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I Never Knew by Ade W Malfoy
Chapter 6 : Family Findings
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A/N Thank you to those who reviewed! I barely had any contact with CUT_DMalfoy except for like three emails. So I'm doing this chapter also. Pls review?

Ade W Malfoy

When Hermione got back to her new common room after dinner, Draco was on the coach reading. The moment Draco heard the portrait open; he finished the sentence he was on, put his book down then got up to face Hermione.

“Go to the ball with me.”

“WHAT???!!!” Hermione screeched, taken totally off guard. Never in her dreams would she have imagined being asked out by Draco Malfoy. Not that she'd go with him unless required.

Malfoy rubbed his temples before saying,

"Dumbledore's orders that I accompany you to the ball. He said it was for the sake of house unity and getting to know each other better."

"Uugh! As if living with you wasn’t enough, I'm going to ask Dumbledore for another alternative."

"I wouldn't willingly go with you unless required. I've tried asking him already." Malfoy said tiredly.

"Fine," Hermione replied, clearly annoyed.


The next day, Hermione once again found herself in Dumbledore's office. But this time with her parents and the sorting hat also. It seems that it had slipped Dumbledore's mind that the sorting hat could find ones history since it hadn't been done for over a thousand years.

Now, Hermione was about to put on the sorting hat when Harry came bursting in.

He was about to speak when he saw Hermione and her parents in the office.

"Sorry for intruding. I'll just go outside and wait." he was on his way onto the door when Hermione stopped him.

"No Harry, stay with me. I'm about to figure out my family history and I want moral support. Please?" Hermione asked with pleading eyes.

With a nod of his head, he went over and stood by Hermione.

The second the sorting hat was on Hermione's head, it began talking.

Hmm... I knew that there was something suspiciously hidden in that very intelligent mind of yours, even though you didn't even know it yourself.

Anyway, back to the task that I haven't done for over a thousand year. Let's see. Interesting, very interesting. Ever heard about the uncommonly known story of the missing Potters?

Hermione nodded her head.

Well it seems we have just found one of the three.

"WHAT?!?!?! Are you serious?" Hermione said, bewildered.

It seems to be the case. You are Hermione Lily Potter, your middle name obviously named after Lily Potter née Evans, your mother and Lily were best friends; daughter of Jean Marceline Potter née Zabini and Andrew James Potter, twin of James Andrew Potter. A pureblood, and the cousin of the great famous Harry Potter. Hmm... That should be about it.

Hermione then took off the sorting hat and was met with the curious eyes of her parents, the professors and last but not least, Harry.

"Well?" Harry asked, breaking the silence. Hermione sighed at the newly acquired information then began.

"My full name is Hermione Lily Potter, named after your mum Harry. My mother was a best friend of your mother." She added when she heard the occupants of the room gasp around her. "I am the daughter of Jean Marceline Potter née Zabini and Andrew James Potter, twin of James Andrew Potter. This means we are related to the Zabini’s, I am the cousin of Harry and that I am, last of all, a pureblood."

Hermione's parents spoke for the first time since she stepped into the headmaster's office.

"Wait, those are our first and middle names. Does that mean we may still be here biological parents?"

Dumbledore nodded his head then asked,

"Would you two mind if I performed a simple revealing charm that was used on Hermione to check whether or not you were also under the same spell?"

Andrew shook his head then took his wife's hand. They were both nervous, but knew that they had to do it for Hermione's sake.

"Revelar," Dumbledore muttered. The same reaction with Hermione happened. This time, Jean's hair turned wavy blond and her eyes turned a honey colour with flecks of green.

Andrew's hair turned a messy jet black colour, much like Harry's. He looked like an exact replica of James Potter, except that he was a bit taller. Those who watched the transformation were awestruck.

Memories of their past, showing their first signs of magic, studying at Hogwarts, them dating, right up to the fateful night where memory and glamour charms were placed on them, quickly flooded their minds.

With a quick flick of Dumbledore's wand, both parents were brought back to consciousness.

“Do you remember who casted these charms on you?” McGonagall asked. Jean nodded her head and began her tale.


“Hey Harry! Why don’t you come with my parents and me to the Potter Mansion during the winter holidays? It’s our shared property. This way, you won’t have to stay at Hogwarts by yourself!” Hermione suggested during lunch. Ginny nodded her head in agreement. They had also told Ginny about the story behind the glamour charm and the memory charm.


To simplify the tale, It had seemed that Voldemort had ordered his death eaters to kill off the remaining Potters, and had put Lucius Malfoy in charge of the mission. What no one except for Jean knew, not even Voldemort, was that Lucius and Andrew had secretly been best of friends.

As purebloods, they would have encouraged marriages. This meant that when they were of age, a selection of pureblood females were given to the males. And males for females. What Andrew and Lucius had hoped was that their both children would get married.

The order that Voldemort had given was to kill the rest of the Potters, but also not allow others to know what happened. Lucius never had a death wish on the Potters. So instead of killing them, he places glamour charms and memory charms to save their lives.

As to Hermione's middle name, the two mothers made a pact when they were young. If they were to have a daughter, they would use each others name as a middle name.


"Wow, it seems that Lucius Malfoy has some kindness in his heart" Ginny said in awe after she heard her tale. Hermione and Harry nodded their head in agreement.

"Well, are you going to announce your new identity?"

"No," Hermione replied. "Dumbledore doesn't think it is safe for others to know. He thinks we should wait till after the war. If we win the war."

"Hey! No negative thoughts!" Harry shot in.

"Anyways, what if my real identity got leaked out of Hogwarts? Then Voldemort would know that I was alive, also the fact that Lucius Malfoy was a traitor and would be killed. I wouldn't want that for anyone who did the right thing, especially someone who saved my parents and my life."

"That is a very logical thing to do. But what about Zabini? Shouldn't you tell him about both of you being related? I doubt that he even knows it." Ginny inquired.

"Well, we might tell him. But he has to be sworn to secrecy." Harry said, answering for Hermione.

"I know how to ensure that he will keep this secret! But first of all, which side of the war are yet on? Hermione inquired.

"The Zabini's  are a neutral family. They do not like taking sides." Ginny replied quickly.

"Ok, then how should we get him alone?" Harry asked.

"Hmm... How about we send an anonymous letter, saying that a girl would like to meet him in secret. And that she would give him anything he wanted." Hermione said, thinking quickly.

"Great idea! Let's get to it immediately!" An excited Ginny shrieked, jumping up and down.


Draco's P.O.V.

During dinner, Blaise seemed to have gotten a letter that was written on a pink colored parchment which caught my attention. So I read it over his shoulder.

Mind if you go to the room of requirement during midnight? I'd do anything for you! Just keep in mind that you might be in for the best shag of your life! BTW, I think you're the hottest guy ever!
Love ya! <3

The curious thing was that it was unsigned. Also the fact that Blaise was the hottest guy in her eyes was an insult to me! Draco Malfoy, Slytherin prefect, hottest guy in Hogwarts and the Slytherin sex god! Well, not really. It was just a reputation that Blaise had created for me. But who cares! It still hurts!

"Are you gonna go?" I asked.

"Yea! Who wouldn't enjoy getting the best shag in their life?" Blaise replied enthusiastically.

I just nodded my head then continued my dinner.


3rd person

They watched as Zabini read the letter, with Malfoy reading it over his shoulder. Malfoy asked him something, which Zabini answered to enthusiastically.

It seemed that their plan worked as they happily ate their dinner, planning what they should say when they met Zabini in the room of requirement.

A/N I know this chapter has a lot of facts to absorb in, which even I can't exactly remember all the facts! Weird I know! Sorry if you guys had to wait for over a month. But please do review! Hopefully, the next chapter will be written by CUT_DMalfoy!




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