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Lykis' Gift by melis1907
Chapter 3 : Lykis' Helpers
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"We're going to have a welcoming party"
said James.

"Why today I just wanna go to my dorm and sle-" Dom stopped.

"We should stay awake. And a party is the best way to do it" said Fred.

Ok that was a good idea I have to admit.


the sorting hat shouted.
I looked over the slytherin table. And I met with Nate's(Zabini) beautiful blue eyes. I smiled and he smiled back.

"Just Gryffinfor or all houses?" I asked hopefully.

"All houses. In requiment room." Dom said with a big smirk.
I need a dress.

"We will need lots of coffee to stay awake. I can't make a Waking Potion. I need 3 days to do it." I'm really good at Potions but not that good.

"Why do you need to stay awake?" asked Rose. Why does she act like fucking detective?

"Its for a bet Rosie. Me, Dom and Allie against Jake, Fred and James." Ha this time I save my own arse.

"What will you get when you win?" Fuck. Rose fucking Holmes.

"I'll get a kiss from Mel" James being a jerk again. I blushed.(He should stop doing that.)

"No way dude. You would get a black eye. Don't even try. " said Jack angrily.

"I was kidding bro. Why would I want to kiss our little sister!" He wasn't joking.

After the feast( Best thing in Hogwarts.) we walked to Gryffindor common room. There were hundreds of white birds. Dom screamed. I was going to run but then I noticed that they weren't real birds they were party birds. Acctually they are birds made of papers. But we call them "party birds" cause it's an invitation for parties.
One of the bird flew to me I caught it and opened.

"Melanie Wood. You are invited to a welcoming party hosted by The Marauders.
Location: Requiment room
Time: 10.30 pm "

I changed in to a short blue dress. It wasn't that short cause Jake would transfugir my pretty dress to pjs.
I exit the common room to get some coffee from the kitchen.

Kitchen=My Favourite Place

"You look really pretty" Nate was standing by the window and he was

definetly checking me out.

"Thanks. Do you come to the party?"

"Yes. I'm looking forward to see you there"

I smiled and started to walk to the kitchens. Wohoo this party will be great.

The room of requiment looked amazing.

"Melanie don't you have anything longer" There he is. My lovely brother.

"No I don't. Let's find Dom. She looks amazing tonight"

"Don't try to change th-. Aww hi Dom you look stunning."

Oo yes he has a crush on her too. But he denies it.

"Thanks Jake. Let's dance." She took his arm. She whinked and whispered."Good luck with Nate". I love my best friend.

"Here's your firewhisky"

James really looked handsome.

"I'm not going to drink. I don't want to fall asleep"

"You won't. I'm going to be your guard today. No sleep. No Zabini."

"Are you jeleaous"

"What? Why would I be jeleaous ?"

"So why do you care if I talk to Nate?"

"I don't want to see you with a broken heart"

I can't believe this. Does he really think about me? I looked to his blue eyes. He leaned to me. And said:

"I'm just kidding I would love to see you crying."

I was shocked. Arse.
My eyes started to burn oh no I'm going to cry. I can't cry. I pushed him and ran away. I just ran. I ran to the astronomy tower. I sat to floor. And I started to cry. I couldn't stop myself.
When there weren't any tears left. I stood up and made a decision. I'm gonna hurt James. I'm gonna hurt him so bad. I know what I need. So I went back to the party to get what I need.
On my way to the requiment room someone grabbed my arm and pulled close. And he started to kiss me. Nate. That was what I need. I kissed him back. He got his permission so he push me against the wall. He started to kiss me harder. He tasted like firewhisky. His hand was on my leg. And it went up and up. His hand was under my dress but I didn't say anything. I really need this. But suddenly someone pushed him away. It was James.

"What the hell " He tried to punch Nate but I put a shield charm between them and he flew away. I wasn't shocked. I knew that he
would find me. I was calm.

"See you tomorrow Nate." And I blew a kiss. He got the idea and walked away.

"What do you think you are doing? He was sucking your face. His hand was under you dress. Are you drunk?"

Yess. He was angry.

"I just wanted to make you happy. He's going to shag me and then dump me. And I will cry."

I yelled. I was angry.

"Mel I wa-" he started to talk but I wasn't finished.

"I just wanted to snog somebody. Just snog. Nothing else. Nevermind I don't want t-"

"Just shut up" he leaned and put a small kiss near my mouth. I was paralysed.

"When you need a kiss just come to me. Now let's go to the common room this party sucks."

"Ahmm ok"
I couldn't say anything else. I want to kiss him so bad even if I am really angry to him.

We went to the common room. Only third grades were gossiping about something. They stopped when we came in.

"Hi James" Those little bitches.

"Ok its time to go to bed don't forget to drink milk."

James started to laugh.

"Whaat I hate 3th grades. They are little but they think they're old enough."

"Whatever" he murmured and sat on the sofa by the window. I sat next to him.

The room was quiet. He didn't say anything. So I shut my mouth and started to think about Lykis. There's only one book about it. And there isn't enough information. I don't know what to do.


I jumped. James looked to me.

"Its Allie"

We ran to our dorm. She was crying on her bed. Fred was sitting by her. He was trying to comfort her. If she wasn't crying I would think
that they were cute.

"It hurts so much Mel. I caa-" She couldn't go on. She was crying so hard.

I took her hand it was time talk to Lykis.

"James get the map. And find Dom and Jake. Allie go take a shower. Fred and I will wait you in the common room."

James didn't say anything and left the room. Allie went to take a shower. Hope she will be awake after it.

In 10 minutes James came with Dom and Jake. They didn't say anything.

"Its time to deal with Lykis"

They agreed with me and we left the common room.

James was looking to the map. No one was around. Even Gabby's cat Mr. Norris (they should really find a new name) didn't see us. I was thinking how lucky we are.

"What are you doing here?"

It was Jane Keep. Rawenclaw perfect. Blue eyes. Blonde.
I hate her. She thinks she is amazing.

"Its 1 am. You shouldn't be here."

No one said something. There was a scary silence. There was only one thing to do.


She flew a metre away.

"Oh dear merlin. Why did you do that?"

"She was going to report us Allie. That was our only choice. I'm going to erase her memory ."


We reached to Lykis' room. It was really cold. I was shaking until James gave his sweatshirt to me. It smelled like him. Cinnamon and quidditch. I smelled it again. Uhhmm it feels so good.
I should really stop smelling it. I looked to my friends. They were all watching me. Jake raised his eyebrow. Oww shit. Dom started to giggle.

"Amm ok. Let me find the book"

When I found the book I started to look for the becoming a helper part. It was easy because I've marked it last time. I read it loud.

“To be a helper tap your tattoo with your wand and promise Lykis to protect students.”

“Ok it sounds easy lets do this.” said Jake.

We all tapped our tattoo and promised. I felt something warm on my wrist. I turned my hand to check it. Its colour used be an ugly Troll blood but now it was turning to a beautiful blue. I smiled.

“Now it looks so much better.” said Dom. All of us nodded.

“Soo how we gonna protect students? I don’t think Lykis would send us emails.” Said Fred. He loves to act like muggles.
Only I laughed to his comment. Because I have used email to connect with my muggle boyfriend. (Jake turned him to a turtle.)

“Fred you are so clever. I’m sure you’re the missing daughter of Rawenclaw.” I love making fun of Fred.

“I don’t think there will be any problems. I mean voldy is gone and all death eaters are in Azkaban. What kind of problems are we talking
about ?”

“James right. I don’t think any students will be in danger. Just be happy; we’re going to sleep well without pain and we have really cool tattoos.” Said Dom.

“I think we still need to research about Lykis. What if someone really need help?”

“Relaaax Mel thanks to our parents we don’t have to do anything. Now let’s get some sleep.” Jake hugged me and we all left the room.

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