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Lunar Phases I: Waning Moon by sinful_sanctuary
Chapter 17 : Revelations at Hogwarts
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Chapter 17
Revelations at Hogwarts

Image by Naala @ TDA

The rest of the week was significantly calmer than the day they went flying. The two girls spent the rest of the week swimming, playing games and laying in the sun. Sometimes Marie joined them, but mostly it was just the best friends.

Hestia went home on Friday, and although Myra was sad to see her go, she knew that the time she had spent with her friend was exactly what she needed to keep her mind off of things. She was confident that from now on she would be back to her normal self.

The rest of the summer wasn't that eventful. On what was probably the warmest day, the Kinney's headed to Diagon Alley to finish school shopping. There, Marie was allowed to buy her first pet an owl she called Unicorn.

While the last Sunday of the month was a full moon, Myra managed to ignore her worried for Remus. Everything settled into their regular patterns.

September 4th [19] was a very hectic morning. They had overslept because they hadn't wanted the summer night to end and were now running late. While the girls were packed, Chelsie needed to double- and triple-check that everything was there. Robert sat at the kitchen table with his head in his hands, half asleep and absolutely no help at all. Eventually, they made it to King's Cross with barely any time to spare; the train would depart in just a few minutes. Platform 9 was already packed with parents and guardians saying goodbye to their children, while some adults helped with loading the luggage onto the Express.

Moving through the crowds, Myra saw Hestia and her parents, as well as Ashley with her sister Alice and their parents. She waved at them, but wasn't sure if they could see her through the throng of people. Marie, in the meantime, had spotted her best friend Julie Thistlewood, and didn't seem to realize how silly she looked jumping up and down and waving like a madwoman.

Chelsie and Robert guided the girls over to a porter who took care of the luggage. There were plenty of hugs and kisses goodbye before Myra and Marie were ushered onto the train. They had begun walking slowly down the halls when someone called out from behind them. "Hey, Myra!" It was Anna. "Have you found a compartment?" she called out.

"No," Myra shouted back, making the wizard behind in line flinch. "Are Hestia and Ashley behind you?"

"I think they're boarding now!"

"Good, I'll try to find an empty compartment!"

"Will you stop shouting?" the wizard behind Myra said irritably.

"Sorry," Myra said sarcastically. "I'm done now."

"Wonderful," he muttered as the line moved forward.

"There's Julie and Grace!" Marie stopped, sliding open the door to a compartment where two younger girls already sat.. "See you later, Myra."

"See you later." Myra moved on, finally finding an empty compartment and claiming it. She had popped her head out the door to try and see how far Anna had come in the line, and found that she was nearly inches away from her friend's face. It nearly scared Myra to death.

"There you are," they said at the same time.

"And here we are," Ashley said walking behind them, alongside Hestia.

The three other girls entered and sat down, just as the train started moving.

"Excited about the new year?" Hestia asked.

"Not really," Anna replied with a sigh. "N.E.W.T. level classes are not my idea of fun."

"But we have free periods this year," Ashley said. "That will be fun. And regular school exams, not as much pressure as O.W.L.s."

"If you have free periods you're supposed to use them for studying," Hestia said sternly.

"What do you mean 'if you have free periods'?"

"I probably won't have any. I only dropped Muggle Studies I don't think I'll meet Professor Kelly's entry requirements either. I signed up for Magical Ethics, though."

"You're insane," Anna muttered. "I mean, not about Magical Ethics, I got that too. But at least I'll have a couple of free periods."

"Hey, did any of you see Remus on the platform?" Myra suddenly asked.

"I can't say that I did," Ashley said, while the other two shook their heads. "But I was kind of busy saying hello to Lowell."

"Won't you see Remus at the prefect meeting you should probably get going for?" Hestia suggested.

"Oh bugger," Myra cursed, jumping to her feet. She reached into a pocket, pulled out the prefect badge, and pinned it crookedly to her chest. "See you later." She called over her shoulder, rushing out of the compartment as her friends laughed. She almost ran into the wall of the train, stumbling as it lurched forward.

She wrenched open the door to the back compartment when she arrived. The entire room fell silent. "I'm sorry I'm late," she mumbled as an apology. Finding the only available seat around the table, she sat down, thinking up a quick excuse. "I was held up..."

Only then did she realise that Lily Evans was sitting at the front table where the Head Boy and Girl usually sat. Right next to James Potter. James Potter? Head Boy? Dumbledore must have gone insane, Myra thought with a slight frown.

"Well, as I was about to say," Lily said loudly. "We are your new Head Girl and..." She paused. "Head Boy." It was obvious from her tone that Lily was less than thrilled about her appointed partner.

Myra looked around the table to see who had replaced Lily as a prefect and who the new fifth year prefects were. Right next to Lily sat Mary MacDonald, with a shiny new badge on her chest. She looked awfully proud of herself. Myra noticed she also stared at someone. She followed MacDonald's gaze and saw Remus.

A powerful shock went through her at the sight of him. It seemed like she could see only him from then on, and her breath caught in her throat. Head spinning, she could barely register that Lily was still talking. Her heart was beating so fast and loud she was sure everyone could hear. It was likely Remus could hear; his senses were more sensitive than the normal person's after all. Maybe he had, because he turned his eyes away from James and Lily in that instant and met Myra's stare. He didn't pale upon seeing her this time, and he didn't seem afraid. There was no emotion; no joy, no anger, no sadness, no fear. Nothing. He looked good though, tan and healthier than she'd seen him in a long time. She would have considered him the picture of health were it not for the faint shadows under his eyes.

While James and Lily continued talking, making plans for the new school year, Myra continued sneaking glances at Remus. Sometimes, she caught him snapping his eyes back from her direction. Every time she caught him doing that, her heart skipped a couple of beats.

"Alright, final point on the agenda; time to draw patrolling partners. This is the same bowl we use at Hogwarts," Lily explained to the new prefects. "There are Anti-Cheating Charms on it, so if there's someone you don't want to draw or someone you really want to draw, you can't. It's also charmed so you won't draw yourself or anyone who has drawn before you. Last year, the drawing wasn't random for the fifth years, but this year it is. Everyone can be paired across all the years."

"Of course, if there's going to be huge problems with you and your partner, to the point where you're unable to perform your duties in a satisfactory way, let us know and we'll arrange for partners to be switched around," James added.

"Exactly," Lily agreed, although she seemed quite surprised with him. "Any questions before we begin?"

A wispy little Hufflepuff one of the new prefects raised her hand. "You mentioned first term; does that mean that we change partners each term?"

"Yes," Lily answered. "We draw new partners for the next term right before Christmas and right before Easter so that things won't become boring. The only patrol pair that won't draw new partners is me and the Head Boy. The Head Boy and Head Girl do not share their designated day with anyone else, but are obliged to patrol if for some reason your partner or any of the other prefects can't."

The Hufflepuff and several other fifth years nodded. Lily looked expectantly around at the lot, in case anyone else had any questions. When they remained quiet, she gave the bowl to MacDonald, who drew the first name; Michael Baddock. Myra had to stifle a laugh; Baddock was a Slytherin in her year and a real pain in the Hippogriff's behind. They would be perfect together. James wrote down the result.

The bowl continued on its way, reaching Remus. He held the bowl in one hand, and used the other hand to reach inside and rummage. He pulled out a piece of parchment, sent the bowl over to the next person, and then opened the note and read out loud: "Myra Kinney."

Myra started upon hearing her own name. She looked over at Remus, and this time he met her eyes. In her side vision Myra saw James write down their names. To show that she was happy with the result and maybe get some reaction out of Remus, she smiled. It wasn't obvious, but she was sure she saw the corner of Remus' lips twitch slightly. That was enough for Myra, and she continued to smile as she paid attention to the rest of the drawing.

When it was done, the bowl had reached James, who vanished the pieces of parchment that hadn't needed to be drawn. He stood up. "We will figure out your patrolling schedule by tomorrow morning, after we've had a chat with the Heads of Houses about your lesson plans and extracurricular activities. The schedule will be posted on the board in the prefects' room." He looked discreetly at Lily, asking with his eyes if that was correct. When she gave him the smallest of nods, he beamed.

"The first six couples who were drawn have first patrol here on the train, the last six have the last patrol. The Head Boy and I need to write a report and get organized, so we won't be patrolling now. Meeting adjourned," Lily announced. "Happy patrolling."

Myra chuckled. It was going to be a really interesting year with Lily Evans and James Potter being Head Girl and Boy. James, madly in love with Lily since the beginning of time, and Lily, loathing James for about as long. There was even a rumour that James fell in love with Lily the moment he had first seen her on the Hogwarts Express their first year. Myra didn't think such a thing was possible for an eleven year old, but if it was, then James was certainly crazy enough to accomplish it.

The prefects filed out, some going back to their friends, some greeting each other and heading out to begin the school year's first patrol.

"Hello, Remus," Myra said as Remus came over to her.

"Hello," he replied, sounding a bit nervous.

"Did you have a good summer?"

"Alright." It was only short answers from him, obviously.

"Good, mine too."

He nodded.

Myra tried not to sigh as she said: "Let's get started then." And she gestured with her head in the direction of the compartment door.

Remus began walking out and Myra followed.

'Don't bother him with it,' Sirius' voice rang in her head, even though he had only said it to her in writing. Yes, don't bother Remus. He would come around when he was ready to. Myra had to be patient, no matter how difficult it would be.

Their patrol went by in pretty much complete silence. The only thing that made Remus talk was when he addressed another student for doing something they shouldn't or by greeting people he knew. Same with Myra, she didn't want to push him, so she bit her tongue and kept quiet. Whenever she did try to start conversations on completely innocent subjects like upcoming lessons or the weather, he gave very short answers. No more than a syllable if he could help it. By the time their patrol was over, Myra was frustrated beyond imagination. She said an overly polite goodbye to Remus, and walked back to her friends' compartment with her fists clenched, her teeth gnawing against each other, and her breath coming out in huffs and puffs like an angry dragon.

"What on earth has gotten you so riled up?" Hestia asked upon seeing an irate Myra stepping through the compartment door.

"It's that bloody wizard Remus bloody Lupin," she said through clenched teeth, flopping carelessly down into the open seat.

"I thought you two were good friends?" Ashley asked, with special emphasis on the last word.

"Didn't you catch what happened last term? He suddenly stopped talking to her before the O.W.L.s," Anna explained.

"Why did he do that? What did you do to him?"

"I didn't do anything!" Myra defended herself loudly, but then she calmed down and seemed to deflate. "I- I can't really say what happened. I'm not allowed."

"So you did do something!"

"No, I didn't. But something happened that, that made him dislike me, or fear me, or I don't know what the hell his bloody problem is! I'm not even allowed to say!"

"Why not?"

Myra wanted desperately for her to stop asking questions. She thought there might be only one right thing to say in this situation if she wanted them to stop. "Professor Dumbledore told me to."

She was wrong.

"Professor Dumbledore? What does he got to do with why Remus is upset with you?!"

"Ashley, please listen to me." Myra leaned forward and looked firmly into Ashley's blue eyes. "I. Am. Not. Allowed. To. Tell. No matter how many different questions you ask, I won't tell you anything you'll be happy with. It's not in my place to say anything about it. If that changes, I'll tell you. Okay?"


"Thank you." She sighed and leaned back again. "As to me being frustrated with Remus, don't worry about it. He drew me as his prefect partner this term, so he's got to talk to me eventually. Unless..." Myra had a horrible thought. "Unless he asks James or Lily to assign him a new partner. I'm sure James would do anything to help his friend."

"James and Lily?" Hestia asked. "Why would he ask James and Lily to assign him a new partner?"

"Because he might not want to be my partner. They'll assign you a new partner if you don't get along to the extent that it will come in the way of your duties."

"No, what I mean is; why James and Lily. What have they got to do with anything?"

"Oh. Lily is the new Head Girl, and for some demented reason Dumbledore made James the new Head Boy."

All three girls gasped. "Are you serious?" Anna asked, completely shocked.

"No, but I am." Sirius Black slid the door to the compartment open, leaning against the door frame. The four girls turned their heads and rolled their eyes at him. "Can I have a word with you, Kinney?"

"Uh, sure," Myra answered, and got up. But before she went completely out the door, she turned around and finished what she had planned on saying. "I'm not kidding. Ask Professor Dumbledore yourselves if you don't believe me. And if nothing changes," she looked meaningfully at them, "I have high hopes things will work out with time." Then she closed the door, but not before she heard 'Yes, I'm sure they'll work it out just fine' and three giggles.

Sirius didn't say anything else, but started walking back down the hall. Obviously he meant for Myra to follow him. They passed through a couple of cars before she started wondering what he was up to. "Where are we going?"

"In here," he suddenly said, and rather suddenly grabbed hold of her upper arm and pulled her into the nearest compartment. Too late she realised that this was the boys' toilet.

"What in Merlin's great dirty beard are you taking me in here for?"

"Snogging. What else?"

Myra narrowed her eyes at his nerve.

"Do try to not to be so thrilled with the prospect of snogging me, will you?" he said sarcastically.

"What did you bring me in here for?" Myra repeated.

"I want to talk to you about that letter you sent me this summer."

"Oh." Myra straightened up from her slightly crouched defensive run-at-any-sign-of-danger-pose. "What about it?"

Sirius quickly looked through all the stalls to make sure the room was empty before talking. "Remus just told Peter and me he drew you as a prefect partner."

"He did. Is he planning to ask Lily and James for a new partner?"

"It doesn't seem like he is." Myra's sigh of relief made Sirius frown. "But he isn't very happy about it."

"Really? That was not the impression I got during our patrol. His reserved attitude and one syllable answers really made me think he couldn't be happier!"

Sirius raised a black eyebrow.

"Sorry, go on."

"Peter, James and I still aren't completely sure about your trustworthiness..."

"Professor Dumbledore seemed to be happy enough when he called me in for a conversation very similar to the one you three had with me back in... May. Although he was a lot more polite about it."

"Do you have habit of interrupting everyone when they're talking? That is rude."

"I'm just giving you some input. Helping you see the entire picture."

"Gee, thanks. As I was going to say before I was interrupted; we'll be watching you. You don't know when we will be watching, but trust me, we will be watching. Don't even think about trying to hide from us, we have ways of knowing exactly where you are at any time. And we have ways of completely concealing ourselves." Myra looked aghast at this, so Sirius hurried to add: "But don't worry, it's only when you are patrolling or otherwise being in the same place as Remus that we will watch. You just won't know when."

"Is this even legal?"

"Maybe, maybe not. We're not so big on the legal stuff." Sirius smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

Myra didn't quite believe that they had means to know where she was at any given time, so she took that with a grain of salt and asked a different question. "Just so I can be prepared: Will you be mean and rude and miserable towards me this year?"

"We won't be the best of friends, that's for sure. But Remus doesn't like it when we are mean to you, even when he's not talking to you. You won't need to bother with us anymore."

"Except from the fact that you'll be spying on me whenever you feel like when I'm near Remus."

"Exactly! You're not as stupid as you look, Kinney." Even though there was a playful spark in Sirius' eyes, Myra wanted to take it personally.

"Should you really be saying things like that to me, if you're so damn concerned about me keeping Remus' secret?"

Sirius didn't even flinch. "Yes," he said simply. "It's very clear that you care about him very much, so I know you won't rat on him out of spite."

"But that isn't enough for you to trust me?"

"Who knows? You might be a loose cannon or slip without knowing it. Under pressure, or torture..."

Myra had heard enough. "Fine! Whatever! Spy on me, don't spy on me I don't care! You'll eat your words in the end anyway. Goodbye, Sirius. Tell Remus I said hi." And then she strode out of the boys' bathroom and didn't stop for anything until she got to her compartment.

"What did Sirius want?" Hestia asked upon Myra's return.

"Snog in the boys' lavatory," she answered simply, reaching into her trunk, pulling out Fantastic Beasts and Where Not To Find Them, the new addition to the Fantastic Beasts series, and sat down to read.

The girls' exclamations and questions fell on deaf ears. One sentence into the book and she was lost to the world.


When they finally pulled into Hogsmeade Station, it was dark and drizzling outside. Myra finally emerged from her book, having missed the witch with the food trolley, and was now famished.

"How was it?" Anna asked.

"It's fantastic! It's not really a textbook like the first one, but it's a funny book," Myra answered while she put the book away and straightened her prefect badge.

Anna sighed. "How was it snogging with Sirius?"

"What?" Myra didn't quite follow for a second. "Oh, yeah, that. It was fantastic too," she answered and stepped into the hallway before she started laughing.

"She didn't really snog Sirius, did she?" Myra heard Anna whisper to Hestia.

"No idea. I wouldn't put it past Sirius, but Myra has never shown any slightest interest in him. But who knows?" Hestia answered.

Maybe she should tell them that she hadn't really snogged him, but it was simply too much fun to have them think she did it.

Hestia, Ashley and Anna found their way into the hallway as well, and the line began moving off the train. Outside they could hear the booming voice of Rubeus Hagrid, the Gamekeeper, calling all the first years to him to take the boats to Hogwarts.

Once outside, Myra saw that the new fifth year prefects helped the first years with putting their luggage in the correct storage rooms in Hogsmeade Station. It was nice to think she no longer had that responsibility. The four girls, who were now sixth years, found the area for the sixth year Gryffindors, left their trunks and animal cages and then went to find a carriage to drive them up to Hogwarts.


It felt very good to be back, if one didn't take into consideration the studying and the homework and the expectations and the responsibilities that came with a year at Hogwarts. But for tonight, Myra had plans to just enjoy the great feast with all her friends under the enchanted ceiling that showed that the drizzle that was beginning to clear up.

The witches found a seat by the Gryffindor table, and were soon joined by Henry Goldstein.

"Hello, girls," he greeted. "Did you have a good summer?"

"Yes," Ashley answered.

"I did," Myra answered at the same time. The other two nodded.

"Wonderful! I did too!" He seemed very enthusiastic, but something was going on. It was as if he was unable to sit still, or he was sitting on something uncomfortable he wanted to get away from.

"What's up?" Myra asked.

"I thought you'd never ask!" he crowed. It didn't matter that it had only been about sixty seconds since he sat down. He turned to Hestia. "Do you know who our new Quidditch Captain is?"

"No," Hestia answered, but then caught herself. "You?"

"Yes!" Henry said while nodding so violently Myra swore she heard his brain rattle in his skull.

"Congratulations," Hestia said, not too enthusiastically.

"Congratulations!" Myra said and gave him a hug.

"Thanks! I was so sure James Potter would get it, but I guess Madam Hooch thought I was better suited."

"Sorry to burst your bubble," Anna said. "But it seems Potter was appointed the honour of being Head Boy instead. He's going to be busy punishing scoundrels, and won't have time to captain a Quidditch team."

"That's just evil of you, Carmichael," Henry pouted.

Myra laughed, but was cut short when the Great Hall doors opened and Professor McGonagall entered, carrying a stool and the Sorting Hat, followed by a long line of very small and nervous looking first years.

The Sorting Hat sang its song like usual before the sorting began. With each student that was Sorted, Myra's stomach growled louder, up to the point where Henry whispered something to Nearly Headless Nick, who came floating by just then. The Gryffindor ghost glided up in front of Myra and tipped his nearly severed head off his shoulders. The growling stomach stopped immediately, and instead Myra felt pale and a bit queasy.

"Thanks," she hissed in Henry's direction. She certainly wasn't hungry anymore.

"You're welcome," he whispered happily back.

The people around them were sniggering at Myra's expense.

"Watch it or I'll throw up all over you," she whispered. "And then take points."

They all went quiet, but when Myra turned her attention back to the Sorting, she saw that it was because Professor McGonagall was glaring in their direction.

Eventually the Sorting finished and Professor Dumbledore opened the start-of-term feast. Myra's appetite came back in full force as soon as she saw the wonderful spread.

Occasionally, while eating, she glanced up the table where the four Marauders sat. Remus looked happy enough now, chatting animatedly with his friends. Just like at the prefect meeting on the Hogwarts Express, she sometimes caught him looking in her direction. He snapped back the moment she began turning her head towards him, but it was obvious what he was doing. If he was paying that much attention to her, why didn't he want to talk to her? What was it that he was afraid of? Had she ever given him a reason not to trust her? Even that time in the hospital wing, when she'd had the Fertility Potion accident and he asked her to not tell anyone he was there, she hadn't said anything to anyone about that, except for Hestia and Marie. But that was because Remus wanted her to tell them to keep quiet too. Professor Dumbledore was satisfied she'd keep his secret, and James, Sirius and Peter were almost satisfied. Why couldn't that be enough for Remus? Didn't he know her well enough by now to know this?

Myra shook her head of the depressing thoughts and watched as Professor Dumbledore stepped up to the podium to give his annual welcome speech. "Welcome, new students, and welcome back, old students. It has been a good summer, good enough for you all to forget all you learned last year, I hope.

"Now, give a warm welcome to our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Sri Harishandra. She has graciously travelled all the way from India, and will give you all a fresh input in foreign beasts, spells and wards."

Professors Harishandra stood up and curtsied, looking quite out of context by the substantially dominant stone walls of the castle with her flowing, and brightly coloured sari. There was a hesitant applause.

"The usual warnings: The Forbidden Forest is, as always, forbidden to all students. Our caretaker, Mr Filch wants me to remind you that a list of all items banned at Hogwarts can be found outside his office door here on the ground floor. A few items has been added since last year, so I advice you all to go and take a look. If you have questions about the rules or prohibited items, please address them to Mr Filch or a prefect.

"Speaking of prefects, congratulations to our new fifth year prefects. And congratulations to our new Head Girl, Lily Evans, and our new Head Boy, James Potter. Both from the fine house of Gryffindor."

There was a quick applause.

"For those wishing to try out for Quidditch, dates and times for your house's tryouts will be put up in the common rooms and on the notice board in the Entrance Hall. Please address any Quidditch related questions to our Quidditch referee and Flying instructor Madam Hooch, or your house captains. Full list of all of your prefects and captains can be found on each house's notice board and the board in the Entrance Hall.

"Now, good luck on your upcoming year, and sleep tight, it all begins tomorrow."

The very moment Professor Dumbledore took a step back, the benches screeched and people headed out of the Great Hall, finding their way to their respective houses, while the fifth year prefects took care of all the first years and guided them to their houses.

Not many people stayed in the common room when they got to Gryffindor Tower. Myra and two of her friends went up their dorms, one step higher than last year. Ashley had gone off somewhere to spend a little time with her boyfriend. The trunks were in place, one in front of each bed, along with two owl cages by Myra's and Ashley's beds.

"Remus seemed quite preoccupied at the feast," Anna commented.

"What?" Myra asked, opening Meadow's cage and letting the owl hop onto her arm.

"I saw him looking quite often in the direction of a certain friend of mine."

"I suppose he was," Myra muttered, opening the window to let Meadow fly out and join the other owls in the Owlery.

"You're not denying it anymore?" Anna asked in surprise.

"Denying what?" Myra turned back to the room, leaning against the windowsill and letting the mild summer night breeze cool her after the long trek up seven floors. The air still smelled of rain.

"Don't bother, Anna," Hestia said from her bed. She had already begun studying.

"Fine," Anna mumbled.

"What? Denying what?" Myra raised her voice, looking between her two friends, wanting to know what they were talking about.

"You'll get there eventually, Myra," Hestia said reasonably.

Myra had a feeling she did know what they were talking about, though she did not want them to know that she was likely further along than they realised. So she didn't try to wheedle out any more from then, and quickly did her nightly routine and climbed into bed instead.

"Good night," she called to her friends; Ashley had come back by now, and all four girls were settling in for the night.

"Good night," they all sang back.

Myra lay down in the familiar bed and closed the curtains around it. She snuggled into the sheets and mattress with a content sigh. Even though they changed dorms every year, the beds were exactly the same, magically kept fresh and soft like new. It was the best part of living at Hogwarts.

She was dead tired after not getting enough sleep the previous night, but she lay awake on her side for a while, thinking and listening to the sounds of the other girls getting ready for bed.

When she had seen Remus again, on the train, something had happened inside of her. A breathless excitement she hadn't really felt since she had been with Edmund Davenport from Ravenclaw in fourth year. It felt different than what she remembered, though. Of course, she was older now, and more mature. It was bound to change. What she had felt for Davenport a year and a half ago, she knew that couldn't have been anything like what her parents felt for each other for example. Myra hadn't had any urges to marry Davenport, to have children with him, run to him with every little exciting or sad thing. She can't say she was feeling anything like that for Remus either, but this was fairly new. It could shift and change in a moment, like the weather.

I have feelings for Remus, she thought, finally admitting it to herself. Warmth spread from her toes to the top of her head. But what does that matter; he won't speak to me anymore. He will barely even acknowledge looking at me.

She sighed deeply, curling up into a ball and closed her eyes. Tomorrow the prefect schedule would be posted. She would see what she could do about Remus' behaviour then.


[19] I know they usually go back to school on September 1st, but how is it possible for September 1st to be on a Sunday every year for seven years? That is something that annoys me, so I'm making them come back on the first Sunday of September, or last Sunday of August, if September 1st is on, say, a Monday.

Author Notes

Chapter 17, according to schedule. Haven't written anything worthwhile in ages, except for the sorry amount during Camp NaNo in June. Work has taken a lot of my energy, and I've had too much technical difficulties (I need a new laptop, SOON). I expect I won't be able to write very much in the near future either, laptop or no laptop, seeing as I now have two kittens to raise, while having 2 jobs. But don't worry, chapters 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 are written. That's 3 and a half months of posts. I hope the kittens are well enough behaved by November and the official NaNo, so I can get back on writing schedule.

Please review if you have any thoughts on the chapter!

Coming: Chapter 18 The Talk and The Tryout
"Remus," she said suddenly on the fifth floor, on their way back to the common room after the patrol. "I need to talk to you about something." She had stopped and looked at him as he turned around slowly. "What about?" he asked unsurely. Myra took a deep breath. "About next Tuesday."

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