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Sirius and Shannon: The Beginning of Fun by Shannona
Chapter 9 : Charades
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original plot lines or characters in this story. Shannona XxX





And so the game continued over the next few weeks. The game was how Sirius lovingly referred to their relationship, and surprisingly Shannon didn’t mind. In her mind it was a game, a fun interlude in her overwhelming life. It was like a game of charades, as they would constantly communicate in looks and gestures whilst in the company of others, apart from Emily of course.



‘You know, just because I know about this brain aneurism I am calling your relationship, does not mean that I want to be reminded of it every time we are no longer in the vicinity of everyone else,’ sighed Emily one day in the library.



They were all busy attempting to complete a charms essay set by Flitwick last lesson and so far it was an unsuccessful attempt. In Shannon’s eyes, it was partly completed when she managed to get Sirius to set foot in the library for educational advancement purposes, and not just to feel her up. Although, it had dawned on her that feeling her up might be the price of sitting in the library, as Emily had seen when she sat down.



‘You are lucky it was me that walked in and not James or Remus.’



‘You think we are that stupid?’ asked Sirius. ‘I am currently testing our new map system on this section of the castle, and it just so happens that I saw you and Remus walk to the library together but you enter alone. What’s all that about Parker?’



‘I am not Shannon, so I don’t like being called by my last name. That is none of your business and when is the map going to be finished? We need it before we start going out with Remus every month.’



The map was an invention designed by Sirius and James, the idea had come into their head in fourth year when they were fed up of running into teachers in the halls when covered by James’ invisibility cloak. The idea was a map of the school that showed everyone in the school, where they are and what they are doing, every minute of every day. The concept was exciting to the whole group but after plenty of research, they all realised that it would take a hell of a lot of magic, and old magic at that.



‘James and I are still working on it at the moment, but we are closer to it. The problem is that the magic keeps sticking and buffering, so the people on the page jump through the halls instead of glide along the page. This could be a problem when accurately trying to steal ingredients from the potions cupboard. This is why I am here now, researching old magic.’



‘Yeah, it sounds complicated,’ Shannon said attempting to join the conversation. When Sirius went back to his books, she turned to Emily and asked her about Remus. ‘So really, what were you doing with Re?’ she asked, Emily sighed.



‘Trying to get back in his good books.’






‘Yeah, oh. He seems okay with me, I just don’t know whether it will last.’



‘I know, but he is still hurting over the whole you and Snape debacle and he didn’t expect to have his heart broken so close to beginning of the school year. But, there isn’t anything that you are keeping from him now that could destroy your already bad relationship.’



‘Excuse me?’ she asked, pointing her finger between Sirius and Shannon. Sirius looked up from his book, sighed and closed it shut scooting closer to the two girls.



‘Shannon and I have no bearing over you and Remus. If he was to find out about us, you can either not tell him you knew or you could just say that Shannon swore you to secrecy.’



‘Which I have!’ added Shannon.



‘See, simples!’ said Sirius. ‘We wouldn’t ask you to keep it a secret if James wasn’t such an arse.’



‘And why am I an arse Mr Black?’ they heard a voice from behind; they all jumped and turned to see James standing there with a fake serious expression. ‘What are you doing in the library anyway?’ he asked Sirius.



‘What are you doing in the library?’ repeated Sirius, to which James nodded an approving head.



‘I think he was following me!’ said a very tall, pretty redhead as she sat down next to Emily, who smiled at her, although it did look pretty fake.



‘Well, if you agreed to go out with me Evans, then I wouldn’t have to follow you around. I gotta go, got detention with McGonagall. It’s my last night of the Snivellus sentence.’



Lily Evans looked up at him with wide eyes. Lily Evans was very beautiful, even Shannon had to admit it. Her long red hair flowed effortlessly over her shoulders in nice loose curls, and she didn’t even do her hair in the morning. A lot of it fell over her face, framing her stunning green eyes. The most annoying thing was that Shannon had green eyes, but they were never as bright as Lily’s, they were dull and often looked grey from far away. She was tall as well, statuesque, as if she had just burst forth from the womb a woman of grace.



‘What did he mean Snivellus sentence? What happened with Snape?’ concern filled her voice and Emily and Sirius looked at Shannon.



Shannon could understand the concern Lily showed towards Snape. Apparently they had been childhood friends who lived very close by to each other. Snape had told her all about the wizarding world when he realised that Lily, although from a muggle family, had a witch’s abilities. However, when he was sorted into Slytherin and her Gryffindor, their friendship was strained and ended abruptly in the fourth year when he had called Lily a Mudblood. She had never forgiven him.



‘It’s a long story, just another James and Snape fight.’ She laughed uncomfortably.



Sirius could sense a girly chat approaching and decided that he would rather feed himself to the giant squid than listen to girl problems. He said goodbye to them, making sure to slip a note into Shannon’s pocket as he picked up his bag, and then left the library for more girl free territory. The note was nothing special, just a new meeting place on the second floor, mostly abandoned and a place he loved to go and hide from prying eyes.



The game with Shannon had taken an interesting turn for him; he had never been one to feel something more than like for a girl and here she was challenging his perception of life at every turn. He knew that his crush for her had been unlike any of the other girls, but he never knew how intense the be if they actually got together.



The sneaking around was definitely his favourite part of the game, the excitement and the danger of being caught. He knew Emily would have been the first to catch on, unfortunately no matter what she thought; Shannon was not very good at keeping secrets with a straight face. Emily was bound to notice her huge (gorgeous) smile and her giddy step. He couldn’t help but laugh at that. It was only a matter of time before the others found out though, and he wasn’t sure he was entirely ready for that.



When he reached the common room, he ran up to the dormitory to change out of his school robes and into his jeans and t-shirt. When he was certain he didn’t smell too much like a boy he walked out of the portrait and straight into someone else.



‘Reg, what are you doing up here?’



‘It’s Regalus!’ he said in a dark voice.



Regalus Black was Sirius little brother by one year. They had been close when they were younger but Regalus had insisted on following in their evil parents footsteps whilst Sirius preferred to voice is very controversial opinions. When Sirius had left the family home 2 years ago, he split all ties with the family and Regalus decided to stop talking to him, until now.



‘Sorry. Regalus! What are doing up here?’ he asked, pulling his younger brother to one side. He looked thinner than usual, his skin sickly pale under his mop of dark hair.



‘I came to talk to you!’



‘Are you in trouble?’ he asked him, his brotherly instincts kicking in.



‘No...well...when are you coming home?’ he asked, desperation in his voice.



‘Reg...I’m not coming home....’ his voice trailed off when he saw the look in his brother’s eyes.



‘Oh, I just thought that your rebel phase might be over.’ Said Regalus, not looking him in the eye.



‘It’s not a phase, I can’t live with mum and dad anymore, I don’t agree with what they think about the world, it would end in world war three.’ He internally smiled at himself for his muggle studies knowledge. ‘But, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me,’ he added slightly rushed.



‘No, it’s okay. You have you new home with the Potters now!’ his voice dripping with sarcasm. He turned to walk away but Sirius grabbed him arm, feeling a sense of urgency in the way his brother had come to him. He turned him around to look him in the eye.



‘I know I am not at home, but you are still my brother and I want to protect you. If mum and dad are making you do something you don’t want to do, then come and tell me and I will help sort it out!’



‘Mum and dad aren’t doing anything.’ He said quietly.



‘Then whoever, but I am here. I can help. I can get someone to help!’



‘It’s just that...Bellatrix and...Lately I...’ he trailed off and someone shouted him name from behind them. They turned to see Bellatrix standing there with Rodolphus, her half wit betrothed and Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix’s sister’s boyfriend.



‘Oh, isn’t it the happy family!’ she laughed. Regulas shrugged Sirius hand off him arm and went to join them.



‘I don’t have time for this Bella!’ Sirius growled and walked past her.



‘You better make time soon dear cousin, she shouted after him as he walked down the corridor. ‘One day soon he’ll come for you and you better not say no!’



As he walked to the meeting place, he couldn’t help but feel distracted by Regalus’ sudden appearance outside the Gryffindor dormitory. No matter how far he moved away and no matter how estranged they were, he was still his older brother. He worried about him, and with him gone from the ‘inner circle’, as his parents lovingly put it, Regulas had no protection. It was bad enough at home, but with his charming cousin Bellatrix hanging around with him, he couldn’t imagine what it was like down in the Slytherin dormitories.



By the time he reached the arranged meeting place, Shannon was already waiting inside, sitting on top of a desk reading Gawshawk’s Guide to Herbology. When she looked up at him her smile instantly faded to a worried expression, her eyebrow’s furrowed in confusion.



‘What’s wrong?’ she asked.



‘What do you mean?’ he asked her distracted.



‘’re never late when you arrange a ‘meeting’ and you seem all distracted!’ she said, concern filling her voice.



‘Oh, just a run in with a bunch of Slytherins,’ he explained as he sat up on the desk next to her. She closed the book on her lap and moved it to sit on her other side, face down on the desk, forgotten. She always worried when Sirius ran into his charming relatives.



‘Want to talk about it?’ He didn’t really want to , he often just kept this sort of stuff to himself, but something about the way she spoke to him and moved her hand from her lap to hold his made his gush the information to her.



‘I was coming to meet you and I found Reg outside the common room in the corridor looking really weird and pale and ill and I asked him if he was okay. He kept giving me half answers and then he asked me to come home.



‘And what did you tell him?’



‘Well, I said I wasn’t coming home, because I’m not going back there. And then he got all weird again and wouldn’t answer any of my questions. And then the stupid Slytherin gang showed up and Reg looked half scared to death. I didn’t provoke them,’ he added when he saw the look on Shannon’s face. ‘I walked away, but Bellatrix shouted after me saying that he would come for me one day, and I had better say no.’



Shannon sighed and looked at Sirius, all slumped over in worry about his brother. It worried her that he had to put up with this sort of thing, especially at Hogwarts. He shouldn’t have to put up with being attacked in the corridor. She stroked his hand with her thumb and rested her head on his shoulder; he turned his head and kissed her on the forehead.



‘I guess it’s just something else to think about,’ she sighed.



‘Yeah, I guess.’



‘Look, Sirius,’ she lifted her head and turned to speak to him. ‘It doesn’t matter if he comes for you tomorrow or in ten years; I know that you will make the right decision. And I know you want to help your brother, but...I guess...some people are too deep into it to be helped.’ He nodded and leant in to kiss her lightly on the lips.



‘This is why you’re good people,’ he laughed. ‘You make sense of life.’



She brought her lips to his with a light pressure, that he deepened by bringing his hand to the back of her head, winding into her hair. His other hand came to rest on the small of her back and she sighed into him. She loved it when they were like this, close and perfect. Her hand slid up his chest and onto his neck, he moaned and she smiled against his lips.



Within minutes, their innocent kiss was out of the window and heat had been turned up. Sirius had Shannon up against the wall and his lips and teeth were on her neck. She was slowly melting into his arms and his hand was slowly and not-so-sneakily making its way up her leg and under her skirt. She laughed and let her hands wind into the mop that was his hair whilst his mouth went back to ravishing hers.



Suddenly a door opened behind them and they both jumped apart expecting to be served detention by a very unhappy Professor McGonagall. It was even worse, it was Remus.



He was staring between the two of them with an extremely confused look on his face. He opened his mouth several times and closed it again, looking slightly like a fish out of water. Shannon took the opportunity to straighten her skirt. When she looked back up, Remus had closed his mouth and his facial expression had remained the same.



‘I think I just opened the door on crazy land,’ was what he finally arrived at.



Sirius and Shannon looked at each other out of the corner of their eyes and then looked at their feet. Shannon didn’t know why she should feel bad about Remus finding them, although he didn’t know this wasn’t just their hormones going crazy, although it sort of was at this moment in time. Remus sighed and turned to leave the room.



‘Remus,’ Sirius called after him. He grabbed his bag, pecked Shannon on the cheek and ran after his friends retreating back. Shannon looked back at her feet.



Was it possible for any secret to remain that way in Hogwarts?





N/B: So I hope you are all enjoying it so far. Please read and review. Shannona XxX 

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