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Meet the Parents by GrangerDanger10
Chapter 1 : Coal Black
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Sorry to anyone who liked the first Meet The Parents but I got Writers block and couldn’t carry on, anyone who did know how to carry it on, you can use it as your own – even though I didn’t own the story in the first place. Anyway I hope you enjoy the new one........

Seventeen year old Harry Potter lay in his camp bed restless from the night before. Every night it was the same horrific nightmare, there he was with Sirius fighting Lucius Malfoy and an unknown Death Eater, next Bellatrix Lestrange’s voice is echoing the room as Sirius falls through the Veil. Then just as Harry turned around there Snape was killing Dumbledore as he fell off the Astronomy Tower.  Over and over the images haunted Harry as he stood there frozen. Noticing the time of 5:23am on the battered alarm clock that lay on the bedside table next to where he slept. Ron Weasley was still asleep, snoring loudly as Harry snuck out of the Burrow to go for a walk. The sun was halfway up across the multicolour signalling that dawn was ending as Harry got to the lake which lay just at the end of the Weasley garden.  This summer had been a lot warmer than usual so as he lay on the grass he could feel his back and next starting to cook on the grass, figuring there was no point going back inside to get his swimming trunks, he pulled off the pyjama bottoms and old t-shirt he wore and plummeted into the cold water. He swam up to about 25 lengths before he heard a voice shouting out his name. Not really sure who it was he ducked under the water holding his glasses, hoping that the person would go.

“Harry I know you’re in there, everyone else is still in bed and your pyjamas are here.” Harry noticed it to be Ginny Weasley’s voice. He’d liked her for ages but she was Ron’s little sister meaning out of bounds, and everyone knew she liked him in a bit. She couldn’t see him like this!

“Hey Harry do mind me asking but are you wearing boxers?” she asked as Harry noticed her checks reddening. 

He finally gave up on his hiding spot and put his head above the water.

“Yes.” He said red creeping up on him too as he tried to wipe the water from his eyes, clean his glasses and tread water at the same time.

“Here let me.” She said as a huge wave of water covered him.
He felt someone getting a hold of his glasses then swim away and back in a matter of seconds. He wiped his eyes as his glasses were put on his face. He felt the heat come back to his face when he saw who exactly was in front of him. Ginny had obviously wanted to go downstairs early but when she noticed that he wasn’t in his room she quickly got dressed and headed down to the lake to find him.

 She wore a Holyhead Harpies t-shirt which was too big for her and scarlet red underwear from what Harry could tell now that the t-shirt had gone transparent.  Her now wet fiery red hair was stuck down her back as she treaded water next to him. They both swam to a shallower part of the lake where they both could sit but still be in the water.

“So” Ginny started but failed. It had gone slightly awkward in between them as they got older.

“So, what’s your reason to be down here?” he asked.

“Well I wanted to get up early anyway to get some flying done but then I noticed you weren’t in your room so I panicked and came down to find your clothes spread out all over the grass!”

“Wait, are you stalking me?” Harry asked a smirk playing on his lips.

“No, it’s just well, since Sirius and Dumbledore you know um departed, I can tell you’ve been having nightmares, seeing as Ron’s room is just across the hall from mine, I can here you talking, well just about over Ron’s snores! And well when I wake up now I always go into the room to check if you’re alright, in case you need a hug or whatever, seeing that Ron isn’t the most emotional person I um.....” she looked away at the last part obviously very embarrassed.

“Hey Gin, don’t be embarrassed that’s nice in a kind of creepy stalker kind of way.” He said and she finally turned to look at him, looking like she needed to burst out laughing.

“Well seeing that I am apparently your stalker I shall now splash you to death!” she said pushing him into the deeper part of the water. 

“You do realise. That this. Is really. Childish” he said in between the splashes of water.

“You’re just saying that ‘cause you’re losing!” and with that he went under the water, Ginny who was now frantically looking round to find him didn’t notice a shadow underneath her.

“HARRY JAMES POTTER, YOU PUT ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!!” Ginny screamed as Harry lifted her onto his shoulders, like parents do to their children.

“Hey full name no fair! Also do you know you sounded very much like your Mother then?”

“Did not, also what’s wrong with your full name I like it?”

“Okay then we will from this day forth call each other by our full names, Ginerva Molly Weasley.”

“No way I hate my full name. I much prefer yours. I’d rather be Ginerva Molly Pot....” she wasn’t able to finish as Harry pushed her off his shoulders. She hoped he didn’t hear the last part. What must he think of her?

Ginny tried to swim to shore but Harry caught her by her waist

“Wait did you just say Ginerva Molly Potter?”

“No, you must have heard wrong.” She said not being able to look him in the eye as she went as red as her hair.

“Hey, I may wear glasses but it doesn’t affect my hearing.” 

“Okay I did and it was a mistake a thing of the moment.”

“Well I hope it wasn’t a mistake because...well follow me.”

He climbed out of the lake as went to his pyjama bottoms as Ginny stood behind him clutching herself as the cold wind attacked her as she got out of the water. Both dripping with water Harry had found what he was looking for in the pocket of his pyjamas and was now holding it tightly in his hand making sure she couldn’t see.

“Close your eyes. Please” he added when she raised one eyebrow at him.

“You’re not going to push me back in are you?”

“Hey where’s your Gryffindor spirit, and No.”

She did what he said and closed her eyes. She felt him go behind her and lift up her damp hair which was stuck to her back. After putting her hair back down Harry came back around to face her just before he told her to open her eyes. Noticing the gold heart-shaped locket around her neck she gasped before jumping at Harry and giving him a bear hug.

“Where did you get it? 

“Sirius gave it to me, before he well you know. It was what my Dad gave my Mum when she finally said yes to go out with him in their fifth year. “

 “It’s beautiful. Thank you. But are you sure?”

“Hey I’ve been waiting to give it to you for 3 years and if you...” he grabbed onto the locket lightly and opened the heart. One side was a picture of James and Lily sitting by the lake at Hogwarts but the other was empty “I was thinking if it wasn’t too cheesy that you could have a picture of us the other side.” 

Nobody expected what happened then Ginny pulled away from the bear hug but when their eyes met Harry put his hand on her chin as her hands went into his hair as they started kissing passionately. Harry put his other hand on her waist to pull her closer him. 

In the distance a voice could be heard but the two didn't hear.

"Oi Potter and Ginnykinns breakfast. Are you two deaf or something I said food! Ginerva I thought you were a Weasley. Hello pe........." Fred shouted walking up to then before he made a disgusted face, shook his head and shouted to his Mother while walking back in to the house. "Oh Mother I don't believe Ginerva will be coming for breakfast this morning she's already had food. HARRY! Sorry Ron but I think you'll have to find a new best mate yours is being eaten by our little sister." 

Seeing that he'd shouted Harry's  name a little louder than the rest of his shouting speech, the two broke apart, picked up their clothes. Harry changed into his pyjamas while Ginny put on some denim shorts then they both ran inside.

The whole family were already seated when they got inside.

"Harry my ol' boy you're alive" cried Fred when he saw them.

"Gosh how shocking normally when the Ginnzilla gets a hold of man she normally eats them and we never here from them ever again!"

"Your-the-man-who-lived I say!"

"Boys!" Molly Weasley said sternly to her eldest sons at the moment seeing that Bill was at Gringotts, Charlie in Romainia and Percy......nobody spoke of Percy.

"Oh sorry mother we won't again."

"Oh look Georginson, she's still eating!"

"Well I say Fredrickson, a new discovery!"

"Oh Georginson we better skidaddle before Mother explodes."

"Right you are, farwell family, Hermione, Harry and Ginnzilla." and they both apparated to their shop.

Breakfast suddenly ended and Mrs walked straight to the kitchen muttering under her breath.

With a quick glance at each other Ginny and Harry ran upstairs to change from their still damp clothes.

Ginny went straight to her room as Harry went into the bathroom to have a quick shower. He towel dried his hair before remembering that he left all his spare clothes in Ron's room. Grabbing a towel to put around his privates he hurried down the stairs to Ron's room just before banging into the person he didn't want to see at the moment.

"Oh Harry umm..... Hi."

"Hi Gin, so umm..."

"Right umm....I like your hair."

He noticed in the nearby mirror that his hair was sticking up and very messy as usual.

"Thanks right um......bye."

She headed up the stairs to the bathroom as Harry entered Ron's room hoping nobody was there.

"So did you have fun at the lake?"

"It was alright umm... Ron do you mind leaving I um.......need to get dressed."

"So you nick my room and my sister."

"Ron could we please talk about this later, I'm like naked here."

"Why did you kiss, don't you see that there's a war coming! I don't  want you to hurt her.

Just on que Mrs Weasley shouted up the stairs for Ron to come help her bake a cake.

He sighed before saying " Remember if you dare hurt her in anyway you have six brothers to answer to."

Slightly gob-smacked about the way Ron was acting Harry quickly got dressed and went downstairs to find Hermione reading a book on the sofa, Ginny and Ron having a game of wizards chess and Fred and George were back discussing plans for new products in the corner of the room

Noticing Harry coming in. Ron immediately got up and went over to him. 

"Hey mate I'm sorry the way I acted you see she's my little sister and well you know I get protective."

"It's alright mate I understand."

"Anyway I know you wouldn't hurt her in any way your obviously crazy about her and she likes you in a kind of creepy stalker coming into bedroom every morning kind of way."

The two were about to come back in when the living room covered in black powder. Wands out at the ready the six teens squinted their eyes to see what had happened only when the black had cleared that Fred, George, Harry, Ron, Ginny and Hermione noticed six teenagers on the floor rubbing various parts of their body. 

The tallest boy who was obviously the oldest stood up and noticing all the wands at him he cleared his throat.

"Hey I'm not a killer so don't panic, I've only just turned 17. Now then now that all your wands are down let me..........." he stared at Ginny for a while before walking closer up to her. Ron and Harry just froze not sure if to trust him or not. 
"Why don't you put your wand down and come meet me tonight at the Leaky Cauldron so we can have a little fun of our own." He raised his eyebrow and winked, Ginny was about he give him her famous Bat-Bogey Hex just before another one of the teenagers spoke.

"James don't say anything I don't think we're in two thousand and twenty-two anymore." said the tallest girl who had bushy red hair and blue eyes.

"We definitely aren't. James you just  hit on a younger version of Mum." said the boy who looked exactly like Harry except without the glasses and scar.

The rest of them burst into a fit of giggles as the one who was named 'James' looked mortified.

"Seriously Potter were you dropped at birth or something?" said the one with platnum blond hair and grey eyes.

 Harry finally came to his senses and looked at the boy.

"I was not, thank you very much." said James and Harry at exactly the same time.

"Which of you six are Potters?" Harry asked his green eyes wide with wonder.

"Well I am if your wondering." he raised an eyebrow and winked again but at Hermione this time

"James stop trying to hit on eveybody in the room. Oh for heavens sake that's my Mother you creep and your aunt!" shouted the redhead who spoke earlier.

"Anyway he's James Sirius Potter and is 17, I'm Albus Severus Potter and I'm 16."

"Severus" Harry echoed

"Harry we're you drunk naming your kids?" Ron said wide-eyed

"I don't know."

"There is a reason, but we can't say. My name is Lily Luna Potter and I am 14 years old. Oh and our Mum is Ginerva Weasley." All three Weasley boys gave Harry daggers.

"Harry remember that don't hurt her in any way speech?" said Ron lifting his eyebrow. But before Harry could answer the new teens started bickering.

"No crap merlin! You look exactly like her Lil."

"At least I didn't hit on her."

"Both of you shut up or we'll be here all night. My name is Rose Nymphadora Weasley and I'm 16."

"And I'm her brother Hugo  Arthur Weasley and I'm 14."

"Wait Weasley, it must be one of us then." said George.

"George look how tall that kid is, they must be little Ronikinns's offspring." said Fred.

"Correct and our mother is Hermione Granger."

"Hey Hermione, I thought you were suppose to be the brightest witch of our age. Why did you go off and shag Ronnikins?"

Hermione had turned a deep shade of crimson and was staring at her hands while Ron started at his future children amazed.

"Wait so who are you?" asked Harry, trying to difuse the tension.

"My name is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, I am 16 years old." The air came very heavy in the room when he said his name. Before Lily made it slightly less awkward.

"Scorp are you sure you haven't done something like this before that sounded very rehersed!"

"I haven't and shut up Potteret"

"Why am I Potterest whilst you and Al are on first name terms, I've know you for five years."

"Lil please don't start."

"Wait so where are the rest of you I assume, the rest of us didn't die out without kids." said Fred while the teenagers just looked at each other.

"How did you get here?" Hermione asked finally back to her normal colour.

"Well it started......" Before Albus could carry on the room went black again and everyone gasped.

After the black cleared away everyone was standing exactly where they were except Harry who had two more teenagers on top of him.

As the two got up everybody noticed they were a boy and girl. The girl was increadinbly pretty with long waist length platinum blonde hair and huge blue eyes. The boy was slightly taller with spikey bright blue hair and hazel eyes.

"Oh sorry there Uncle Harry, I didn't notice you." he offered his hand to Harry who didn't except but got up by himself. "Merlin you look younger than me, did Aunt Ginny put that aging spell on you again?"

"Hey Teddy we're not at home anymore."

"Of course we are.....not, sorry folks."

"Who are you? Let me guess a Weasley?"

"Not exactly my name is Teddy Remus Lupin and I'm 22."

"Wait Remus has a kid, with who?" Fred looked disgusted.

"My mother is Nymphadora Tonks, that's why I can do this." and immediately his nose turned into a duck's beak and back.

"Are you also a Lupin?" Hermione asked as Fred and George checked the girl out.

"No my name is Victoire Apolline Weasley and I'm 20."

Fred and George suddenly stopped checking her out seeing that she was a potential niece or daughter.

"My father is Bill Weasley and my mother is......."

 "Fleur Delacour." Harry added. Making everybody look at him.  "What you guys didn't see the way she was looking at him in the Triwizard Tournament family meeting thing."

 "Bill marries Phlegm! Great!" said Ginny disgusted.

"Hey that's my mother you're talking about!"

Before any rowing could start Mrs Weasley burst into the living room.

"My where did you people come from? Didn't I teach you children anything! Now does anybody want some tea or a butterbeer?" she said with a disoproving look to her children.

"Just get everybody tea please Mum."

"There are 14 people here Nana." said James as eveybody looked at him.

"I'm not your Grandmother son, but thanks anyway." she said with a chuckle to herself.

"Now then how did you get here?" said Harry clapping his hands together as eveybody sat down in the small living room.


Okay so I hope you guys like it, I know it isn't he same but oh well.

Please R&R thank you 



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