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The 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas. by Half_Empty
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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  shipsinthenight @ TDA is amazing. 'nough said. 



Every school has a queen, right?  That girl who has everything, but still feels the need to take from others? That girl who’ll make your life a living hell if you step one toe out of line?


In my school that’s dear old Becky (Don’t tell her I called her that though) or as she’s known to the rest of the school- Rebecca Thomas: Bitch extraordinaire.


…although you probably shouldn’t tell her I called her that either.


I hate her- no exaggeration. I’ve hated her since she turned my boyfriend against me in third year and I’ll continue to hate her for as long as I live. Yet again- I’m not exaggerating, I’m just being truthful.


Rebecca Thomas is the sort of girl who’ll rip your heart out and stomp on it over and over again without a single thought- not that I’m… you know speaking from personal experience or anything. Well… not in the way you’re thinking… mind out of the gutter people!


Let’s just say- metaphorically- that a girl who had never heard of magic before a few months ago came to this strange school that’s trains witches and wizards. Let’s call her Lizzie.


Now Lizzie being, sweet, young, naïve Lizzie decided to try and make friends- I mean… it was the sensible thing to do, right? Make allies for the future and all that.


Now Lizzie liked to think she was quite intelligent. So, being intelligent she thought the best person to make friends with would be the only other girl sharing her dorm room for the next seven years: Dear old Becky.


So Lizzie being the polite, well-mannered girl that I am… I mean: she was extended her hand across the width of the dinner table at the welcoming feast and with a gentle, welcoming, smile on her face said:


“Hello, I’m lizzie.”


Becky stabbed her in the hand with a fork.


A fork.


Poor Kyra… I mean Lizzie.


Now let’s say- hypothetically of course- that in third year Lizzie got a boyfriend. A sweet, caring boy called David in the year above who didn’t seem to mind that she had no friends thanks to Becky. He liked me… I mean her for who she was. He didn’t like Becky either which was always a bonus.


But then Becky decided she liked him- David I mean and he fell like a rock straight into her arms. Which is you know slightly backwards because she was the girl… but you know what I mean. David no longer liked Lizzie.


However luckily for Lizzie by this point a lot of people didn’t like Becky- Lizzie wasn’t her only victim, another victim went by the name of Mia Bishop, who’s boyfriend had been stolen just a few days previously- poor Grant only had a few days of her –ahem- lovely company before he himself was dropped in favour of my- I mean Lizzie’s- dear David.


It’s a vicious cycle- boyfriends- where Rebecca Thomas is concerned.


…and I really can’t be arsed to keep this up any longer.


Guess what?


I’m Lizzie.


A shocker I know.


And guess what else?


I still have a fork prong shaped scar on my hand from her vicious attack. I call it my…drum roll please… ‘Battle Scar’.


Because… you know… in the war between good and evil only one side can come out on top, but there are losses on both sides.


She’s the evil one by the way… (In case you didn’t figure that out.)




A/N: So guys this is the Prologue J I know it’s ridiculously short but hey *shrug* Whatcha gonna do? The next chapter is 4000 words and counting so I hope that will make up for it, that and the fact that I’m sending it in for validation as soon as this is out in the open.


Do you like Kyra? Rather sarcastic isn’t she.


Anyway… that’s for reading and here’s the disclaimer:

I own nothing! :D Promise.

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The 'Accidental' De-throning of Rebecca Thomas.: Prologue


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