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Love At Last Sight by YouhadmeatHarry
Chapter 1 : Collide
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A/N: Hi everyone! I've been working on this story for a while now, and I finally gained the courage to post it.

It's not my first fan fic, but I'm nervous about it anyway. English isn't my native language, so please don't hate me if you find any grammar mistakes. I'm going to try to find myself a beta, so please be patient while I do that, okay? :)

So I've had the idea of this story for a while. It was originally thought to be split into two parts, but the first one just got so boring so I skipped it. With that being said, I just want you to know that there's going to be a lot of story telling and reminiscing at first, so you guys can get the background story.

Also, this first chapter is more of an introduction. Hopefully it won't be too boring, but I can assure you that things get more interesting after this anyways! 

And I think that was about it. Oh, except for this disclaimer: Anything you recognize, I do not own! 


"Even the best fall down sometimes
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find you and I collide" 

Howie Day - Collide

”Miss Reed, here’s the file from the Jefferson murder in 2015” the head auror’s assistant said as she popped her head into my office. “Mr. Hall wanted you to have a look at it.”

“Thank you Alice” I said, taking it from her.

She smiled hesitantly before leaving the room. She was new here, and was obviously trying to make a good impression on everyone. I would have welcomed her better if it wasn’t for the fact that I was buried in work.

Part of me was so exhausted that I wanted to tell that girl to stop trying, because trying would give people the impression that you were ambitious, and ambitious people got promoted, and promotion meant so much work that you forgot that you actually had a life outside the ministry.

But the other part of me loved my job, and knew that I was good at it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be where I was at this age.

I, Allison Reed, had started the Magical Law Enforcement education right after graduation, and had begun working on the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in New York as soon as my three year training was over. At first, I had worked with simple things, like regulation on intoxicating substances or improper use of magic. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was a start. And also, it was better than bringing people coffee. I thought that if I worked hard enough, someone was bound to notice.

And to my luck, someone did. The head Auror, Mr. Theodore Hall, noticed my hard work and determination, and called me into a meeting. I can still remember how nervous I was when he himself approached me and asked to talk. I was sure I had done something wrong, but as we sat down he just leaned back in his chair and smiled.

“You are a very determined young woman, aren’t you?” he asked.

“Er, I guess you could say so sir” I replied, not really knowing what he was on about.

“I can tell.”

He stayed silent for a while, before putting his arms on his desk, looking me straight into the eye.


His simple but straightforward question put me off. It felt like I had to answer this one right in order to gain his acceptance.

“I would say why not, sir. I believe that if you possess a talent, you must use it to its full extent and challenge yourself to go further. That way you develop both your capacity to handle life and whatever talent you’re possessing. It’s a win-win thing, really.”

I wasn’t sure that my rambling made any sense to him. Hell, it barely made sense to me. All I wanted him to know was that I thought I was good enough and that I was willing to work hard to show him that.

And why couldn’t I have just said that? Why couldn’t I have put it simple instead of going on about cryptic shit that no one even understood?

I expected him to laugh at me or look at me like I was mad, but instead he smirked. Yes, the Head Auror of the Magical Law Enforcement Department in bloody New York smirked. He didn’t look scornful, just… Intrigued.

“And what is your talent?”

“I see things other people don’t. Details, things that are missing. And I never give up once I have set my mind.”

Once again, he smirked. “Clearly.”

After that, he had let me go, telling me that he’d get back to me. I was sure that I had blown any chance I might have had. My nervous mysterious nonsense rambling had probably just made him believe I was crazy.

But it seemed that I had been wrong. Two days later Mr. Hall burst into my tiny office (that I shared with two others), almost making me fall out of my chair.

“How would you feel about working as an Investigation Agent Assistant?”

“Um, sir, is that even a job?”

“As a matter of fact it is. It’s an entirely new department that will cooperate with all the departments in Magical Law Enforcement. We have five Investigation Agents that are a mix of aurors and specialists. The aurors will of course still do a lot of investigation work, but this department will lead most of it. That way, we’ll have people specializing in different areas, making the work easier, and the aurors will have less of a burden to carry.”

I nodded. The aurors were very busy, struggling to get all the work they were supposed to do done. Having an Investigation group would probably make everything easier.

“The group will, as I said, work with all departments, but mostly with the Aurors seeing as the crimes they are dealing with need the most investigation. I will be leading the team, and I want you in it. You will start as an assistant, and if you do well, you might just be able to call yourself an Agent soon.”

I stared at him, feeling my eyes widen. This was a dream come true. When I had begun my training, a lot of people had laughed at me. I was pretty thin and short, and didn’t have the physics that most Aurors had. People didn’t believe that I could handle the physical part of the job. As the training went on and we chose our special fields, I chose investigation. I knew I would do better in an office than out in the streets, but working as an auror meant doing both. While I had been good at defense against the dark arts in school, I wasn’t sure if I was good enough.

That was why this job was perfect. I said yes without having to think twice, and I moved to another office the same day.

Two years later, I was head of the Investigation Department. Mr. Hall, or Theodore as I now called him, had immediately decided that he liked me, and with his help I’d worked my way up to the top. We were now a group of eight people, instead of five, and were working with the auror office on a daily basis.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. How many 22-year-olds could say that they worked as head of a department in the ministry?

I’ll tell you, that was not many.

I had proven everybody that hadn’t believed in me wrong. I had won, and a childish part of me wanted to rub it in their faces.

Too bad that the people I really wanted to show my success to were thousands of miles away.


“Honey, are you homeeee?”

I had just entered my apartment, feeling really exhausted from the long day’s work, when I heard a voice coming from my living room. I groaned. Were they here again?

I took my coat off and threw my bag on the floor before entering the living room. As I did, I saw that my best friends had indeed, once again, barged into my flat without asking.

Sam was sitting in the armchair with her feet on the table. She was eating my ice cream and was wearing my bloody slippers.

Noah, Jasper and Max were lounging on the couch, their eyes fixed on the TV. Jacob was lying on the floor, playing with his magIphone.

“Seriously guys, have you bloody moved in here or what?”

I only got a few shrugs and mutters from the guys, seeing as the show on my TV obviously was more interesting than me.

“S’not our fault that you have the biggest couch and TV” Jacob mumbled, concentrating on his phone.

“Jasper’s got a bloody film projector!” I cried.

Sam rolled her eyes. “His apartment is a bloody pigsty and you know it. I’ll only set my foot there when it’s disinfected” she said, mocking my British accent.

“Hey!” Jasper cried, “It’s not that bad” he said, looking offended.

Max took his eyes from the TV one second. “It really is a disgusting place, mate” he said, clapping Jasper on the shoulder.

They were all American, but had started using British expressions when they got to know me. At first it was just for fun, but now they said it without thinking.

Jasper crossed his arms and mumbled something incoherent. I rolled my eyes.

“Well, Jasper’s a pig, whatever. This is still not a bloody recreation centre.”

I was being a bitch but I was fucking tired and besides, everybody knew I didn’t really mean it.

Noah finally looked away from the stupid TV (why did I even buy that damned thing in the first place?) and looked at me. “Had a long day at work?” he asked and I nodded, closing my eyes. “Come here” he said and patted the space next to him. “I’ll give you a massage.”

I smiled and ran over to him, forgetting all the angry thoughts I had had and instead thinking about how lovely my friends were.

Because despite the fact that they felt like they could stomp into my place whenever they wanted, I loved all of them to bits. Sam had introduced me to the guys when I’d moved after graduation, and we’d been best friends ever since.

Noah was the kind one. He was careful, loyal and the mature one of the guys. He was the one I talked to whenever I had a problem, because he would always find time to listen. His looks weren’t bad either, with messy dark brown hair and brown eyes. This and the fact that he was smart made him the perfect guy. Too bad I only saw him as a friend.

Jasper was the arrogant one. He was good looking, with sandy blonde curly hair and blue eyes. Too bad he was really aware of it. He was the star chaser in the New York Lightnings. They were really good and the fan girls kept swooning over Jasper’s messy curls. He was flirty and a real player when it came to dating, but to us he was like the big brother I never had. I really loved him, despite his annoying arrogant tendencies.

Jacob was the funny one. He could always find a way to make me laugh, or at least smile. Whenever I needed cheering up, he was there. He worked at the ministry too, and I often ate lunch with him to lighten my mood when I was working on a difficult case. He had brown hair and blue eyes, and I found him rather cute.

Max was the weird one. He was immature, but in a hilarious way. He always played pranks on us whenever we least expected it. He could be really dense sometimes, but he was the one that constantly brought the group together. His light blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes added to the weirdness, but he was kind of cute too.

And finally we had Sam, who was the crazy one. I’d met her at Hogwarts, but we hadn’t become friends until the end of seventh year. She had been the only one to care when my whole world crashed and I lost everything. If it hadn’t been for her, I would probably still be shattered in a million pieces, but Sam took me under her wing and helped me deal with everything.

And what role in this ‘family’ did I have? Well, I guess you could say I was the orderly one; the mother. My work forced me to be organized and to have things under control, and I kind of just did the same with my personal life. I was the one who made sure Jacob didn’t drink himself to death, that Max didn’t try to stick his head in the oven and that Jasper wore clean underwear.

Well, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but I was the grown up one. Sure, I could play pranks with Max, goof around with Jacob or go clubbing with Jasper, but most of the time I played the adult part. With the hard work I’d have to do the last years, it had been impossible for me not to mature. 

I think it all started in my last year at Hogwart’s when my life that had once been so simple suddenly became a mess and I stood alone, not knowing how to deal with any of it. With the help of Sam, I at least tried to get myself together, and made an attempt to move on.

And the moving part was pretty literal, as she convinced me to leave everything behind and move to America with her. It was probably not so hard for her though, since I didn’t have a single person left who cared for me, or anything positive to leave at all.

England was just ghost of the past and bad memories for me, so when she asked me to come with her I didn’t hesitate, and when I packed my bags and left I felt no regret at all.

And I hadn’t since.


After a couple of hours of TV-watching, massage, jokes, deep talk and ice cream, I told my friends that I really needed some sleep and that while they thought my apartment was a recreational centre, it was not a hotel. So they all trudged off, leaving me on my own.

I was just about to lie down in bed when I heard a tapping on my window. As I walked over, I saw a familiar owl outside, carrying not only one but two letters. I felt a lump in my stomach, just like every time I got mail from England.

As I took the letters from the owl, I saw that they had the same handwriting. Why would she send me two letters?

The first was a fancy looking one, and on the envelope it said “Open this first!”

So I did, and what I saw made my jaw drop.

Jayden Ashton Turner
Dominique Gabrielle Weasley
invite you to join them
in celebrating their marriage
on the sixth of June

I stopped reading and just stared at the letter.

She was getting married. They were actually getting married.

She had told me about the engagement, but I hadn’t taken it very seriously. I’d just assumed that they had done it to please their parents, or something. I mean, they were only twenty when they got engaged. But they had actually been serious.

I was shocked. I knew they were perfect for each other, I’d always known that. Anyone could tell that it was true love, but when I stopped believing in love I stopped believing in their relationship as well.

But maybe, just maybe, there was hope for love. Maybe there was a thing called true love.

Maybe it was just my own love that had fallen into pieces.

I opened the other letter, curious to see what else she was sending me.

Dearest Allie,

As you can see, I’m getting married!!! *insert girlish squeal here*
When Jay proposed, I thought it was the happiest moment of my life. But now I realize that the best one still lies ahead of me. I’M SO HAPPY!!!
Anyway, as you can see the wedding is in three months. Now you’ll have enough time to get off work so NO EXCUSES YOUNG LADY! I know it’ll be hard for you to come back and meet everybody again, but please Allie. Do this for me. You’re my best friend.
And besides, everybody has changed. They’re not the same idiots they were when we were seventeen. Merlin, even
Freddie is somewhat okay. Never thought I’d say that, but it’s actually true.
It’s been five years since you moved now. I miss you. We all miss you. So pleasepleaseplease, come to the wedding. I want you to be maid of honor. It’ll require you to take some more time off for rehearsals and stuff, but it would mean so much to me.
Call me when you see this?

Love you,
Dominique Weasley (soon to be TURNER!!! OMG)

I wanted to smile; she was really the same girlish, bubbly Dom I’d gotten to know 6 years ago. I could imagine her big smile as she wrote this, probably unable to sit still. I really wanted to smile when I read it, but I couldn’t.

Because I knew I was going to say yes to her. I couldn’t say no, it meant too much for her for me to let her down. So I was going to say yes, and I was going to have to go through hours of bridezilla moments and never-ending dress searches.

But that wasn’t the thing that made me dread it. It actually seemed lovely in comparison.

The worst part of it all, that made me want to be a shitty friend and ignore her wedding, was something else.

I was going to have to go back to England, and worst of all?

I was going to have to face him.  


And that, my dearies, was chapter number one! What did you think? Poor Allie has obviously gotten her heart broken in the past, but what exactly do you think has happened? 

And also, what did you think about the characters so far? Please review and let me know :) 

The next chapter is finished so I'm just going to edit it, and hopefully it'll be up soon. I'm also going to try and find someone who can make me a banner.

Thanks for reading! :)

/ S 


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