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Twisted Fairytale by marissa lily potter
Chapter 1 : Twisted Fairytale
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The dark corridors were illuminated by moonlight pouring through the large glass windows, along the walls on the opposite end. The corridors seemed to stretch out for miles in their emptiness. The eerie silence was disturbed, only by the tapping of a pair of shoes against the smooth tile floors. Rose Weasley was tiptoeing as silently as possible, an adrenaline rushing through her body, ridding her of any doubts and pushing her forward. At night, the school was so dark, empty and uninviting. It was completely the opposite of its real nature.


An owl hooted in the distance, causing Rose to pause momentarily before she brushed it off and continued on her way. She had only one destination in mind and she was going to get there. Her journey through the long, winding halls and endless staircases seemed to take forever but finally, she reached her spot, a small corner hidden completely out of sight behind a large tapestry.


“I thought you wouldn’t come,” whispered a voice to her. Just the sound of his voice sent shivers down Rose’s spine.


“I promised, didn’t I?” She responded looking up to him.


He was taller than her by a head and whenever Rose spoke to him, she had to look up. Even in the darkness, his bright grey eyes shone unlike her dull brown ones. He had a relieved smile on his face, something she wasn’t used to seeing. It was a nice change from the smirk that usually hung about him, making him seem so much more arrogant. It was all an act though.


An act he put up for everyone but her. An act that made him out to be someone he wasn’t. No one got to see the real Scorpius but herself. In a selfish way, she was glad that she was the only one he let down the act for. It comforted her in a way, as if to prove that he cared for her. But another part of her was angry with him for creating such a façade. She loved the real Scorpius but others didn’t get to see that.


It was for their own good. That’s what he told her. If he let down his act, then the others would know about their relationship. People would talk, news would spread and Scorpius and Rose would never be allowed to see each other again. He told her that it was to keep both their reputations safe. But Rose was tired of it. She didn’t want to keep it a secret anymore. She loved Scorpius and she wanted others to see that she did. But did he love her? Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to acknowledge her presence in front of a crowd.


“After what I said today though, I thought you wouldn’t come,” he said, a little nervously. His voice sounded oddly strained, as if he wanted to say more but then thought better of it.


“It’s an act, it’s all an act. I know that Scorpius,” she reminded him. Her voice was meant to come out as comforting, but her tone implied bitterness.


“I don’t want to do it, you know that, right?” He asked, hesitantly bringing his hand up to stroke her cheek.


“I know.”


She didn’t know that, not really but Rose was willing to believe anything Scorpius said. She didn’t want to think about lies and deceit at a time like this. Moments spent with Scorpius were already rare and she had wasted enough time with useless questions. He seemed to sense what she was saying and with all traces of their recent conversation put behind them, Scorpius brought his lips down on hers.


He kissed her with greed, pushing her hard against the wall, trying to suck in as much of her essence as possible before they were forced to part ways again and Rose responded with equal force and need. Her wild hands found their way into his soft, blonde hair and his found their way onto her hips. She could feel him tracing designs on her skin. His touch made her burn but she enjoyed it, longed for him to touch her again.


Scorpius’ soft lips wandered, finding a place along her neck and jaw and his hands had begun to roam carelessly under her shirt. She pulled him closer to her, igniting another surge of passion through him. In that moment, Rose knew one thing and only one thing: him. She wanted Scorpius with every fibre of her being. Keeping him a secret wasn't going to be bearable any longer. During classes, her mind wandered towards him and what they would do when they were finally alone. When they encountered one another in the halls, the way he ignored her made Rose feel like her heart was being wrenched out. And when he did speak to her, the insults and the hatred in his voice was enough to send her crying to the loo. It was all unbearable now. How much longer would she be able to keep this up? 


She was breaking and she knew it. One the inside, and the out. Her beautiful red curls had begun to droop, become stringy even. She had lost weight and dark circles formed under her eyes from the lack of sleep. Her mind was deteriorating. She didn't know what to believe anymore. Two Scorpius. Which one was real? Her heart said one thing, but her mind said another. Maybe neither was. 


Rose pushed him away, detaching herself from him, taking a few deep breaths to steady herself. She knew he could sense something was wrong. His eyes said it all. If only it were this easy to read his eyes all the time. Then Rose wouldn't have an inner battle with herself. Then she wouldn’t be tearing apart on the inside, trying to figure out what all of this really meant. Perhaps it was nothing and perhaps it was everything. She had to know though.


“What’s wrong?” He asked, narrowing his eyes down at her.


How could she possibly tell him what was wrong? He had already made it perfectly clear what his opinion on the matter was. Scorpius wanted to keep this all a secret so that they could both protect themselves from the harsh world that would tear them both apart if their secret got out. Rose was tired of all the lies though. She wanted to feel like the rest of the couple in Hogwarts who could freely spend them with their partners, enjoying one another’s company without the glared and back-talk of the rest.


It was impossible though. And for one small, stupid reason. She was a Weasley and he was a Malfoy. They could never be together. The world didn’t approve and their parents certainly didn’t either.


“I can’t do this,” she whispered, afraid to hear his answer.


“You can’t do what?”


“This. I can’t keep this a secret anymore.” Her voice had regained its lost confidence.


Scorpius laughed a harsh laugh, his eyes getting dark. He was angry with her and Rose could sense it. She had never made him angry before and she was afraid. Would he lash out at her? Would he tell her that he never wanted to see her again?


“What do you want to do? You know that it’s not possible to be seen together in public!” He hissed at her.


“There’s something we could do,” she said hesitantly.


Scorpius wasn’t listening though. His brief moment of anger had vanished as quickly as it had come. He put his hands around her waste and pulled her close again, hoping to resume what Rose had broken off.


“And what could we do?” He asked absentmindedly, leaving a trail of kisses from her neck up to her lips, slowly, emphasizing each one. It was hard for her to concentrate with his hands around her and his mouth, white-hot against her skin. She lost her train of thought momentarily as she reached out to pull him in closer but realized what she needed to say and pushed him back again, to create space between them. 


He looked at her with disappointment in his eyes, but stepped back to give her the space that she so clearly wanted. Rose looked up at him, expecting him to say something. This was new. Their meetings didn’t usually take place like this. When they met, they said their brief hellos then proceeded directly with their passionate embrace until they were both panting, out of breath and extremely sore. Then they parted ways until their next planned encounter.


“Run away with me Scorpius. We can run away together,” her voice, pleading a little broke the silence between the two.


Scorpius only gazed at her with an unreadable expression on his face. She was afraid of what she had said now that it was out. But Rose couldn’t take it back. She knew that it was what she wanted. The stood in silence for what seemed to be years, Rose waiting to hear the answer she wanted. If she wasn’t fooled by love, she would have known that it was only lust for him. If it was true love, he wouldn’t have taken so long to answer.


“I can’t.” His answer finally came.


To say that she was disappointed was an understatement. The better part of her wanted to say that she was expecting it, it was the logical thing to say but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She had been made a fool of, toyed with and now, thrown away as if she had never mattered in the first place.


“You can’t or you won’t?” She asked harshly.


“I can’t,” he responded firmly. “Where would we go? How would we live? We have no plans, no life anywhere else!” Scorpius was trying to be reasonable but she wouldn’t have it. She was supposed to be the reasonable one, not him. This was why their whole relationship, if you could call it that had gotten started.


“We would figure it out Scorpius. Run away with me,” she insisted. This time, his answer wasn’t as hurtful but that didn’t make her like it any more.


“I can’t Rose and you know it. Just stop with this. You’re tired, I’ve noticed you haven’t been sleeping well. It’s just the stress of N.E.W.T.’s getting to you,” he said picking her hand in his, trying to show understanding but Scorpius didn’t know what was going on. Yes, she was sleep deprived and stressed but it wasn’t school related. That’s where he was wrong.


“No. You don’t understand and you never will,” she replied icily, snatching her hand away from his clutch.


“Come on Rose, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’re happy right now, no one knows and it’s going perfectly,” he insisted.


“I don’t know what your idea of perfect is, but this definitely isn’t mine. I’m sorry Scorpius but I can’t do this anymore,” she said turning away. Her decision had been made. If he was too afraid then Rose wouldn’t let him use her anymore.


“You don’t mean it,” he said softly, trying to soothe her.


“I do. This was a mistake. All of it.” It wasn’t a mistake and even if it had been forbidden, Rose had enjoyed every moment of it. But it was easier to turn away from something you love when you convinced yourself that it wasn’t right and that it had all been wrong to do.


“Rose, don’t.” She had never heard him like this before. So vulnerable. He was wounded but any other time, Rose would have given in. She was too proud to hear the hurt in his voice. She could only understand that he had hurt her.


“Goodbye Scorpius.” Placing a light kiss on his cheek, Rose swiftly turned around, leaving the place that had held so many great memories for her, leaving the one thing that she loved and always would. 


Somewhere, a hopeful part of her told her that he would comply without argument. That he would want to run away with her and be with her for the rest of his life just like she wanted. But that hopeful part was, then again only being hopeful. This wasn’t a fairytale. It was real life. Her life would never be a fairytale because the only thing she wanted was Scorpius and Rose couldn’t have him.

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