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Starcrossed Lovers by emelyelouise
Chapter 2 : Tea and Biscuits.
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Draco felt sorry for her, she was obviously uncomfortable in his company. He went into the kitchen to make them some tea. When he returned he summond some biscuits for them to nibble on. Hermione appreciated this, as it made her feel slightly better. Draco couldn't help it his curiousity, and concern got the better of him.

"So, what caused you to drown your sorrows in alcohol?" Draco asked with genuine concern.

Hermione was slightly taken a back by this question, never the less she answered him.

"Oh, erm I caught my boyfriend cheating, when he was supposed to be on business trip." Tears began to form in her eyes, and streamed down her face. Draco saw this and his instict was to hug the poor girl. he flung his arms around her weak flame. If there was something that really pissed of Draco it was men mistreating women, he couldn't stand it.

"I'll curse his cheating, lying arse all the way into next weak!" he fumed. His body physically shaking with anger.

Hermione gave a weak chuckle and said how it wasn't necessary. Draco's anger surprised her, they hadn't spokenin a year, and even when they did it was always snide comments seen as they hated eachother. Draco assured her the offer was still there if she ever felt like watching him get his arsed kicked. He released her from the hug, he hadn't realised how long he had been holding her. They sat there drinking their tea in silence for a few moments, when Hermione realised she had work today. She jumped up in realisation and knocked a few biscuits onto the floor. Draco stared at her concerned for her sudden movement.

"I'm so sorry i was meant to be at work 3 hours ago! I have to go. Thank you for the tea." She said trying to find her shoes so that she could leave. Draco grabbed her arm, tight enough so she couldn't wiggle out of his grip but not tight enough to hurt her.

"Stay for a bit Granger. You've already missed half the day. Just say tomorrow that you were sick, they will understand." This was Draco's weak attempt to plasate her to stay.

"What lie? To the ministry of magic? Are you mad?!"

"Yes, but that's what some people love about me"

Hermione contemplated staying with him for a few minutes, she had already missed half the day. And she didn't really feel up to accidently walking into her cheating boyfriend.

"Alright I will stay for a bit" she really was a bit sick. Well hungover, so it wasn't a complete lie she would be telling.

Draco's usual smirk turned into a proper smile, she felt safe sat down next to him. A strange feeling but yes that is what she felt. They spent the rest of the day on that sofa talking about what they had been up to in the past year. They also got onto the subject , as only hermione would, books. It turned out her and Draco had a lot more in common they she had originally thought. Draco actually enjoyed muggle books! He read a lot of Shakespeare, this surprised her more than anything he told her that day.

Draco even told her how after the war he disowned his own parents. He didn't agree with anything they had fought for and he was fed up with them trying to force their opinion on him so he just left and began a new life. Hermione told him all about how she didn't feel it was right giving back her parents memory after so long of them living without her, so even though she loved them and wanted them in her life she choice to let them live their life in Australia.

The pair were building a real connection, with out them realising. But the day was over and the evening was drawing to an end. They had just polished off their second bottle of firewhisky when Hermione decided to head home. She was planning on just apparating back into her apartment but Draco offered to walk her home. He knew she needed to head home but he still wanted more time with her.

They walked in the dark, mostly in silence. However it wasn't an awkward silence, it was peaceful. Draco went to hold Hermione's hand, it sent a warm shiver down her spine, and left an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She had idea why but she liked that feeling. Soon after they arrived at Hermione's door she went to unlock it, Draco rapped his arms around her waist, pulled her body against his and pressed his lips against hers. He let them linger there for a few seconds, he then released her from his grasp. The tingly feeling in Hermione's stomach had come back. They said their goodbyes and she opened the door, and screached. Draco ran back up behind her to see what caused her to scream and protect her.

To Hermione's complete surprise it was Dean standing in her living room. Draco instinctively pushed Hermione back and had his wand pointed directly at Dean's chest, he demanded to know why he was there.

"I umm need to speak to my girlfriend, so i would appriciate it if you lowered your wand Malfoy." Dean said surprisingly confidently.

Hermione shouted from behind Draco "I am not your girlfriend! You lost the right to call me that when you slept with that slut!" tears had began to well up in her eyes.

"Hermione I'm so sorry, she meant nothing to me"

"No! what meant nothing to you was our relationship"

"I would advice you to leave now." Draco said in a threatening tone. He still hadn't lowered his wand.

"Hermione, i just want you to understand how sorry i am" Dean began as he slowly walked over to the door, with Draco's wand following him.
"I still love you, and i will always regret this mistake" He walked through the open door. Once he had just passed the threash hold, Draco spoke after him.

"Just one quick thing Dean" Draco said in an erly nice tone. Straight after Dean turned around to look at him, his fist had collided with great force into Dean's nose. Dean stumbled back a few paces. Draco slammed the door, and rounded on Hermione who was trying cover up the fact that she was crying. He wrapped his arms around her, picked her up and placed her on the sofa. He sat next to her, comforting her. Hermione was the first to break the silence.

"Thank you, for defending me."

"No problem. I've been waiting for an excuse to punch him, he never hands his work on in time and its always sloppy." He was trying to cheer her up, it seemed to work as she gave a slight chuckle.
They sat like that, wrapped in eachothers arms for roughly half an hour.

"Well i guess i better get home now, leave you in peace." Draco went to stand up, but Hermione grabbed his hand and pulled him back to the sofa.

"Please don't leave me. I know him, he will come back when he thinks i'm alone. please i can't face him." She said muffled through the tears.
Draco hugged her tighter, and said he would have to grab some things from his appartment, and he would be back. he kissed her cheek, stood up and apparated away. In a long ten minutes he returned, with a bag filled with some clothed for work tomorrow. He sat back down next to her. And that were they slept for the night.

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