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I'm a What? He's My What? Well Hell by clumsydolphin
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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AN: So I am going to take this opportunity to confess something and hope that you will all still want to read the story. Really two things actually. First Fleur is obviously going to be a big part of this story as she mentors Hermione into her new life and I have had zero success writing accents so I hope you can all imagine the words in her dialect because it’s just going to have to be normal writing and I sincerely apologize for that. The second thing will occur later in the story, there will be at least one wedding, and if you’ve read any of my past stories you have probably picked up on the fact that I don’t write out eye watering, heart wrenching weddings. It’s probably due to the fact that I didn’t enjoy planning my own wedding much less someone else’s and my divorce was much more fun than the wedding. So I am going to try to make this one of those weddings but I ask for patience and understanding if it doesn’t work, I’m just not a marriage kind of girl, I’m more of the mind that it’s a piece of paper. The wedding will be either Ginny or Hermione and that’s all I will say now but I’m trying to get it through my head that THEY are marriage kind of girls, so I will try to get it in there! Now, please enjoy this chapter and for those of you who ask when the big meeting with Hermione and Draco is, this is my answer: it’s going to be when the story takes us there, but it is coming up. Hermione needs to finish up her change and get comfortable with a few things first, and let’s not forget that she still needs to make peace with Ron over her saving Draco! Remember I love reviews!



Hermione sat at the table pushing her food around on her plate during the weekly Weasley dinner on Sunday evening. She had lost her appetite a few days ago which Fleur had warned Hermione and Mrs. Weasley was a serious sign that the change was about to occur. Everyone looked up as a gorgeous Eagle Owl began tapping on the glass of the window. Fred got up to let the bird in and it flew directly to Hermione who raised her eyebrows, she wasn’t expecting any kind of mail. This wasn’t the owl she’d bought her parents so they could contact her easier since she didn’t usually remember to turn her phone on until she called them. She gave the owl a piece of her broccoli and opened the letter, and then her jaw dropped.



I understand this letter alone will probably shock you and make you suspicious, but I am very sincere right now. I wanted to know if you would be willing to meet with me there are some things I need to say and apologize for and I think it would be easier to do so face to face.

Now I know how Potter and Weasley are going to react they won’t want to let you come alone. I understand that so I have a compromise before it’s even brought up. How about you bring Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, and I will bring my parents. They wish to convey the same things to the Weasley’s that I have to say to you anyway.

Would next Monday work okay? Please send a reply with Linus and we can arrange a time if you are willing to meet with me.


Draco Malfoy


“What’s wrong Hermione?” Harry asked concerned by her facial expressions.

Hermione handed the letter over without saying anything and she watched Harry’s face getting more glacial as he read.

“No bloody way!” Harry said as he passed the letter around. “He’s absolutely right; no way can you meet with him!”

The reaction around the table was the same from everyone until it finally reached Arthur. He simply read the letter and then asked Hermione and Molly to step outside to the garden.

“Hermione, I think you need to decide this for yourself. It wasn’t anyone other than the three of us invited and it’s the three of us who will decide. I must admit I am cautiously curious as to what the three of them would like to talk to the three of us about, but I will stand by whatever you decide.” Arthur said once the three were alone in the garden.

“Well……I am curious but also a little bit nervous. I’ve never heard one nice word exit that boys mouth when it came to me or the boys.” Hermione said.

“For what it’s worth dear, Arthur and I will be by your side the whole time, and personally I believe we should go as long as you feel up to it. Although I believe you should write back and inform them you’re unavailable until next month which will give you time to adjust to your change.” Molly advised.

“You are right, you both are. I will write back, but who wants to tell that lot in there that we’ve decided to go?” Hermione asked laughing.


The Thursday following that dinner brought the first stages of the physical change taking place inside Hermione’s body. She was so scared that she didn’t tell anyone when it began like her birth mother had warned. By the time Hermione couldn’t hide it anymore the pain was well beyond her hands and feet. It had reached up to her pelvis from the legs and into her chest from her arms. Mrs. Weasley ushered her upstairs and immediately gave her the potion. Once Hermione was asleep she left for a few minutes to gather some knitting and a book to pass the time while Hermione slept. She asked Harry to floo over to Shell Cottage and inform Fleur that it had begun. Then she returned to Ginny and Hermione’s room because even though her ‘Mione would be asleep she didn’t want her to be alone during this major time in her life so she did as any mother would and tucked in to ride the change out with her.

The following four days were very tense in the Weasley home. One would be woken from a deep sleep by torturous screams in the middle of the night, and lots of things were dropped from people’s hands as the screams interrupted the quiet of the day. The whole house was sad and worried for their friend and it was hard on everyone to listen. It was ten times worse for Fleur and Molly who had locked themselves in the room with her refusing to leave other than bathroom breaks and for Molly to fix dinner. She left the family to itself for breakfast and lunch assuming that by this age they knew how to make a bowl of cereal and a sandwich without her.

When the fourth day dawned and Hermione was only making small whimpers in her sleep Fleur grabbed Molly’s hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Molly, I know you’ve wanted to stay by her side and I will tell her that but you need to leave now. She’s almost awake and the change is complete, you know that just from looking at her. She will be agitated and disoriented at first, and she might be a bit dangerous for a few minutes until I can calm her down. She isn’t going to be able to hurt me, but she might hurt you. So, I think the best thing you can do for her is to prepare the family. Tell them how she has changed in appearance so that they will keep their staring to a minimum, and warn them to have no pity visible that she can pick up on.” Fleur explained. Although she put up a good argument Molly left the room to prepare her family for what was about to happen.

In the meantime Fleur moved her chair right up next to Hermione on the bed and held her hand. Suddenly two deep brown almost black eyes were staring at her. Hermione had awakened.

Hermione opened her eyes and for the first time in days she felt pain free. She was stiff due to the change and just remaining in bed for days at a time, but stiff was a drastic improvement over the pain she endured while she’d been awake waiting for the potion to take effect.

She looked over to Fleur and smiled. The smile felt different and that is when she started getting upset. She sat up and it was so much easier to move than before that even that upset her. She wasn’t mad; she was deeply scared that all this change would mean she didn’t know herself.

Then there was this gnawing emptiness inside herself that she didn’t understand. She was desperately hungry but not for food, this confused the fuck out of her. How could she fill the void when she didn’t know what the void was? She looked to Fleur for some answers.

“Can you tell me why I feel like this?”

“Your body will feel foreign right now, but you will adjust to that very quickly so don’t worry. Your hair has lost the frizziness and turned to a rich Mahogany from the brown it was. It’s much deeper in color and has soft lazy curls now. Your eyes have also deepened to a much darker brown. You’ve grown an additional 4 inches so that you are now roughly 5’7. Your body has filled in as well and you have a curvier figure.” Fleur explained the physical changes so that when she looked into the mirror in a few minutes she wouldn’t have such a shock.

“What about the emptiness I feel?” Hermione asked while tears fell silently down her cheeks.

“That would be the place your mate will fill when you find him. I’m afraid that won’t get any better, in fact will deepen until you find your mate and he accepts you.” Fleur answered with complete understanding in her eyes.

Hermione was upset but it did help to have Fleur with her. It was funny to want Fleur’s company over anyone else’s when she had never been very close to Bill’s wife. She was now quite fond of her and felt a deep desire to be by her side and thankful to have someone who understood and could answer her questions.

Hermione got shakily to her feet and reached out to Fleur who caught her hands.

“It feels strange because your body has changed. Just give it a few minutes and you will find your center and be just fine.” Fleur encouraged the younger witch.

Ten minutes later found Hermione with Fleur by her side in front of the mirror in the bathroom seeing her new face for the first time. She reached out and grabbed Fleur’s hand for emotional support. It was like looking at herself, only not herself at the same time. It was all so confusing. She did see traces of herself and decided to just treat it like she’d had the makeover of the century and soon smiled at her new friend.

“I think I am ready to face everyone and get the first meeting over with. I miss my family.” Hermione said.

“Let me tell them we’re ready. Then I will come back to get you if you’re sure this is what you want.” She answered and when Hermione nodded Fleur left.

After what felt like forever Fleur returned and they headed down the stairs holding hands.


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