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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 21 : Broken
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“All those fairytales are full of shit,

One more fucking love song I’ll be sick.”


Maroon 5 – Payphone.





“Ellie?” I heard a voice whisper somewhere above me.


I let out another sniffle and curled myself further under my covers. I heard Dom let out a sigh, before turning on her heel and leaving the room, I let out a breath once I heard the door shut behind her.


This is the position I’d taken for the past two days, I refused to go to class or eat, just in case I ran into James or the girl he was with.


I later found out she was called Spencer, a hufflepuff two years below us.


Fucking bint.


I sometimes when nobody was around i would write to mum, but all I got back was letters full of sympathy and the odd threat from my dad, something about castrating James.


Letting out another sigh I pulled my covers back over my head and sat up against my headboard, just then Evie walked in.


“Morning Elle.” She shouted cheerily.


“mphhh.” I muttered, looking down.


She plopped herself down at the end of my bed.


I refused to look at her.


“Okay, cut the crap Elladora!” Evie snapped.


I snapped my eyes up to meet her, narrowing them slightly.


She tucked a strand of dark hair behind her ears, before leaning closer.


“I know your hurting Elle.” She whispered, placing her hand on my arm.


“James Potter is a bastard, okay, he doesn’t know how great you are.” She said, taking a breath.


Then she put a hard look on her face and straightened up.


“But you can’t keep moping around and shutting your friends out, that’s not fair.” She finished, her large brown eyes set on me expectantly.


I felt a tear roll down my face, before quickly wiping it away.


“Don’t cry!” she said quickly, leaning in and giving me a hug.


She was right though, I can’t keep going on like this; I have to pull myself together.


I pulled back, and then stood up.


“Your right.” I muttered quietly.


The next two hours were spent with Evie cleaning me up and me preparing to face the outside world



Walking into the common room people stopped and stared, I figured word would have gotten around about what happened with Cassie and Damon.


“I heard she almost died.” One girl said, pointing me out to her friend.


“Really, I thought she killed them” another whispered.


I rolled my eyes, and marched over to the blonde on the sofa.


I sat down beside a sullen looking Louis.


“Has she left ye-“ he began looking up, his eyes widened, and he through he arms around me.


I grinned and hugged him back.


“Missed me much Lou?” I laughed.


He smiled.


“Your okay?” he questioned anxiously.


“I will be.” I replied tiredly.


He nodded and gave me another hug, smiling all the while.




I whipped round, noticing a blonde charging at me,


I felt my eyes widen and my arms stretch ready to push her away, but instead Dom came tumbling into me knocking me clean off the couch onto the floor, we both landed with a thud.


It must have been quite a sight, two tall blondes on the floor in a tangled mess of limbs.


I sat up, dazed.


Dom did the same.


I looked at her.


She glanced at me.


Then we burst out laughing, and I actually felt better.


I stood up; pulling Dom up with me, then dusted myself off.


Dom sat next to her brother and started discussing Victoire’s birthday present.


I heard Dom come up with slugs and hippogriff shit.


She’s a real charmer that girl.


My stomach rumbled and I told the siblings I was going to get something to eat, Dom responded in shouting another obscene idea (a re-creation of Voldemorts lost nose.) and Louis bid me a quick goodbye.


Heading out of the common room and down the many flights of stairs, skipping the trick ones, I found myself in front of the picture of the pear; I tickled it, covering my ears as it let out a shriek of laughter


Entering I stopped in my tracks, sat there on the bench with his head in his hands was James Potter.


I felt my heartbeat quicken and my hand begin to shake.




Turning around as quietly as I could I slowly began to make my way over to the door.


“Ella.” His voice startles me; I spin round to face him.


“James.” I croak out, tears springing into my eyes.


“I’m sorry.” he murmured, eyes watching for a reaction.


Then all of a sudden I’m angry.


“You really fucked up,” I whispered, my anger boiling over.


“I know.” He sighs, casting his eyes downwards at his folded hands.


“I was hurt, I thought you were dead, so I, I got drunk okay, and then she, Spencer, well she found me, and Ella I was way too drunk, I don’t know how it happened, then I left her and I was on my way to you, You looked so broken and I thought I’d lost you forever, then you where there in front of me, with Freddie, and she came after me, I know what it looked like.” I said in a low voice, getting muddled up at some parts.


“It looked like you’d just fucked her James.” I said harshly, my anger steadily getting worse.


His eyes widened and I saw him tense slightly.


Again I felt hot tears spring to my eyes, and again I wiped them away.


“Don’t cry.” He whispered panicked, his stretched his arm out in front of him, taking a step forward.


I took a step back.


“Ella.” He said brokenly.


“Nothing happened, okay?” he said, taking a deep breath.


“Just hear me out, yeah?”


I nodded slowly.


“You stepped in front of me, trying to protect me in the shack, She tried to kill you, Ella, and I was tied up, I couldn’t do a thing, I’ve never felt so helpless in my life, I died a thousand times when you collapsed, they took you to the hospital wing and they couldn’t work out why you wasn’t waking up.” He took a deep breath, tears rolling down his cheeks.


“I left and got drunk, I was in an empty class room, I started to cry, I was mad.” he said in a frustrated voice.


I instinctively took another step back.


“No, not at you.” He whispered panicked


“Spencer found me when I was punching things, she asked me what was wrong, and I don’t know, I just told her, everything, I felt I could trust her, nothing happened Elle, we left the class room and found an empty cupboard, we sat and talked, she made me realise how much I loved you, I left her and began to make my way to see you, then you where there in front of me, and I don’t know why she did it, but she made it look like we’d you know, then you just collapsed, again, I went to go get you, but Freddie shrugged me off and told me to get myself sorted out, I was angry at her then at him and then at myself, and I just pushed past her an walked off.” He finished, a devastated expression on his face.


Then right there I melted, he didn’t do anything wrong, his whole family have been shrugging him off because I jumped to the wrong conclusion, I felt awful, I scraped my blonde curls from my face so I could see his face clearly, he was heartbroken.


I approached him slowly, his eyes widened with a every step I took.


“I’m sorry.” I chocked out, wiping his tears away hurriedly.


“I’m so sorry James.”


“No, its me who’s sorry.” He began


I slowly reached up, brushing his hair from his eyes, then gently kissed him on the mouth, never taking my eyes from him.


He smiled reaching around and pulling me into him.


And that’s how we stayed for the remainder of the day.



Sorry for the incredibly long up-date, I’ve been working loads recently, and the Olympics have been on J

I really love reading your reviews though!

They make my day



I know this chapter isn’t as long as some of the others but I really wanted to just get it out there!


Please don’t forget to rate and review!

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