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Being Honest by _A_
Chapter 3 : Maybe They're Onto Us
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James is… confused. Al is acting so weird. One day James woke up and his brother is following around this girl who never speaks like a little puppy. The whole thing was totally out of the blue. He was seriously always with her.

And from everything James can tell, Albus was not snogging her. It was always easy to tell when Al had got himself a new girl. He never made a secret of it. He would snog them at the breakfast table, in the common room, in the corridor. Public Displays of Affection were his favorite thing in the world.

But now, this Jamie girl had somehow made that all stop. James wasn’t complaining, really. He had always lectured Albus about how he used girls, but it was a complete 180 turn and seemed to have happened overnight.

The worst part was that Al refused to talk to him about it.

James and Albus were pretty close, just like they were close to the majority of their cousins. And Albus had never had an issue telling James things before. The two had very few, if any, secrets. This was really the part that bugged James.

It was eating at him constantly. Every time he saw them together increased his frustration. It just wasn’t normal.

It had been over a month since Albus had randomly jumped up and left James sitting on the couch by himself, halfway through a sentence.

Other family members had tried to get the story from him as well, but with no reported success.

The weirdest part was that Albus seemed to have no romantic intentions towards this girl at all. Not that he was displaying anyway. And, as mentioned earlier, Al loved to put things on display.

At least he had dumped that bitch, Connie, or the Ice Queen, as James liked to call her. Connie was hot, James freely admitted this fact. But she was also completely crazy. She had dominated every second of Al’s life. Any time the family tried to hang out and catch up, she would butt in and make everyone incredibly uncomfortable. She would sit on his lap and constantly try to snog him and make snide comments at everyone.

There was one time Lily almost punched her in the face because she made Roxanne cry. See, Roxy had just started learning how to put on make-up and girly things like that, but she wasn’t super great at it yet. Connie, of course, felt the need to point that out in very rude terms. Albus dumped her off his lap for that. It was possibly James’ favorite memory of Connie.

It had taken almost three months for Albus to wise up and take his families advice.

Jamie was definitely better than that girl.

It got kind of confusing at times, though. Jamie was James’ childhood nickname and sometimes people still called him that to get under his skin. So, Albus or Rose would be taking to girl-Jamie and he would think they were talking to him and he’d glare at them for calling him Jamie, only to realize that they weren’t.

It had happened many times.

The point is that he just didn’t understand what this girl had done to get Albus’ undivided attention like she did. James thought he understood his brother and the way he worked pretty well, but this he did not understand.




Rose didn’t understand. She’d been trying to get Jamie to feel comfortable around her for years. Rose had plenty of other friends that she could’ve been friends with instead, but she had always felt that Jamie needed a friend. She was drawn to the girl. Jamie clearly had secrets and Rose had always hoped that one day she would open up to her.

But nothing ever seemed to change.

Jamie acted the same. She tolerated Rose’s presence. Being a Weasley, Rose was not used to that kind of attitude. People usually begged to be her friend. Not Jamie, though.

And then, one day, Albus decided he’s going to be friends with Jamie completely out of nowhere. And within hours, he has her laughing at something he did. A couple of weeks later, Rose gets to lunch and they are having a full on debate about baked chicken versus fried chicken!

How did Albus do it?

Rose was dying to know.

What did he do to pull Jamie out of her shell?

It had been almost two months since they had first come to dinner together and they were now inseparable.

A couple of times Jamie had even gone looking for him!

It was madness.

This was not the Rose that Jamie knew.

So maybe she was a little jealous.

She had wanted to be the person that pulled Jamie out of her shell. Being completely honest, she had seen her relationship with Jamie as a bit of a project. Jamie was a problem that needed to be analyzed. It wasn’t Rose’s fault. That was just how her mind worked.

In truth, Jamie had even been acting more comfortable around her the last few months as well. So she should be happy about that, shouldn’t she?

The issue lay in the fact that Jamie wasn’t changing because of anything Rose was doing. It was all Albus. Whatever he had done, or told her, or whatever had made Jamie much more open with people.

Not that she was running around telling her deepest thoughts to random people, but the amount of more-than-a-couple-sentences conversations that they had had in the last month probably equaled the number they had had ever before then.

It wasn’t just Jamie’s behavior that had Rose weirded out though.

It was Albus, too. He had completely stopped chasing random girls. As far as she knew, he hadn’t had a single “date” since he and Jamie had started hanging out. And those were the types of things he usually liked to let people know about just to make sure they all realized how popular he was and how easy it was for him to get girls.

She loved and hated that this had changed.

In Rose’s mind, the Jamie and Albus being friends seemed to have changed the entire dynamic of Hogwarts.

Albus wasn’t being a manwhore and Jamie was acting like a real friend.

It just wasn’t natural.

It had been just two months and her entire world had changed. Maybe she was being melodramatic, but she didn’t care.

She prided herself in being able to understand people and the way they worked. This she did not understand. She knew it wasn’t just her either. James had said it. Daniel had mentioned it (but Daniel knows everything, it’s creepy). Louis and Fred had complained that he wasn’t focused at Quidditch practice. It was all over the place.

Molly had said something about it and she was in Ravenclaw! They hardly ever saw her! They never really made an effort to see her, honestly. She was every bit her father’s (Percy) daughter.

Lucy was better.

Back to the point. Rose wanted her friends back. Or she wanted to know why they had changed. It stressed her out to not know things, to not be in the loop. Inside jokes that she wasn’t a part of where her most hated enemy.

She would figure it out. She would.



Lily’s not worried. She loved the change she was seeing in her brother. Rose and James had been whispering about how weird it was, but Lily didn’t think so. Just the opposite, actually.

Something about it made it seem perfectly right to her.

They were making each other into better people. Why was everyone so upset about that?

She did wish that she knew Jamie better, or at least knew more about her. She was kind of an anomaly. Someone that Lily had seen around the common room and in the corridors for years, but never given a second thought until about 3 months ago when Albus had started following her.

And don’t think that Lily hadn’t noticed it was Albus following Jamie. The other way around wouldn’t have caused so much confusion. Another girl chasing after Al? Everyday occurrence around Hogwarts.

But Al following a girl that he had so far not snogged (in public at least)? It was groundbreaking.

It was as if Hogwarts had entered into an alternate reality where the Potter’s chased girls and quiet, maybe too skinny girls got the attention of the most popular boys.

It had changed a bit over the last few months, of course. Initially, Jamie seemed to hate the attention Albus was giving her. She continuously tried to get away from him and he would have to follow her. Now, it seemed to be mutual. Jamie had begun to enjoy his company and not him constantly being at her side. She smiled more and would voluntarily sit next to him in the common room. It had been a slow process, but no one could deny the difference.

The only thing Lily was unsure of was if their connection was purely platonic or if there was some romance mixed in. Al rarely spent time with a girl outside of his family if there wasn’t a chance for him to be more than friends with her. And Lily couldn’t deny that Al’s eyes held a bit of…pride and maybe something else when he looked at Jamie.

She had watched them closely, but felt like she was no closer to reaching a decision about the state of their relationship. Albus clearly cared about her and, in her own way, Jamie cared about him too. But just as a friends? Lily wasn’t sure.

She was dying to ask him, but knew he wouldn’t answer. He had never talked to his little sister about girls he was seeing and he never talked to anyone about Jamie. Put those two things together and she stood no chance of getting a response from him.

So she watched. Everything would come to light eventually. She was sure about that.

For now, she just celebrated the fact that this girl had made her brother a nicer person even if it is just for a time. He seemed to be kinder to everyone. Something about this girl had brought out his compassionate side, and it might not stay forever.

Who knows when he would revert back to pre-Jamie Albus? Hopefully, never.

Lily definitely wasn’t worried about Albus and Jamie.


Daniel was thrilled. He had known it would happen. He hadn’t been sure how or when, but he knew it would happen.

It was his first vision to actually come true. It confirmed what he had known about himself for a while now and he was incredibly excited.

He wanted to tell Albus all about his vision. He had wanted to tell him since he had first had it, but that was basically Seeing 101. Don’t mess with the future. So he had waited and watched and now the two people from his vision were on the path to fulfilling it.

So if he was being honest the vision hadn’t actually come true yet. It happened farther in the future, but the groundwork was being laid for it. Finally.

He had been waiting since third year. It had been buried, pretty much forgotten, in the back of his mind until that day in Potions. He knew himself well enough that he had purposely put it from his mind not long after first Seeing it. He would’ve cracked. He would’ve told if he hadn’t.

Albus was his best friend, after all.

And that day in Potions, when Albus had hexed Montague and then winked at her (Daniel still didn’t really understand what that was all about) it had come back so vividly that he blacked out for a minute. He almost started jumping up and down in excitement in the middle of the classroom.

And then Al had waited for her before going to Care of Magical Creatures. Daniel had been absolutely giddy at that point. He managed to hide it (hopefully), but had pushed down the overwhelming urge to give them both huge hugs.

Nothing else he had Seen made sense. It was all tiny snippets of nothing. A face, or a house. Sometimes he would hear someone say something, but not know who was saying it or who they were talking to either. Other than that, he just got little premonitions about things in the moment. He would know how someone was feeling, what they were about to do or why they were going to do it. This was real, though. A full vision that made sense. He had latched on to it. That one didn’t need interpretation or speculation. Straightforward and simple, it was way more satisfying that anything else his gift had shown him, and he had grown tired of using tea leaves and crystal balls. Professor Trelawney didn’t know about him. The woman was nuts, but he had to admit that her class had brought out his Sight.

But he still couldn’t say anything. He was convinced he was going to implode soon. Several times he had caught himself just before revealing too much. Rose had looked at him very strangely when he had choked on his words one day about a month ago. He had held out thus far, and was determined it make it until the day that it actually happened. He would be a good Seer. He wouldn’t interfere. Even if he wanted to… really bad.

Headaches were becoming the norm for him because of pushing the vision down. It came back up every time he saw them together. That part was kind of obnoxious. He had to cover up several blackouts and he was pretty sure his friends knew something was up.

He needed to go to the Divination classroom. The perfumes, dim lighting, and warmth always cleared his mind wonderfully.



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