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Stuck in the Middle by a_free_elf
Chapter 3 : The Hearing
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 Well I am making up for the time it took for the last chapter to get validated by doing this one super speedy fast... It is quite short but it's really just a filler chapter before we get on to the good bit. Also I know it isn;t a lot compared to other writer but over 150 people have read my first chapter and it means so amazingly much to me. Also, when I get a review it makes my day so please review :D

Much love and sorry for the rambling


Dedalus Diggle looked down at the pale figure in front of him. His pale blue eyes were nervously darting around the chamber, taking in it's interior. He looked at the high ceilings decorated with murals of 'inter species co-operation' he looked at the sea of faces, some looking at him with disgust, others with pity. His eyes caught sight of Hermione Granger in the crowd, nervously biting her lip and looking anywhere but at him.


A voice sounded through the large chamber, stopping all the muttering and whispering as if it were simply blowing out a candle. Diggle had this authority now as, longstanding member of the Order of the Phoenix, he had been put in charge of the 'Deatheater Trails'


"If everyone is present, then we shall begin" He then looked directly into Draco's scared eyes "You are, Draco Lucius Malfoy" The boy nodded "Son of Lucius Abraxus Malfoy and Narcissa Druella Malfoy" The boy repeated the small gesture of understanding "Is it correct to say you have been branded with the symbol those who called themselves 'deatheaters' refer to as 'the dark mark'. Draco gave a small nod to all questions asked and truly felt that he deserved any sentence that was given to him.


Hermione sat stone still throughout the entire trial, continuing to nibble her lip until the taste of blood entered her mouth. She moved on to fiddling with a strand of thread that had come loose on her robe hem, twirling it with her elegant fingers whilst pushing her tongue against her lip to taste the blood. She only regained full consciousness when Diggle addressed the entire room.


"After hearing Mr. Malfoy's side of events, please give your verdict by casting red sparks upward for guilty" he paused to take a small sigh "and green for, not guilty"


Draco cast his eyes upwards as a firework display erupted in the high ceilinged chamber. A red firework display. Draco felt no sadness, no defiance. He felt deep remorse at what he had done. He shut his eyes for a few seconds to comprehend the situation and felt a humming in his ears. He breathed deeply to steady himself as he felt tears prick in his eyes. 


Upon opening his eyes he looked in the crowd and saw Hermione's wand drooping lifelessly at her side whilst she looked directly back at him, with complete sorrow in her eyes. He quickly looked away. He didn't want her pity, he deserved this, he deserved anything Diggle saw appropriate. 


A few seconds later, Draco realised that Diggle was talking again. Something about lack of choices, no escape. 'no no no' Draco thought 'don't make excuses for what I did' Then came the 'however' section. However, he was an accessory to the murder of Albus Dumbledore. However, he was a whiteness to countless tortureings of innocent people. However…


Finally the sentence was declared, 12 months in Azakaban, Draco let out a small sigh and felt oddly grateful he was being punished. As he was escorted from the chamber and prepared for the apparition to the island, he saw Hermione's face again. He gave a wry smile and she, looking shocked, returned with a small watery one as himself an the guard on either side turned on the spot and disappeared into nothingness, leaving the chamber to return to their chattering as they all stood up and filed out of the small side door.


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Stuck in the Middle: The Hearing


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