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James' ploys by Rose_Red6
Chapter 2 : Poor Lily
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 Lily was excited for her first class on magic. She couldn't wait to properly use her wand for magic. She smiled to herself as she had already skimmed a few of her pages on the textbook.

Although she hadn't entered her class yet...

She awaited her dear friend Severus, she kept daydreaming of all the magical adventures they would have together. 

She waited and waited....but no Severus.

After a few more minutes and a great diminishing of her excitement, she finally saw him...with his questionable company, who again shot daggers at her. She didn't care. She walked up to Severus.

At first she smiled "Hi Sev, you're late but are you ready to go?" 

Severus looked at his shoes, and murmured "I'm not going anywhere with a muggleborn like you" Severus was supposed to call her mudblood, but he didn’t have the heart, and he felt he never would. At the time.

Severus was in so much pain when he said that, it hurt him more to say it than for Lily to hear it.

Lily's heart shattered. Severus' questionable company laughed and patted Severus in the back.

Lily didn't know how to react as they walked off laughing. If Lily had been older she would've stood up for herself, but not yet. Lily was staring at her feet. She felt betrayed…she wanted to run, to get away. She didn’t care if she was going to miss her day of class. Tears were beginning to cry. Lily refused to cry in public, she darted, but ran into none into someone.

She raised her head to look at a pair of Hazel eyes.

It was James, who silently watched what had happened, rushed towards her as soon as it seems she was going to leave, in the direction opposite to her class.
"You don't look like the type of person who'd be late for class" He smiled.

Strangely enough Lily sadness disappeared. Of course her Sadness was replaced by annoyance.

"Hmph" Lily walked off, with a tiny hope that James would follow her.

"Lets walk to class together Lily! Hand in hand like all the other couples!" James said laughing. He was unintentionally making her laugh on the inside, but this was not the kind of friend Lily wanted.


Both James and Lily turned, to see Sirius right behind them, and out of breath. He had rushed as well.

"Wow! I didn't even hear you coming! You must have like a padded foot or something.” Laughed James.

"Like a dog" Lily laughed as well. "I should call you Padfoot, for a nickname" she said.
James laughed "No Lily that is silly!"

Sirius wasn’t one to lose his cool so easily or let James be right.
He grinned "You can call me whatever you want Lily dear"

Lily rolled her eyes, and remembered that she was late to class, and ran like her life depended on it!
“You guys better hurry up, we are very late” she yelled forgetting her sadness. “I’ll show the Slytherin House! I’ll show Severus I am no different than he is!”
When Lily enetered the class all eyes were on her. All her confidence disappeared.

She saw Severus, who only hid his face in shame.

"Ahem" said the professor. "Not a very good start miss Evans" The Slytherins grinned and chuckled"

 "I should deduct points from your house"  Lily gasped, and the Gryffindors groaned "But if you can perform this spell correctly, then I shall give you five points"

The professor showed Lily the spell "This is a simple spell that we teach the first years, you swish and flick your wand, and say 'Wingardium Leviosa' and see if you can make this feather float" 

Now was Lily's chance to prove herself, she had read this spell before, she practiced the hand motion with a twig she found outside. She imagined the feather floating in the air, she swished and flicked and-

"Marvelous Miss Evans! Five points to Gryffindor! Take your seat!" 

Lily blushed and was on the way to her seat, all the Griffindors smiled at. She turned to the Slytherins to look for Severus, but all he was doing was looking at his book. She got to her seat down next to, none other than her new friend Remus Lupin.

"Hi” he whispered “you wouldn't happen to have seen James and Sirius while you were on your way here would you?"

Lily nodded and was about to answer, when Remus hid below the desk, suddenly the room was filled with orange dust once again.

Lily hid under her table too, "You knew about this!? And you didn't tell the teacher?" she asked her voice full of disappointment.

Remus sighed "It’s not like I could've stopped them" he said “I don’t want to be a part of their ploys”

Lily groaned and stayed hidden under the desk, her robes and face full of orange dust.

This James Potter was nothing but trouble.

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