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Sleep Silent: An Elemental Story by Cassidy Evans
Chapter 31 : Finally.... Answers
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The will to survive outweighs the will to serve.












Megan marched back up to the house that night barely wet. The hike from the cliff face that she free climbed had left her mostly dry. Much to her chagrin her hair was beginning to get that ever present and annoying wave that only appeared in the humidity and all she wanted to do was find her straightening iron.






Megan took the stairs two at a time, in a hurry to just disappear. She didn’t even make it to the doors- her hand outstretched for the knob when she was interrupted.






“I would almost think,” said a voice from behind her, and she spun to see Davon leaning against one of the columns, “that you were avoiding me.” He had a red and pink amaryllis in his fingers, twisting its short stem in circles; her favorite flower. His gaze followed the flower as it spun, light catching water droplets that were still somehow clinging to the leaves in this heat.






Davon reminded Megan of Draco; a sadistic, controlling, selfish and pigheaded Draco. But not even Draco could be this bad; Davon with his short brown hair and muted brown eyes: Mr. Everything-Belongs-To-Me himself.






“I’ve been busy,” she said slowly.






“Indeed,” he said pursing his lips, as his dangerous eyes caught her timid ones. “So busy in fact that no one has seen you in the last four hours. Where, pray tell, were you that you were so busy that no one could see you?”






“I didn’t leave the plantation, if that’s what you mean,” Megan answered, resisting the urge to tell him to butt out of business that didn’t concern him.






“The plantation is a big place, Meg,” Davon said, bouncing off the column with forced energy. His whole body screamed smugness, but a tension was there too.






“I know Davon. We’ve walked the perimeter, remember?”






Davons eyes narrowed as he stalked toward her, more dangerous now than any caged wild cat. “Where were you?”






Megan’s gaze never left his face, never wavering. “If you insist on knowing so much, I went out gathering herbs. My herb-bags have dried up while I was away, and I wanted to refresh them. Is that allowed, or do I have to check with you before I do as much as sneeze?”






Her back was against the door now, having unconsciously backed up as Davon moved forward. He looked murderous, then like a flash of lighting before a storm, his gaze softened. “You can sneeze all you want, princess,” he said reaching up to tuck the amaryllis behind her ear. His hand ran softly along her jaw, almost tenderly before he grabbed it in a rock hard grasp. “But you ever run again, and sneezing will be the last thing on your mind,” he snarled his face mere inches from hers.






“Last I checked you didn’t own me Davon,” Megan said as loud as she could, which wasn’t very for the little she could move her jaw.






His grasp tightened, and Megan fought the urge to wince. “You are mine,” he growled. “Don’t you ever forget that, princess.”






What he did then thoroughly surprised her. He kissed her- with tongue. Megan pulled back her lips in what would have been a snarl, and closed her jaws as tight as she dared around his tongue- not enough to really hurt, but enough that he got the idea.






To her surprise again, he chuckled. “That’s my girl,” he said before releasing her jaw and wandering away.






Megan spat on the ground and darted to her room before someone else could corner her. Standing in front of her mirror in the bathroom, she eyed the flower that was behind her ear. Reaching up, she untangled it from her hair. She really had ought to throw it away, but something stopped her. After all, it wasn’t the flower’s fault Davon was the way he was.






Without a second thought, she set the flower aside and reached for her toothbrush.












"Really Des, you couldn't find anything?" Trinity's silky voice commented.






Demona stood in front of the counsil, eyes narrowed and fists clenched. She couldn't remember the last time she was this mad, and that wasn't a good thing. It was all she could do to keep from reaching out to pull each of Trinity's blonde locks from her head in the most painful way she could think of. Trinity was the only vampire who would ever have the guts to make Demona mad, and everyone was well aware of it. Even Kellyn, vampire princess, the only other vampire other than Juno to hold the Life Blood of Clovis knew better.






"Enough, Trinity," Juno said shooting the vampire a glare. Trinity lifted her lips in a slight snarl but said nothing. "Demona, since you seem to be the one who's closest to Covent, I would like very much if you were to see if you can convince her to let you help with her search through the books in her families vault. She seems to be the only one turning up any sort of answers, and we need to find out what we're up against."






Demona turned her gaze to the Clan Queen and offered a slight bow. "If she doesn't trust me enough?" Demona asked.






"See to it that she does," Juno offered, turning her gaze down to the desk, a clear dismissal.






Demona hissed and vanished.






“You need to stop doing that, Trinity,” Kellyn commented from the shadows behind Juno. “One of these day's Demona's going to snap and I for one won't be getting in her way as she pummels you into the after life.






“Oh yes, let's all bow to Juno's puppet,” Trinity sneered, flipping her blond hair arrogantly. “Forgive me if I don't leap to oblige.”






“You dig your own grave Trinity,” Grigori said from his perch along the wall. “I'm with Kellyn on this one, I won't be stepping in either.”






“Your talk of digging graves is ironic, Grigori,” Trinity spun on him. “I can't help but wonder, if we would be in a different situation had you not grown so attached to that Muggle.”






Grigori's face darkened considerably, and his body tensed as if to spring. “Enough,” Juno commanded. “We would be in no different of situations. The girl had seen and heard too much in her first twenty-four hours at Hogwarts, there would have been nowhere else to send her. As such, most have already agreed she is no mere Muggle.” Juno ran one had absently over her bottom lip. “Ephyra,” Juno said then, looking to the red headed vampire who floated into the light. “I want you to raid the Repository. I don't much care what the Keepers think, but I want you to find anything on the ancient wandless Magics. Start with Sequentials and Characteric's. Any books mentioning those two Magic’s may have something that would relate to Megan, and could possibly tell us why they wanted her in the first place.”






Ephyra curtsied as much as her short legs would efficiently let her before she too vanished.












“Anything helpful Covent?” Demona asked from where the girl sat, same book in her hands as earlier the previous day.






The Sequential sighed. “Not a thing. This book has to be the choppiest bit of work I've ever seen. Spells start off and just stop, where as this one here,” she indicated a page she had folded over “is the end to a spell that has no beginning. It's possible they messed it all up so someone without the proper knowledge couldn't finish the spells, but really, you could in effect hurt someone more this way.”






Demona nodded thoughfully. “By picking an end to go with a beginning without the knowledge of how they were arranged in the first place, you could horrific results; you could very well pick the page that has absolutely nothing to do with what you're trying to accomplish.”






“And cause catastrophic results,” Covent said, sliding the book onto the table and reaching up to tie her hair into a messy tail ontop of her head. “The sad part is this one's probably the only book that might hold any answers.”






“There's nothing else down there?” Demona asked, sliding into a chair across from Covent before arching her hand's before her. “If my memory serves, your father collected quite a few rare and interesting books. Surely he would have left some here?”






Covent pushed her eyebrow's together as if in an effort to try and remember something. “Dad wasn't really into the old magics as such,” she started slowly, dredging up memories that had since been locked away. “He was always into the New Magics. He was hoping there would be a way we could blend into wizarding society, that perhaps we might be able to use wands one day after all.”






“I see.”












“I found this one wandering the perimeter boss,” one of the boundary wardens said. Megan couldn't tell which one, they all looked identical to her. The woman in front of them was mid-height, dirty brown hair pulled back to the nape of her neck. Megan wasn't sure why, but she knew the woman was scared.






“I see,” Victor said cooly. “Who are you?”






The woman raised her head, and Megan caught a flicker of skin. “The name's Raven.” Her accent she had chosen was Canadian. Lucky girl, Megan thought. She had seen enough of slaughter today to last a life time.






“There you are!” Megan said taking great long strides into her uncles office, best look of perturbed superiority on her face as she could manage. “I sent for you three days ago. Three! What in the blazes took you so long?!”






“You know of this?” Victor demanded.






Megan took a deep breath before turning to her uncle. “Of course I know about it! She's my new aide, who was SUPPOSED to have arrived two days ago! Of all the blathering idiots in the government I knew I should have went straight to Locklear. At least HE would have gotten something done, instead of that incessant waste of skin that I share DNA with.” Megan shook her head. “You did tell me that I could have someone to help me with my new tasks uncle. No offence, but I don't particularly get along with Marceel, and I would much rather have someone more qualified anyway. She passed the regular clearances; I have the paperwork somewhere on my desk in my study.”






“Why were you not here when requested?” Victor demanded.






“I bet it’s that good for nothing, sorry excuse of flesh I have for a father, that’s why!” Megan ranted. “I bet he told whomever it was at the office the wrong coordinates for the portkey. She looks like she's been dropped in the middle of the jungle.”






Victor regarded Megan carefully before he turned to the intruder. “Was that the way of it?”






Raven nodded. “She only left out the part of the democratic red tape, but we can skip that for now.”






Victor considered this for a moment before turning back to his niece. “Get her cleaned up. Be sure to get her wand from her, and get me those documents before supper.”






“Yes Uncle. Come,” Megan said, turning on her heel and waltzing away.






She led the way down the hall, towards her room, throwing open the door and gesturing for the woman to go inside. “Leave your wand on the desk, the bathroom's through there. I'll get one of the elves to leave a set of clothes for you.”






'Raven' opened her mouth to speak, but Megan's eyes indicated not too. 'Raven' nodded and dropped her wand on the table.






Megan rubbed her eyes tiredly. The lack of light was finally getting too her. She sat with her mortar and Pestle, grinding herbs for the last four hours. Shredding the biocorn horn was next, though that wasn't going to be an easy chore without some sort of magical aide. Unfortunatly there was nothing she could substitute for it in the potions she needed to make, which made her life all that much harder.






“You've got to be joking me.” 'Raven' stood at the edge of the falls, looking down skeptically.






“Not at all. Just don't think about it. Here, I'll even go first,” Megan answered, backing up a few paces and ran for the cliff face, launching herself over it, and entering the water with grace. She surfaced, beckoning 'Raven' to follow her.






And 'Raven' did, entering the water with a splash that would have made Matilda proud.






“Graceful. Very graceful,” Megan said when the other surfaced. “Deep breath and under the waterfall.”






They emerged on the other side, the cave dark and cool against the morning's heat.



“Welcome to my humble abode,” Megan said gesturing around. “This is probably the only place we can talk freely in the whole plantation, so if there's anything that needs to be said you should say it now. Like why I saved your ass in there today, for starters.”









Tonks hadn’t wanted to trust her at first, so instead she gave some round about story that never really answered anything at all. Megan leaned against her pillows, having hidden the last of her evenings work safely away. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep, fretting the next day.






“You’re crazy!” Tonks shouted.






“You want out, you need my help. You need what I know. But I can’t do that unless you get me out of here.”






“You’re a Muggle! You have no Magic! How can I move both of us if you don’t have the fundamental means to travel?”






“That’s for you to figure out. But I’m not telling you anything until you get me out of here.”












“I asked Ephyra to go through the books at the Repository for me, looking for all things noted about wandless magic,” Juno started from where she was learning against the edge of Sam’s desk. She held a tome about 4 inches thick, binding starting to fail in places as evidenced by its pages beginning to fall out in places.






 “Yes, even Sequentials and Characterics,” she continued nodding to Covent and the Black siblings respectively. “It seemed the logical place to start.”






“Hang on, what’s a repository?” Harry asked from the corner where he was squished with Ginny in his lap.






“The Repository is where we vampires keep our history, as well as history of anyone we think may be of interest. This book contains detailed descriptions of all accounts of wandless magic dating back for millennia. There are things in here I doubt you even know about yourselves.” She let that sink in for a minute before continuing. “Amongst it’s writings is a recollection of a select branch of magic users that was previously thought as having died out.”






“That was the same with both our lines,” Erica said sharing a look with Covent. “Previously we were thought to have been extinct as well.”






“Very true. But over the centuries there have been recorded sittings of possible Characterics or possible Sequentials. This particular Magic I’m talking about hasn’t been seen since approximately 700 BCE. It was thought that the Romans and the Catholics had extinguished them all, and their blood lines, so that there could never be another born. I believe we were wrong.”






“Enough dancing around the point Juno,” Tibidae said from where he and most of the rest of the vampires were perched in the rafters. “Tell them what Ephyra found.”






Juno shook her head. “Some people have more appreciation for suspense. Have any of you heard of Druidism?”






Hermione gasped. “Of course! It fits! Why didn’t I see it before?!”






Pandora rolled her eyes. “Because none of us thought about dead branches of magic before, that’s why. But your right, it does fit.”






“Uh hello? Someone wanna clue the rest of us in?” Troy said waving his hand in the air. “I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m still kind of lost.”






That was all Hermione needed to launch into a lecture. “Druidism is a form of magic first written of as early as 70 BCE. It concerns the study and use of Magic relating to Nature, and Elemental powers.”






“It’s written in that book,” Pandora continued pointing to the book Juno was still holding “that Druid’s first came into being when the first Elementals were discovered. Through conjecture we can determine that they were probably around long before that, same as Elementals were. Druid’s were traditionally thought of as priests, being of immeasurable wisdom. In reality they were people who had a gift to see past lies and deceit, and had limited but measurable use of each of the four elements. In addition Druids seemed to have a special connection with the Earth and its creatures. They had the ability to ‘talk’ to animals, should they so choose.”






“Megan and Tiago,” Ginny said nodding thoughtfully. “It does fit. But why go through all the trouble to kidnap her?”






“It’s also written that when all Four Elementals are born in the same cycle a monumental ‘Event’ will occur,” Juno continued holding up her hands to silence any new questions. “Don’t ask what that means, we don’t know. We only know that it has happened 10 times in the past, and that each time the Four Elementals had a Druid as what the book calls a ‘spirit guide’. The book also goes on to say that without their ‘spirit guide’ the Elementalists will fail.”






The silence around the room was deafening. As the reality of the situation slowly sunk in, people began to move and respond. “Well that answers a few things,” Draco said running a hand through his hair.






“We have to find her.”






“But where do we start?”












It was Tonks that had spoken. She had remained extremely quiet for the past two days, as if putting together a piece of the puzzle that hadn’t quite made sense. “I did some digging, and asked Grigori some more questions this morning. There’s no doubt in my mind the kid Grigori described was Davon. Megan calls him DJ.”






“She told me about him,” Hermione said nodding.






“She probably didn’t tell you the half of it. The kid is psychotic. He actually believes he owns her, would forbid her to do things on a constant every day basis. If she did it anyway she’d be beaten. She learned how to, as a standard rule, manipulate him into getting what it was she wanted, but it was a very select skill. The only one he really listens to is someone he calls ‘Master’.”






“Megan’s Uncle?” Demona asked.






“No. We don’t know who it is, and we only know because of Megan’s excellent eavesdropping skills. They never paid attention to her before she left, but I can bet she is being watched like a hawk now.”






The tension radiating off Tonks was enough to frustrate anyone. “Guess that means we’re going to Brazil, huh?” Said Kellyn, looking at her fingernails. “Anyone have a file?”






Hi guys, sorry it took so long. Between new job and going back to school I haven't had as much time as I thought I would. Sorry if this chapter wasn't as pretty as some of my others- just finished a huge assignment and made a goal to make sure I got my next chapter up tonight.  I think I've kept you guys waiting long enough!










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