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The story of Teddy and I. by welshwizard394
Chapter 3 : The meaning of red.
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‘Ted..’ I ask ‘What does red hair mean?’

       Teddy bites his lip, and instead of answering he kisses me. Any control we had in any of the other kisses has completely disappeared, and even when I break away to breathe, his lips move to my collarbone and work there. When sits back up, his t-shirt rises ever so slightly and I see the small amount of hair on his stomach that disappears into his trousers. It’s turquoise. How odd. I go to lift off his top and when he doesn’t object I pull it over his head and dump it onto the floor. His chest is impressive, and his nipple piercing is still there. He doesn’t have much hair apart from the line beneath and around his belly button, and a small amount on his chest. When he goes to kiss me again, I stroke his chest and stomach, tracing my fingers down until I feel a shiver run through him.

      His hand is stroking my breast again, and it annoys me he hasn’t yet taken off my shirt. Just as I think it, he looks at me, as if asking if it’s all right. I nod and he grins. I sit up for him to pull it over my shoulders. He doesn’t look away when his eyes flicker to my chest this time. Instead, he reaches down and kisses just below the base of my neck. I go to undo his drawstring trousers.

     ‘Vic..’ He says, but I silence him this time. I kiss his neck like before, but with much less restraint. He takes off his own trousers and kicks them off comically.

     His eyes linger on my trousers and I take them off, too. He blushes when he sees my underwear. I’m wearing red lace hot pants with ribbons at the back.

     Since he’s looking at my body, I don’t feel guilty for looking at his. He has plain red boxers on, and nothing else. He has hairy legs, not in a horrible way, in a kind of sexy, manly way. He’s kneeling on the bed, and I do the same, and kiss him. I feel elated when his hands move down to touch my bum. It gives me confidence I didn’t have before. I hear him whisper a contraceptive charm and realise that this is actually happening.

      We lie side by side and his hand is half way up my thigh. I try to distract myself.

      ‘You never said what your red hair means.’ I say, focusing on it. His hand moves higher.

      ‘You want to know?’ Teddy asks, whilst stroking my leg with his thumb. I take a deep breath, but it catches.

       ‘Yeah, I do.’ I reply, kissing his chest. His hand turns so it’s on the inside of my leg. I moan involuntarily, and he looks kind of pleased. As he pulls the cover over us, I run my hand over his pants. He groans.

        He kisses me again and massages my inner thigh. I feel him kick off his boxers and then looks at me for confirmation before pulling down my knickers.

       ‘It means love.’ He says almost inaudibly.

       ‘ love me?’ I gasp.

       ‘Of course.’ He says, and I get lost in his smile.






 I wake up and for a second I feel disorientated. Then I realise Teddy’s still asleep, and I’m using his arm as a pillow. All the memories from the night come flashing back and I feel all tingly and happy. His hair is turquoise again, and his long dark eyelashes are brushing the top of his cheek. His chest moves slowly as he breathes, and Godric, he looks so gorgeous.

     Teddy’s eyes flicker open and he smiles at me. ‘Morning.’ He says, stretching. He looks at the space in the bed between us, about five inches, and frowns. ‘Come closer?’ He asks.

     I grin and scoot over to him, dragging the quilt with me. ‘Good morning.’ I whisper.

     He wraps his hand around my waist and kisses my forehead. I reach up to his hair and bury my fingers in it, he seems to have made it about three inches longer; it’s past shoulder length.

     ‘It’s not red anymore.’ I say, disheartened. Teddy grins and rolls his eyes.

      ‘I changed it back before you woke.’ He says. I raise my eyebrows at him.

      ‘I was awake before you were.’

       ‘Were you?’ He asks, smirking.

       ‘Yes.’ I laugh. ‘Or were you watching me sleep like a creepy stalker?’

        ‘Correct.’ He grins and I can feel his thumb stroking the dip above my hips. I’d never realised there were so many places that he could touch to make me all…tingly. ‘You okay?’

       ‘Great,’ I say, removing his hand and holding it in mine. ‘Are you?’

       ‘I’m great, too.’ His stomach grumbles. ‘Great but starving.’

       ‘Breakfast?’ I ask and he nods. I watch him roll out of bed and reach down to pull on his pyjama bottoms. He turns and smiles.

       ‘It’s ready in ten.’ He says. I sit up and his eyes dart down to my chest and that’s when I realise that I’m still naked. ‘Maybe you should get dressed first.’ He grins, and I blush.

       I put on his weird sisters top and the pyjamas he gave me last night. The top’s huge on me, so I tie a knot at my waist. I find a Hair bobble he uses when he sports his long brown hair, and put it in my long blonde hair that’s kind of tangled from his hands running through it.

      I go into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. I look the same as always, but I feel so much different. I splash water on my face and hands. When I go into the kitchen, Teddy’s sitting at the table with a pile of toast and two cups of tea.

      I don’t realise how hungry sex can make you until I’ve eaten double of what I usually eat in the morning.

Teddy’s staring at me in disbelief.

      ‘Shut up.’ I say, smiling. ‘I’m bloody starving.’

      ‘I would never have guessed, Vic, seeing as you just ate twelve pieces of toast.’ He says and I kick him under the table. He laughs.

      ‘Four pieces.’ I say, sticking out my chin.

      ‘Ok, whatever.’ Teddy grins. I try not to look at his bare chest. It makes me embarrassed, even though I saw everything of his a couple of hours earlier.

       ‘So, uhm, did you enjoy, uh, last night?’ I ask, and he splutters his tea down himself.

       ‘Enjoy? Merlin, Vic. Of course I bloody enjoyed.’ He says. ‘Did you?’

        ‘ couldn’t have been more perfect..’ I say and he grins his full out wonky smile.

        ‘So you don’t regret it?’ He asks.

        ‘Why in the name of Godric Gryffindor would I regret it?’ I say, confused and slightly annoyed.

        ‘I just thought. Because maybe, you know, you just did it in the moment or something.’ His ears turn red, and he picks up another piece of toast. ‘And we can’t hide that we’ve only been together for about seven hours.’

        ‘Teddy. What do normal couples do?’ I ask. He goes to reply but I stop him. ‘They talk. They do things together. They look out for each other. They care for each other. They rely on each other. We’ve been best friends for years and done everything together. It’s not like we’ve just met and decided to do it. I know everything about you. I know your favourite food, colour, song. I know how to wind you up and I know how to make you happy. I think we were a couple before today. So what we did was perfectly fine and normal and natural. I’m of age and so are you, there’s nothing wrong with this at all. And I love you.’ I say, and it takes him a while to register everything.

      Finally, after a few seconds that feel like years, he puts his hand on mine. ‘I love you, too.’

      ‘And you agree with me?’ I ask.

      ‘Yeah, I do.’ He smiles and runs both hands through his hair. He scrunches his eyes up and his hair changes back to its chin length blue style. It really impresses me, his skills. It always has. He can change his appearance to whatever he wants. He could change himself into me if he wanted. The only thing he can’t do to his appearance is change his height.

        ‘I wish I could do that.’ I say absentmindedly.

        ‘Why?’ He asks, raising his left eyebrow.

        I shrug and drink some tea. ‘It’d just be cool. I mean, you can look like whatever you want.’

        ‘Yeah, but you don’t even need to change your appearance, Vic.’ He laughs.

         ‘Neither do you. What is your natural image, anyway?’ I ask. Teddy rolls his eyes.

          ‘Victoire, I have blue hair ninety per cent of the time.’ He grins when I don’t realise what he’s saying. ‘it’s naturally blue. It’s strange. But if I go to sleep with it black I’ll wake up with blue hair. Same with my eyes, they always go back to brown.’

          I consider this and nod. ‘Apart from last night.’

          ‘Yeah, I think that’s the only time it’s happened to stay that colour. Maybe because it was automatic; it changed with my emotion.’ He blushes and I find it unbearably cute. He catches my eye and we both kind of stop what we’re doing. He clears his throat, mumbles something about the shower and darts off in the direction of the bathroom.











Thanks for reading! Please review as your feedback gives me incentive to write more! That sounds like bribery. I am not bribing you! :D Haha, hope it was ok! 

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