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The Properties of a Rose by RupertsPheonix
Chapter 29 : Part Twenty Nine
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Part Twenty Nine


I was hurriedly packing my trunk up for the Christmas holiday.  We had only one night left in the castle, and I had promised Scorpius we’d go for a walk around the lake before we split up for bed.  He’d been acting really odd for a few days now, and he kept saying he just wanted to spend some alone time with me before we left for Christmas.


I surveyed the area around my four-poster.  It seemed like I had packed most of the essentials.  I grabbed an over-sized jumper from the pile of clothes that seemed to be spilling out of my trunk and threw it on over my tank top.  It was one of my dad’s old Weasley-sweaters—bright orange with a black “R” in the center.  It fit like a dress, and I slipped on a pair of heavy tights and some boots before tying my hair back quickly.


“Off to see Scorpius?” Jeanette asked.  She and Roxie were sitting on Roxie’s “Sexy Witch” comforter reading from the latest copy of Witch Weekly and reading aloud pointers from an article titled How to be as Important to Him as His Broomstick.


I nodded.  “Yep.  I shouldn’t be late, though.  See you in a bit!”


My cousin and friend waved as I bounded out of the dormitory.


I ran past Albus, Louis, and Lily, who were gathered around a table playing Exploding Snap.  They all looked up a grinned as I sped by them.  I shoved open the portrait of the Fat Lady, and Scorpius was grinning at me from against the stone wall.


“Hey there,” he said.


“Hey there, yourself,” I replied, grabbing his hand and lacing my fingers through his.  “So, a walk around the lake?”


He nodded.  “Yeah.  If that’s okay?  Did you bring a cloak?”


I shook my head.  “It’s not snowing too badly out there,” I reasoned.  “And I’m wearing a pretty heavy jumper.”


He shrugged.  “I didn’t bring mine either.  We won’t be out there too long anyway.”


“We won’t?”  I was starting to get worried about why he wanted so desperately to spend time alone with me.  We certainly weren’t deprived of time together, but he’d been very insistent on it lately.  I had a very sudden and irrational fear that he was going to break up with me.


He shook his head.  “No.  Not too long.”  He squeezed my hand and led me outside.


I walked silently next to him.  He was humming softly as we walked—something he did every once in a while.  It usually had a calming effect on me, but I was so nervous with my new suspicion that he would try to break things off that I couldn’t even bother to really pay attention to the noise.


“Are you okay?” he asked, pulling us to a stop near the lake.  “You’re being really quiet, Rose.”


I bit my lip.  “I don’t know.  Are you trying to break up with me?”


He blinked.  “What the bloody hell are you on about?”


I felt relief and embarrassment all at once.  “Nothing, never mind.”


He laughed.  He was actually laughing at me!  What an idiot.


“Oh, no, Rose, I’m not laughing at you—”


“Yes, you are.”


He shrugged but had the decency to look ashamed.  “Okay, maybe a little.  But did you really think I was going to break up with you?”


It was my turn to shrug.


He touched my cheek, directing my gaze to his stunning grey eyes.  I nearly swooned at his signature half smile.  “I love you, Rose Weasley,” he said. “I don’t know why you seem to think I could ever possibly consider breaking up with you.”


“I dunno,” I muttered, half defensively.  “You’ve been acting really odd, and you kept insisting on getting to see me alone before we leave for the holidays.”


Scorpius raised an eyebrow, a sly and playful grin on his handsome, pale face.  “Maybe I just wanted to snog my girlfriend without her family hanging around.”


I raised an eyebrow.  “Was that it?”


“No, not just that,” he admitted.  “But I’m definitely not going to break up with you.”


I pulled him over to a small stone bench near the edge of a memorial fountain and garden—something our parents’ generation had created in memory of those lost in the Battle of Hogwarts.  He sat down beside me and took both of my hands in his.


“What is it?” I asked.  Relief had flooded me when he said he didn’t want to break up with me, but curiosity at what was really going on had taken the place of my nerves.


“I’ve done something kind of big.”  His tone was that of a child confessing to an adult about a mistake they had made.




“Something that maybe I should’ve talked to you about first.”


“Just tell me what it is.”  Curiosity may’ve killed the cat, but I’m taking my own turn at it.


He sighed, looked down at our intertwined hands, and muttered a few words I’d never forget.


“I bought a house.”



A/N:  Sorry for the short chapter, but I just HAD to end it here!  Next chapter shouldn't take too long to post.  :)


Reviewer question:  What do you think Scorp's house will look like?


Thanks for the reads and reviews!


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The Properties of a Rose: Part Twenty Nine


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