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Memories of a Pureblood by Jinx Labelle
Chapter 10 : 25th November 1981
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An ear shattering cry erupted from the room filling the empty silence.

"Its a girl Mr and Mrs Malfoy"Stated a cheery mediwitch whilst she picked up the baby.Gentely she took the baby to the other side of the room and cleaned her.

"Oh my ,we have a daughter"Narcissa admired breathlessly ,tears in her eyes.

"I know ,Cheri ,how wonderful"Lucius said calmly but his eyes seemed clouded over and distant.

"Here she is "The midwife smiled as she handed the baby to her mother ."Do you have a name yet?"

"Yes we do ,Antalia Celeste Malfoy"Narcissa gushed proudly as she gazed in awe at her new daughter.

"She looks like you , beautiful like you"Lucius whispered ,his voice tinged with emotion ."She's perfect"

"Do you want to bring in Draco Lucius?"

"I'll go and get him "

Lucius got up unwillingly and went out of the room quietly .He sighed and slumped against the door,head in his hands ,silently weeping .He couldn't take her away,he couldn't face it.How it would hurt his poor wife .Draco must have herd him because he came stumbling down the hallway .

"Dada"He exclaimed with his pudgy hands grasping for his father.

Lucius composed himself and wiped his eyes.

"I've got somebody to show you Draco but you have to be quiet "Lucius whispered as he picked up his son.

Draco put his finger to his lips and made a shush noise.

"Yes ,very good Draco"

Lucius opened the door carefully and strode over to the bed.

"This is Antalia Draco,she's your little sister"Narcissa smiled as she held the baby up to show Draco .

"She tiny"

"Yes Antalia is ,can you say Antalia Draco?"

"Antia ,baby Antia"Draco said excitedly .

Lucius and Narcissa laughed.

"Close enough Draco"Lucius chuckled.

The midwife came over to the bed.

"Mrs Malfoy you need to rest ,you had a difficult labour.Both you and Antalia need to rest now"She informed.

"Okay ,we will leave"Lucius said as he picked up Draco.

He planted a kiss on his wife's forehead before leaving with his son.


"My Lord ,please you can't do this"Lucius begged in the drawing room.

"Lucius ,we agreed ,it's distracting from Draco's education "Voldemort replied simply.

"It's not an it ,it's a she ,Antalia,my daughter!"Lucius cried in anger.

Voldemorts eyes squinted slightly as he glared coldly at his minion.

"Are you defying me Lucius?"He asked coolly.

"No,my Lord"He muttered.

"Good ,nothing's changed Lucius "


Narcissa stirred as she herd the door open.It was dark out side but the moon bathed the room in a silver light.A large figure strode out of the shadows and into the faint light.Narcissa shuddered as she saw that it was Voldemort.

"Ah ,sorry Narcissa I didn't mean to wake you"Voldemort sighed as he saw that she was awake.

He made his way over to an ebony crib at the bottom of the bed.

"W-what are you doing?"Narcissa stammered as she clutched the duvet .

"I'm just seeing Antalia ,no need to panick"He whispered as he picked up Antalia .She squirmed at his cold touch before drifting back off to sleep in his arms.

"I've expressed my distaste at your decision before Narcissa .Do you know what it could mean for my plan?"He began to explain.

"No ,I don't , she's a baby"Narcissa begged pathetically .

"She's a distraction to Draco .If we want to rule the wizarding world we need Draco to be the most fantastical dark wizard.Antalia is only going to implicate this "

"But ...but"

"No buts Narcissa now sleep"Voldemort snarled as he cast a spell on Narcissa .She had no time to reach her wand so she couldn't deflect the deep sleep spell.


Lucius saw the dark Lord returning to the room with his daughter in his arms.She looked so peaceful.

"Hold her"Voldemort barked at him .

"I can't do this ....I"Lucius began to plead.

"Crucio!"Voldemort smiled .His expression full of venom.

Lucius collapsed to the floor in agony and writhed with pain on the oak floor.His breathing became laboured and desperate ,gasping for life.

"It's her or your entire family"Voldemort informed him.

"You wouldn't ,not Draco and Narcissa"Lucius whispered out of breath,his voice edged with agony.

"I will,you know I will.Hold her"

Lucius held up his hands and was handed his sleeping baby.As he received her she opened her wonderful blue eyes and gazed deeply at her father ,exploring his face.

"I'm so sorry my darling"Lucius wept as he clutched the baby tightly.

"Avada Kadavra "Voldemort screamed.

It was to late ,there was nothing Lucius could do.He just stared down at her as the green volt of light corsed through her body eventually leaving her lifeless.Lucius cried harder and rocked his daughters body with anguish.

Voldemort laughed not realising what had taken place.The killing of an innocent soul,such as a baby,always produced a horcrux even if the maker was unaware of it happening.As Voldemort continued to laugh menacingly a particularly dark aspect of his soul latched onto the nearest living thing.

Lucius.An unknown horcrux.

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