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What happened to forever by 227743Weasley
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 Betha sat waiting by the window. It had been days since she had heard from Albus, and it was starting to get to her. For four months they have been writing to each other every day. She convinced herself he was just busy. As she was about to write him again, she saw an owl flying towards her window. She got butterflies in her stomach as she always did when it came to Albus. She quickley ripped it open only to have the butterflies in her stomach turn to tears in her eyes.

Dear Betha,

I am breaking up with you. Me and you are just not working. Its not you its me.

Tears flowed down her face. How could this be happening. They were happy, in love less than a week ago. She read on

I am sorry you deserve better than me. I loved you and I am happy that I had the chance to call you my girlfriend but we can not be together anymore


Tears flowed down her face and she was speechless. What was she suppost to say. How long did he feel this way how long did he not love her. She quickly scribbled a note to Rose and curled up in her bed and fell asleep.
Tap. Tap. Tap

Betha opened her eyes to see a barn owl sitting on the window. She hoped it said it was a joke and her an Albus were still together, but it didnt. It was from Rose and it just said she would try to fix this. But the truth is this cant be fixed. Its done, they were over...forever. She rubbed her eyes, she had to move on. At least for the next twenty four hours. She stalked over to her mom's room.

“Mum?” she looked around. Her mum was no where in sight.

“Betha, I was just going to wake you.” she just looked at her mom.

“Beth, aren't you excited?”

“Of course mum”

“Then put on your dress.” she walked back into her bedroom. This was it. Her mom was getting married. She slipped on the dress and looked at herself . The pale yellow dress flowed perfectly against her skin.  Betha sighed and pulled her hair out of the messy bun and stalked back to her moms room.

“Oh Betha, you look beautiful. The boys will be all over you tonight.”

“Mum!” her mother was horrible at reading people that was the complete opposite of what she wanted. Her mother giggle.

“I am just kidding, but Beth you do look beautiful.”

“Thanks mum” she looked at the floor. Her mother sighed

“Betha I know you wish Brenna could be here, but it was her desion and she decided not to come”

“Mum, thats bull shit”

“Language, and you have to move on forgive and forget”

“Mum I can not forgive and forget. He made me lie and betray the family”
“I know Betha, but if anyone should be mad its me, but im not so you shouldnt be eather. Move on Betha.” Betha hugged her mom, even though she did not understand.

“Umm Miss Luna?” they broke apart and Betha turned around.  It was her soon to be step brother Lysander

“What's up Lysander”

“Its time to go” her mother smiled and skipped out the door like a little school girl.

“You did that on purpose”

“Yeah, I did” she rolled her eyes and began to fix her hair.

“So if your mum cheated on my dad would you tell?” she looked at him, continuing to curl her hair

“What are you talking about?”

“Oh please, I know what how you broke up your family before, daddy's little secret keeper” he smirked. She clenched her fist. 
“Lets go” she put her curling iron down, took a deep breathe and followed him. Nothing was going to ruin this day for her. 

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