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The Wind at Greenwell by gracelyn
Chapter 1 : The Train
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I stared at the train, somewhat reluctantly. "Mama-"

                "You'll be good, won't you? Don't break rules. Do your homework. Make friends-"

                "Mama, I'll miss you!" I cried, suddenly terrified, and I grabbed her dress clinging desperately, sobbing.

                A conductor leaned out of the hissing train. "Last call! All aboard!" His English words pulled me out of my sadness, and I stopped crying.

                "Go on, darling, you don't want to miss the train. I love you!" Mama pried me off her and I boarded the train.  As it lurched into movement, I felt a wave of loneliness.

                "Miss? Please find a seat." The conductor nodded to me.

                "Oh- Okay." I smiled slightly, and nodded back.

                I stood in the corridor, other students bustling around me. The train was a small one- the main English school, Hogwarts, was not for elemental magic, and most children went there. Fingering my wand, I found an empty compartment and sat down. My cat, Salem, a gift from my father, curled on my lap.

                Two girls came in. "Mind if we sit here?" one asked, flipping back her blond hair.

                I shrugged. "Be my guest. " I was pleased to notice that I had no accent from my last 4 years in Turkey.

                "Are you from here? What's your name? How old are you?" The other girl asked. She was petite, a delicately built brunette.

                "Mariona!" The other girl sighed, exasperated. "Sorry," she added to me.

                I laughed at her inquisitive personality lightly. "To answer your questions, I am half from here. My parents are Turkish. I was born here in England, but I spent my last four years in Turkey. My name is Kara. I'm nine years."

                "I'm Mariona, and this is Emma." Mariona said, gesturing to her friend. Emma was taller, slim, with a blunt chin, blue eyes, and blond hair. She seemed very calm, happy almost, content.

                "We're neighbors, you see, and- for 6 years- friends." Emma said.

                "I wish I had a friend like that," I smiled. "My brothers- there are 5 of them- they go here, but I hardly expect they'll talk to me."

                "They might," Emma said, "Greenwell does interesting things to people."

                We played cards, then, and wondered at Greenwell's system for elemental magic. "I'm water. What's yours?" Mariona asked.

                "I'm air." I smiled. "When I was small and I got mad, I'd make a wind go through the house and smash all my mother's perfume bottles. What's yours, Emma?"

                "Earth. It's the worst of the lot." She said glumly.

                "No, it isn't," I replied, surprised. "Earthquakes and sandstorms and all sorts of grand things. And also- plants, animals- we all rely on earth."

                "And air," she returned. "And water. And I suppose fire, too. Everyone can destroy things. And also make them. Curious, it is."

                "Well, air's hard to control. But at least I'll never suffocate." I smiled. "How does Greenwell teach elemental magic?"

                "I've no idea," Mariona replied. "I suppose we'll learn to control it... I hope so."

                "What do you mean? Have you lost control  a lot?" I asked.

                She looked away, and shrugged. "I've made... mistakes."

                Emma patted her arm sympathetically and made a face. "You can tell Kara what happened, Mari," she said gently.

                "Well, I don't want to- that's behind me, now, I've no want to relive it. Let me be, Emma!" She tossed off her friend's hand.

                Emma stared at her sadly, then turned to me. "I expect we'll be there soon- I'm a little scared."

                I smiled encouragingly, and glanced at Mariona- her head was in her hands as she stared at nothing.

                Presently, the train jolted to a stop, and excitement over took me. We were at Greenwell.


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