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Never Fade by padfootandprongs25
Chapter 41 : Chapter 41
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Hello favourite people:)
firstly please please please please forgive me! i'm so so so sorry i've been feeling guilty about not updating for ages and i'm extremely sorry! sorry! sorry!:( but i've been away on holiday for a while and also have had a challenge to complete, i'm sorry i really am!:(
please don't leave me i love you all
i have missed updating though, but i've done a lot of writing and planning:) this isn't the most exciting chapter but i hope you'll enjoy it!
thank you and sorry):

my new story (JAMES/LILY) is up, the one i wrote for the challenge its a summer romance, it's called It Goes Like Clockwork i'd be really grateful if you let me know what you thought, your opinions matter to me guys:)

Chapter One - The World Of Muggles

The doorbell rang for the second time and James eyed it curiously whilst Lily tapped her foot impatiently against the floor. Her stomach did a back flip as she saw movement in the porch and a shadow moved towards the door. The door flung open and on the thresh hold stood a tall man with dark – almost balding- brown hair and bright green eyes which fell upon his youngest daughter almost immediately the minute he opened the door.

“Dad” Lily squealed happily dropping the only bag she was carrying and throwing her arms around her Fathers neck.

“Nice to see you too Flower” Mark Evans chuckled as he pulled out of his eighteen year old daughters tight hug, “Where’s Alex?” he asked.

Lily launched into an explanation about how Alex would be at the wedding but not before because she had a lot going at the moment. Her Father nodded understandingly before turning to James who had been stood in the doorway as Lily had followed her Father into the house, he looked quite nervous which was extremely abnormal for James Potter.

“Um- Dad this is James Potter” Lily smiled raising her eyebrows her stuck out his hand cautiously to shake James’s, “He’s my boyfriend” she added quickly.

It was her Father’s turn to raise his eyebrows at her, “What happened to Paul?” he asked bluntly, Lily widened her eyes at her Father.

“He dumped me” she said sharply, of course this was not exactly true – he had the first time but the second time it was sort of her, he did cheat on her but then again her him. Her father shot her an apologetic look before turning to James and smiling.

“You’ll have to forgive me James, my daughter doesn’t inform us of these things and then we end up in situations like these where I look extremely rude” he said tutting slightly, Lily merely rolled her eyes.

James let out a nervous chuckle, “That’s alright Sir”

After a few seconds of dithering about, Mr Evans suggested Lily show James where the guest room is and they were to deposit their bags in their rooms before heading to the kitchen where Lily’s Mother was discussing wedding plans with Vernon and Petunia – much to Lily’s disgust. Petunia was her elder sister, a tall girl with blonde hair, beady eyes and a neck like a giraffe, she was the complete opposite looks wise to her fiancée Vernon Dursley he was a rather beefy man with a little too much neck and a moustache that looked like somebody had stuck a gerbil on his face.

Lily grabbed her bags nonetheless and James picked his own up and followed her up the stairs. When they reached the first floor she directed him to the bathroom, pointed out her sisters room which had a large sign on the front saying ’No Freaks Allowed’ . Lily rolled her eyes and James snorted slightly, after pointing out her own room and her parents room, she took him along the corridor and directed him too his own bedroom. The room was slightly small with a single bed and a large wardrobe, it wasn’t much but it was only their spare bedroom.

“Of course it doesn’t change to fit the person’s personality” she said smiling shyly at her boyfriend who put his bags down onto his bed and turned to face her.

He grinned back at her but something about his smile did not seem genuine as she noticed it waver slightly and then watched him desperately try to cover it up. He smiled unsurely at her as she eyed him curiously. Putting her bag down on the floor she moved towards him.

“What’s the matter?” she asked trying to hide her frown.

He shook his head, “Nothing, I’m fine” he said not sounding at all convincing. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“James” she said softly taking his hand, “It’s me” she reminded him, he smiled slightly at her and fiddled with her fingers nervously.

“Nothing” he shrugged, “Meeting parents, this, it’s all new for me” he told her waving his hand in the air as if he was waving away all his problems.

She chuckled, “James you’re allowed to be nervous” she smiled, he raised his eyebrows questionably, “Really, people freak out. Just because you’re James confident Potter you don’t have to be confident all the time, you’re allowed to get nervous” she chuckled, he looked as if he was about to say something but she interrupted him – knowing what he was going to say, “I know you don’t normally get nervous, but you have no reason to be. My Dad didn’t glare at you the minute you walked through the door; that’s a good sign” she told him lightly.

“Why would he?” James frowned.

The head girl grinned slightly, “That’s what he did when he first met Paul” she said smugly a twinkle in her eyes. James automatically looked happier and grinned slightly at her before pulling her in for a hug; he kissed the top of her head lightly and then pulled away.

“Come on” he grinned, taking her hand and leading her out of the room the pair of them made their way downstairs where Lily’s mother, sister and future brother in law would be waiting.

Lily looked around her home, the hallways were full of photos mostly pictures of herself and Petunia, there was an odd few of Lily or Petunia with certain relatives or with their parents but a lot of either the two girl’s together or single ones. There were more single ones now as Petunia simply refused to have her photo taken with her freak of a sister; Lily wasn’t too bothered these photos were strange to her as unlike the ones she was used too they remained completely stationary.

She pushed open the door into the kitchen; James was right behind her as she did so. Her eyes scanned the room, her Father was leant against the breakfast bar drinking a cup of tea he was nodding slowly along with the conversation but looked extremely bored. Her sister was sat at the table scanning her eyes along pieces of parchment she was the conversation holder she was rambling on and on whilst her beefy fiancée sat next to her, holding her hand and murmuring something occasionally. Lily finally sought out her Mother who was sat at the very end of the table, Petunia would occasionally look up and catch her Mother’s eye and that seemed to be the cue for her Mother to say something interesting – she too looked ready to pass out of boredom.

Annabelle Evans had deep red hair and blue eyes. Standing up she would have been an averagely tall and thin lady, she was relatively young too due to the fact she gave birth to her first daughter at the age of twenty she was now around the age of forty but did not look a day over thirty.

She looked up as the door opened and her eyes lit up instantly, she stood up cutting Petunia off mid-sentence, “Lily” she said excitedly rushing to the door to wrap her youngest daughter in a hug, “Thank god” she whispered for only Lily to hear, she pulled away from her daughter and looked at her, “How are you? How’s school? How’s being Head girl? Is everything going well? How’s Alex? Rosie and Louise are they good?” she asked quickly.

“Mum, one question at a time” Lily smiled, “You’re giving me a headache” she added grabbing a chair and sitting down at the table, James followed suit as did Mrs Evans but she changed seats now too face her youngest daughter, “I’m great, school’s still magical, being head girl is stressful, everything’s going well, she’s fine she’s just got some family stuff to deal with and um-” she paused she had forgotten the last question.

“Rosie and Louise are great” James finished for her, his eyes twinkling. Her Mother’s gaze turned to James.

“Hello, I’m Annabelle Evans, but call me Annie” she smiled sticking her hand out, “And you are?”

“James Potter” he answered quickly, shaking her hand. Lily flushed slightly as her Mother’s eyes landed on her, Lily also noticed her sister sweep her gaze over her blushing face.

“James Potter” her Mother repeated slowly and curiously, “And you’re Lily’s new boyfriend?” she asked, James nodded her Mother smiled knowingly at her daughter and Lily shot her a death glare, “We’ve heard a lot about you” she said her eyes shining.

“Mum” Lily said warningly, but James turned to grin at her.

“Really?” he said not even bothering to keep the triumph out of his voice.

“Oh I wouldn’t seem too pleased” Lily shot at him, “I haven’t exactly been singing your praises for the last six years” she smirked.

“Why is that not hard to believe” James smirked back, Lily shrugged.

“You never mentioned James in any of your letters” Her Mother pointed out and Lily rolled her eyes again. She must stop doing that – it was giving her a headache.

“We haven’t been together for very long” she shrugged, “I thought I’d surprise you” she added teasingly and her Mother smiled at her.

“Well it’s nice to meet you James” she smiled and James nodded.

Lily’s eyes fell on her sister who had been sat back quietly as if she had been observing the situation her whale of a boyfriend was also sat there just staring at them. Vernon knew about Lily’s “abnormality” that’s how Petunia liked to put it anyway. Petunia had told him a few months ago which was a relief to Lily as she could now tease, if you will, them both.

“Tuney” Lily said sweetly, her eyes still on her sister, “This is James” she repeated even though she was sure her sister had heard his name being introduced.

She watched her sister’s eyes fall on her boyfriend; it was quite obvious Petunia was checking him out. Lily could tell, she watched every girl at Hogwarts do the exact same thing, her sisters eyes scanned James over and she blushed slightly as she caught his eye.

“This is Petunia” Lily continued, snapping her sister out of her somewhat trance, “And her fiancée Vernon Dursley” she added to James who smiled and nodded, neither Vernon nor Petunia had the decency to smile back or even nod politely for that matter. They just stared at James as if he was something dirty they had stood on.

“So James” Her mother said, breaking the awkward silence. Lily was thankful her Mother was good at doing that, “Lily did mention you’re head boy, you must be a valued pupil to be picked for Head Boy what do you study?” she asked curiously.

“I actually study all the same subjects as Lily” James replied, “You know- Defence against the dark arts, charms, potions, Herbology, transfiguration. Stuff like that” he paused, “All the subjects required to become an Auror” he finished.

“What’s an Aror?” Vernon frowned staring at James with his bulging eyes that could make him look slightly intimidating if he didn’t have that ferret stuck to his chin.

“An Auror” James said patiently, “Is a dark wizard catcher” he explained.

“Similar to a policeman” Lily said expanding on James’s explanation, both Petunia and Vernon frowned but did not press the subject.

“That’s what Lily wants to do right?” Her father said from the breakfast bar, Lily nodded and he smiled approvingly, “its good you want to do something good with your life James”

James grinned but her Mother interrupted before he could reply, “So James are your parents magical too?” she asked.

He nodded, “I’m a pureblood, so my whole family is magical” he explained, “but not the type of pureblood that thinks blood status matters” he added quickly and Lily’s mother laughed slightly and nodded.

“The only thing James thinks matters is Quidditch” Lily said with a slightly smile, James shrugged as her Mother shot them a questionable look.

“What’s quidditch?” she asked, her eyes lighting up.

James launched into an explanation on how the game was played, Lily occasionally stepped in linking it too muggle sports that her parents would understand, even Petunia looked slightly intrigued but one look at Vernon’s disapproving face she quickly rolled her eyes and looked away. Lily’s father had moved to the table too listen more intently to James’s rules of quidditch and Lily smiled slightly as she watched her Father and her boyfriend converse happily. Her Mother would gasp at points as if the sport sounded dramatic. James then went on to retell his own quidditch experiences and her father sat there in awe looking incredibly impressed and intrigued at this interesting yet dangerous sport.

“It’s played on brooms?” Vernon sneered once James had finished his fifteen minute talk, after fifteen minutes and that was all Vernon could say, James nodded, “How ridiculous”

“No more ridiculous than muggles driving cars, it’s what’s normal in both our worlds” he shrugged, Lily’s parents sat there looking very impressed and her Mother caught her eye and smiled slightly.

“Quidditch isn’t really my thing” Lily said after a minute or two.

James chuckled, “I’m pretty sure you only come to the games in hope that either Sirius or myself will fall off our brooms” he grinned.

“Hey that was ages ago” she retorted smiling all the same.

“Sirius?” Petunia frowned, “Is that a name?” she sneered, the tone of her voice mimicked her lardy boyfriend and she folded her arms.

Both James and Lily nodded in sync, “He’s coming to your wedding” Lily said sweetly, Petunia looked as if she was about to protest but Lily cut in, “As Alex’s plus one” she smirked.

“If he has too” Petunia muttered exchanging a worried glance with Vernon, as if they assumed somebody with a different name at their wedding would somehow make everyone assume that Petunia’s sister was of course a witch obviously that was the only reasonable explanation.

“On Wednesday morning” Her mother said changing the subject quickly before Lily could snap at her sister for almost insulting her friend, her mother knew her too well, “We’ll be leaving for Devon for the hotel to help set-up for the wedding and then the wedding is on Friday, Vernon and his family will be down on Wednesday afternoon. You mentioned Alex and Sirius will down on the Thursday, you also said that on the Sunday you will be leaving us to go camping with your friends, am I right?” her Mother asked.

“Yeah, if that’s ok” Lily said slowly.

Her Mother smiled knowingly, “Of course it’s alright Lily. You’re young, I used to love camping, and you’ll have a great time” she smiled, Lily grinned appreciatively.

“Right” Her father said after another half an hour of talking and Petunia desperately trying to fit more wedding plans in even though it was clear everyone else was extremely bored, “Maybe it’s time to get to bed, Lily and James have had a long day. It’s probably time for Vernon to be on his way and Petunia you need your sleep. So everyone off, night” her Father said.

They all muttered in agreement, Lily gave her Father a peck on the cheek goodnight and gave her Mother a quick cuddle before departing the room followed by James, the pair of them headed up the stairs in silence as they listened to the noise in the kitchen as people said their farewells. As they reached the top of the stairs where Lily was to go her way and James his they stood there awkwardly for a second.

“Night then” Lily smiled not really knowing what else to say.

But James rolled his eyes at her before moving towards her and taking her hands in his. He leant down slightly and placed his lips firmly on her own, she felt herself blush slightly as she kissed him back, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he slipped his around her waist pulling her in tighter towards him.

“Please get a room” somebody snapped behind them, Lily flung herself off James immediately, redder than ever she smirked slightly at him as Petunia shoved past them and into her own bedroom. This was going to be a very long week.


What was that noise? A sort of ringing in her ear, Lily yawned and turned over pulling the pillow over her head she hoped to block the noise out. However she failed as it seemed to echoing around her whole bedroom. She blinked her eyes open and growled slightly, flinging her arm out of her bed she hit around desperately wanting to break the muggle alarm clock that had woken her up at this early hour. It was ten in the morning for Merlin’s sake why did her Mother have the constant need to have her awake in the middle of the night.

She had been having a great dream too; James had been there so had all her friends. Voldemort had just been defeated and the war was over, everyone was alive and happy, it was the best dream she had had in a while, the first one that didn’t involve a scream and a flash of green light and a child’s cry.

She groaned as she pulled herself up into a sitting position and she yawned slightly, slowly pulling herself out of bed she stood in front of her full length mirror back in her home in Cokeworth. She looked extremely tired, she was wearing a baggy Gryffindor top with the lion emblem on it and long white pyjama bottoms, she pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail and spayed herself so she didn’t absolutely stink out the house. Grabbing her wand which she slipped in her boot like slippers she exited her warm bedroom and made her way downstairs.

James’s door was open as was her parents so she assumed they were all up, the shower was running so the bathroom was occupied. Petunia’s door was closed as usual, she closed it all the time as if she assumed Lily had some want to visit the room and steal all of her stuff the thing was Lily had no desire to enter her sisters bedroom which she was sure was probably not a pretty sight.

She walked into the kitchen which was completely empty, she looked around the door to the cellar was open and she could hear footsteps coming from the cellar which was only a few stairs down. One of her parents would be in there; she could only assume James was in the shower.

Grabbing a glass she poured herself a glass of water, standing at the sink she looked out towards the garden it looked so beautiful in the spring sunshine. Like English weather usually was this spring was a sunny one, Lily could only hope that maybe this year summer would be the same – she highly doubted it would be but she hoped nonetheless. The grass was shining the morning sun and sparkled as the rays hit the patches covered in the morning dew.

Before Lily could turn back around somebody grabbed her stomach, she almost bent down for her wand when she realised who it was. James linked his arms around her waist and spun her around. She smiled at him, he was already dressed and showered, his hair looked as messy as usual and his glasses were crooked. She giggled as she pulled them off his nose and put them on herself, she saw a blurry James grin at her.

“Suit me?” She teased, he still had his arms around her waist and she put her arms around his neck and smiled up at him.

“You look as beautiful as ever” he grinned back, kissing her lightly on the lips.

She smiled, “James your eyesight is awful” she said interrupting his kiss, he smirked and she pulled the glasses off herself and pushed them up his nose, “James is back” she said lightly, still smiling at him.

“Lily’s back” he murmured smiling at her still, he kissed the top of her head lightly, and “How can you still look beautiful in the mornings?” he teased.

She shrugged, “Natural talent” she joked, “Well this is quite good for me, considering it is the middle of the night and all” she added, putting her arms back around his neck.

“Lily love, its half past ten. That’s the morning flower, not the night” he smirked at her pout as she realised he was now trying to be smart.

She rolled her eyes, “It’s still too early” she whined, he grinned and kissed her softly again, she kissed him back, craving his touch.

“Your Mum’s getting ready, and your Dad has gone too goff” he said looking very confused as they broke their kiss.

Lily sniggered and grinned at him, “Golf James, golf not goff, it’s a muggle sport. Well I suppose you could call it a sport, it involves a ball” she considered.

“A ball?” James repeated frowning, “Just the one?” he asked, Lily nodded, “What’s the fun in that” he sighed.

Lily chuckled slightly and kissed him lightly on the lips again, “You are funny in the muggle world” she said softly, still smiling at him

“It’s all so different” he said not bothering to keep the excitement out of his voice and eyes, Lily laughed he was a child at Christmas, “Can I use the toaster?” he said his eyes widening, “I saw your Mum use It this morning. Please Lily, I won’t break it I promise” he said excitedly.

“Go on then” she laughed as her boyfriend pulled away from her and hopped excitedly over to the muggle appliance in the kitchen, he pulled out a piece of bread from the breadbin and stuck it into the toaster. He stood there for a few moments as if he was waiting for something to happen, he stared around the room in impatience and Lily laughed again, “James, you have to heat it up” she smiled, pulling down the leaver which caused the bread to heat up.

James grinned sheepishly and shrugged, “It’s fun all the same. Wait until I tell Sirius” he said happily.

They spent the next hour preparing their breakfast Lily showed James how to work the blender, the toaster, the fridge and many other muggle objects, she also promised later she would show him how to work, in his words “tellytone”. After about an hour whilst they were washing up their breakfast Lily’s Mother entered the kitchen.

“What are you two up too today?” she asked them.

Lily shrugged, “Might go for a walk around the village” she smiled.

“That sounds sweet” Her mother smiled as she grabbed her bag from the kitchen table, “I’m going to help your Grandmother go shopping for the wedding” she said rolling her eyes slightly, “Dad will be back at about four or five, Petunia’s going shopping with Yvonne. I also wanted to ask you a favour” she said, her eyes immediately filling with anticipation.

Lily eyed her Mother curiously, “What?” she said slowly.

“Well, tonight I was wondering if you and James, would maybe –um- mind going out for dinner with Petunia and Vernon?” she asked really quickly, Lily gaped at her Mother and widened her eyes.

She shook her head, “No” she said fiercely, “No way that will all end in disaster no way Mum” she growled.

“Lily, it’s really important to me that you and Petunia rebuild your relationship, or try too” she tried, Lily frowned, “Please, for me” she sighed.

“Fine” Lily muttered, she looked at James who was clearing away plates, in a world of his own, “For you” she added.

Her Mother smiled, “Thanks love, right have a nice day both of you, see you tonight” she said before grabbing her bag and exiting the kitchen, a few moments later the front door slammed and they were alone again.

“Dinner with Petunia and Vernon then” James mused, bending down and sliding some plates into a draw, “It’ll be fine” he said trying to sound reassuring as he looked up at Lily, she smiled nervously back down at him, “Promise” he smiled, “Unbreakable vow”

“You’re sweet” she smiled, giving him a hug, he hugged her tighter and she lay her head on his chest.

She really wasn’t looking forward to this meal; Petunia and Vernon were going to be practically unbearable. She had been right this was going to be a very, very long week and it looked like there was no escaping it.

my new story (JAMES/LILY) is up, the one i wrote for the challenge its a summer romance, it's called It Goes Like Clockwork i'd be really grateful if you let me know what you thought, your opinions matter to me guys:)

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