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Enchantress by Zyii
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five - The Past
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Chapter Five - The Past

It was late when Hermione got in; Draco, ever the gentleman, had walked her up the steps of Grimmauld Place and, smiling, kissed her on both cheeks. He’d left her with the promise of hot chocolate and pastries at work tomorrow. She passed the library on her way upstairs and was surprised to see a knocked out Sirius asleep on books and pieces of paper. He was obviously working hard on something. Hermione charmed a blanket to cover him and keep him warm as he slept.

Hermione sat down on her bed not feeling the least bit tired but knowing she should really sleep. She decided to read one letter before bed, though the letter turned out to be a diary entry.

January 1978

Today will be the first day in over seven years that my parents will grace me with their presence. To them I am an abomination, someone who should be hidden away and not mentioned. They blame me for what I am but I blame Mother and her wandering libido. If she’d stuck with Father I’d have been normal…perhaps. Purebloods don’t take kindly to squibs, so when it was apparent that I had no magical abilities I was shipped away. I live a life of secrecy and forbidden longing. One day I’ll break free and then I’ll be gone.

He came today, escorting my parents like some sort of God. I watched them arrive from my window. For a brief moment his eyes locked with mine and I was drawn into the depths of the brightest blue. Matron Belladonna yanked me away from the window then, she said it wasn’t ladylike to stare from a window but assumed I didn’t understand, being a lowly squib.

I didn’t know why my parents were here. Seated in one of the smaller rooms they conversed with Matron while I was ignored. He stood in the corner waiting patiently for it all to end. Even with my head bowed I could see his fine profile. His locks of fine black hair fell to his shoulders and were pulled back into a loose ponytail. He seemed superbly well dressed so I assumed he was a Pureblood but I didn’t know what family he belonged to or the purpose of his being here. After a few minutes of idle chitchat it became apparent what this visit was about:

“You girl! Great Uncle Alfred has died” said my Mother, I felt a pang of sadness, Uncle Alfred had always been kind to me.

“He left you money, a considerable amount. You will sign it over to us now, you have no need for it you aren’t even a witch” stated my Mother.

I felt hope, a first in a long time, if I had money I had a future outside this house.

“Yes be a good girl and give us the money. Uncle Alfred obviously wasn’t in his right mind when he wrote his will” said my Father.

“No” I said mustering my courage.

“Excuse me” screeched my Mother.

“I will not give you the money, it was left to me!” I said.

“Why you insolent little chit” cried my Father.

“Do tell Father. Is your insistence to get my money because the great family fortune is no more or because Uncle Alfred didn’t include you in his will?” I asked, terrified but also triumphant at my sudden backbone.

My parents looked scandalized, Matron had a look about her that promised punishment but the young man looked impressed, his eyes sparkling with humor and I felt proud of myself.

“How dare you talk to your parents that way!” shouted Matron.

“They aren’t my parents, not really. They haven’t raised me, they don’t love me. They shut me away in this house because they are ashamed. Let’s face it we both know that Father here isn’t my real Father; there is no resemblance at all. You’re all living a lie; I turn seventeen in a few months and with the money that Uncle Alfred has left me I actually stand a chance of a normal life”.

“You’ll regret this” hissed my Mother.

“Empty words Mother, you can’t threaten one you pretend doesn’t exist”.

Today’s events made me feel good about myself. It felt good to stand on my own two feet and tell off those who call themselves my family.

Hermione looked up from the diary in shock. Her Mother had been a Pureblood squib. That meant Hermione wasn’t a muggleborn. She was a half-blood or a Pureblood depending on who her Father was. Suddenly, her mother’s legacy seemed very interesting indeed.

When Draco saw Hermione at work the next day, he found her in a state of high excitement, amusement and curiosity. She was pacing back and forth in her office, her brow was furrowed but her eyes were sparkling.

“Draco! I’ve been waiting for you!” she huffed in annoyance like he’d kept her waiting.

“Here I am Granger at your service” he muttered cheekily.

She glared at him playfully, “I started reading the stuff Mum left me” she began.

“And?” he prompted.

“And I’m not a Muggleborn” she whispered.

“What?!” shouted Draco.

“My Mother was a squib from a Pureblood family. She hasn’t mentioned who my Father is yet but I’m definitely no longer a Muggleborn” she said.

“Wow, I knew your Mother had secrets but this is above and beyond what I was thinking. Have you told anyone else?”

She shook her head.

“We should tell my Father and Severus, they might be able to help. What was her name?”

“I only knew her as Caroline Granger but I’m beginning to think she changed her name” said Hermione.

“Hmmm” said Draco deep in thought.

“Please don’t lets tell them yet, I want to keep it a secret for a little while longer” she pleaded.

“You told me” he replied.

“You’re different” she said, which pleased Draco immensely.

“What had you so amused?” he asked.


“When I walked in your eyes were sparkling with amusement” he said.

She looked at him strangely for a moment then handed him the paper.

Weasley’s Complaint Laughable!

Potter’s Comments Backfire!!

It was reported last night that Ronald Weasley made a formal complaint against Miss Hermione Granger. He claimed she attacked him without cause using dark and forbidden spells to harm him. His complaint was laughed out of the office and Potter was reprimanded for bringing the department into disrepute by lying. Mr. Weasley swears that there was a room full of witnesses at The Irish Firebang but when this reporter spoke to Seamus Finnegan, the club’s owner, we were told that Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley had entered the establishment earlier that evening and made a beeline for Miss Granger who was accompanied by Mr. Draco Malfoy.

They proceeded to harass and insult Miss Granger until Mr. Finnegan was obliged to call his guards to come and remove them from the premises. Mr. Potter’s allegations against Miss Granger have earnt him a formal warning from the Auror department. Both Mr. Weasley and Mr. Potter were warned that if any more allegations or mention of inappropriate behavior against Miss Granger reached the Minister of Magic’s ears, there would be serious consequences. There was no comment on how Miss Granger is taking this new media attention.

Draco laughed out loud as he read the article. Clearly the two dunderheads had learnt nothing and were still making the same school boy errors.

“Are you sure you raised the boys right Hermione?” he teased, “They seem no better than common mules!”

She giggled at his mock shock.

“Remember my Father and Severus will expect you for dinner on Friday. You won’t get out of it because of this!” he joked.

Friday night dinner had been a regular occurrence for many years. It was a chance for these mismatched people to act like a proper family and of course it gave Severus the chance to experiment with food, he really was a wonderful cook. Hermione knew Draco would want her to share what she’d discovered but she was reluctant because she knew it would change everything.

Enjoy lovelies :) ~ Zyii 


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Enchantress: Chapter Five - The Past


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