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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 16 : Christmas Day
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Christmas Day

My head was pounding, there was a bright light in my face and noise lots of noise… no talking maybe, and was my body shaking, no it was bouncing?

I fought against the natural instinct to open my eyes and go back to sleep but between my pounding head and bouncing it was inevitable, so I sat up, only to find Blaise jumping up and down on my bed, singing.”

“It’s Christmas day, its Christmas day, wake up, wake up, its Christmas Day!”

“What are you five?’ I snarled at him. And he pouted, literally. The whole puppy dog eyes and everything. I gagged on the over stuffed adorableness of it because I was tired and had a really nasty headache, fire whisky I guess?

“But Rena, there are presents.”

“I don’t care. Its six in the bloody morning, my head is pouding and you are too cute for your own good. Stop fucking bouncing already.”

Blaise stopped bouncing and sat down next to me.

“I brought you coffee.”


Blaise handed me a steaming cup and it was a memory in about 15 seconds.

“I want more, so I suppose we should get up then.”

“Mum and dad are still in bed.”

“Then let them wake up on their own you idiot. I’m livid with you right now, but you at least gave me coffee.”

“Oh come on, Rena. Its Christmas don’t be mad.” Blaise whined.

“Blaise It is six in the bloody morning, I don’t care if it’s Christmas, I was up until one in the morning, which means that I’ve only had five, five, hours of sleep, and here you are bouncing on my bed. WHY? Because you want to open Bloody Presents? You are acting like you are two right now, and you are 17. Grow Up.”

“I’m sorry Rena.” Blaise said moping.

“Alright, you are forgiven, Let me go shower and get dressed and tehn we can see about making mum and dad a nice Christmas breakfast in bed. They deserve it.”

“You mean make it ourselves?”

“Yes, we will make it ourselves, I did grow up in a muggle household, I do know how to cook, but no need to worry, I’ll go easy on you.”

“Okay, I guess. I’ll be downstairs in the living room.”

“No, you will be in the kitchen instructing the houselves that they have the morning shift off and getting out these supplies.” I said handing him a list.

“Fine.” He said and stomped out of the room.

It didn’t take long to shower and decide on wearing a nice pair of grey slacks and a cozy red cashmere sweater, pulling my hair into a tight French twist, and running down the stairs to the kitchen. Blaise had already put all the ingredients I needed for breakfast on the counter.

“Blaise, you didn’t use magic for that did you?”

“Yes I did, why?”

“No magic for the rest of the morning, we are doing this the muggle way.”

Blaise scowled at me but I just smirked.

“Okay I need you to measure out a ½ cup of milk, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of cinnamon sugar, and two cups of flour. When you have done that pour all of them into the yellow bowl and mix it together with the whisk.” I said pointing to all the ingredients. He began doing that while I squeezed five oranges to make orange juice. When that was done, Blaise was still working on mixing so I put on a pot of coffee.

“Okay is this done?” he asked.

“Ummm, no it needs a few more minutes.”

He continued whisking the batter and I Turned on a burner and began frying up some bacon and sausages.

“Okay Blaise, it should be good by now. Bring it here.”

“Finally.” I smiled at his remark but began scooping the batter onto the fryer to make pancakes.

After five minutes a side, there were five plates filled, (Blaise informed me last minute that Draco stayed over in the guest room,) each plate had three pancakes, 2 pieces of bacon and 2 sausage links. I loaded them onto a tray for mom dad and Draco, then onto a tray for Blaise and I, added a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee and a small bowl of butter, and another of syrup, as well as a napkin and utensils onto each tray.

“Alright Blaise, We Bring this to mum and dad first and then we will eat with Draco. We will use magic to levitate the trays upstairs so none are dropped.”


Five minutes later, Mum and dad were awake, and smiling brightly at our handmade breakfast.

“Happy Christmas.” We all said at once.

“Well Mum, daddy, we are going to go give Draco His tray and keep him Company. You just enjoy, your breakfast this wonderful Christmas morning.”

“And then we will meet you in the family room to open presents.”

I scowled at Blaise’s remark and he grinned. Mum and dad shook their heads.

We left waking down the rather long hallway into Draco’s room. He laid under the covers shirtless, and I smirked.

“Good morning, dear, Happy Christmas I said. He sat up with a start and blushed furiously.

“Rena, you shouldn’t just…”

“Shush. I made you breakfast and I intend to eat with you. But don’t worry; I brought Blaise along to protect my virtue.”

He grinned and said. “Well then, I guess it is okay.”

We ate and laughed and fooled around, and had fun, as normal teenagers.

About an hour alter we all made our way down to the family room, where mum and dad were already waiting, Draco of course already put a shirt on.

“Alright I propose we do this fairly, Rock paper scissors to see who goes first and then we all take turns opening one present until our next turn, I said.”

“Sounds fair enough.”

As a muggle, I won the game, leaving the two boys beside me furious at losing to a girl.

I opened my present from Blaise first. It was a brand new addition of Hogwarts: A History.

I had gotten him a new pair of quiddich gloves, same as for Harry.

An hour later all the presents were opened. I had received, a study guide to the newts from Harry, a beautiful new hair clip from Ginny, A silver charm bracelet from dad, a gift certificate for a long weekend in London for me and Ginny complete with shopping and spa treatments, for the weekend before school started. Draco had given me a beautiful jewelry set that he had made himself; there was a snake ring with emeralds for eyes, a snake arm bracelet that would weave its way up my wrist to elbow, and an emerald pendent.


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