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Switch by ohmymerlin
Chapter 1 : Switch
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"Oi! Angelina!"


"Want to come to the ball with me?"

"All right then."

George was annoyed. No, he was more than annoyed.

Pissed off would be a better term.

He grumbled and stalked off to his dorm. As soon as he got there, he collapsed on his bed and pulled the curtains shut.

Why did Fred do that?!

He knew that he wanted to take Angelina out! He knew that he always fancied Angelina! And he still asked her to the ball!

What type of person does that?!

George rolled over and punched his pillow in a more comfortable position.

He heard the door open and then, “George? Where’d you go?”

It was Fred. The traitor. George didn’t reply and Fred sighed.

“Come on, Georgie. What’s wrong? Open up your curtains, you git.”

George couldn’t take being silent for so long (it had nearly been ten minutes!) and wrenched the curtains open.

I'm the git?” he asked incredulously.

“No, the other George in your bed,” Fred said with a grin.

George didn’t laugh and glared at his brother. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you really need to ask?” George asked.

Fred sighed and sat down next to him. “Yeah, sorry. That was a Percy move.”

“Pfft, as if Percy could get a girl,” George snorted.

Fred laughed, “He did get that one girl once. What’s her name? P-something?”

“Penelope,” George supplied with a grin. “Still don’t know how he did it.”

“Maybe he enchanted her with his shiny badge that said ‘Bighead Boy’?”

George laughed and then abruptly stopped. “You’re still a git for doing that though,” he scowled at Fred.

“I know, I’m sorry. It was either her or Hermione and I’m not too sure Ron would appreciate that.”

“They still got a few years before they get together,” George said.

“Just because that’s your bet doesn’t mean it’s right!” Fred said stubbornly.

“Course it does. I’m the smarter one.”

“And I’m the better looking one.”

George snorted, “If that helps you sleep at night, bro.”

Fred nodded and then his eyes lit up excitedly. “I’ll tell you what we do! We'll switch! I take your date to the ball and you take mine! How does that sound?!”

George nodded slowly and then faltered. “I don’t have a date though.”

“We’ll find you one! Ask Katie?”

“I think she's already got a date,” George said with a grimace.

“Alicia?” Fred suggested.

George shrugged and said, “Yeah, if you’re cool with taking her?”

Fred shrugged as well. “I’m fine with whatever. Unless they’re a male, I won’t be cool with that.”

George laughed and then got off the bed. “Well, I’m off to find Alicia. Do you have the map – oh wait, we gave it to Harry. Gotta do it the long way then.”

“She’s in the common room,” said Fred helpfully.

George shot him a thumbs up and walked back down to the common room where Alicia was doing her homework. George sat down next to her and said, “What’re you doing homework for? It’s nearly break!”

“Sprout wants this in before the end of school, so we don’t have holiday homework.”

“Shoulda dropped it,” George said wisely. “Then you wouldn’t have any homework.”

Alicia laughed and nodded. “True, so why did you come down and bother me then?”

“Want to go to the ball?” he asked casually. “Heard you were free.”

She nodded. “Sure, why not?”

He grinned and said, “Great. I’ll leave you to it then.”

She smiled and waved. “G’night George.”

“Night, Alicia.” He walked back up where Fred was waiting on his bed, looking at their ideas for the shop.

“How’d it go?” Fred asked, not looking up.

“Great. You got a date,” he grinned at him and Fred grinned back.

“It’s gonna be fun, George.”

“That it will, Fred.”

“Alright, so whatever you do, don’t go to Alicia. Go only to Angelina.”

George rolled his eyes. “I know, Freddie. I’m not stupid.”

“Your O.W.L’s beg to differ.”

“You got the same bloody results as me!” George said, shaking his head at his brother’s foolishness.

Fred laughed. “Just testing you. Wanna go now?”

George nodded and they trotted down the stairs where Alicia and Angelina were sitting on the sofa, giggling.

“I hate it when they giggle,” Fred muttered. “It’s like they’re planning something.”

“And we aren’t?” George raised his eyebrows and Fred grinned wickedly.

“Evening, ladies,” George said, clapping his hands together. “Angelina, shall we?”

She blinked and nodded with a big grin on her face. “You look beautiful,” George shot her a grin.

“Thanks. You look good too.” George nodded his head in thanks and they headed out the common room to the Great Hall.

George heard Fred talking to Alicia and so George engaged in a conversation with Angelina.

She replied easily and George found it incredibly easy to talk to her. He’d talked to her but usually it was always about Quidditch.

Of course it was referenced quite often, but their conversations weren’t dominated by how much of a prat Oliver was.

They ate and George noted with pleasure she wasn’t going for those tiny salads some of the French girls were having. She had a proper meal and ate all of it, not complaining once.

George noticed his younger brother glaring at Victor Krum so he whispered to Fred, “Look at ickle Ronniekins.”

Fred looked over and cracked a wicked grin. “Ooh, Ronnie’s a bit jealous I see.”

George laughed and Fred said, “Oh God, its Percy the Prat.”

“What’s he doing here?” George asked bewilderedly.

“Probably chasing after Crouch.”

“Wonders if he knows his name yet,” George said, not bothering to hide his grin. Fred laughed and resumed talking to Alicia.

“My brother’s boss doesn’t know his name. Keeps calling him Weatherby,” George said to Angelina, watching her laugh with a grin of his own.

“Poor thing, how long has he been working with him?” she asked, glancing at Percy with a stifled laugh.

“Dunno. It was sometime in summer. So probably more than half a year,” George shrugged.

She nodded and was about to say something but the champions were called out the front to dance. After the first song (during which Harry stumbled many times much to George and Fred’s amusement), the teachers were called out. Finally they started allowing other students to join.

“Care to dance?” George asked Angelina, who nodded and stood up excitedly.

They got on the dance floor and they started to tango to the slow classical music. George twirled her around and she laughed happily.

He dipped her down and when lifted her back up, her eyes were glinting with humour.

“George, you may as well stop now. I know it’s you.”

His mouth dropped open, but he quickly recovered. “What gave it away?”

“Give me a break. I’ve known you for six years, we can both tell the difference.”

George grinned and said, “So Alicia knows too?”

“Of course she does, we discussed it when we went to the loo together.”

“Ahh, the loo, it’s where all the secrets are revealed.”

Angelina laughed. “That’s true. Can I tell you a secret?”

“But we aren’t in a loo,” George said, winking. Angelina rolled her eyes and he grinned. “Go ahead.”

“I’m actually really glad you and Fred decided to switch. I wanted to go with you, but you never asked,” she said as he twirled her around.

“Really?” George asked, with a smile.

She nodded and George said, “Yeah, I got annoyed at Fred and he came up with the plan to switch. I was going to ask you, I just didn’t know when.”

Angelina laughed and the two kept tangoing to the upbeat party music. They were both awful at it but they were having fun.

“George, can I ask you something?”

“Already did,” George winked at her again.

She shot him a look and George nodded. “Sure, Angelina, the prettiest girl here, what did you want to ask me?”

“That’s better,” she said with a blush, whether it was from heat or embarrassment, George didn’t know. “Do you fancy me or am I just going to be a date for this ball?”

“I fancy you,” he said, not caring about if he sounded like a sap or not. He liked Angelina; he may as well say it.

She grinned and said, “Phew, I don’t think I would have been able to face you if you said you just wanted me as a date.”

George rolled his eyes and said, “Well I’m not saying that. So should we go sneak out?”

She grinned mischievously. “Definitely.”

George knew in that moment he had found the right girl.

so... this is the first thing I've ever written in Hogwarts era!

I've read heaps of things how people don't think George/Angelina are a good couple but I've always thought they'd be cute together and this plot bunny just attacked me so I had to write it.

And you guys don't know how hard it was to write George annoyed at Fred, so you better appreciate it! ;) But seriously, I struggled so much, so if anyone ever wants to write a Fred and George story, bear that in mind! :p

Anyways, tell me how you all liked it :) or disliked it, just a review would be helpful :)

disclaimer: * Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, page 343 English/Australian version
Everything is respectfully Jo's and I in no way own it :(

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