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Mia Caranessa Zabini by Dusk Shaddow
Chapter 7 : Rejection
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Chapter Seven: Rejection

Draco POV

I watch as Herm-Mia sprints up up the stairs and locks herself in her room.

Cursing my self I stand up and kick the couch. How could I have been this stupid! She told me she wasn't ready and yet I couldn't help myself. She looked beautiful in my arms and we were so close and what girl could ever resist me?

Than again this is the girl whose life I made a living hell for the past six years. This is the girl who just had a messy break up with Weasel and they were suppose to be the 'Golden Couple.' And Hermione was tortured right in front of me by my phsyco aunt.

No wonder she ran away. I like Mia not Hermione. I like this new persona even though she never changed. She is still a know-it-all bookworm just in a hotter body.

Shaking my head I walk to my room and stripped down to my black boxers and entered into a dreamless sleep.


I try to think about all the possibilities of why Draco would kiss me. Could it just be my new body? Have my looks made him forget who I was and all he has done to me? But then why did he apologize to me earlier?

My mind was still wandering through possibilities by the time my eye lids were drooping. Listening to Even if it Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band, I fell asleep.

I woke up early the next morning, eager to talk to my brother and friends and hopefully avoid Malfoy.

Going into the bathroom I lock both doors and hop into the huge shower. After half an hour I climb out of the shower and preform a drying spell before pulling on my new uniform and brush my teeth.

A banging on one of the door grabs my attention.

"Hurry up Granger!" Malfoy called.

Spitting out the foam and rinsing my mouth I unlock the door and glare at Malfoy, "It's Zabini, Malfoy." Whipping around I stalk out of the bathroom.

Grabbing my bag and books I walk to the Great Hall.

Walking into the Great Hall the images from the battle flash through my mind. Shuddering I automatically walk towards the Gryffindor table and sit across from Harry and Ron next to Ginny.

Ron and Harry are giving me death glares and I'm trying to figure out why when Ginny speaks up, "Hey Hermione. How do you like being a Zabini?"Then it clicks.

"It okay I guess. I didn't change at all really," I reply while giving a pleading look to Harry and Ron.

Harry was torn between being mad or forgiving me. Ron, on the other hand, was still furious.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVEN'T CHANGED!?" Ron yelled in my face spraying me with food that he was eating. I really am beginning to wonder what I saw in him.

"My looks may have changed Ronald," I gritted through my teeth wiping the food off my face, "but I'm still Know It All Hermione Granger. Just under a different name and looks."

"No," Ronald started harshly. "You are Mia Zabini, a bloody Slytherin fucking whore."

My jaw clenched and a voice from behind me said, "Last time I checked, you cheated on my sister to fuck that little slut Lavender, so you have no room to talk."

Malfoy also added, "I do believe to qualify for a whore you can not be a virgin so Gran- Mia is automatically ruled out of that category."

I look back trying to hide my shock that Malfoy would help me after what happened last night, but he refused to look at me. I look over to Blaise who's eyes hold concern and anger.

"Let's go Mia," Blaise says gently grabbing my upper arm to help me out of the bench and led me to the Slytherin table and sat me down across of Pansy and Daphne.

Draco walked around the table and sat next to Pansy giving her cheek a quick kiss while his eyes locked onto mine. Pansy squealed in delight of Draco showing her affection.

"Oh Drakie! I've missed you! Why were you so mean to me last night?" Pansy pouted as she attached herself to his side.

"I'm sorry about that. I've just been...stressed after the war," Draco said trying get his arms free to eat. After a while I could see he was getting frustrated.

I smirked at the sight of Draco struggling. I lean in closer to Blaise to whisper, "He should really try that fire thing I said last night. It would get rid of her for a while."

Blaise chuckled and shook his head. "And do you really care about his leech problems?" he asked raising an eye brow.

"Not particularly. Her voice gives me a massive migraine." I reply shrugging before grabbing an apple.

Just then an owl swooped down and dropped two letters in-between Blaise and I.

I picked mine up and opened it carefully not knowing what to expect.

Dear Hermione Granger,

I'm sorry for the trouble my son has caused you but it is impossible that you could be our daughter. We received word from the host family of Mia that our daughter died some time ago.

Are sincere apologies,
Markus and Amber Zabini

I stared at the letter trying to process what it had said. I shook my head repeating no in my head. I could feel tears forming in my eyes as I ran out of the Great Hall.

"Mia! Mia wait!" a voice called from behind me.

I didn't care that my supposed brother was trying to catch up to me, I just continued to run blindly to the dungeons. Tears were blinding my vision and I couldn't remember where I was going.A hand on my shoulder stopped me from running.

"Go away," I whimpered.

"No," he said simply turning me to pull me into a tight embrace. I lost it and began to cry into his hard chest. He stroked my hair but remained silent. When my sobs changed to the occasional hiccup, he put his arms around me and held me closer.

"Come on Mia, let's go talk to your brother."

A/N: I am writing this whole thing on my IPod so I'm sorry for any grammatical mistakes. On that note who do you think was the one who was comforting hermione/Mia in the end. *HINT* It's not Blaise

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