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Surreal by mary_ducks
Chapter 7 : Playing house and baseball
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  “good morning girls.” I said yawning awake and noticed that Ginny and Pansy were already awake.

“Good morning Hermione.” Ginny said giggling I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom. My eyes opened up in horror.

“GINERVA Weasley HOW COULD YOU!!!” I yelled out, my face was covered in horrible drawings in permanent marker, which included plenty drawings of the male reproductive system extremely close to my mouth. With a wave of my wand, the markings disappeared and I stomped into my room. “Ginny, that was just plain cruel, you self absorbed bi-”

“Is anything wrong we heard someone scream-” Harry’s sentence stopped when he saw my wand pointed at Ginny a hex on my lips. “Andy, put your wand, down.” Harry took a step inside and put a hand on my shoulder, I lowered my wand while staring daggers at Ginny. “What happened?” Harry asked sitting me down on my bed.

I sighed, “Ginny decided it would be nice to write all over my face in permanent marker.” I growled while a waving my hand in front of my face and the writing appeared once more. Harry looked shocked and glared at Ginny and I made the markings disappear once more.

“Gin, why would you do that?” Harry asked surprised and somewhat hurt.

“Cause, I don’t like her, no one does.” Ginny snarled.

“i-i like Alexandria.” Susan spoke up in a terrified voice.

“why shes a total bi-”

“don’t Ginny, just don’t, I don’t see whats going on with you, but if this affects our grade, we are complaining to Mcgonagall.” Harry said shaking his head walking out the door.



“hey Susan, want to join me for breakfast?” I asked pulling on a robe and slippers, Susan nodded and did the same. We walked down the stairs making small talk when I realized something.

“Harry, how were you able to get into our dorms, you cant go in there.” I said when I saw Harry lounging on the couch watching the television.

Harry looked up in surprise and said, “i don’t know, I guess they must have taken down the wards, just in case some one got hurt or a fight started.” I nodded and walked to the kitchen.

“hey guys we have a new task.” Susan said taking it down from the fridge and reading. “but we have to wait for everyone to come down.” Susan took the task with her and sat down on the opposite couch from Harry.

“So Susan, are you and Neville going to the ball together?” I asked truly interested in her relationship with him.

“yes, he asked me yesterday it was so romantic, he took me down by the lake at sunset, and pulled out a beautiful red rose and asked me, oh it was so romantic and then with a wave of his wand a picnic was set up and we stayed there together until it was bed time.” Susan said, a dreamy look on her face, and a small blush was creeping onto her cheeks.

“oh Susan that’s so romantic.” I sighed “you are one lucky gal you know that.” Susan nodded a faint smile on her lips.

“so what about you Andy, do you have a date?” she asked.

“um well, a bunch of guys have asked, but I didn’t really like them, so I declined, I want to go by myself, I think it would be so much better.” I said pulling my knees up closer to me.

“oh, I see.” Susan giggled. “you want to flirt with all the single guys huh?” she said with a wink. I giggled and agreed. “so what about you Harry, are you taking Ginny?”

“um well, I’m not sure any more, I’ve seen a new side of Ginny this year, and I don’t like it, she's changed, and I still haven’t asked her.” Harry looked down in shame.

“oh don’t worry Harry, maybe you two just weren’t meant to be.” I said reaching over and patting his hand.

“thanks Andy, I guess everyone's true colors really do come out in the most unexpected ways.” Harry sighed.

“hey Harry, don’t worry, you will find the one eventually, maybe it is Ginny maybe its a french maiden in need of rescuing, who knows. Just be open to possibilities.” I said trying to cheer him up.

“are those rubber ducky pajamas I see under that robe Andy?” I looked up to see a shirtless Draco Malfoy stumble down the stairs with a goofy smile, I looked down and grinned.

“why yes, yes it is.” I said pulling my robe open, showing off my duck covered pajama pants and tank top, doing a dance.

“wow, who would have known, rubber duckies can look sexy.” Ron said from behind him.

“oh shut it Ronald.” I said giggling and taking my seat back next to Susan, covering myself back up and blushing madly.



“alright, now since we have all woken up whats the task Susan?” Harry said with a smile, avoiding Ginny’s gaze.

“it says here, your task this morning is to spend the day as a muggle family, you will have to cook, clean, make your own beds, take out the trash, set up the tables, and put the dishes away, you will learn the basics of running your own home. I suggest you appoint two people to act as “mother” and “father”, these people should know how to run a muggle house hold and must be just and fair.”

Susan read with a little flare, but it was quite funny because her pink barbie pajamas made her look a little childish in fact we all did, I was wearing a two piece ducky pajama shirt and matching pants, Draco was shirtless but with cookie pajama pants and Harry was wearing flannel pajamas with sheep on it. No one had bothered with changing.

“so who wants to be mommy?” Draco asked looking around.

“well, I did grow up as a muggle, and I know how to cook, clean and I can try to be fair to everyone.” I spoke up.

“NO! I want to be mother!” Ginny called out jumping from her seat.

“eww! Weaselette, cover up! Your showing everything!” Draco said shielding his eyes, Ginny looked down at her dark red night gown and shook her head. “i vote for Andy!” Draco said his eyes still covered.

“me to!” Susan said, along with Harry, Ron, Ernie, and Jason.

“majority vote, Andy is mommy, now go cover up weaselette, you look like a tramp.” Draco said still covering his eyes with his hands.

“so who wants to be daddy?” I asked walking to the kitchen.

“well, I did cook and clean for my aunt and uncle when I was living with them, maybe I should.” Harry said.

“I'm fine with potter being daddy, any one not agree?” Draco asked looking around. “good, now feed us.” he said with a greedy look in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes, “if you want to eat, fix your beds, and make sure your room is clean, breakfast will be ready in about 45 minutes.” I said while pulling out milk, eggs, pancake mix, and other things.

“aww but-” everyone complained at the same time.

“no, buts now go, or you don’t eat.” I said and everyone ran to their rooms.



A while later, Harry and I finished a spectacular breakfast of cinnamon, nutmeg pumpkin pancakes, banana, chocolate chip pancakes, blueberry pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and toast with homemade orange juice. “Draco, can you set the table please!” I called from the kitchen while chopping up some fresh fruit.

“do I have to?” he whined back, the blare of the tv blocking out what the others were saying.

“yes, now hurry up, breakfast is almost ready.” I said putting the fruit to the side.

“alright.” grumpily Draco got up from the couch and began setting the plates and silverware onto the table.

“thank you.” I called as Harry took a stack of pancakes onto the table.

“hey Susan, can you help us put the food on this table, were gonna have breakfast buffet style.” Harry asked while heading back to the kitchen.

“sure Harry.” Susan said skipping into the kitchen, carrying the plates filled with food onto the table.

“alright guys breakfast is ready! We're gonna check the rooms now!” Harry said walking up the boys staircase with the rest of the guys behind him. I walked up to my dorm followed by the girls, looking inside, all the beds were made, including mine, the dirty clothes was in the hamper, and everything was in place.

“perfect.” I grinned and opened the curtains and windows to air out the room. “come on then, we can eat breakfast now.” I said but stopped in my tracks as I saw some clothes peeking out from Pansy's bed. I walked over and pulled up her blankets and a mountain of clothes was under her bed. I then checked under everyone elses bed including mine and saw nothing.

“Pansy, your clothes do not go under your bed or anyone elses, you can join us at breakfast when all of your clothes has been put away in your trunk or wardrobe. And it must be inside your wardrobe or trunk, no one elses.” I said rethinking my words and picking them out carefully before we left.



“hey Harry where's Ron?” I asked while piling some pancakes onto my plate.

“oh he didn’t finish cleaning his side of the room, his things are everywhere! Hey where's pansy?” he asked noticing her absence.

“she didn’t clean under her bed, there was a mountain of clothes under there, I was afraid I would end up in another dimension if I fell in there.” I said grinning and taking my seat at the other end of the table.

“wow this is amazing!” Draco exclaimed shoving more of the banana chocolate chip pancake into his mouth.

“thank you Draco, but I think it would be better for everyone if you didn’t speak with your mouth full.” I replied taking a bite of the pancakes.

“sorry.” he said with a childish grin and swallowed his food.

“oh and when your done eating, please wash your plate and other utensils you used when you were eating.” I said picking up my warm cup of hot chocolate and sipping it gently so I wouldn’t get burned, and went to the kitchen to clean.

“okay.” everyone grumbled and continued eating.



“hey Andy, need any help?” Harry asked as he began washing his plates.

“um no, I’m just trying to clean this stupid pan.” I said while scrubbing away furiously at a pan that had dried egg stuck to it.

“here, let me help.” harry said grabbing the bottle of soap and smearing some on the pan and he took the sponge from my hand and rinsed the pan under scalding hot water and he scrubbed away and the egg came off.

“thank you Harry!” I said grinning and I gave him a small hug as I grabbed some more dirty pots and pans for him to wash.

“your welcome Andy.” he said taking the pans from me and cleaning them spotless.


“alright guys, go shower and get changed, we are going out to the grounds to get some fresh air.” I announced. “take 15 minute showers, and if you take longer than we will take off the hot water, and everyone will shower in cold water.” I said while walking upstairs.

“alright, who gets to shower first?” Ginny asked when we entered our room, I pulled out a piece of parchment cut it into even squares and wrote numbers on them.

“you go in the order you get your number.” I said folding the papers and placing them in a hat and I shook them before letting everyone pull out a number.

“Yes I got 1!” Susan said in glee, skipping off her to the bathroom with a robe.

“i got, 4” Ginny said somewhat angrily.

“i got 3.” pansy said laying down on her bed,

“then that means I got two, you guys behave, and I swear if I find that you guys messed with mine or Susan's things, there will be consequences.” I said pulling out a dark blue bra and matching panties and a white summer dress from my trunk and I walked into the shower.



I showered quickly not trusting Ginny nor Pansy, if they had the audacity to wreck my face who knows what else they would destroy. Getting out of the shower, I smiled at my smooth legs and arms, I had found a spell that would stop the hair from growing in my under arms, legs and any other undesirable places, so they were always soft and silky smooth. I pulled on my bra and underwear and walked out of the bathroom to let in pansy.

I looked over at Ginny who was flipping through a catalog ignoring her, I pulled on my dress and with a wave of my hand my hair was pulled into a braid over my shoulder. I went through the part of my trunk filled with accessories and put on a simple heart shaped silver necklace, my favorite charm bracelet and a silver anklet I rummage around looking for my brown sandals.


“hey Andy, you look great!” Susan said walking out of the bathroom and drying off.

“thanks Susan.” I said giving her a small smile.

“call me Suzy, all my friends do.” she said pulling on a skirt and light blue shirt.

“I'm your friend?” I asked my eyes alight with happiness.

“of course you are! You have been so kind to me, and I feel comfortable talking to you about anything.” she said grinning and we embraced momentarily. I looked at her outfit and grinned.

“i have the perfect shoes to go with that.” I said and pulled out some wedges with light blue straps.

“oh thank you they are so pretty, but what if they don’t fit?” she asked taking them from me.

“then we can either shrink them or enlarge them, that’s the beauty of magic, you can share clothing and shoes with people who aren't your size.” I said grinning.

“well then lets see if they fit.” to our amazement we were the same shoe size, dress size, pants size, etc.

“that’s awesome! Now we can pretty much share without having to use magic.” Susan squealed and I grinned and we walked down stairs laughing.



“wow you guys look great!” Harry said when he saw us.

“thanks Harry, you don’t look so bad yourself.” I said walking to the kitchen to prepare a picnic basket.

“so what are we going to do?” Harry asked following us.

“We are going to enjoy a day outside, its sunny, not a cloud in the sky, you know these days are rare.” I said putting a blanket into the basket. “hey Harry, see if you can find a soccer ball or any type of ball in the hallway closet.” Harry walked away and returned with a soccer ball, football, quaffle and a baseball with a couple of mitts.

“is this good?” he asked his arms full.

“yes Harry, here put them in here.” I said conjuring another basket for him. He walked over and dumped them inside. He watched as I continued to add food and silverware into the basket.

“how are you fitting so much food in there?” he asked amazed.

“oh Harry, do you ever learn?” I teased. “i made it bottomless, so I can put in anything I want to.” Harry nodded his head grinning.


“AGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!” we all ran up the girls stairs wands out to see what had happened, Ginny and Pansy were covered in soap suds and barely covered by their towels.

“what happened?” I asked the shivering girls.

“the water its freezing cold!” pansy said shivering.

“you guys were in there longer than 15 minutes weren’t you.” I asked my hands on my hips. They nodded their heads pathetically. “next time, don’t take my word for granted, now go dry off, unfortunately for you, the water wont return to its normal setting for another hour.” I said walking out, Susan and Harry at my heels.



“We heard the screams what happened?” asked Draco and Ron who were both only in boxers. I gawked a little at Draco, he was very well built and his skin was glistening from his shower and his blond hair was just tickling the tips of his eyebrows. My heart gave a flip and I forced myself to look away before a blush became evident on my face.

“oh, the water turned cold on Pansy and Ginny in the middle of their shower.” Harry replied when it was evident I wasn’t going to.

“oh, stupid girls, guess they didn’t figure out what I did.” Draco said with a grin.

“what did you do Draco?” Harry asked, my eyes widened, since when were they on first name basis?

“that is a secret. Lets just say, I found a loop hole.” he said with a grin. And walked back to his dorm with Ron and Harry bid us adieu and went with them.

“OHMIGOSH!!!” Susan squealed, “HE IS GORGEOUS!!” She looked at the door lustfully. “I've never seen a guy with such an amazing body, tell me you agree!” she squeaked her face turning red.

“no, eww, its its, ugh he was godlike.” I replied looking wistfully at the door wishing for one more peek at his body. We sighed in unison and finished walking down the stairs images of Draco’s partially naked body in our minds.

“oh gawd I would so tap that.” I said when we were sitting on the couch, Susan erupted into giggles and I joined in.

“tap what?” we stopped mid giggle our faces blanked of all emotion and color.

“um um um, its-its a a girl thing.” Susan squeaked out. I blushed madly and looked at anyone but the blonde.

“well, tell me I’ve always wanted to know what the female brain was like.” Draco said sitting on the couch closest to us.

“no, Draco, why don’t you ask Pansy, ask her if you can tap her, and see what happens?” I replied giggling and shared a look with Susan.

“hey what are you guys talking about?” Harry asked when he Ron, Ernie and Jason were coming out of their room

“Whats does tap that mean?” Draco asked confused by the muggle saying.

Harry, Ernie and Jason erupted into sniggers, they all came from muggle parentage and knew what it meant except for Ron.

“Um, it means that you-you-umm” Harry was to busy laughing to answer. How could the Slytherin sex god not know the meaning of tap that?

“what is so funny, about this tapping?” Draco asked utterly confused.

“oh Draco, don’t worry about it, just forget it all okay, you wouldn’t understand either way, your a blonde.” I said giggling and Ron began to laugh raucously falling out of his seat.

“At least I have a soul, unlike some gingers, who have no soul.” Draco said pointedly but he laughed along with everyone else.

“come on, it looks like were already, lets go!” I said once I saw Ginny and Pansy coming down the stairs, we all jumped up and walked outside for a day in the sun.



“wait so how do we play this game?” Ron asked for the millionth time.

“oh Ronald, so there are two teams, one with four people, the other with 5, we catch the ball in the glove, it will hurt if you catch it with your hand, if you hit the ball you run to first base, then if you are lucky to second, every time someone hits the ball you to the next base, if the person guarding the base catches the ball before you get there you get out. Then if the ball you hit is caught, you will get out.” I explained yet again.

“HEY ANDY! Mind if we play?” Neville asked when his “family” entered the quidditch pitch.

“sure, Neville were short a couple of people anyways, you guys know the rules?” I asked.

“don’t worry, I will explain, if need be, so who gets to bat first?” he asked

“coin toss?” I said, and he nodded his consent “heads or tails?”

“tails” he replied confidently. I fished a coin out of my pocket flipped it in the air, caught it and flipped it onto my hand.

“heads, we bat first.” I said with a grin. “alright guys follow me!” I said shaking Neville's hand and handing him the baseball and walking back to my team. “okay, here's the line up, me, Harry, Susan, Draco, Ginny, Ernie, Pansy, Jason, and Ron. If you don’t know how to bat now is a good time to learn.” I said putting on a helmet and picking up a bat and I began practicing my swings.


“Alright Batter Up!” Harry called who was playing catcher until he was up to bat. I walked up to the plate did two practice swings got in my stance and waited for Neville to pitch. I let the first two balls fly by and on the third pitch I let out a breath swung, there was a loud crack! As I made contact with the ball and it flew into the outfield, I ran to first skirted second and slid to third, popping up, I grinned in seeing that the ball had not even come close to Blaise's outstretched glove.


The game went on, and eventually it was Luna's turn to bat, poor thing had no idea about what she was doing, so Harry always being the gentleman, decided to help her. He fixed her stance, moved her arms up and put the bat just above her shoulder, he then continued to help her practice swinging, I had a heart attack! It was just too cute! Susan and I jumped up and down and grinned.

Draco threw the ball and after the second pitch Luna hit it and it went straight for Ron who had insisted on being shortstop, he had no idea what to do but duck. Ginny ran for the ball and threw it to Draco and missed him by a mile, meanwhile Luna was skirting 3rd base and heading for home. I picked up the ball made an expert throw to harry who caught it and threw it back to Draco before tagging Luna, which in the rules of baseball meant she had hit an inside the field home run.


“Last inning!” Harry called as Neville came up to bat. I had switched places with Draco on the mound and I wiped my hand on my pants (my dress had been transfigured into a baseball uniform) took a step backwards wound up my arm took a step and released. I smiled as the ball thudded into Harry’s glove, Harry threw it back to me shaking his hand. I struck Neville out to my surprise and continued to throw, only Blaise Zabini was able to get a hit, and it only got him to second base. The next person was Padma, I threw the ball she tipped it and it flew to the foul ball area I dove for it and caught it, but I never hit the floor. Two strong muscled arms were holding me, slowly I looked up into the stormy gray blue eyes of Draco Malfoy, my heart began to beat faster than a hummingbirds and I felt my face begin to heat up. Quickly I pulled myself away from him trying to calm my erratic heart.


“congratulations on the win Andy, you did good, we should play again someday, but with a couple more people so the teams are even.” Neville said shaking my hand and he helped me transfigure everything back to its original form before he walked off with Suzy. I picked up the picnic basket and my “family” followed me to a shady spot under the oak tree and we began to set up our lunch.



“wow, that game was so much fun, I never knew you played sports Andy.” Harry said eating a turkey sandwich.

“oh, my dad loved to play baseball, he was in the major leagues, before he had his accident, but he was the one who encouraged me to take baseball up as a sport.” I said eating a Nutella Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

“oh what team did he play for?” Draco asked interested in our conversation.

“oh he played for the American Red Sox.” I said, “but he had to retire because he had a torn ligament in his shoulder, and his arm was never the same, now he helps coach the team and coaches his own team in a little league.” I said smiling remembering my days as a little league slugger.

“well, that sounds boring, so Drakey poo who are you taking to the ball?” Pansy asked inching closer to Draco and blinking rapidly.

Draco groaned, “I'm not taking anyone Pansy I’m going solo.” he said annoyed.

“oh you're going alone Draco?” Susan asked coming back from her walk with Neville. Draco gave her a curt nod and went back to examining his bologna sandwich. “well um Andy, doesn’t have a date, and she's going solo to, maybe you two can accompany each other, but not as a date, you know? Like be her escort or something.” she said taking a bite out of a strawberry.

Draco was silent for a moment. “hm sounds like a good idea, Hey Andy, will you allow me to escort to and from the ball?” he asked somewhat nonchalantly.

“no, that’s not the proper way to ask a girl somewhere.” I said laughing, and then stopped when I noticed a small fire in his eyes.

“orchideaus.” he said and a bunch of orchids erupted from his wand. He then stood up and pulled me up as well and bent down on one knee, “Alexandria Harmony Saturn, would you do me the great honor of escorting you to and from the ball?” I thought for a while my hand on my chin.

“hmm, well I guess I should since, you asked so nicely, but I think you will get your answer later.” I said with a grin and skipped off, giggling as his jaw dropped. I skipped back over closed his mouth and said, “you should really clothes your mouth, it might let in flies, or worse.....pansy's tongue.” I said placing my hand over my mouth and I ran off. “hey Draco! If you can catch me, I’ll give you an answer!” I called.

“if I catch you, you have to say yes!” he yelled back.

“okaay!” I said and I waited for him to charge.

I dove sideways and ran circles around him. I sprinted off and began to climb the oak tree and was thankful for my light weight, because now I could climb onto the slender branches Draco couldn’t get on.

“come on Draco, hurry up I’m getting bored!” I called from my branch up in the tree. Draco gave me a playful glare and then his eyes lit up with an idea. Oh shit.

“Accio Alexandria.” he said and I flew out of the tree and was plopped into Draco’s arms. “i don’t know why I didn’t try that earlier.” he said grinning and holding me close. “now this seems familiar doesn’t it?” he asked throwing me in the air and catching me, he continued to carry me bridal style to our group of friends and lay me down in my previous spot by Susan. He smiled and sat down next to me and began fiddling with my hair. Everyone was as shocked as I was, but the laughter continued and I slowly dozed off into a peaceful slumber.



“Andy, Andy wake up, we gotta start dinner.” someone shook my shoulder gently and tried waking me.

“go away.” I mumbled swatting the person away.

“now that is no way to treat your escort to the ball Andy, wake up or I will take drastic measures.” he said. I rolled over and he was now facing my back. “alright you forced my hands.” all of a sudden his hands were tickling me and I was wide awake trying to escape him.

“St-stop p-please!” I giggled squirming under his hands.

“kiss me and I will.” he said in my ear still tickling me. I reached my arms over his neck pulled his face to mine.

“What is going on here?” Pansy wailed when she entered the living room. Immediately I dropped my arms from Draco and began to blush furiously. I had almost kissed Draco for the third time, I thought third time was the charm, but I guess not. I hastily got up and fled to the kitchen.

“dammit pansy I was trying to have a moment!” Draco declared and he ran into the kitchen where I was already preparing a supper of spaghetti and meatballs, garden salad and various other foods. “what do you need help with Andy?” Draco asked once he had washed his hands. I thought for a while, I was really not in the mood in being in such a confined space with him.

“well could you start chopping up the vegetables for the salad and when you are done with that can you start rolling the ground meat into meat balls please?” I said while I finished washing the vegetables and handed them to him and proceeded to add the pasta to the boiling water. I lowered the temperature of the stove and began making some corn bread.



“Hey Ginny can you set the table please!” I called from the kitchen as I was adding the finishing touches onto the spaghetti sauce. “hey Ernie, come and help me set these on the table please?” I asked and began loading the dining table with salad, cornbread, biscuits and garlic bread. “Ginny set up the table now or you wont eat.” I shouted when I had placed the last item on the table and noticed that none of the silverware had been laid out yet.

“dont worry Andy, I’ll do that, it seems some people are to self absorbed to help around the house.” Jason said walking into the kitchen and he began loading the silverware onto the table.

“thank you Jason, hey Ernie can you call everyone in to eat once he's done setting the table?” I asked while taking a seat at the far end of the table, I looked up in surprise as Draco sat down to my right.


“wow Andy and Draco this is delicious!” Harry commented as he bit into yet another spoonful of spaghetti. I looked over at Ron who was practically inhaling the spaghetti quicker than he would blink.

“What about you gin, what do you think?” Harry asked.

“it would be delicious, if it hadn’t been made by her.” and with that she placed a napkin on her food and left the table.

“well, then I guess now is a suitable time to tell you all that, I have truly seen the type of person Ginny is, and I don’t like it, so Ginny I’m sorry, but I’m breaking up with you.” Harry said looking crestfallen.

“What?! You cant break up with me, we're engaged goddammit, you cant do that!” Ginny raged walking back to the table.

“yes I can Ginny, I’m sorry, but you are not the person I thought you to be.” and with that he pulled off his engagement ring and walked away.

“You-You did this to us! You put those ideas in his head! How could you, this was my fairy tale ending!!” she screamed pointing at me. “you homewrecker, you, you filthy stupid little mud blood butting into everyone's business, now you've ruined my life!” she screamed and then in less then a second I pulled my wand out and pointed it at her.

“What did you call me?” I whispered in a calm deadly voice.

“i called you a filthy stupid mud blood!” she growled and with a flick of my wand she was thrown across the room onto the couch and then with another uttered curse her hair turned a ghastly green color. Ginny completely oblivious to my last curse stormed out of the living room and upstairs into the dorm we shared. I shook my head annoyed with her, I just couldn’t stand her now she was absolutely




So how did you guys/girls  like, and if you are a blonde or red head please dont be offended, and if you are i am dreadfully sorry. Anyways like always i dont own anything but the plot... ^O^O^O^O^

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