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Everyday by wish right now x
Chapter 5 : Running
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 "Girlies! Wake up!" A voice cut through my dreams. My eyes weren't even open before I could feel the light burning through them. Usually I was fine in the mornings, as long as it was an appropriate time. The idiot who was waking Dom up at this time was being absolutely stupid. "Wake up, you two!"

With the repeated statement and the fact that I was now a lot more conscious than moments ago, I realised who it was that had decided to wake us up at this ungodly hour; Vicky. I yawned as I rolled out of my bed, smiling at Vicky and opening the curtains. It was still dark outside.

"Seriously Vicky? What time is it?" I asked, looking over at her. She was wide awake and dressed, with her perfect blonde hair tied into a messy ponytail.

"Five O'clock in the morning" She told me, shaking Dom and shouting for her sister to get up. "Come on, the three of us ae going for an early morning run!"

Vicky was definitely too cheerful for Five O'Clock in the morning. Her attempt at getting Dom up was so far unsuccessful, with Dom still moaning and groaning in her bed, begging her sister to leave her alone for a lie in. And I thought Dom was bad when we were trying to get her up at eight O'Clock for a lesson.

"Vicky, why are we going for a run at five O'clock in the morning?" I asked. I didn't mean to sound unappreciative, I knew that when I moved in with the Weasleys over Summer I'd have to get used to there things, there family and traditions; you know, all that normal stuff. This however wasn't normal.

"Because, my dear Lexi, we all need to make sure that we are in excellent shape so we look absolutely stunning when we walk down the aisle at the end of August". I don't know what Vicky meant there, with her and Dom's veela genes, they could walk down in plastic bags and still steal the show. And besides that I wasn't necessarily overweight. Victoire was going far to crazy, overboard with this wedding. I wonder if she'd realised that.

"Yes, but why at Five O'Clock? Why not in the evening or at ten or something a bit later?" I asked.

"Because we have a lot of other wedding preparations to do today, and why waste time in the evening? If we are up now, we have the whole day ahead of us and don't get to waste a single moment of it!" Vicky was getting sick of shaking a dormant Dom who was obviously not planning on waking up any time soon, so pulled her wand out of her shorts pocket. In moments, a bucket of water had been conjured and poured all over Dom and her bed. It happened in such a quick moment, i couldn't even warn her before the cool water met her body, causing her to jump out of bed in a quick panic. It was the fastest I'd ever seen her move, the fastest I'd ever seen anybody to be moved to be honest, and Dom's dripping wet face was one of the most hilarious things I'd ever seen. Her jaw had dropped almost to the floor, and she was rapidly blinking trying to remove the water from her eyes. When she could finally work out what had happened, her face turned redder than her hair, and she looked at her sister like she was ready to kill her. Vicky only smirked in reply.

"We're going for a run, dry off, get dressed and be outside the front door in ten minuets!" Victoire instructed, casually strolling out the door as she did so.

Dominique was still too furious to be able to make out any comprehendible words, so spoke in grunts and grimaces as she grabbed her sports clothing and put it on. I followed suit, however instead of pouting like Dom, I was laughing harder than I ever had before. This was definately going to be one of the first stories I told everyone when we got back to Hogwarts in September.

Moments later we dressed and ran outside to see an overly cheerful Vicky stretching.

"Finally!" She shouted. "Now are you girls ready to run?"

Vicky should be a personal trainer. I'm not even over exaggerating when I tell you that she made us run ten miles. Ten. Whole. Miles. However, whilst Dom and I were gasping for breath five feet behind her, Vicky jogged as if she was going for a leisurely stroll. By the time we returned, with Dom and I both out of breath and dripping with sweat, Vicky looked like she had just returned from the spa. She was smiling and calm as she took a bite into the red apple that she'd grabbed from the fruit bowl, whilst Dom and I inhaled the water we had been given.

"Don't ever make me run that far at that time in the morning again" Dom threatened.

"No can do, Dom. Expect to be up tomorrow at the same time to go again!" She smiled. I think she was enjoying torturing us.

"Why? We're all thin enough to fit into our dresses anyway" Dom pouted.

"This isn't about being thin, Dominique. It's about losing those last few pounds and toning up a bit. Mostly, running increases your serotonin to make you feel more happy and gives you an opportunity to clear your head and relax your mind. Planning a wedding is very stressful so I think we need this" Vicky told us, before heading for the bathroom" Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go have a shower before Teddy, Jamie and Freddie get here to check the replies."

"Urghh. Is it too late to drop out of being a bridesmaid?" I groaned.

"Please, even if you did she'd still make you be up for her 'Five am run'" She mocked her sister. "You know, because running 'clears your head and relaxes your mind'. Well so does Yoga but we don't have to do that at five in the morning!"

"I don't sound like that!" Victoire called from the bathroom, referring to Dom's nasally and squeaky impersonation of her.

"And why is she here anyway?" Dom continued, ignoring the previous comment from her sister. "She doesn't even live here!"

"Do you think if we stole her key and locked the door she wouldn't be able to get in tomorrow?" I suggested.

"Please, she'll find a way. It's Victoire, her main aim in life is to destroy my sleep" She replied in a mystical voice.

"I'm sure it's her life ambition"I replied sarcastically, laughing at Dom's early morning weirdness.

"Shut up, I'm not sane till I get some sleep" She answered, throwing a cushion at me.

"Well rather than get some sleep, why doesn't one of you get in the shower, because frankly you both stink and we have guests arriving in less than an hour" Victoire said from behind us. She must of been less than a minute in the shower, yet she still came out looking more radiant than ever. And that is why I do not like veelas.

Dom and I took our own showers, taking far longer than Vicky did to wash. I swear Dom must have fallen asleep in the shower because by the time she came out she looked absolutely stunning, only making me feel worse about my looks. Once we were dressed and had dried our hair, we fell at the breakfast table, ready to gobble up whatever was there. Bill and Fleur had gone to work, meaning it was only me, Vicky, Dom and Louis in the house. That was until Teddy showed up with Jamie and Freddie in tow. Whilst Jamie was best man, Freddie was merely an usher. I suppose Al had something better to do.

"Finally!" Victoire shouted, as if the trio were meant to be here hours ago. "I've been up and out since five! We will never get this wedding perfect if you're going to be late!"

"Sorry Vic" They all mumbled simultaneously, realising it was not going to be a good idea to get on the bad side of a veela, especially if that veela was Victoire Weasley. But being Vicky, she completely forgot she was angry and smiled while welcoming her guests.

"Right, so here is how the day will work." She announced, clapping her hands together in excitement. "Unfortunately, Teddy and I have an interview to do for Witch Weekly for our engagement announcement, so you four will be going through the RSVPs. If they have accepted, then tick the box by their name. If they have declined highlight their names in red. And if they have not yet sent back their replies, highlight their names in blue. Got it?"

Vicky had now gone around handing us each a list of names, mine being from people with the surnames ranging from M to R. And this list was long. Really long. From our lists, Vicky pulled out five massive boxes filled with wedding replies. Today was going to be a long day.

"Vicky, how many are there?" Freddie asked, looking absolutely terrified by everything that surrounded us.

"Well, I invited two-thousand and fifty people so these are the majority of the replies" She told us non-chalantly, "Teddy and I will do Y and Z when we get back later and don't forget that you need to look after Louis today"

For the next half hour, Victoire walked around supervising us and telling us how wrong we were doing it,picking out every little petty thing and showing us how to do it 'the Victoire Weasley way'. You'd be surprised how many ways Victoire could find were wrong when you're ticking a box.

"Remember, swish and flick is how you tick" She reminded us, before the two of them got into the fireplace. Their interview wasn't for another hour. Victoire was seriously taking this bride to be thing too far.

"So, who have you got now?" Dom asked me, trying to make conversation. Now that Vicky had left, she had gotten fairly bored and was making oragami ducks from the old envelopes.

"Warren Mayfair. Do you know him?" I said, ticking him off the list.

"Nope" She replied.

"Well, he's not coming to the wedding so now you don't need to" I say, continuing with the repetitive action that Victoire had forced us to do. Dom sighed and continued with her work of the A to F lot, occasionally asking me who I was replying to.

"Suzy Miller" I told her, only to be met with a groan.

"Ughhh, I hate her" She cried, and I laughed at her odd response. I continued in my pattern, working through the M's which seemed to take forever. I recognised little of the names, until I came to one which I knew very well.

"Hey, Ryan's coming!" I exclaimed out of no where, smiling at Dominique.

"Who's Ryan?" Potter asked, and I could feel the jealousy coming through his voice.

"My brother" I told him, though I don't understand why I owed him an explanation. He nodded and silently went back to the repetitive action we were forced into.

Hours later I was midway through the Ps. Louis was sitting on the couch watching some muggle TV, complaining about how hungry he was. Potter had spent the past hours pointlessly flirting with me, while I had spent the last hours ignoring him.

"Lexi will make lunch when she's done with the Ps" Dom told her little brother.

"Why do I have to make lunch?" I asked.

"Because Freddie can't cook, James is only on his second letter and I need to sleep" She explained, sounding more and more like her controlling sister as she went through the sentence.

"Fine, Fine" I said, looking to the next person, Bob Porter.

"Hey, I've got the Potters!" I said, picking out the envelope from the bride's cousin. I opened the envelope and looked down it.

"Why are you looking at that? You know they're coming" Freddie pointed out.

"Yes, however I didn't realise you had me as your plus one" I mumbled, rolling my eyes in the process. I'd noticed James' little scribble on the end of this as I'd recognise his handwriting anywhere, from the many love letters he'd sent me. Some may think it's cute and romantic, I think it's creepy and annoying.

"Potters, yes, Lexi decline" I said, ticking the relevant box.

"Lexi! I'm hungry when are you going to make lunch?" Louis asked ten minutes later.

"I'm just on the last person, okay?" I told him.

"Fine" He pouted and fell back onto the couch. Even if he was one of the cutest children ever to walk the planet, he was pretty grumpy and spoilt sometimes.

"Right, so what are we meant to have to eat?" I asked, walking into the kitchen. I stood there awkwardly, not knowing where anything from the bowls to the butter was.

"I don't mind" Came the voices of everyone else.

I searched around the room, finding nothing but fruit and bread in the Weasley's kitchen.

"Do you want to just order pizza?" I asked, to be met with the same enthusiastic response as before.

Four hours, three pizzas and two-thousand invitations later, we were finally done. I don't know how tired we must have been but I must have been pretty tired considering I woke up by the TV that I hardly even remember watching. I felt a warm pair of arms wrapped around me, comfortable on the small couch.

I looked over to see the person holding me who also seemed to be taking a nap. Dom and Freddie must have been outside walking with Louis, as neither were anywhere to be seen. I'm sure they must have noticed this, I wouldn't be surprised if Freddie had taken a photo for the purpose of blackmail. I got up and left the man on the sofa, nearly freaking out as went to get a glass of water.

There I was snuggling up to James Potter.

I was disgusted with myself.

Thanks for the reviews and the favourites! Hope you enjoyed it!

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