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Off Limits by frini19
Chapter 9 : Where He Should Be
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Dear my Beautiful Victoire,

Well as far as danger goes, I don't know which is worse. Being an Auror, I put myself out there to be attacked by evil wizards constantly and face the threat of being killed. But as a Quidditch Player, I could easily fall from fifty feet up in the air to my death or just handicap myself. Let's just say my mother isn't too thrilled with my job options, since I could die in either one. She'd prefer that I be safely behind a desk. Quidditch does have a giant plus though, because I'd have girls throwing themselves at me. Not that I would ever do that to you. You know you're my first and only girl.

And it's not my fault that I decided that maybe I would like being here at Drumstrang! Merlin, I would love to be there with you and I know that you must need me, since it's cold. And honestly, who warms you up better than me?

You don't beat me at Wizarding Chess, I let you win. It's a small attempt for me to win your heart. Is it working?

I'm glad that no guy is asking you out, they must have gotten the memo that you are engaged to me as soon as you graduate. It's also lovely to know that you are so excited to give me your heart. I guess that I am more committed to our prolonging engagement than you are.

Toire, why must I lie to your friends? Are you making up stories about us? You know that if you wanted me to snog you, all you had to do was ask. I'd gladly participate.

Your human snuggie misses you as well. See you soon.



"Is this seat taken?"

I frowned and looked up, confused as to why I was hearing an American accent when I go to school in Britain.

There aren't many Americans here.

In fact, I only know of one.

And she happens to be standing right in front of me.

"Oh," I said, moving some papers so Sophie would be able to sit down. "Yeah, sure. Sorry about the mess."

"It's fine," Sophie said, sitting down. "What are you working on?"

"The Transfiguration essay," I said.

"The Animagus one?" Sophie asked and I nodded. "Isn't that not due for a week?"

"Yeah but I wanted to get a head start on research and then write a draft," I said, copying information into my page.

Sophie cracked a smile. "Merlin, you sound like a Ravenclaw. It doesn't help that you're doing homework on a Saturday."

I shrugged and looked at the blue and white book on her bag. "Different book?"

"Yeah," she said, handing it to me. I took it and saw that the title was the Fault In Our Stars. "It's by the same author as Looking for Alaska. I'm reading all his books."

"And how do you like this one?" I asked handing it back to her.

"It's good. Sad though."

"Well it is a story about kids with cancer," I said, smiling slightly.

"That's true," Sophie said and an awkward pause came over us. I turned back to my work and after a few seconds Sophie spoke. "I don't mean to pry but...what is going on with you and Michael?"

"If you're asking if were dating, the answer is no," I said, not turning back to look at her.

"No, it's not that," Sophie said. "I was just wondering why you haven't been talking with him the past few weeks."

My hand gripped on my quill, recalling our fight from two weeks ago. Everyday since, we had avoided each other, barely even looking at each other if we could help it. And it hurt. Not only was I dealing with The Teddy Issue (as I called that whole thing) and the fact that he now decided to be a willing participant in Gabrielle's round clock snog sessions, but I was dealing with the fact that I didn't have Michael to support me and tell me everything was going to be okay. I couldn't run to him and tell him that I hate watching them together and have him distract me.

I didn't have my best friend around.

There was one night, a few nights ago, when we made contact. We were both sitting in the Gryffindor Common Room (on opposite sides, of course) and Teddy and Gabrielle came in making a scene by snogging (shocking, I know).

It felt like a knife was driven into my chest.

I clenched my quill tighter and looked up and saw Michael coming towards me. At first I thought that he was going up to his dorm, but he turned so that he was right in front of me. When he reached me, he did the oddest thing.

He pushed some hair out of my face and leaned down to kiss my head. "You're better than she is," he whispered softly. "Don't forget that."

I looked up at him, my eyes probably the size of fishbowls.

Michael smiled softly down at me. "If you need someone to talk to, I'm always here. Even if we aren't on the best terms."

"Thank you," I said quietly. Michael smiled and walked up the stairs to his dorm.

I brought myself back to the present and looked down at the essay in front of me.

"We just had a spat," I said, looking back up at Sophie. "We had a spat and neither one of us are willing to put our pride aside and say sorry."

"Oh," Sophie said, her brows furrowed. "Would you like to tell me what it was about? You don't have to but I thought I may as well try to help if I could-"

"I don't think I could tell you," I said, picking my words carefully. "It's just that we got in a fight about something private in my life, and something I would like to keep private."

"Oh, okay," Sophie said, nodding. "I don't mean to pry but Michael just hasn't been himself since you two started fighting."

I frowned. He always seemed normal whenever I saw him. "What do you mean?"

"He just won't talk to me," Sophie said. "I mean, that probably has nothing to do with you two but for whatever reason, he barely speaks to me anymore. I thought that maybe I was somehow the cause for your fight, which is ridiculous and dumb, but I figured that if that was the case then I could try to fix it somehow. I mean, it was probably a dumb thought anyway, but I was just curious as to why-"

"Sophie, slow down," I said. "Michael isn't speaking to you?"

"Well, he talks to me a little but not like he used to," Sophie said, adjusting her glasses. "He used to talk to me for most of Muggle Studies and would sometimes walk me to my next class. He would even study with me, for classes he didn't take. I don't know, maybe I'm just being one of those oversensitive teenage girls but I was wondering why he suddenly changed. I mean, he's been being very aloof lately and it's...strange. I'm used to him talking to me all the time, I like him talking to me all the time, so to have him just stop is annoying and weird. I don't like it."

I watched her, picking at her book about cancer kids, her eyebrows furrowed in frustration like she just didn't understand why he wasn't talking to her, what happened that changed everything with them. Did she do something wrong? Did she offend him in someway?

"You aren't being oversensitive," I said but before I got the chance to continue she interrupted me.

"Yes, I am!" Sophie cried, before quieting her voice, remembering that we were in the library. "I'm being totally overdramatic because he won't talk to me. I mean, it really isn't a big deal. He just doesn't want to talk to me anymore. He probably just thinks I'm a dumb American and hates me because my country cut ties with his 300 years ago. I mean, I'm still half British! Just because I talk with an American accent doesn't mean that I'm a complete ignorant American!"

"I highly doubt Michael is ignoring you because you are half American! He doesn't even know about the American Revolution!" I said, shaking my head at her insane thoughts. "Trust me, you being American has nothing to do with him not speaking to you. He doesn't care about that."

"I guess you're right," Sophie said, resting her head on her arms. "I just wish I would know why he isn't speaking to me."

We were quiet for a moment and I wondered why Sophie was being so weird about Michael not speaking to her.

And why was she coming to me about it? What could I do? And then going on about how she doesn't like how he's not speaking to her and actually thinks it's because of something as dumb as her being American.

Merlin, I was starting to think that she fancied him or something.


Wait a second.


"Sophie," I asked, breaking our silence. "Do you fancy Michael?"

"What?" She asked, sitting up straight, almost as if she had been shot. "No, that's ridiculous. Me? Fancy Michael? You're funny, you know that? Really funny? Haha. HA."

"I'm taking that as a yes," I said, smirking slightly.

"No, really," Sophie said. "Michael is my friend. Just that. Even though apparently he doesn't even want to be that anymore." She frowned at the ground and I couldn't help but give her a smirk. She looked up at me and sighed. "Please don't tell him."

"I won't," I said, still smiling.

"It's not like I have a chance anyway," Sophie said. "I mean, it's bad enough that I have you to compete with but then he hasn't spoken to me in two weeks-"

"What do you mean, you have me to compete with?" I asked.

"Well, I mean, you're you," Sophie said. "Look at you. You're fricking hot. And you're his best friend. And you two have a history of hooking up together. Look at me compared to that. I'm nothing."

"Everything you just said was a lie," I said, putting my finger up to stop her from speaking. "Soph, you're gorgeous. Not only are you gorgeous, but you seem like a nice and genuine person. Michael and I have never hooked up, I promise you. Honestly, you are a way better person than I am."

"But you're you," she whined.

"And you're you," I said right back. "I've only talked to you twice and I can already tell that you're a better person than I am. Trust me, I'm sure there are things I've done that you would never do." I thought of The Teddy Issue.

"Like what?" Sophie asked, frowning. "You don't seem like the kind of person who would do something terrible."

I'm not going to lie- I almost told her. There was something about her, something so trustworthy and sweet, which made me want to spill my guts to her. Maybe I was just sick of holding all my feelings on The Teddy Issue in, of not having someone to talk to about it, that when someone offered it to me, I was willing to take it.

But I never got the chance.

"Vic?" I heard a voice say, causing Sophie and I to turn and see Teddy.

Seeing him, standing in front of me without Gabrielle attached to him, looking so normal, his hair messed up and his cheeks slightly flushed from the Quidditch practice he most likely came from (he was still in his uniform), caused everything inside me to go into overdrive. My heart started racing, my palms started sweating and all I really wanted to do was hug him forever. This was the first time since I "broke up" with him that he has spoken to me. Two weeks had gone by and yet nothing, my feelings for him, how he looked at me, what he so clearly felt for me, hadn't changed.

"Hi," I said, a little breathlessly and Teddy just stared at me. Sophie looked between the two of us, her Ravenclaw mind at work, trying to figure out the complex puzzle that was Teddy and me.

"Sorry to interrupt your study session," Teddy said, slowly, like he was watching his words carefully. "But McGonagall told me to come find you and then meet her in her office."

I frowned, my confusion written all over my face. "Why does she need to see me?"

"I don't know," he said. "But she said I needed to be there as well."

"Okay," I said, nodding and packing up my stuff. "Well, I guess I'll go with you." I pulled my bag onto my shoulder and looked down at Sophie. "Stop lying to yourself, okay? I'll see if I can help with Michael."

"Thanks, Victoire," she said, smiling up at me.

"Bye," I said, waving as I trailed after Teddy.

He slowed down a bit, waiting for me to walk in pace with him. We walked, side by side, an awkward silence between us.

"So," Teddy said. "Um, how have you been?"

I shrugged. "Fine."

Just crying most nights because I "broke up" with the guy I've liked since I was two and haven't spoken to my best friend in two weeks, even though I really need him right now.

But you know, I'm fine.

"You?" I asked, for the sake of being polite.

"Oh, I'm just fine," he said, but the way he said it, him harshly spitting the words out told me he was anything but.

Well it's good to know that both of us are unhappy.

"Good," I said. "Gabrielle seems to be better."

"I think she's just happy that I'm snogging her," he said, looking straight ahead. "Can't say I feel the same. There's someone else that I care a lot more about."

Well this is awkward.

"Well then why don't you just break up with her?" I asked, unable to control myself.

I really need to work on my word vomit issue.

Teddy eyed me before turning his gaze forward again. "Because even though I might have feelings for someone else, I do still care about her a lot. She's been through some rough times and I can feel that I'm starting to care more and more about her." He shrugged. "I could easily see myself loving her someday."

Knife to the heart.

An awkward pause came over us, since I couldn't respond to that. I stared straight ahead, my jaw clenched and tears threatening to brim over, forcing myself not to look at Teddy. In my peripheral vision, I saw him glance over at me, before looking forward again, his face guilty.

"Vic," he said softly. "I'm sorry-"

"No, don't be," I said, keeping my gaze forward. "I mean, you're with her. I told you to be with her. I'm glad that you're happy and I'm glad that you can see a future with her."

"Stop lying," Teddy said, grabbing my arm and turning me to face him. I kept my gaze firmly on the ground. "Vic, I'm sorry. I'm a jerk for saying that."

"She's your girlfriend, you should be able to see yourself loving her," I said, ignoring the ache in my chest. "Honestly, I'm so happy for you and Gabrielle."

"Oh, cut the crap, Vic," Teddy said, harshly. "I know you and I know that you didn't want to hear that. I know that I hurt you-"

"Yeah, well, what else is new?" I asked, looking up at him. "The past month and a half, you've been constantly hurting me, Ted. As if it wasn't bad enough that you started dating my best friend after we almost kissed then you started snogging me and then you wouldn't break up with her!"

"You told me not to!" Teddy said. "I was going to, I told you that. I was so ready to break up with her, but I couldn't after what happened to her mum. And then, I told you I was going to wait and break up with her and you told me that I couldn't ever break up with her! You broke up with me!"

"Do you think I wanted to?" I asked, harshly. "Do you think that I just got such joy out of doing that? I did that for her!"

"Stop doing things for her!" Teddy said. "Stop basing this on her and what is going on in her life. You know how I feel about you and I know how you feel about me, yet you ignore that completely. Why do you these things for her? Why don't you ever just do what you want? Why don't you fight for what you want?"

"Oh like you fought for me?" I asked.

"I did fight for you!" Teddy said. "I'm still fighting for you. Do you think that I would be standing here, arguing with you if I wasn't fighting for you? I was ready to be with you and hell, I was willing to fight for it. And I'm going to keep fighting for it. No matter what you do or who you're with or who I'm with, I'm going to fight for you."

We stood there, staring at each other, a strong tension in the air. It was probably sexual tension, since we were fighting and now he was staring intensely at me and I had seen enough rubbish Muggle romance films to know that this was the part where we should kiss.

And I wanted to.

I really, really wanted to.


I pulled my gaze away from Teddy and saw Michael standing a few feet away from us.

"You okay?" he asked, sending a weary glance in Teddy's direction.

I took a step closer to him and said, "It's fine."

"Are you sure?" Michael asked, and he met me in the middle.

And before I really knew what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him into a hug.

"I am now," I whispered.

Michael squeezed me tightly. "Do I need to beat him up?"

"No," I said, smiling into his shoulder.

"I would hate to break this up," Teddy said, his words short. "But Vic and I have a meeting with McGonagall."

I pulled away from Michael and looked up at him. "Can you do something for me?"

"Yeah," he said, keeping his voice low.

"Talk to Sophie," I said, and I saw Michael was surprised. "She doesn't know why you aren't talking to her and it's driving her crazy. Talk to her. As soon as possible."

"Okay," Michael said. He let me go and said, "I'm here if you need anything."

I smiled. "Thanks."

I turned back to Teddy, whose hair was now tinted red (yay mood ring hair!), and started in the direction of McGonagall's office. I heard Teddy's heavy steps behind me, walking faster to catch my pace.

We were almost at the Headmistress's office when he decided to speak.

"Great boyfriend you got there," he said.

"He's not my boyfriend," I said, standing in front of the gargoyle. "And it isn't like you are in a position to judge if he was."

Teddy frowned and said the password, causing stairs to appear. Teddy threw his hand out and said, "Ladies first."

How chivalrous. If I wasn't trying to ignore my feelings then I definitely would have blushed.

Alright, maybe I blushed anyway.

But he didn't see.

We reached the top of the stairs and Teddy knocked before we entered. Already inside were James, Fred and Dom.

"Good afternoon Ms. Weasley, Mr. Lupin," Minnie said, nodding at us.

"Jim Jam? Fredwardo? Dom Dom?" I asked, frowning as I walked toward their seats. "What are you doing here?"

Dom shrugged. "She called us in and told us to wait for you."

"We aren't in trouble!" James said happily, pointing to Fred and himself. "We know that much."

"Well that's good," Teddy said with a smile, going and ruffling James's hair. "What can we do for you, Professor?"

"This isn't easy for me to say," McGonagall said quietly. "If it were up to me I would send you all home immediately, but your families insisted that you remain here until break."

I had never seen her like this. She looked so worried and her eyes were filled with sorrow. I could tell she was dreading the news that she had to tell us.

And that made me scared.

If something could cause my Headmistress, the brave and strong woman who had always held authority no matter where she went, to look so worried, I knew that something horrible had happened.

And because of the people in attendance, I knew it had to do with my family.

"What is it?" I asked, my voice shaking. "What happened?"

Teddy sensed my unease and I felt him reach for my hand before he thought better of it and pulled away. But at that point I didn't care about what feelings I was trying to avoid or who he was dating or anything. I needed something to anchor me.

I grabbed his hand, interlacing my fingers with his and squeezed tightly.

I could tell Teddy was surprised but he didn't pull away. He squeezed my hand right back and pulled me closer to his side so that our arms were touching.

And suddenly the past two weeks of having to watch him with Gabrielle and all the things that we both said earlier didn't matter anymore because it was this guy right here, the one holding my hand, that I absolutely loved. This was the guy who I had wanted and was willing to lose my best friend for. This guy, who was my anchor and knew what I was feeling without even looking at me was the guy that I would do anything for.

"It's your brother Ms. Weasley," McGonagall said. I sucked in a breath, squeezing Teddy's hand as tight as possible. I saw Dom go pale and the smiles on Fred and James's face disappear quickly. "He's been attacked."

I opened my mouth to speak but shut it once nothing came out.

"By what?" Teddy, the only one who seemed to not be shocked into silence, said.

McGonagall looked at us, her eyes filled with sorrow.

And I braced myself for the worst.


"Hey," Jason said as he entered the Astronomy tower with a plate of food. "You hungry?"

I shrugged and kept looking out at the grounds from the Astronomy Tower.

Jason sat down next to me. "You got to eat, Tor."

"I know," I said quietly, taking the plate into my lap but not eating anything. "I feel numb."

"It'll be okay," Jason said, pulling me towards him and rubbing my back. I rested my head on my shoulder. "It may not seem like it's going to be, but it will."

"He was bit by something, Jas," I said quietly. "He was bit by something on the full moon. The bite marks look like a dog." Tears fell out of my eyes. "My baby brother could be a werewolf."

"I don't think he was bit by a werewolf," Jason said. "I really don't."

"But all the evidence is there," I said. "It was late at night, on a full moon, and he was bit by a dog of some sort. He may not be a werewolf, but until the healers know for sure...I’m scared that he is. I'm scared that he's going to have to go through his entire life trying to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone. He won't be able to get a stable job, he may not be able to come to Hogwarts..."

"You don't know if he's a werewolf yet," Jason reminded me. "He could be fine."

"I know," I said. "I'm just scared."

"You're baby brother was attacked by an animal," Jason said. "It's okay to be scared."

We sat in silence for a while, just looking out at the snow falling on the ground. Night had fallen over the grounds, the waning moon illuminating the sky. I had been up here all day, once I made sure that Dom, Freddy and James were safe and together. Dom was sleeping in their dorm tonight, taking Fred's bed while he slept on the floor.

"Why are you here, Jason?" I asked, lifting my head up. "Isn't your latest slag missing you?"

Jason smiled slightly. "You know you're more important than some snog, Tor."

"Good," I said, wiping the last few tears away. "Have you run out of Ravenclaws yet?"

"I have snogged all fifth and sixth year Ravenclaws besides Sophie and now I'm just trying to decide whether I should go for fourth years or move to a different house," Jason said, shrugging.

"How can you just toss each of them aside like their nothing?"

"Well, that's a harsh way of putting it," Jason said.

"Sorry," I said. "I didn't mean it to be harsh, I just don't really understand how you can just jump from girl to girl and have no strings attached."

"Because I don't care about them in that way," Jason mumbled.

"Do you care about anyone in that way?"

Jason sighed and looked out at the grounds. "You're probably going to think I'm an idiot."


"No, honestly, you're going to think I'm a complete and total idiot," Jason said. He was quiet for a seconds before he spoke. "I do care about someone that way. But she doesn't care about me."

"Who is it?" I asked. "I promise I won't judge or think you're an idiot."

"You promise?" Michael asked and I nodded. "Alright. I...I fancy Gabrielle."

I must have heard that wrong.

"Gabrielle?" I asked, not masking my shock at all. "Gabrielle Lancaster?"

"The very same," Jason said. "I'm not even sure why. She's a bitch. She insults her friends constantly and manipulates anyone who lets her. But during the summer, we got to know each other. We wrote constantly and even met up a few times. She was different then. She was nice and friendly and funny and a huge dork. Then we got back to Hogwarts and I was reminded that she had a boyfriend. I totally forgot about Scott during the summer because she never talked about him. I figured that she would just go back to being all about her boyfriend but she didn’t. She would still talk to me and walk with me to classes and spend time alone with me, being the girl I saw over the summer. Despite the fact that she had a boyfriend, I fancied her. And when he broke up with her, I was hoping that maybe I'd get my chance with her but then she started dating Teddy."

I couldn't help but sympathize with Jason. We were in the exact same boat.

The goddamn Shelley Boat.

"That sucks," I said and Jason nodded. "But what are you trying to accomplish by snogging random girls?"

"I don't know," he said. "But it's better than sitting around pining for her."

We were quiet for a few seconds before I spoke again.

"Go and snog someone," I said, pushing him away. "I mean it. I'm giving you a free pass to go an snog someone and get off The Shelley Boat."

"What the hell is The Shelley Boat?"

"It is a fucking awful boat that you shouldn’t be on," I said, pushing him so that he'd stand up. "Just get off it and snog some innocent girl in a broom closet." He was about to protest when I said, "This is the only time I won't lecture you about it. Now go." I stood up and pushed him out the door before slamming it in his face and walking back to my perch.

Once I sat down, I suddenly wished that I had told Jason to stay.

Because being alone with my thoughts wasn't good.

I looked up at the moon, shining so bright in the sky and not for the first time that night, I wondered what the hell Louis was doing out at night. He was ten years old, he was still a baby. He should have been inside, in his bed, safe from everything.

I bit my lip, trying to hold the tears back.

He could be a werewolf. My little brother could be a werewolf. It was hard enough for him, Dom and me to be part werewolf. When people found out, many people got scared and looked down on us, thinking that we were savage beasts that would rip them apart at any moment.

And Louis may actually do that now.

A sob escaped me and I buried my head into my hands. I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be at school, I should be at St. Mungo's with my family, trying to make sure that they were okay, that Mum wasn't a complete mess and that Dad wasn't losing his temper. I needed to hold my mother's hand as the Healers spoke with her. I needed to see my little brother and believe that he was going to be okay. I needed Dom to look up at me with her big eyes and hold me tightly.

I needed my family.

I heard the door open. I didn't look up because I figured that whoever it was would leave after they saw me. The door closed and I heard footsteps coming towards me before someone sat down next to me and pulled me to them. I looked up and saw Teddy looking down at me.

"You shouldn't be here," I said, trying to pull away from him but his arm kept me in place.

"I'm where I need to be," he said his voice stern.

"You have a girlfriend," I said. "You need to be with her."

Teddy pulled his arm away from me but before I could escape, he cupped my face with both of his hands, forcing me to look up at him. His brown eyes stared intensely into mine and I could see that he hated seeing me like this.

"I am exactly," he said softly, "were I need to be."

And he was.

I nodded and he pulled his hands off my face, putting them around my waist and pulling me into his lap. I tucked myself against his chest, wrapping my arms around him, and sobbed. He kissed my hairline and rubbed my back soothingly.

And I realized that no matter how hard I tried to fight him, how hard I tried to fight this thing between us, he was right. A part of me was stuck with him and I could never stop feeling the way I do about him because of this invisible string that kept bringing us together. He had my heart in a way that no one else could and he had it completely. And I had his. It wouldn't matter if he was with someone else or if I was, we would never be able to stop this force that made everything about us that was so wrong, how we always fought, how we say things we don't mean to each other, so right, so perfectly right. And I knew that he wasn't just talking about this moment. He was talking about every moment, every single time I pushed him away and pushed him in another direction. No matter how many times we pissed each other off or felt the need to punch the other (okay, maybe this was just me) this was right.

This was exactly where we needed to be.


Dear my Charming Alek,

If you get to lie and call me beautiful, I get to lie and call you charming.

Maybe you shouldn’t focus on the dangers of each career, you should focus on the pros. You know…being an Auror probably gets the girls swooning just as much as being a Quidditch player does. I mean let’s face it, any guy who tells me that he fought off a dark wizard could probably get in my knickers easily. However, I suppose that since you won’t go after your screaming Quidditch fans, I won’t go after tall, dark, and handsome Aurors who can protect me from anything.

It is completely you’re fault that you didn’t come to Hogwarts! For whatever reason, you decided to not follow in the footsteps of your siblings and go to Hogwarts. I mean, you keep saying that’d you’d love to be here and keep me warm but where the hell are you? I’m getting sick of all these empty promises, Krum.

And no, you don’t let me win. I win Wizarding Chess fair and square. Stop trying to pretend otherwise.

I’m surprised that you actually had to ask if I was getting asked out. And you sent a memo?! I thought we were keeping it a secret! Merlin, and you wonder why I’m not jumping up and down for joy at giving you my heart. I can’t give my heart to someone who sends boys memos about our secret engagement. That don’t fly, out here man. (Look at me, being a gangsta.)

As lovely as snogging you sounds, I’m afraid I don’t snog boys who constantly lie to me.

If my human snuggie missed me so much he’d get his arse up to Scotland.


A/N: Meh, this is an okay chapter. I feel like since the last chapter I wrote was The Madness of New Years Eve, which was so epic and dramatic, that I can barely write. All my writing juices went blahh after that, which is why it took so long to get this up. I really sorry this isn't a better update.

The Shelley Boat is a reference to The Life and Times written by Jewels5. It’s a great fic and I suggest it all to you.

All credits of Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska go to the awesome John Green.

So what did you think? Do you agree with me that it sucks?

Follow my blog! It is made only for my stories and I will be able to give you guys updates as to where I am in my writing, what will be written next and even SPOILERS! I post a lot on here about my writing so I hope to see you soon! So go to my author's page and follow the link, as I cannot post it here :D

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