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Numbing The Pain (Previously called Numb) by AllThePossibilities
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Friday 18th June 2021

“Please say something, Teddy.” Victoire pleaded her voice full of remorse. She stared into his eyes searching for a reply, but all she found was hurt. The atmosphere remained uncomfortably silent as he turned around and left the living room.

Allowing a moment to regain her composure, Victoire headed to the bedroom where she knew Teddy would be. Everything will be fine. She thought to herself. We’ll talk, he’ll maybe give me the silent treatment while he processes my justification, then everything will be okay and we can forget it ever happened. But when Victoire arrived at the bedroom she found the complete opposite to what she had been anticipating.

“Teddy?” She whispered, “What are you doing?” Without stopping to turn around Teddy murmured a short reply. “I’m leaving.” And with that he gathered his belongings, turned on the spot and disappeared.

Victoire couldn’t believe what she’d just witnessed. She knew what she had done was wrong, but she thought that Teddy would forgive her after she had time to explain. But that was it; he hadn’t given her time to explain. And now she thought about it, maybe she didn’t deserve time either. Victoire sank to the ground and stared at the spot Teddy had just left.

Sunday, 20th June 2021

Rose dragged herself out of bed and padded towards the bathroom, but not before throwing her pillow as hard as she could towards Dominique. Where just happened to hit her on the head and result in her falling completely out of her bed.

“What was that for?” Dom grunted angrily. “It’s 8 o’clock.” Rose shouted from the bathroom. “So, its Sunday. Day of rest?” replied a now wide awake Dom. “If we don’t get up now we won’t have time for breakfast before we start our Defence homework!” Rose said with a playful smile.

“Oh boy, Rose! Wouldn’t that be terrible?” She said teasingly. “Shut up, Dom. I know you're really hungry, your stomachs been growling for the past twenty minutes.” Rose flashed her best friend a look that said ‘Get a move on,’ as she headed down to the common room.

A short while later Dom came scampering down the stairs to find Rose waiting by the fire for her. “You know you only took around 3 minutes to get ready don’t you?” Rose said with a laugh. “Like you said, I am hungry.” Dom said with a smirk, “Come on then, let’s go!”

Twenty minutes later Rose and Dominique were piling their plates with breakfast (rather graciously of course) for the second time when Albus strode sleepily into the Great Hall and plopped down on the bench across from the girls.

“Good morning Al!” they greeted him in unison. “Morning,” Albus mumbled back as his friend Scorpius sat down next to him. “Mate, your snoring really is bad.” He noted to Scorpius. “Shut up Al, at least I don’t jump around in my sleep as if I’m at Quidditch practise.” He taunted, earning himself a punch to the arm.

The group’s conversation faded out as they saw the first post owl fly through the window. Plenty more owls followed, dishing out letters and parcels. The four friends carried on with their breakfast not expecting any post today, until a large brown and white owl landed in front of Dominique.

“Oh, how wonderful,” She sighed dully, “A letter from Victoire, whatever next!” She thought aloud sarcastically. But as she opened the letter and read the contents her face changed from one dripping with sarcasm to a look of complete shock.

“Dom, is everything alright?” Rose asked with a worried expression on her face. “Teddy’s left Vic.” Dom replied with an undecided frown. This caught Al’s attention and his head shot up to look at his cousins.

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” Exclaimed Rose loudly? Dominique just shook her head and slid the letter towards Rose, too shocked to put together any sort of functioning sentence.

“But why would he do that?” questioned Scorpius looking rather confused.

“Vic hasn’t said why, it just says ‘I thought I might as well tell you, to save having to explain why he won’t be around when you guys arrive home next week.’” Rose replied.

“This is bad.” Said Albus.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first attempt at a fanfic so I thought I'd just write a short prologue and see how things pan out. So, leave me a short review and tell me what you think. You never know, I might write some more!

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