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The Wife He Never Wanted by Broken Butterfly
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 “Why don’t you just mind your own bloody business you filthy mudblood?”

“Don’t you call me a Mudblood your arse, you are the one who married me!”

“As If I had a bloody choice about it.”

“You can’t possibly mean that, you are the one who wanted to marry me, you proposed to me. Why would you say that?”

“Because now I sorely regret that year that I did so, and then you were pregnant with Scorpius so there wasn’t much I could do about it.” He said coldly.

The screaming match between the couple only continued to intensify. It seemed to Hermione that the only communication she and Draco had anymore was to fight. They fought about everything, what she made for dinner, what she was wearing to bed. What shoes she bought, what tie he wore, the hours he worked, the people in their home, Scorpius and Cassiopeia. Big things, small things it really didn’t matter anymore, they were always fighting. It was lucky that Scorpius was away at Hogwarts this year and little Cassiopeia was only a baby. She didn’t understand.

“I hate you.” She told him.

“No, Bitch, I hate you.”

“You can sleep on the couch tonight.” She said throwing a pillow and a blanket at him and slamming the door in his face. Then she locked it and cast a charm so that he couldn’t open it.

“Open this door Hermione! Don’t make me do this the hard way.”

“Go away.”

He did, then. She heard his footsteps run down the stairs, pounding in rage.

She collapsed on the bed, sobbing, finally letting go of her tears. She couldn’t continue to live like this. She never saw her friends, barley left the house, she was a housewife, she didn’t work, and she was always at the mercy of her husband. When Malfoy drank, and he was furious about something, she seemed to set him off, without meaning to and everything went downhill from there. She thought her only safety was locking him out of the room, but it wasn’t.

The Glass from the French doors on the balcony shattered open, and Malfoy flew in off of his broom. She backed away but he came close and closer to her, picked her up and put her on the bed.

“I am your damned Husband and you will obey me.”

“I will do no such thing, scum, I’m not a 1950’s wife.” She spat in his face

 “So help me Merlin, if you ever speak to me with disrespect again…” He cut off his own sentence not seeming to know what he would do.

 “When I come out of that bathroom, if you are not on that fucking bed, I will put you right back there.”

Hermione curled into a ball, and stopped crying. She couldn’t cry with him around, she had to be strong. Draco came out ten minutes later and he relaxed seeing her there. He hated fighting with her, but somehow taking his rage out on her made him feel in control, though he knew he really wasn’t. He hated fighting with her because he loved her. But she wouldn’t know it for the way he treated her.

“Kiss me goodnight wife.” He said, sneering, still very much angry but not knowing at what. It was all a pretense to make it seem like he was the boss in the house, when he was really at her mercy. but in a calm control.

Hermione inched forward, not wanting him to yell again, but truly in her heart she did love him, because beneath the monster he was a man, who had no control over this side. She closed her eyes and pictured him as that man, the one she married, the one she loved, and she kissed him.

“Goodnight, Draco.” She said and turned back onto her side away from him. 

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