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When One Story Ends, Another One Begins by potterfan310
Chapter 4 : Welcome To America
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Once we had arrived at the airport, got off the plane and collected out luggage we went to the waiting area. Since some guy from Al's company was picking us up.

We had just sat down, Relieving my tired feet. Let me tell you nine hours on a plane and being fifteen nearly sixteen weeks pregnant is not a good thing. Also when your ignoring your cousin and wallowing in your own regret and hating certain stupid blonde haired people who thought that they would tell me that they loved me just as I was leaving the country, is just great. Just Brilliant.

Through out the flight Al kept asking me if I was ok and each time I told him that I was fine. Then he kept asking me who was on the phone and why I had been crying. Again I told him no one and that I was sad to leave. I don't think he believed me though but he didn't ask again.

About five minutes later a tall blonde haired man (no it wasn't Scorpius) walked though the doors. He had scanned the room and once he had spotted us, he made his way over.

"Are you Mr Potter and Miss Weasley" He asked looking at the paper he was carrying.

Al looked up "Yes, I'm Albus Potter and this is my cousin Rose Weasley"

"Good to meet you both. I am Joseph Wormwood, but you can call me Joe. I am going to be your personal assistant and driver from now on. I work for Mr Rickshaw who is also your new boss Mr Potter"

"Please call me Al" Al said holding out his hand and Joe shook it.

"Wow" I whispered. We have a personal assistant. Bloody hell.

He picked up my holdall and Al's suitcase. How on earth did Al have more clothes than me?

"If you would like to follow me to the car" Joe said.

We followed him outside to the car park. He lead us over to a large black range rover. As he loaded our luggage in the boot, He told us to hop on in. Once we were in and moving Joe started talking to us. "This your first time in America?" He asked.

I nodded while Al said "no"

I looked at him and frowned "when..." I trailed off.

"The other year with Hannah" Al said sheepishly.

"Oh" was all I managed to say. His and Hannah's relationship is still kind of a touchy subject.

"Right well, I think You'll Both Like it here. First we're gonna go to your new house. I'll let you get settled, you will be able to to take a nap and get familiar with your new surroundings. Then later this afternoon we're going car shopping. You will both have your own car paid for by the company and for special events and circumstances I will drive you both in this" Joe told giving the steering wheel a gentle pat.

The rest of the journey was in silence as I was too busy looking out the windows at the scenery, buildings and people. Al was talking to Joe about the sport here and cars, well that's men for you. Thank god that the windows were blacked out, otherwise I bet I look like a right weirdo. Also I've got a lot on my mind, too much in fact.

We pulled into a street called Victoria Avenue. There were long drives off the street, each of them going up to a house (I'm guessing) surrounded by trees. Joe pulled off into one of the drives, it had automatic gates as well. How posh.

There were bright green luscious lawns and palm tree's surrounding the driveway. We pulled up outside a rather big house that had lot's of large windows And I'm guessing it would have pretty great views as well.

The car stopped and Joe got out walking around the car to open my door and then Al's. I was still in awe staring at the house, I cannot believe myself and Al will be living here. Just us two (for now) in this huge house, it must have at least twenty rooms looking at the size of it.

"Welcome to your new home" Joe said with a smile "All your stuff is here already and I will be giving you a tour before leaving you to get settled"

We both nodded, this house is bloody amazing. We walked across the drive to the front door, Joe stopped and pulled out two set's of keys. He unlocked the door before passing a set to me and the other to Al, each had their own little tag with out name on it. Joe pushed open the door and in he ushered myself and Al to go, so we did.

The entrance hall was huge (not as huge as Hogwarts, a tiny bit smaller) and there was a rather large staircase in the corner that lead to the upper floors.

I gasped, this place was breathtaking. I actually cannot finds words to describe the size of this place and that's coming from me. I mean James recons I can recite a whole dictionary  word for word, It's not true though.

"Oh My Merlin" I heard Al whisper looking around.

Joe had gone back outside to get out luggage from the car. When he came back me and Al were still in the same place that he had left us, trying to take in the surroundings.

"Welcome to your new home, would you like a tour" Joe asked.

"Yes please" I said eagerly.

"Follow me then"

And with that me and Al followed Joe around our new home. We started on the first floor which had an enormous kitchen/diner not to mention the huge dining room further on, a utility room, two living room's and a downstairs toilet.

There was stairs going off the utility room, which lead to the basement where there was a large wine celler also the garage was right next to it.

"I didn't notice a garage" I stated, feeling a little stupid. How could I have not noticed a garage?

"Ahh, that's because it's hidden. Did you notice that the drive splits to the left about halfway up" I shook my head as did Al, Joe carried on, "Well that leads you to the garage. You go in at the side, the drive then slopes under the house. It can fit four cars and there is a lot of storage." he explained.

Wicked! We continued though the house. It has seven bedrooms in total, two are en-suite. Not to mention two studies, a game room and a cinema room. This house is amazing!, It's like something out of a movie or a dream. After our tour of the house, Joe led us out the back  and pointed to a large building not too far away from the house.

"That's the swimming pool" He told us "It's heated and there's also a Jacuzzi"

This is like my dream house. I wonder, Did Joe know how much I would love it, Even though I can say I have never ever met him before in my life. The three of us re-entered the kitchen and Al got us each a can of pop from the fridge (or should I say soda now since that's what the American's call it)

"If you ever have any problems. Give me a call and I'll come sort it out. I shall leave you now but will be be back at five to pick you up to go car shopping"

"Thank's very much Joe" I said as he left. Once I heard the front door shut, I let out all my excitement.

"Al this place is freaking amazing!" I squealed practically launching myself at him to give him a big hug.

"I know" He said "Come on we better start unpacking already"

Spoilt sport. "God you sound like my Mother" I told him.

He laughed "Speaking of which, I need to call mum and tell her we got here safe, so should you" he added.

I sighed and pulled my phone out of my pocket and switched it back on. There were a ton of voicemails and texts off Scorpius. Clearly he hadn't got the message but when my finger edged towards the delete button, it was like a force wouldn't let me press it so I didn't delete any of them in the end. I found 'home' in my contact's and called.For the next ten minuets I had a conversation with mum. Not forgetting a little bit of dad and Hugo yelling in the back ground, how I miss being home.... NOT!

After the phone call, I went to my new room which is huge by the way. It has an en-suite bathroom and A WALK IN WARDROBE. I am so excited, even Phoebe would be as she has hundreds of clothes. Speaking of Phoebe I need to call her as well and tell her all about the whole Scorpius fiasco.

I dragged my holdall onto my bed and started to unpack it slowly whilst dialling Phoebe's number.

"OH MY GOD ROSIE" She yelled down the phone, which meant I was forced to hold it very far away from my ear. Since I think she may have just popped my ear drum.

"Hiya Pheeb's, how are you?" I asked returning the phone to my ear as she calmed down. Whilst talking I picked up the clothes that I had just unpacked and put them in my new walk in wardrobe.

"Missing you like crazy" She squealed.

I've been gone... what ... like a day.

"Me too. Anyway I've got news, big news and it's to do with you know who"

Ok, so the reason I call him you know who is well because Al doesn't exactly know that I have had a crush on him since second year or that I slept with him at Brenda's leaving party or that he is the father to the twins in my belly. Al hasn't a clue and for now I intend it to stay that way.

"Spill!" She said excitedly.

I then explained the whole phone call and asked her what I should do and she didn't exactly give me the answer I was looking for.

"Rosie, you should have got off the plane. It would have been like the Ross and Rachel Moment on friends where Ross is all like 'Did she get off the plane' and Rachel arrives and is like 'I got off the plane' and then they snog. Soo Romantic. Rosie he just declared his love for you after all these year's you've been crushing on him and you turn him down?"

"Yes thanks for that and I know that FRIEND'S episode perfectly well Pheeb but I don't really care." I told her.

And by crushing she doesn't mean I was crushing him with my body.

How I would like to...

Brain shut up !

I was crushing on him as in fancying him.

Five minutes later I told her I had to go and sort my things out after promising I would call her every week. I put my clothes that I had brought with me away since my other clothes had already been put away, (I think I might be in need of a little shopping spree if I want to fill this entire wardrobe). I then decided to take A little nap.

Okay so I may have been asleep longer than I intended when I heard the doorbell ring but hey, I'm Pregnant I need sleep. I had been having a nice dream that involved meeting my two favourite authors, Bathilda Bagshot author of Hogwarts A History ( Al says I'm mad as do the rest of my cousins, even though she is dead) and Tracy Doowlah author of the best seller one hundred Ways in which you can get the guy.

I heard the doorbell ring again and this time I heard Al yelling. I got up and made my way down the grand staircase and opened the door, it was Joe. Why couldn't Al have got up off his lazy ass and opened it himself, I mean I am pregnant.

"Miss Weasley are you and Mr Potter ready?" He asked.

"Yes and please call us Rose and Albus"

"Actually call me Al" Al said appearing next to me "I get less questioned asked since my name's unusual"

"There's no denying that. I know who you are Mr Potter, even here in America the tale of your Father is told. How he defeated the darkest wizard of all times at the age of seventeen and you Miss Weasley, how your parents were his best friends and how they fought often but fell in love. They're classic bed time stories for my children"

"Aww you have children, how old?" I asked as I was curious.

"Imogen is eleven and about to start the American wizarding institute for young girls, Isla is six and my son Adam is two" Joe relpied.

"How sweet. Do you know where the nearest doctors from here is?" I asked curiously.

I mean I would need a doctor what with my babies on the way.

"Yes. It's down the road, turn right and then down the first turning on the left. why?"

"I'm expecting you see" I said patting my bump that had suddenly become visible. Hmm I hadn't noticed that before. Maybe I forgot to re say the spell. Ah well, it's not like anyone over here know's me.

"Congratulations Miss... I mean Rose"

"Thank You" I said a grin spreading across my face.

We then left. I was staring out of the window again, so I barely noticed that we had stopped moving until Joe had opened my door for me.

The car's were amazing and in hundreds of different colours. (well ok not hundreds maybe twenties but it hasn't got the same ring to it) We started looking and I was able to do what I do best -shopping. Well actually some people may say that revising or Spending time in the Hogwarts Library are what I do best. But I think these day's shopping over rules them both.

I knew the sort of car I would need, the exact same one like Joe has been driving us around in. He found me the exact same one except that it was a dark blue colour instead of black, which I don't mind. Al chose a ridiculously sporty car in bright green to match his eyes apparently. What a Load of bull, I think it's because A. the shop assistant fancied him since she was drooling and B.the price of it, if she made a sale I'm sure she might get a little pay rise or a bonus.

"There's no need you two don't need to pay, company car courtesy of Mr Rickshaw" Joe insisted when he saw Al take out his wallet

"Even me?" I asked  since I wasn't even working for the same company as Al.

"Even you Rose"

Brilliant!, This is Ace! Joe told them to put the bill to Mr Rickshaw's account before the assistant told us that they would be delivered in the morning.

Once we were back on the road I asked Joe if we could stop by the doctors since we needed to register. After an hour in there I came out, since's Al's registering had taken a lot shorter time than mine. I found him and Joe in the snooker Hall just down the road and made then we made our way back home.

I spent my night on the sofa with Al watching our new fifty-two inch plasma TV before going to bed and falling asleep almost instantly.

My first day in America, well it's been fun and I'm insanely tired, jet lagged, had a busy day and being pregnant, can really makes a girl tired.

A/N I don't own Ross, Rachel or FRIENDS they all belong to David Crane and Marta Kauffman and also Warner Bro's.

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