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Second Chances by Drunaforever
Chapter 4 : First Day Back (continued)
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  After this the story will start to pick up instead of day by day chapters. Thank you to everyone who has reviewed so far, it means a lot! Can you please leave another review? Thanks!




Morning classes were more difficult than I had expected. By lunchtime my bag was stuffed with notes we took and I had a ton of homework.


I walked into Potions, my last class, and saw Harry, Ron and Hermione at a table. I smiled and joined them.


"Hello! How is your day so far?" I asked the three.


They smiled at me and all said good.


"Excellent!" I told them. "Mind if I join you?"


"Of course not!" Hermione answered. The boys nodded.


I sat next to Hermione and started talking with them.


"...yeah, that's what McGonagall said to the prefects. A big party with a dance and everything. It's gonna be even better than the Yule Ball!" Ron was telling them.


"Well that isn't saying much." Harry snorted. Hermione rolled her eyes.


"Well at least this time you two will have dates to the dance!" Hermione said.


"Who?" Ron and Harry asked at the same time. Hermione rolled her eyes again and didn't say anything. I laughed.


"So when is this party going to be?" I asked them.


"Christmas. And it's going to last most of the day, some kinda huge celebration probably for the fact that we are still alive and Hogwarts is still here to spend Christmas in." Ron said.


"Sounds delightful!" I said cheerfully.


Just then, Professor Slughorn walked in the room.


"Settle down, settle down! Time for our first lesson! Today I want to refresh our minds with a simple sixth-year potion, The Hiccoughing Solution. Now, you may work with a partner on this and the best potion will get the two makers a large bar of Honeydukes chocolate each! Turn to page 12 in your book and begin!"


"I challenge you!" Ron said to Hermione the second Slughorn finished talking.


"What's the challenge?" Hermione asked.


"I bet that Harry and I can make a better potion than you and Luna!" Ron said.


Hermione and I exchanged looks. "Bring it on!" She said.


We began to make the potion and Hermione muttered to me: "A Ravenclaw and a brainiac? Those dimwits don't stand a chance!"




Hermione and I won the chocolate, much to Ron and Harry's dismay and embarrassment. They had managed to make their potion explode twice and they set the table aflame at one point.


"You want some chocolate?" I offered.


"No thanks." They both grumbled.


"Cheer up guys!" I told them as we exited Potions class. "At least you didn't set your pants on fire like Neville did!"


We laughed as we recalled the incident and we entered the Great Hall for dinner.


I didn't see Audrey so I followed the trio and sat with them at the Gryffindor table. I put my untouched chocolate bar away and made myself a plate of chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy.


Ginny sat down next to me and we told her about Potions class.


She smirked. "Really guys?" She asked the boys. "You challenged the smartest Gryffindor and a Ravenclaw?" She shook her head and helped herself to some food.


I had finished my food quickly so I sat around talking with them until I saw Audrey come in the hall.


"I'm going to hang out with her, see you guys later?" I asked. They nodded and I stood up and skipped to where my friend was sitting.


Audrey looked excited when I got there. "I love this! Hogwarts is so fun!"


 "So, what did you have for last class?"


"Defense against the dark arts!" Audrey replied.


"Ooh, who's the new teacher?" I eagerly questioned.


"Her name is Professor Harper, and she's really cool!"


I scanned the staff table and noticed an unfamiliar woman next to Cho. That had to be her. She looked cheerful as she talked to Professor Sprout on her other side.


"I have her first thing tomorrow." I said as I examined my schedule.


"You'll like her." Audrey told me.


I turned to her. "Do you have homework?"


She nodded. "Yeah... Not too bad though."


She finished her food after a few more minutes of talking and eating.


"Let's go to the library for homework, the common room was full when I dropped off my bag." Audrey suggested. I thought it was a good idea so we headed there.


"You want some chocolate?" I asked.


"Duh!" She said.


I got my candy bar and split it into pieces and we ate while we walked.


The library was quiet, we easily found an empty table to do our work on and we started right away.


"I don't know why everyone thinks it is so bad, I mean if you just sit down and concentrate and do it, it's actually a little fun. Harry and Ron have trouble with it all the time." I whispered. Audrey giggled and nodded.


And like I said, we were all finished with the load of homework within twenty minutes.


"What should we do now?" Audrey asked.


"We should go down by the lake to talk," I said.


"Yeah, let's go."


The lake was cool and it felt good to put our feet into the water.


"So, I was thinking about trying out for quidditch." Audrey said.


"Sweet! Did you play at your old school?" I asked.


Audrey nodded. "I was a keeper. Luna, you should try out for the team!" 


"Me?" I asked uncertainly.


"Yeah! You'd be a great seeker! You could go with me to the try-outs! Come on, give it a shot! What do you say?"


"Well, it does sound fun. And I guess seeker is a good position for me... Sure,

I'll do it!"


Audrey clapped me on the back. "That's the spirit! You'll be great, I know it!"


I smiled. I can tell this year will be one wild ride.


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