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Love, War, and the Lies. by HermioneEverdeen
Chapter 2 : Draco: The Love, And The Lies
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Ok. So from now on the Chapters will be named by the persons POV, like this one,
Draco: The Love, and the lies.
Ok, without further ado, here is the next Chapter!!!

CI By Me, If you need a banner or CI, Come to meh!

Chapter Two - Draco: The Love, and the Lies

I ran into St. Mungos as quick as I could. I ran to Seamus, the guy who runs the front desk, and I yelled in his face, that this is Hermione Granger and we need to save her.

Fine. I have been taking a liking to her for quite a long time. (Shh...)And I just want her to live. SHE WAS DROWNING FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

I was dragged out of my thoughts when Seamus poked me, trying to get my attention, and he told me that they took Hermione to floor 5, so I had to go to floor 5. So I went to the elevator, pushed number '5' and it was going up.

Once I was there, the Healers showed me where Hermione was stationed. So I went in there, hesitant at first.

When I was in there, She had lots of cords hooked up to her, and she was still really pale. I sat down in a chair that was beside her bed, and took her hand, hesitantly once again.

"Granger, I would never tell you this while you are awake, but... You have gotten into me when we were in fourth year. You looked beautiful in fourth year, at the Ball, when you walked down that staircase. I loved you since then, even though I will never show it. I will never tell you this to your face, so you better be glad that I am confessing to you either way." That was when I heard her stir. I let go of her hand, jumped up about two feet in the air, and ran out of the hospital room as quick as I could.

I went over to her Healer, Ms. Barths, and told her that she was awake. She walked briskly into her room, as I made sure she- The Healer and Granger- couldn't see me, I went over to the door and went into eavesdropping-mode.

"Where did you get all these bruises come from? Or these scars and cuts, Ms. Granger?" I heard Ms. Barths say to Granger.

"I can't tell you." I heard Granger say in a forceful tone. "I can't tell anyone. Never."

"Why?" I heard her reply come in a concerned voice.

"He will kill everyone. Because of you. Because of me. Everything will fail. Especially his plan." I heard her take a deep breath. "I cannot tell anyone, because they will tell the Ministry, and he will go to Azkaban. He will kill everyone I love, murder everyone I hate. I just... Can't. I can't risk your life. Or anyone's for that matter." I heard Granger choke out.

"Fine." The Healer said with a rude tone. "Whatever. Don't tell me. Now, you can have visitors, but you cannot leave yet. I am going to be getting the medicine for you."
That was when I took a few steps away from the door, and pretended to look at a sign that said, Be aware when you have Dragon Pox. Here are the signs: and blah. Once she walked away, I went into Granger's hospital room.

"Hello, Mudblood." I said with a sneer, as I swaggered into her room. Oh yeah, I swagger. "Where is Ickle Ronnikins?" I looked at Granger, who was boiling up inside. Ooh, I've hit a nerve.

"Shut it, Malfoy." She growled. "Who brought me here?" Your in for a surprise, Granger.

"I don't know." I lied and shrugged. I also smirked at her. I will not give her the fact that I was nice to her. Or that I liked her.

"I hate you, you know that? You are so insufferable, and I just want to smack those smirks right off your fa-" She was cut off as I kissed her for barely a second, on the lips.

I leaned down so my mouth was right beside her ear. "Don't deny it, Hermione, You love me. You are attracted to me. You just don't know yet." I whispered, putting emphasis on her name, and sending shivers down her spine, and makings the hairs on her neck stand up. I kissed her earlobe softly, making her moan. Soft spot, I see Granger. I stood up and winked at her, as I left the room, not noticing Ms. Barths was staring at us the whole time, more like glaring.


So.. What do you think about Ms. Barths? I have some chapters with her coming up soon....

So did you like this chapter?? Tell me below. Do you think this is too OC or being taken too fast? Tell me below.

I am on my way to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, (EEP!) So I think your glad you got a chapter before I was actually there. :D


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Love, War, and the Lies.: Draco: The Love, And The Lies


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