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The Rise and The Fall of the Stag and the Doe by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 2 : Home
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-Marlene Marie McKinnon and Dorcas Leigh Meadowes-

Shifting in her sleep, Lily grabbed her pillow and straddled it, so that her pale arms could hug it as she slept. The breeze from the window brushed through ruffling her hair in the process. Across the room Dorcas snored on her borrowed mattress, but Lily didn't hear it. Lily was too lost in her dream.


"Well what do you suggest we do in this detention?" James asked her in seductive voice as he hiked up on the teacher's desk behind him effortlessly.

Lily smirked, her blouse slightly unbuttoned as held a quill in her hand. "You were bad today. So you have to write lines."

"What kind of lines?" He asked mischievously, his glasses slipping down his nose as he adjusted his tie.

"Well," She sauntered over to him, clicking her high heels as she did. "Let me see."


She brought her body so close to him that the surface of their clothes grazed each other, as his wide hazel eyes bore into her emerald green eyes. She could see every breath rise from his chest and leave through his perfect lips. Flipping out her perfectly curled hair, she looked up at him, with her little chin raised. Hormones swirled around her body making her body warm to the touch, his finger rolled in the air around her wrists until he finally brushed the soft skin on the inside of her wrist, a jolt of feeling shot up her body making her stomach squirm in pleasure. She never thought such a slight touch would make her react like this body she wanted James Potter more than words could ever explain. They leaned closer and closer to each other and then right as her eyes fluttered to a close, she woke up.


Bolting forward, she covered her mouth with her hand. A flush of crimson ran across her face as beads of sweat grew on the small of her blue tank top. Her hair stuck to her face, as she panted and looked across the room. Dorcas was still dead asleep, her brown hair was sprawled across her pillow as she crawled up into a ball and snored. Letting out a sigh of relief, Lily threw the warm blankets off of her and put her feet on the cool floor. Carefully she eyed Dorcas as she tip toed out of her room trying not to wake her up. Luckily Dorcas was the deepest sleeper she'd ever met so she didn't even flinch at the groans the hardwood floor made as she moved across it.


Lily went into her silent kitchen and poured herself a glass of water to clam herself down. Her heart rate was still overreacting, but her mind was worse. She couldn't believe herself. Sure she couldn't control what she dreamed about, but it still freaked her out that even a small portion of herself could feel that way about James Potter, the biggest idiot Hogwarts had ever seen. What was worse was it clearly wasn't a small portion of her either, her whole body had reacted wholeheartedly to the dream as if her body wanted nothing else. Which was completely crazy because she hated Potter with every fiber of her being. Shaking her head, she bit her lip and focused on calming herself down. She was just being hormonal. It meant nothing. James Potter meant nothing to her.


After downing another glass of water, she drank another glass and felt good enough to go back to bed. Crawling back under her sweaty sheets she tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn't. She tossed and turned and did everything in her power to forget her dream, but she couldn't. His big, stupid face was stuck in her head and no matter what she did she couldn't forget it.


Finally she gave up and got dressed for the day. Going downstairs she found her father flipping pancakes for breakfast. He was average height for a man, but Lily always felt that he'd always been the tallest man in the world for her. He had dusty brown hair, a worn face and the warmest smile Lily had ever seen. As soon as he saw his youngest daughter that smile was unleashed.


"Morning Lillian. You're up early." He noted handing her a healthy plate of pancakes.

She grabbed the plate and scratched her hair thoughtfully. "Thanks dad."

"You have something on your mind Lily?" Her father asked knowingly.


Lily snorted as she applied some maple syrup to her pancakes. Her father was a psychology professor at a local college for the past twenty years and after her mother had died six years earlier he had become a single parent to two girls. If there was one person who could completely see through her it would be her dad. And he was also the only person she could talk to about this even if she had to be extraordinarily vague to keep from getting embarrassed.


"What do you think dreams mean dad?"

His face turned pensive as he put the next batch of pancakes on a plate for himself. "Depends on what was in the dream."

"Okay, say…hypothetically I was dreaming that I was about to kiss someone I would never kiss in a million years." She voiced in monotone. "What does that mean?"

"Well is it a boy?"


He scrunched up his face. "Are you friends with this boy?"

"…I kind of hate him."

"Hate is a strong emotion to 'sort of,' feel Lillian." Her father teased her easily.

Lily rolled her eyes irritable as she took a bite of her pancakes. "Okay he likes me, and he isn't…the worst person in the world, but I could never date him or like him like that."

"Why not?"


Lily sighed. This absolutely the opposite direction of where she was going and quite possibly the last thing she wanted to talk about with her father. How could possibly make anyone understand the relationship she had with James Potter? Even people who had been around for years and saw them bicker and fight didn't get it. Even sometimes Lily didn't understand it. But if there was one thing she wanted to be clear of it was her father thinking she liked Potter in any way shape or form. Although she had carefully kept James away from her father over the years she feared far more than she should that one day they would meet and her father would question her actions.


"It's a long story dad."

"Well to answer your question to dream of a kiss with someone generally represents love, affection, tranquility, harmony and contentment. I won't ask because I prefer to be in the dark, but if the dream ended before you kissed this mystery boy it shows that you aren't sure how either you feel about them or how they feel about you." He feigned a stern look. "But I don't want you getting it into your head that you should go snogging all the boys at Hogwarts."

"Dad!" She groaned rolling her eyes.

He grinned as he made another plate presumably for Dorcas, "I'm just putting the warning out there."

"Thank you dad, for your unnecessary, but regardless on going support." She told him dryly.

"It's what I'm here for." He looked at his watch. "You might want to go wake up your friend for breakfast. Isn't your other friend coming by today?"

Lily's face turned into a beam. "Yep Marlene is."

"Now which friend is this?" He asked as he poured Lily some orange juice to go with the remains of her food.

"She's really tall, blonde. She's the one that comes from a family of six kids."

His eyes widened in acknowledgement. "Oh yes... Does Dorcas have any siblings?"

"Not that I'm aware of." Lily scoffed darkly under her breath.

"Well finish up and go wake her. I have to head to work in a half hour. I want you girls up and about by then alright Lillian?"

She ate the rest of the food of her plate, put her dishes in the dishwasher and promptly kissed her father on the cheek getting some syrup on him.

"Love you dad."

He laughed and wiped his cheek off. "I'll get you back for that later missy."


Doing purely as instructed, Lily ran up stairs in her shorts and cut off t-shirt and jumped on Dorcas's bed.


Lily screamed at the top of her lungs. "THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!"

"UGH!" Dorcas growled attractively, "What's wrong with you? We are the British!"

"Exactly," Lily giggled as if that was an acceptable answer before moving out of Dorcas's reach.


Dorcas's thin brown hair fizzed around the edges and fell in her face as she crawled up into a sitting position. Inhaling sharply, she eyed Lily evilly.

"As soon as I am fully conscious, you better start running Evans."

Lily giggled again, her face filling with pure amusement. "Come on, breakfast is ready."

"Did your dad make pancakes?" Dorcas asked in a low voice as she rubbed her face.


She let out a loud groan of defeat. "Fine. I will get up."

"Mar will be here in a few hours."

"Oh joy." Dorcas snorted sarcastically as she scratched her tiny button nose, her tan skin glowing in the sunlight.


Dorcas was always compared to Mary McDonald in terms of looks, and it was true they did look a lot alike. Both of them had dark hair, they were the same height, tan skin, and similar builds. But after knowing them for so long separately Lily almost felt offended at the comparison. Mary was stunning, but completely it was in a more exotic unapproachable way. Dorcas was completely approachable, from her adorable smile that endeared her friends to her obvious sex appeal that brought in the boys. Dorcas Meadowes was a force to be reckoned with.


Dorcas pulled on a tight fitting tank top and some form fitting shorts, before running a brush through her straight brown hair. By the time she was done brushing her face, she was no longer tired, she was ready for a day full of adventure.


"Is Petunia home yet?" Dorcas smirked widely eyeing her vacant bedroom.

Lily sulked, "No but she should show up later."

"Is she still dating that Walrus looking guy?"


"What? You know you hate him too. He's a sleazy, pompus git." She scoffed, "You're only defending him because you're nice like that for god knows what reason."

Lily frowned and stopped giving Dorcas a sad look. "She's still my sister."

Dorcas paused and gave Lily's arm as squeeze. "That doesn't mean her boyfriend isn't a wanker."

Lily sat down across from Dorcas as she ate. Her father walked in freshly shaven and dressed in his usual tweed jacket and tie. He sat down in between them, and drank a cup of coffee.

"Now Dorcas," He began, "How many boys fancy my daughter?"

Lily's face blushed bright red. "DAD!"

Ignoring his daughter he addressed Dorcas directly. "Now I know you wouldn't lie to me."

"Of course not Mr. Evans," Dorcas said, her chocolate colored eyes twinkling with amusement.

"Well then please give me an informed list of my daughters suitors so I can be well informed."

Dorcas leaned back in her chair, leaning back on the back legs. "Well there's Amos Diggory-"

"What's the deal with him?

"Did you just say, 'what's the deal?' Dad what have I told you about trying to be hip?" Lily interjected shrewdly.

Her father ignored her and Dorcas shrugged, "He's decent looking, but he's kind of full of himself."

"I see," He murmured putting his hand on his chin, "What about the others?"

"Well there's John Willis, he's a grade below us, cute, but not up to her level." Dorcas opened her hand to count. "Zach Wood, he's a Ravenclaw who she patrol's with sometimes, Terrence Rowe, Corey Thompson, James Potter-"

"Okay! That's enough!" Lily declared giving them both death glares.


Dorcas and Mr. Evans howled with laughter as Lily's entire face filled with rage and embarrassment. That stopped when Petunia walked into the kitchen. Her blonde hair was unnaturally straight and her pale face was pinched in annoyance at the sight of not only Lily, but also one of her magical friends sitting in her kitchen.


Sadness filled Lily's eyes at the sight, and the smile faded of Dorcas's face as well. Mr. Evans was the only one who was unaffected by the rapid change in attitude. He wiped the coffee off of his lips, and stood up to greet his eldest daughter.


"Morning Petunia," He kissed her forehead. "How are you honey?"

"Fine," She replied icily shooting Lily a glare. "What is she doing here?"

Dorcas waved animatedly.

"Petunia, Lillian, living room, now." Mr. Evans ordered.


Lily let out a sigh and dragged herself to her feet. Dorcas shot her an encouraging wink and then went back to eating her pancakes.


Crossing her arms around herself protectively, Lily felt her stomach turn anxiously as she dug her teeth into her bottom lip. Petunia moved as far away from her little sister as possible.


"Now I want you two play nice." He pointed at Lily and Petunia. "I don't want to get any phone calls at work from either of you complaining about the other. I have a conference today so I won't be able to play negotiator. So for just today please have a Switzerland party."

"A what?" Petunia muttered in confusion.

Lily scowled. "Switzerland is neutral in all wars. So he's saying no wars today."

"Suck up." Petunia spat under her breath as she crossed her bony arms.

"Petunia," Mr. Evans scolded her. "I'm saying this mostly to you. Another one of Lily's friends is coming over today, and I want you to be hospitable. If I hear anything to the contrary you can forget about visiting your boyfriend this weekend."

Petunia let out a small noise of protest, but he held up a hand to stop her.

"I don't want to hear it Tuney. If you can't be nice go spend time with some of your friends." He checked his old watch, "Now I have to go. I love you both." Mr. Evans moved forward and kissed them both on the forehead before leaving.


Three hours later Lily heard the doorbell ring, and she bolted to answer it. As she ripped up the door, she let out a squeal of delight before jumping up to greet Marlene. Letting out a laugh Marlene dropped her bag and caught the small, but sprightly ginger.


"Jeez Lil, I saw you four weeks ago!" Marlene snorted into her wild red hair as the much shorter girl squeezed the life out of her.

Lily beamed into Marlene's shoulder. "Far too long!"


Putting Lily back down on the ground, she grinned down at her friend and then grinned harder when she saw a curly haired brunette standing behind her.

"Well hello Dorky."

Dorcas eyed Marlene. "We meet again, Marly."

"Well are you going to hug me or am I going to stand in the doorway all day?"

"Both are very appealing options." She admitted with a cocky smile.

Lily laughed at them and forced Marlene through the door. "Come on! We're about to have lunch."


Dorcas pulled Marlene in to a tight hug. She wasn't as short as Lily, but she wasn't as tall as Marlene either so Marlene still needed to stoop slightly for it to work, but thankfully Dorcas, no matter what the situation was, wore heels so this wasn't too difficult.


"Hey watch this," Dorcas muttered under her breath to Marlene as she walked into the next room.

Lily's oval shaped emerald eyes widened in fear. "Dorcas, what are you-?"

"Relax ginger tail." Dorcas handed Lily her wand. She grinned, her button nose scrunching up. "Here, see? What damage could I do without a wand?"

Marlene snorted knowingly leaning against the wall beside her. "Tons."

"OY! PETUNIA!" Dorcas called running into the next room. Then she opened up her arms as if to embrace her. "Hey fun fact, did you know that magic is spread through touch?"


Marlene and Lily busted out into gasps of laughter as Lily's older sister ran away from the much smaller Dorcas in a fit of blind fear.


"How were the boys?" Lily asked for more of conversation then for actual concern.

Marlene flinched, but forced a smile on her face. "They were fine."

The memory of the night before weighed on her heavily, but she said nothing to Lily about it. Even as she watched Dorcas chase Lily's sister around the house, she couldn't keep the smile on her face.


Twelve hours earlier, Sirius flinched as Marlene applied a healing solution to his wounds. He didn't want anyone to see him like this, but somehow when he mentally complied the list he didn't realize Marlene was at the top of it until it was too late to stop her. His shirt was off and so were his pants. Sirius Orion Black was half naked, but for once he didn't say anything about it. In fact for once he barely seemed to notice. All he could think about was what just happened to him and the fact that Marlene McKinnon was the one taking care of him.


His emotions were jagged and raw. He felt like what he imagined a muggle felt in a car crash; ripped from the comfort of their seat, forced through the windshield, glass stabbing him everywhere, unable to get up, but more so unable to forget why he was dying on the ground in the first place. Sirius wanted to lash out, but he couldn't, because he had no idea what to say. As soon as he arrived on the Hogwarts Express he knew this day would come, the day where he wouldn't be able to take it anymore and it would be enough.


And it had been.


The one thing that he was having trouble processing most was why Marlene was taking care of him. Though they'd always been friends he'd never felt any sort of bond with her. She was always just a pretty girl to flirt with when all of his favorite prospects weren't around. Maybe if it had been James or even Remus she would have done it out of loyalty. And if it were Peter she would do it out of pity, but he had never even given her a single reason to be nice to him. But yet here she was in her nightgown and bunny boxers taking care of him. He couldn't think of a reason in the world why. Sure he had deep gashes all over him, but James could have handled this. Why did she care?


After letting out several irritated breaths, she finally snapped. "Stop moving Sirius!"

"It burns!" He spat through gritted teeth.

"How's it going in here?" James asked from the doorway, his voice was light, but his face was still somber.

Sirius growled, "She's trying to take my bloody arm off!"

"Well bloody is a perfectly accurate way to describe it." Marlene told him cuttingly as she poured more solution sending jolts of hot pain up his arm.

Rubbing his eyes, James yawned. "I'm going to bed. I'll see you guys in the morning."

"Night." They both whispered to him.


Sirius wished he hadn't left. He didn't want James to see him like this, but he didn't want to be alone with Marlene either. He was angry at everything and everyone. James would take his abuse and know that he didn't mean it. James wouldn't take it personally, he would understand. Sirius struggled to hold back his anger even though every muscle compelled him to let it out. Finally after a few moments of silence he couldn't hold it anymore.


"Aren't you supposed to tell me everything's going to be alright?" Sirius lashed out viciously, his voice laced with malice.

"No," She scoffed as her eyes lifted from his body to his piercing grey eyes. "I would never promise anybody that, but I am going hold your hand and promise when it does go to hell I'll still be there to get you through it."


Her blue eyes narrowed on him. "Because you're my friend asshole."

"Since when?"

"Um, where have you been for the past few years?"

He scoffed darkly. He wanted to hurt someone, anyone just to make someone else feel as bad as he felt. He needed someone to feel as bad as he felt.

"We have never been friends." He declared harshly.


His words hurt her deeply. For years Marlene had been insecure about her friendships. Sirius and her had never been close but he was still her friend. And she knew this wasn't him. He was her friend. He was just upset and trying to prove himself right. Sirius wanted to believe that no one could ever love him if his own parent's couldn't.


Marlene's chest visibly tightened. "Anything else you want to get off your chest? Anything else you want to throw at me? Any other cutting remarks you'd like to share? Because you can say every hateful thing you have locked up in there, I'm not leaving. After I've healed you, if you want me to leave fine. You can rot in here and be bitter about how your parent's hate you. But just know that you are being an idiot. We love you, we are your family and we won't disown you."

He frowned as he was taken back in a haze of disbelief.


They both jumped as they heard a large bang downstairs. Marlene grabbed her wand and she rose to her feet.

"What the hell was that?"


Sirius pulled on his pants, snatched his wand and wordlessly went to check it out. Marlene followed him down the staircase. James's door was open, but he wasn't in his room. When they arrived downstairs he wasn't there either. Fear pulsed in their chests as they both carefully moved towards the front door.


"Where's James?" Sirius asked quietly, his voice weak.

"He wasn't in his room…Maybe he went to go tell his parents?" Marlene guessed wildly as someone repeatedly banged on the front door.


He looked at her and then he opened the door.

Marlene's jaw dropped when she saw Sirius's father at the door. The man had Sirius's elegant dark hair, and masculine stature, but his eyes were dark, cold and full of hate.


"You think you can just walk out?" His father roared. "You think you can just shack up with some blood traitors and I will let that stand?"


Marlene swiftly stepped forward. She didn't think about the fact that all she was wearing was a nightgown and some shorts. She didn't think that it might cause her any harm. Her actions were based purely on instincts, her need to protect her friend superseded any need to protect herself. She didn't know where James was and frankly Marlene wasn't even sure what was going on, but what she was sure of was she wasn't going to let Mr. Black do anymore damage to his son than he already had.


"Mr. Black you need to leave." Marlene said fiercely, her arm crossing over Sirius's chest protectively.

"You," Mr. Black growled, pointing a threatening finger at her. "Blood traitor bitch will stay out of this."


A rage arose in Sirius that Marlene had never seen. He grabbed his father by the collar and forced him against the wall. Sirius's body shook with radiating fury as he used all of his strength to slam his father's larger body against the wall.




Sirius saw the momentary flash of shock on his father's face. He didn't however see his father reach for his wand. Marlene did though. She jumped forward and pushed Sirius off of his father forcing the spell to hit her. Sirius blinked for a second and then rose to his feet as everything happened at once. Marlene was on the ground screaming, as he tortured her. Though she wasn't the intended victim for the cruciatus curse Orion Black found that she deserved to learn to stay out of his business.


"I told you to stay out of it." He breathed.


Sirius knocked his father's wand out of his hand and proceeded to break his nose. He would have kept hitting him. There was enough fuel to continue his rage until dawn, but James arrived and like Marlene had guessed he had gone to get his parents.


James ran over in a flash and ripped Sirius off his father. Sirius didn't move willingly, but as soon as he saw James he broke down into tears. His whole body shook as his skin grew white as a sheet. James's father, Harold Potter, was absolutely livid. As his wife bent down to check on Marlene, Harold stuck his wand at Sirius's father's throat. Gone was the man who had taught James's how to ride a broom and the proper way to eat ice cream. This was a man beyond kindness and reason.


"Listen to me very closely. You are on my property. You have attacked children at my house. If you don't leave now I will bury you in the back." His voice grew darker as his eyes filled with loathing. "And if you ever come near either one of my sons again or any of their friends for that matter you will have me to deal with. Now get the hell out of my house."


Harold Potter then released Orion Black, walked over to the front door and pointed outside. He was never the man to be backed down. Sirius's father always was perfectly in control. He had lost his temper countless times, but it was always on his terms and on his turf. This time he had not gained the upper hand. It was four against one, and he knew he didn't stand a chance. So for the first time in his life, he walked away, but not before giving his son a scathing look and saying.


"He's your problem now."

Then, he ignored his physical pain and strutted past the Potter family and apparated back to his house.


Mrs. Potter was a healer, she fixed Marlene's broken rib easily, but she couldn't calm her down as easily. Marlene had been told what it was like to be hit by that curse, but never had anybody ever used it on her. The feeling still had fire blazing through her bones long after the spell was broken. For a few moments James, Mr. and Mrs. Potter fussed over Sirius and Marlene, but they were both stunned. They couldn't believe that it had happened. It was all so fast and unbelievable. Across the room their eyes locked, Sirius and Marlene's did and they knew they'd never be the same.


"You okay Mar?" Lily asked Marlene, shaking her back to the present.

Marlene looked down at her friend. Lily still had freckles, fair skin, wild red hair and emerald green eyes. She still had all the love and innocence the world had to offer and Marlene wasn't going to take that away from her. So she lied.

"Yeah, I'm just a little tired Lil. Everything's fine."

Authors Note:

Song in the summary is Home By: Phillip Phillips. Thank you for reading! PLEASE REVIEW!

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