiday spirit. I was scheduled to return to the Manor for the Christmas holidays, much to my mother’s delight. She expressed her joy by writing me a long, gushing letter (which was dropped onto my head by my eagle owl, Apollo, during breakfast).

My tense and unfortunate relationship with Rose Weasley had only become more tense and unfortunate over the weeks we spent together as patrol partners. I had almost gotten used to the resolute silence that seemed to hover over us like a storm cloud as we walked through our usual patrol route a few nights in the week. It was now clearly evident that she felt a boiling hatred towards me. I had given up my futile attempts to steal her heart long ago, and now resorted to keeping to myself as we roamed the castle in a haze of awkwardness.

Our week of detention with Belgoney did nothing to thaw the chilly atmosphere between us. If anything, it made Rose colder towards me. This was probably due to the fact that I accidentally knocked a whole row of trophies down on top of her while we were polishing them in the Trophy Room. The whole Quidditch tryout fiasco thankfully resolved itself shortly after my week long detention with Belgoney. Ethan confronted me in the Great Hall the day after my detention was finally over, and grudgingly admitted me onto the team. As he put it, “The other Keepers were bloody horrible.”

Our first game was against the Ravenclaws, and we beat them to a pulp. I’m proud to proclaim that I only let in two goals throughout the entire match. Ethan was quite pleased and even gave me a rare compliment before turning away to snog his girlfriend. The Slytherin Quidditch season shot off to a brilliant start, and we’ve done nothing but get better. The Quidditch Cup is definitely ours this year.

I will never forget the look on James Potter’s face after Alex snatched the Snitch from right under his nose during the Gryffindor-Slytherin game. Just because you’ve got a famous father by the name of Harry Potter does not in any way mean that you're invincible. James learned that the hard way.

Everything was going absolutely perfect in my beautiful world, until disaster struck the day before Christmas break.

Dom and I had been going strong for Merlin knows how long, and I’d always thought we had a rather firm relationship. True, I occasionally went astray and flirted with a random girl or two, but other than that, everything was lovely between the pair of us.

Dom, however, obviously felt differently.

She dragged me into an abandoned classroom the day before the holidays, and I, thinking she just wanted a quick snog, was stunned when she turned her head away as I leaned in.

“What’s the matter, babe?” I asked, feeling extremely annoyed by her rude rejection. Dom hesitated and began toying with her silky blonde hair. “T-there really is no easy way to say this, Scorp, so let’s just get to the point.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “Um, alright?”
“Well...the thing is...I’m breaking up with you.”

I stared at her with a stupid smile plastered on my face, convinced that I had somehow heard her wrong. “Er, what?” Dom sighed, reached forward, and gently clasped my hand. “I’m really sorry, Scorp. But this just isn’t working for me. Every time I turn around, you’re always flirting with some girl while winking at another. I just feel like you’re not devoted to me and only me.”

“You-you can’t break up with me.” I felt like I was about to have a panic attack. Seriously, this was not happening. “Do you have any idea what that would do to my reputation? I have never been dumped, ever!

Dom released my hand quickly and leaped to her feet, her blue eyes ablaze with fury. “That’s all you’re upset about?! Me ruining your blasted reputation? Damn you, Malfoy! Do you even care about me at all?! Rose was right about you all along! I could care less about your bloody reputation, and I could care less about you! We are over!”

She stormed out of the room rather dramatically in a flurry of tears and sobs. “The only reason I dated you in the first place was to make your cousin jealous!” I yelled after her. I glared at her retreating figure, a million thoughts running through my head. I should be the one running out in a huff, not her! I sulked in the classroom for a full ten minutes before returning to my dormitory, too ashamed to confront my friends. I skipped dinner and instead had a house elf deliver a meal to me. Those dimwitted creatures will literally do anything you ask. I pretended I was asleep when Alex, Titus, and Dante walked in (they were talking incredibly loud and being completely insensitive as I was supposedly sleeping), and judging from their conversation, they didn’t have a clue what had happened between Dom and I.

By tomorrow, everyone would know. Gossip travels fast.

My mind kept drifting back to my conversation with Dom, despite my futile attempts to erase it from my memory. I couldn’t help but remember one specific thing she had said. Something about Rose being right about me. I gritted my teeth in frustration as a sudden thought entered my mind. Rose had convinced Dom to dump me.
That troublesome redhead just could not stay out of my business! First the detentions, then the Quidditch fiasco, and now this! This is all Rose’s fault, I decided, She somehow manipulated Dom to believe I was some sort of demonic jerk.

That girl just will not stop! Is she purposely trying to make my life a living hell?

Well it’s all going to end soon, I thought, after I give her a taste of her own medicine.


The next morning was a hectic one. Everyone going back home for the holidays were required to board the Hogwarts Express immediately after breakfast, which meant packing was to be done beforehand. I was busy trying to cast a shrinking spell on my pile of robes so they could all fit into my trunks. Dante was searching for his Potions book (why he would bother even looking at that thing during the holidays is beyond me). Titus was throwing a fit because he had somehow managed to lose his prized broomstick. He’s not even on the Quidditch team, so it’s not like he needed to practice or anything (I’m just saying). Alex, being the lazy bloke he was, was snoring away in bed, completely oblivious to the pandemonium erupting around him.

“HAVE YOU SEEN MY BROOMSTICK, SCORP??” Titus lifted up my trunks and tossed each one of them carelessly onto the floor before scrambling towards Alex and wrenching away his covers.

“Wake up you idiot.” Dante grabbed Alex’s pillow out from under his head and smacked him with it. I surveyed the room quickly with a sweep of my eyes before heading towards the door. “Well I’m all done packing. You want to head down now, Dante?”

The common room was nearly empty, much to my relief. I could see Elena Midgen eagerly running towards me out of the corner of my eye and quickened my pace. “Scorpius, Scorp! Is it true that you and Weasley-”

“Can’t talk now, Elena.” I interrupted her quickly and dragged Dante away. He gave me an expectant look as soon as we escaped the common room. “Well? Something’s obviously bothering you.”

“How can you tell?” I asked with an annoyed edge in my voice. I thought I had masked my emotions pretty well. Dante rolled his eyes at me and sighed. “Well, you skipped dinner last night, was pretending to sleep when I came into the dorm, and today when I asked you about-”

“Okay, okay! I get it!” I said hastily. I took a deep breath and combed my brain for some way to start my explanation. After several moments of silence (Dante’s expression had shifted into one of intense bewilderment), I blurted out “Weasley dumped me.”

Dante skidded to a halt. “WHAT?!”

“Quiet down!” I glanced over my shoulder nervously.

“Is this some sort of joke? Dom dumped you?! Why would she do that?!”
“How the hell should I know?” I hissed angrily. “But she mentioned Rose in her little overly dramatic break up speech, so I’m assuming Rose has been constantly feeding Dom ridiculous lies about me to get her to dump me. And it bloody worked!”

“’re blaming all this on Rose?” Dante paused before continuing slowly. “I mean…are you sure you don’t have any fault in it?”

My mouth dropped open. “How the hell is it my fault?! Rose’s the one who lied about me to Dom! Why else would she have dumped me?”

“Er...well you do flirt a lot with other girls, and let’s admit it, you’re not the most-”

“Who in the right mind would dump me unless they were manipulated? Open your eyes, Dante! That blasted girl-”

“Hey, Scorpius!”

I groaned loudly as I heard Elena’s voice and the clatter of rapidly approaching footsteps. “Hi Scorp!” she cried breathlessly as she fell into step beside Dante and I. I didn’t respond, but instead clenched my jaw and focused my attention on walking stiffly. Why did Elena always seem to pop up during the most inconvenient of times?

“Hello Elena.” Dante said after a moment of awkward silence. “I’m sure this isn’t true, but I heard Victoria Beasley talking about Weasley dumping you in the common room. Isn’t that absolutely ridiculous?” She let out a rather unattractive snort. “I defended you Scorp, I did. I said to her ‘That’s impossible! Who would be mad enough to dump Scorpius? Don’t believe everything you hear, Victoria! She sure shut up after that!”

I strode through the doors of the Great Hall with my head held high, rigidly determined to show no emotion. The stares and whispers were inevitable, but I could at least act negligent about the whole matter. Dante and I abandoned Elena and slid into our usual seats at the Slytherin table.

“Mate, did Weasley really dump you?” Titus immediately asked. I ignored him and shoved a spoonful of eggs into my mouth. Mary Claire smirked at me from across the table before leaning over and whispering something into Claire’s ear, who in turn whispered it into Bella’s.

“Dom said that she was tired of you flirting with other girls or something. She said you used her like you used all your other girlfriends so she-”

“Shut it, Alex.” I said abruptly in annoyance. “Whatever she told you, it’s not true.”

He immediately shut up. There was not another mention of Dom during breakfast.

I couldn’t help but steal a few glances down the Slytherin table at her to see how she was coping. Dom had her chin rested in one hand and a spoon perched in another. She was absentmindedly stirring her milk and cornflakes with a rather vacant expression on her face. Her eyes were slightly red and puffy. A sure sign she’s been crying. I thought with satisfaction.

I shifted my gaze towards the Gryffindor table, where I located my target immediately (that red hair is hard to miss). Rose was laughing hysterically to some idiotic joke Potter had just made. That little she-devil evidently took pleasure in her cousin’s sorrow. She was ecstatic about the break up, no doubt.

I was careful to avoid Dom and the rest of the Weasley/Potter clan on the way to the Hogwarts Express. I swear her younger brother, Louis, turned and gave me a smug smirk as he climbed into a threstral led carriage. I immediately jerked my head away and felt like punching a wall. In the carriage, Mary Claire (who I was back on good terms with), insisted on snuggling against me at least once every ten seconds as we jostled our way towards the train.

As my clique and I boarded the train and headed toward our usual compartment, I spotted Rose and the rest of her over-sized family hanging around the train corridor. Something in me snapped as I looked upon her smiling face. I wanted-no-I needed to make her feel some sort of guilt for ruining everything; for interfering so much with my almost perfect life.

I stalked towards her, ignoring the questioning calls behind me. “Weasley.” I said in a deadly calm voice as I approached the group. About ten heads looked up in my direction. Rose’s blue eyes locked into mine with an air of defiance. “What do you want, Malfoy?” her voice cut through the air like a cold winter wind.

“I need to have a quick little talk with you.” I was struggling to keep my voice steady. “What do you want with her?” Lily Potter, another one of Rose’s cousins, asked suspiciously. I could see Dom looking at me with a hurt expression on her face.

“That,” I said in a bored voice, “is none of your concern.”

“Oh, it’s all right guys.” Rose piped up in feigned sweet voice. “I’ve wanted to have a chat with Scorpius as well.”

We slipped into an empty compartment together, with her whole clan staring daggers at me from the corridor. Honestly, you would’ve thought I was trying to molest her or something. The minute the glass door shut, we both exploded.

“How dare you tell Dom such lies!”

“You need to get the bloody hell out of my business!”

We both paused for a second, our fists clenched and eyes blazing, before I started again.

“What do you mean I told Dom lies?!”

“Oh don’t play pretend with me.” Rose hissed venomously. “She heard that absolutely insensitive thing you yelled at her after she dumped you! The whole reason you went out with her was to make me jealous? What have I got anything to do with you two?”

“You’ve got everything to do with us two!” I nearly shrieked. “You are bloody impossible, Weasley! First you act as if I am not the most irresistible male on the planet and completely ignore me. And NO girl has every ignored me! What is the matter with you?!”

Rose’s mouth had fallen open. “You are the most-”

“Then, you nearly get me kicked off the Quidditch team with your stupid antics and obsessive hatred towards me.” I continued.

“How is that my fault? I cannot believe-”

“And now” my voice rose, “you’ve completely ruined my reputation by getting your idiot cousin to DUMP me! You and your bloody interfering family-”

Rose suddenly grabbed a fistful of my shirt and roughly pushed me backwards. I fell against the compartment sliding door with a dull thud. “How dare you blame all of your pathetic little troubles on me and my family! How dare you!”

I was taken aback by her sudden wild ferocity, and (I’ll admit) slightly scared. I had driven her over the edge. I tried to scoot away from her, but I was already pressed firmly against the door. Her enraged face was a mere inches from mine. Too close for comfort.

“You are the most arrogant, self-centered scum bag I have ever had the misfortune to meet! Did you ever think, even for a second, that maybe Dom just wanted to dump you? That maybe it was her own decision?”

I was yelling back now, with equal rabid fervor. “Are you mad?! Who the hell would ever want to dump me? Do you even bloody know who I am?! This is all your fault, and you know it Weasley! Stop being bloody difficult!”

We screamed insults and obscene words at each other for what seemed like hours (thank Merlin the walls were soundproof), and I’m sure we would have continued if the compartment door hadn’t slid open.

Rose and I fell to the ground, with her sprawled on top of me. “What the hell are you two doing?!” Lysander Scamander cried in a horrified voice. He still had the door handle clenched in his hand. Rose scrambled away from me as if I was on fire. “It’s not what it looks like Lys, I swear!” Her face was almost as red as her hair. I leaped up, still fuming, and left her to explain the whole situation to Scamander alone.

My mother was waiting for me at Platform Nine and Three Quarters by herself when the train pulled in. She greeted me like I had just returned from a long war and insisted on carrying my luggage to the limo. I didn’t need to ask to know where my father was.
Working as usual, of course.

My mother noticed my foul mood and spent the whole ride back to the Manor trying to console me. That, of course, only aggravated me more. I stalked straight towards my room immediately after we pulled into my vast driveway, only pausing briefly to acknowledge the ‘Welcome Home Scorpius!’ banners covering my walls, and flung myself onto my bed.

Female Weasley’s, I thought glumly, are definitely a lot more trouble than they’re worth.

*A/N: Okay…I’m sure you guys are all sick and tired of my apologies by now…BUT I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING THIS STORY. I am NOT going to abandon it, I will promise you that. I honestly have no excuse for my lack of new chapters. I just got extremely lazy over the summer and got writer’s block and just didn’t feel like writing. I know how frustrating it is to have to wait a long time for a new chapter and I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE. I will try my very best to write and update more in the future. Thank you to those of you who are continuing to follow and read this story, even during my long periods of absence.

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! It was a particularly difficult one to write. Please leave me a review and tell me what you think! Thank you so much for reading!

-iridescentstarling x

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Dear Rose: Female Weasley's


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