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Explosive Things by watchoutfornargles
Chapter 4 : IV.
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CI by empyreal.@TDA

“What?” I spluttered. This is where if I had a drink I would spit it out comically. “I’m not in love with Potter. Are you fucking blind?”

“I’m not as stupid as James makes me out to be,” Louis said, “I have eyes. I see you guys together.”

“Yes,” I said, “and that is exactly why you should see that I’m not in love with that rat bastard. We can’t carry on a decent conversation without insulting each other. We’re always glaring at each other. It’s always been that way. I do not love him, let alone even like him.”

“It’s called sexual tension dear,” Louis said, “and I think that your glaring with him is more like mutual eye sex. It’s kind of gross to look at actually. Would you mind not doing in the Great Hall at every meal?”

“What?!” I said, scrunching my face up, “Ew. Ew. Image, get out of brain! Brain, delete! Abort! Ahhhh!”

Louis just smiled.

“How long?” he repeated.

“First year,” I sighed, giving in.

“Ah, such a cliché, babe,” he sighed, “boy and girl meet each other on the Hogwarts Express, the first day of the first year. They act like they hate each other, but secretly are madly in love. One day, they admit their mutual feelings for each other, have a heated snog—“

“Have you been reading my diary again?” I demanded.

“Get married, shag, and create the savior of the wizarding world,” he continued, “James Potter and Lily Evans.”

“Oh,” I said sheepishly, “don’t mind me!”

Louis grinned at me. I felt the sudden urge to windmill kick him in his family jewels.

“But it’s pointless,” I said, suddenly feeling immensely sad, “because he hates me even more now. You hear what he said about me. And James is probably not as sappy as his grandfather was.”

“He doesn’t really mean it,” he said soothingly.

And I burst into tears. Okay, it wasn’t bursting. There are a number of different criers.

There are the noisy criers. These are usually girls, who sob and scream and wail.

There are the tearers. These are usually guys, whose eyes water up with tears but don’t let them spill.

And then there are the last, the silent criers. These are the ones who try not to cry, but the tears fall out. They cry as much as the noisy ones, but it’s completely silent.

And they’re the most depressing of all. I know, I was a silent crier. I always cried at the strangest moments. Usually when I was trying to hide all my feelings and my body wasn’t cooperating.

Louis looked scared. He’d never seen me cry. No one had ever seen me cry. I’d always cried in the confines of my bedroom, and even then it was an infrequent thing. Victoria Hathaway doesn’t cry. I just keep my emotions bottled up.

“Victoria,” Louis started.

“This was my first date,” I blurted out, “no one’s ever asked me out on a date before.”

Louis looked shocked.

I nodded, swallowing my tears.

“I screwed things up with James,” I said, finally using his name.

Louis nodded, and put his arm around me.

We stayed there for a while, tears falling silently down and soaking my clothes. I put my head in his lap and kept it there for a while.

“He doesn’t deserve you,” he said quietly.

I pursed my lips. I knew it was true. But I didn’t deserve him, either. I was a right bitch most of the time too.

“I’m over him,” I said with finality, but it was only about 90 percent true.

Louis looked at me, and I knew that he knew I was kidding myself too. But like the best friend he was, he chose to ignore it.

“If James could see you now,” he trailed off wistfully.

I closed my eyes, trying to block out the pain of heartbreak. Told you I always fell for the wrong guy. Why couldn’t it have been Louis? Why?

Louis Weasley POV

My heart broke along with hers.

Okay that sounded a lot less sappy in my head.

Victoria was, to put it simply, amazing. She was better than any guy I knew, and too see her like this was unnerving. I knew that James was my blood and all, but sometimes he was a right wanker.

I knew this day would happen eventually. I had known that the two of them had been in love with each other for ages. It was bloody obvious, to me at least. But the both of them were stubborn, and they would never admit it. James had to go and hide his feelings by being a playboy, and Victoria was just naturally a spaz.

I knew that there would come the day where one of them would go too far with their insults, and their jokes, and it would break both of their hearts. And then here I was, Louis Weasley, to pick up the pieces. My best friends were fucking idiots.

It physically hurt me to see Victoria like this, but I knew James was probably breaking too. Except instead of crying, he was probably shagging anything with legs. James has a lovely way of covering up his emotions.

Victoria didn’t know it, but James purposely scared off all the guys that liked her. He called it “being protective of the-girl-who-was-kinda-a-part-of-his-family-but-he-hated.” Yup. Hate. That’s it alright.

There were quite a few guys. Hmm, like a quarter of the boys in our year? Half of them were intimidated of her. If Victoria ever found out about James and his “helping,” she would freak. I think Rose should be in charge of cleaning up that mess.

I looked over at Victoria, who had fallen asleep in my lap. She looked cute when she slept. Not deadly and stuff. I should take pictures. Maybe then people wouldn’t be as afraid of her.

I swept her up in my arms, like the princess she deserved to be. She did love fairytales. And romcoms, as much as she denied it. She claimed that “romcoms make me feel sad because my life is a hundred times worse and will never be like a movie.”

“You deserve a fairytale,” I whispered into her brown hair as I carried her back to Hogwarts.

James and I were going to have a lovely chat tonight.

A/N: Well, that was your first look at Louis! There are going to be a bunch of random POV switches, but its mostly in Victoria's perspective. Review! Me gusta them.

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Explosive Things: IV.


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