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Lost in Time by KatDaniels
Chapter 1 : The Gryffindor Table
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I blink a few times, the Time Turner still safe in the palms of my hands. I look around, but everything is exactly the same.

I frown, and walk over to the window. I expected to see hurt and tired students, and teachers with them. I expected to see Death Eaters, and Voldemort.

But there isn't a single person outside. Not one.

Hiding the Time Turner underneath my shirt, and carefully exit Professor McGonagall's office. I look around, but the corridor is empty as well.

Where is everyone? Where am I?

Remembering I'm not wearing any trousers, I'm glad I know a spell that can give me a pair of shorts. Can't remember why I learned it, but it sure comes in handy right now.

I walk down to the Great Hall. How long back in time have I gone?

The chatter meet me as I come closer, and I'm glad to hear the sound of cheerful people enjoying themselves.

I step inside, but not quite sure where to sit. I don't know anyone, do I? And if I haven't gone back enough years, there will be a second me, and that will NOT be good.

I look around and carefully just start to walk slowly, and trying desperately to find a spot where I can be alone. But no such luck.

A couple of lads pass me, ones shoulder brushing against mine.

"Seriously, Remus, I am not interested."

"This is important, Sirius!"

Remus Lupin? Sirius Black? As teenagers??

Oh. My. Goodness.

I've gone that far back in time?

I sit down, clutching my left side. I didn't mean going this far back. I've gone back several more years than I planed!

"You all right there, love?" ask the person sitting next to me, and I look into a pair of hazel eyes that I recognise all too much. "You look a bit pale."

"Fine," I choke, feeling as if I was looking straight at Harry himself, and not his father.

"You new? I haven't seen you around before." James Potter place his elbow on the table, letting his chin rest in the palm of his hand.

I open my mouth, expecting a snarky comment – but all I get out is, "it's not polite to have your elbows on the table while eating."

He grins at me, and I feel my cheeks flush.

People might think Harry Potter is cute and kind, but his father could charm ones clothes away by just looking at you. Like the way he was looking at me. Right now.

Get a grip, Kaya! You love Draco.

"Well, I'm done eating." He gives me an all too charming smile, and I give a choked whimper. "They're not," I whisper, referring to the others sitting around the huge table.

"That'll take forever, love – and I'm not a very patient person."

I give a half-smile. "Yeah, me neither."

"I didn't catch your name?" he says, straightening his spine as he looks down at me.

I smile – I know this pick-up-line all too well.

"I didn't give you my name."

He winks at me – he certainly knows how to flirt with a girl. "Mind giving it to me then?"

I bite my bottom lip, thinking it over for a few seconds. From the expression of amusement on his face I know I have what Draco used to call "my thinking face" on.

"Kaya," I answer after a few moments, and James nods slowly. "I'm-"

"The famous James Potter. Oh, I know all about you," I grin, proud of having been able to cut him off.

"Ah, an admirer," he chuckles, and the blush was back immediately.

"That's taking it a bit far…" I mumble, scratching my left upper arm.

"I do admire your bravery, though."

"Bravery?" asks James, frowning slightly. He's clearly confused. Go figures, he hasn't done anything considered brave so far in his life. Talk about messing up, Kaya.

I give him a warm smile as I stand up, and say, "you'll know what I mean in a few years."

He takes a hold of my wrist, keeping me in place. "You could always tell me now?"

"Torturing another soul, Potter?"

I crane my neck and see a beautiful girl with bright red hair approach us. Her piercing, green eyes could slice through the coldest of hearts.

Lily Evans.

"Good to see you, too, Evans," smirks James as he gets up, letting go of my wrist.

"Is he bothering you?"

It takes me a while to realise she's talking to me, and I hastily shake my head.

"No! No, no, absolutely not. No, it's all fine."

What a blabbering idiot I am.

"Well, if he does just brush him off. That'll give him a slap in the face," says Lily as she gives me a polite smile. She offers me her hand, and I accept.

"Lily," she introduces herself, even though I already know her name. I just don't dare interrupt her like James – she would probably find it suspicious and try to figure out how and all that. Definitely not risking that.

"Kaya," I answer, swallowing slightly.

"Nice to meet you, Kaya.

"Which House are you in, I don't think I've seen you around?"

"Uhm, I just transferred. From Beauxbatons Academy of Magic."

She better not search that up…

"I just came from the Headmasters office, I got, uhm, placed in Gryffindor…"

"Wicked! More time with me, then," grins James as he hangs an arm around my shoulders.

"Or with a better crowd. It's your choice, but I guess I'll see you in the common room later then. Welcome to Hogwarts!" she exclaims and pass us, but not before she's given James a proper death glare.

Either he didn't notice, or he was careless for it. Or from what I'd heard of their time in school; too used to it.

"Gryffindor, eh?" he chuckles, his arm still around my shoulders.

"Don't you have a thing for Lily Evans, the girl we just had a conversation with?" I ask, knowing the truth beforehand, but I have to fit in. And if you want to fit in you do not go around telling people whom they're going to marry in the future, and then they'll get a kid that they're going to die for at the age of 21. No, that's not a very clever idea.

"She's feisty, I'll give her that," he agrees, dragging his fingers along his oh-so-perfect jawline.

"She's a lot of trouble, though. Tough to crack. It takes time, but I'll get there eventually."

"You sound like a proper gentleman," I snicker, removing his arm now.

"I'll see you around, yeah?"

I give him a quick smile before I hurry out of the Great Hall and up to the Gryffindor common room – wherever that is…

A/N: I promise longer chapter's from here. I'm very excited about this story as I have never done any Marauder stories ever. Bare with me, eh? Do review and tell me what you think!

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