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Time-Travel Mishaps! by AccioSachio
Chapter 2 : And you are?
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The party mood was in full swing for most of the people visiting number 12 Grimmauld Place that evening. Harry Potter had just gotten cleared of all charges at his hearing in London. He was going back to Hogwarts with Ron and Hermione and could not be happier. Unfortunately his house bound godfather was the opposite. For the most part of the evening he had sat himself in the corner of the kitchen with a butterbeer and hardly spoke to anyone.

Harry was overwhelmed by the amount of people who had arrived to celebrate with him. Mr and Mrs Weasley were obviously there with Ginny; Ron; George; Fred and even Bill had come along. Tonks and Lupin had also decided to stay around for the celebrations.

The Weasley children were still chanting in happiness and Mrs Weasley was about to yell at them to stop but was interrupted by a crash from the hallway.

James, along with his siblings and cousins, had just landed uncomfortably in a grimy hallway that looked strangely like Grimmauld Place he thought. Though obviously the one he knew was much cleaner and smelt much better too.

“Ouch James that’s my foot, watch what you’re doing!” hissed Rose shoving James away from her.

“Is everyone okay? Lily?” asked Teddy in a worried voice searching the small group for Lily who he found clinging on to Hugo.

“Where are we?” asked Victoire quietly but Teddy just shrugged.

“Let’s get out of this dark hallway and go through that door. Be quiet as we don’t know who is here!” said Teddy standing up.

Everyone inside the kitchen had gone silent. Then seemingly all at once, the group whipped out their wands and pointed them at the kitchen door waiting for the intruders to enter. Harry was completely confused as to how anyone could get in here; it was a top secret hideout. Although as he thought about it he became aware that the approach of the strangers did not sound like one of apparition.

The party in the kitchen braced themselves for what was coming.

The group of children entered the kitchen hesitantly.

“Who are you?”Growled Sirius loudly, from across the room.

The children took in the scene of the kitchen before them and instantly took out their wands also. Teddy pulled Lily and Hugo behind him; they did not have wands yet.

Teddy Lupin took in the group of teenagers and adults. Mr and Mrs Weasley were the first people he noticed but his greeting smile faltered when he noticed a teenage Harry Potter looking curiously at the group of strangers; wand out. His jaw dropped as he looked around again there stood near Harry was Remus Lupin himself: Teddy’s dead father. Across the room from him was his dead mother: Nymphadora Tonks.

He was completely speechless. Could it be possible that they had travelled back in time? Not only that but it was obvious that it was not just a few hours.

At the same time that Teddy was studying the group before him, Remus Lupin was doing the same thing. The first person he noticed was a boy who was the exact twin to Harry Potter but he checked and Harry was stood right next to him. Looking around the group once more he realised that these children must have come from the future. He slacked his grip on his wand ever so slightly.

“Excuse me?” asked Teddy bravely. Everyone turned to look at him. “What year is this?”

The group that he had entered with looked at him scared. They understood what he meant. The group in the kitchen all looked at him like he was a lunatic apart from Remus.

“1995,” answered Remus quietly. Teddy turned to look at his father and his eyes widened in shock.

Before anyone could say anything else all eyes from the time travellers turned to James Sirius Potter. James looked down in embarrassment as his family glared at him menacingly.

Sirius stepped forward. “Who in Merlin are you and how did you get in my house?”

Teddy looked around once more and realised that they were in fact in the older version of Grimmauld Place and his nose wrinkled in disgust.

He raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. “We have accidently,” he shot a glare at James. “Travelled from the future.”

Harry Potter was astounded. The future? Ron and Hermione were stood open mouthed.

“Who are you all?” boomed Sirius not lowering his wand. It was more of an order then a real question. “How do we know you are not Death Eaters?”

Teddy rolled his eyes while Lily and Hugo looked at each other in confusion. Death Eaters?

“Please Mr Black, we can settle this calmly if you would just lower your wand.” Said Rose politely from behind. Sirius was startled that she knew his name but did not put down his wand.

“Padfoot, lower your wand.” Said Remus quietly. Sirius looked appalled but when he caught the look on his friends face lowered his wand slowly.

“Right,” said Remus louder walking forward. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves and tell us what happened this is also a way we can be sure that you are really from the future as you say.”

Teddy opened his mouth to speak but was distracted by Lily bursting into hysteric sobs all of a sudden. Lily Potter shuffled forward to put her arms around Teddy who lifted her up to hug her.

Ginny Weasley, who was stood with her mother wand out, felt her eyes prickle with awaiting tears when she saw the little girl cry. She had no idea why.

Everyone in the kitchen moved forward to surround Teddy and Lily who had settle at the dining table. Ginny ended up next to Harry.

Once Lily’s tears subsided somewhat James stepped forward smirking.

“I am James,” he introduced proudly. “James Sirius Potter.” He paused slightly to take in the reaction.

Sirius himself felt his jaw drop and then an involuntary smile spread across his face. Harry eyes bugged out. Sirius reached forward and placed a hand of thanks on his godsons shoulder.

“Gryffindor, fourth year. My dad is obviously,” he glanced at Harry who was only a year older. “Harry Potter.”

Ron cracked up and clapped Harry on the back. “You have a son mate well done. So who did Harry end up with?” he snickered directing the question at James Potter.

“Ginny Weasley.” Said James instantly. Ron’s smile faltered and his grip on Harry’s shoulder became tighter.

If possible, Harry’s eyes bugged out further and he could feel his face turning red. Next to him Ginny unconsciously took a step away from him and she too went the colour of a tomato. He could definitely see the slight resemblance now, the black untidy hair...

James’ face turned abashed. “It’s my fault we ended up here. I was messing around in dad’s office.”

“Yes it was your fault,” said the Harry clone angrily stepping forward to join his brother.

“He has to be yours Harry,” piped up George from the corner. “Congratulations Ginny.”

If possible she went a brighter shade of red than ever.

“I’m Albus Severus Potter,” informed Albus tentatively. The reaction he got was much different.

Sirius nearly choked on the butterbeer he had just put in his mouth. Ron and Hermione’s’ jaws dropped. George and Fred shouted No! From the corner and Remus’ brow furrowed.

Albus continued nevertheless. “I am a Gryffindor third year. I am obviously the younger brother of James.”

Bravely Lily went next. Getting up off Teddy’s lap she went to stand with James and Albus. “I am Lily Luna Potter I am only ten but I am so nearly eleven and I am so close to getting to Hogwarts.”

“She’s our baby sister,” said James unnecessarily.

Harry looked around at his ‘children’ and could not deny that they looked just like him. Not only that but Lily looked very much like Ginny also. Meanwhile, Ginny was studying her future children also in awe.

“Well this certainly is odd.” Said Remus with an amused expression. “And who are you two?” he asked gesturing to Rose and Hugo.

“I am Rose Molly Weasley, Gryffindor third year along with Albus. My parents are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.” She stated clearly.

The look on her teenage parents’ faces made Rose giggle quietly. Their mouths hung open and a bright red was spreading over both of their faces.

Hugo came and held hands with Rose. “I am Hugo Weasley, Roses’ brother. I am the same age as Lily.”

Hermione was looking at the two children and had to admit that she saw the likeness between them and herself. She also noticed just how adorable they both were.

Sighing, Victoire flounced forward and came to stand behind Teddy shaking out her hair as she did so. “I am Victoire Apolline Weasley I am nineteen years old and left Hogwarts two years ago graduating from Gryffindor. My parents are Bill Weasley,” she smiled at her youthful, unscarred father. “And Fleur Delacour.”

She said it without hesitation and the group tried to follow what she was saying. Once finished, Bill was unnaturally embarrassed. No one knew about his relationship with Fleur yet, but it was still early days. He never expected that he would marry her. Joyfulness joined the embarrassment.

It was silent for a few minutes. “This is a lot to take in,” said Remus. “That just leaves you.” He said weakly gesturing to his unknown son.

Teddy rose from his chair and took a deep breath. “I am Teddy Remus Lupin I am twenty years old and graduated from Gryffindor in Hogwarts three years ago. My godfather is Harry Potter. Currently I am training to be an Auror and I am engaged to Victoire Weasley.” He said quickly, taking his fiancées hand.

No one was expecting that. Harry felt strangely happy and Remus Lupin was frozen from shock. Who’s his mother? He wondered to himself but before he asked that he had to know. “Are you a...” he drifted off smiling sheepishly.

Grinning, Teddy shook his head. “Don’t worry, not at all. I am a metamorphagus though.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“Hey! That would mean-“began Ron but then closed his mouth when everyone glared at him.

“Yes,” said Teddy quietly. “My mother is Nymphadora Tonks.”

Tonks was so shocked she didn’t even have time for scolding him for using her name. She had a son? With Remus?

There was an uncomfortable silence between the present day people and the future people. Everyone shifted uncomfortably. Until Mrs Weasley’s sobs could be heard.

“I have grandchildren!” she choked holding onto her husband’s arm.

“Wait Molly. They have to prove it first they could be under the influence of Polyjuice Potion. “Snarled Sirius harshly. Lily backed away.

“Fine we’ll prove it.” Said James defiantly.

Remus stepped forward and pointed his wand at James. Legilmus. He thought and was instantly in the mind of James Sirius Potter.

Playing with his family; pulling pranks with his cousins; his parents all grown up; Christmas at the burrow with everyone who was in this room plus more. He knew now.

“They are all truthful.” Remus stated plainly.

“This is fantastic!” enthused Mrs Weasley dabbing her eyes.

“For you maybe!” groaned Albus. “Do you know how much trouble we are going to be in? It is all James’ fault mum and dad are going to kill us!” Albus shot a look at the teenage Harry and Ginny.

“Yes, how did you end up here?” wondered Remus.

“Well,” began James. “It’s a week until Christmas and I was bored so I was thinking about sneaking into my dad’s office.” He threw an apologetic glance at Harry who looked confused. “Mum and dad were in the kitchen and they couldn’t hear me and I just had to have the map!” James said passionately making it sound like his actions should be excused. He focused his stare on his teenage father. “Dad took away the Mauraders Map from me because of a stupid prank on Albus and wouldn’t let me take it back to school so I stole it back. Then there was an issue with a time turner and we ended up here.”

“Did you get the map back?” asked Harry stupidly.

“No, Teddy dropped it when we got sucked back here. Though you must have it here.” Replied James shooting Teddy a glare.

“You think you have it bad?” said an exasperated Rose. “Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny is one thing but just think about what our mum is going to do to us!”

Though still embarrassed, Ginny snickered looking at her best friend.

Just then their contemplating was interrupted by James exclaiming Ow! Then reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a Galleon on a chain which James held like it was hot.

“What’s that for?” wondered Hermione knowing it was no ordinary Galleon.

“Dad took the idea from the D.A but made it more advanced. It’s how we communicate.”

“What’s the D.A?” asked a confused Ron.

James grimaced. “Oops, that hasn’t happened yet. Uh oh!” he exclaimed.

“What?” asked Albus.

“It’s Dad!” he hissed. “He wants to chat.”

Harry was deeply interested, here he was fifteen years old in 1995 when his older self was calling his children on a Galleon communicator.

“Answer it idiot.” Said Teddy rolling his eyes.

Hesitantly James stroked the entire rim of the Galleon and then cleared his throat. “H-hey dad,” he stammered with false happiness.

“James!” boomed a voice that was undoubtedly Harry Potters. It was like a speaker so everyone could hear. “What in the name of Merlin have you done? Where is everyone and where is my time turner. What have I told you about going into my office?”

“Dad, I’m sorry I really am it was an accident!” explained James hurriedly. “We have accidently gone...erm...twenty two year back in time.”

There was silence on from the older Harry Potters end other than some almost inaudible muttering then a shriek.

“What!!” cried an older Ginny Potter and the younger Ginny’s eyes widened in shock. “James Sirius Potter, you just wait until I get my hands on you! Is your sister okay?” she ranted.

“Yes mum don’t worry, everyone is fine!” insisted James.

“Let me speak to Teddy please.” Came the calm but gruff voice of Harry.

Everyone in Grimmauld Place was silent as James handed Teddy the Galleon.

“Hey Uncle Harry,” said Teddy trying to be cheerful but he too was worried of his reaction.

“Teddy, how did you let this happen?” asked Harry rhetorically. “Now you have to tell me exactly when and where you are and who is with you.”

“Okay, it is sometime in August of 1995. We are in Grimmauld Place but I have to admit it looks awful compared to what it is like today and there are a lot of people here.”

“Who?” pressed Harry.

“ to start with. Although your about fifteen and dead scrawny looking.” Young Harry frowned. “Mr and Mrs Weasley are here with Bill; Aunt Ginny; Ron; Hermione; George and Fred and err my parents.” He finished lamely looking at each person as he named them.

“Okay,” sighed Harry and he sounded older as he said it. “Stay where you are and do not leave the house. We will try and figure out a way to get you back home.”

“Will we be back for Christmas daddy?” asked Lily into the Galleon.

“Lily sweetheart, I hope so and I will try. Stay safe all of you and listen to your grandparents, even if they aren’t yet. Do not reveal too much though we will have to Obliviate them when we leave. Be careful what you reveal and what you say children as you know how sensitive some of the subjects are.” You could almost hear the aged Harry wince as he spoke. “Goodbye, I love you all.” Then he hung up.

“That went well.” Said Rose sarcastically. “Do you know how difficult it is to not reveal the future too much? Of course you don’t because you don’t read,” she said irritated to her family. “We could change the future completely but it’s a good job they are being Obliviated.

Hermione smiled slightly at her ‘daughter’ she was apparently quite like herself.

Another silence followed.

“What kind of sensitive subj-“began George but was cut off my his mother.

“Let’s get some dinner sorted.”

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