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Dangerous Existence by WildCat
Chapter 3 : Thinking
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                                           Chapter Three

  “Well done, Miss Fore” said Professor Slughorn “You are the only one who has successfully brewed the Felix Felius. 30 points to Gryffindor.”

   I was sitting in the Double Potions classroom on Thursday. Two days after my fight with Black. This morning I’d arrived in the Great Hall to see Black there. I’d walked passed his table and completely ignored him. Sophie had been with me and she had glanced at him and said that by the look of things, he had completely ignored us. Which was a relief. I don’t think I could bare being kicked off the Quidditch Team. Our first practice was tonight and I couldn’t wait.

  “Alex” I was jolted out of my thoughts by Jackie’s hiss.

  “What?” I hissed back.

  “It looks like we are going to be playing in the rain.”

  She was right. Even from the dungeons, you could hear the pounding of the rain from outside.

  “Well I don’t mind, as long as there’s no lighting” I said.

  Ever since I was a little girl, I’d had a deathly fear of lighting. Every time I saw it, I was scared.

  “Don’t worry” Sophie said, from my other side “James will cancel practice if there is.

  You know Dumbledore doesn’t like us to practice if there’s lightning.” Sophie was right, Dumbledore did hate us practice when there was lightning, and James knew I hated it, so he normally cancel if there was lightning anyway.

  At 6:15 Jackie and me headed out into the pouring rain, towards the Quidditch Pitch.

  We arrived, soaked at the changing rooms, and hurriedly changed into our gear.

  “Ah, Fore, Taylor. There you are” said James Potter.

  “Hello to you too, James” I said.

  “Why hello girls” said Sirius, putting an arm around each of our shoulders “I’ve missed you so much.”

  “Get off Sirius” I said, rolling my eyes.

  “What? I just want a hug.”

  I looked at him and then began to laugh. Sirius joined in and then we were rolling around in fits of laughter for no apparent reason. James was watching us with a bemused expression on his face, and Jackie was rolling her eyes.

  Suddenly, James shook himself “Ok guys” he said “this is Quidditch practice, not the common room. You can laugh all you want, up there.” He stared pointedly at Sirius and I. “Now, let’s get out there and practice some Quidditch.”

  "Do you have to give a pep talk before practice?" Jackie asked "Isn't that just for before games?"

  "Yeah, whatever!" James said, everybody laughed.

  I stood up and brushed as much grass off myself as I could, even though I was now covered in mud. I knew by the end of the practice, however, that I’d be covered in mud anyway. Afterall, it was pouring down out there.

   We practiced for 2 hours, and by the time we were finished everybody was soaking wet and exhausted.

   10 minutes later Jackie and I followed the team into the Common Room. Sophie greeted us with a wave. She was sitting in a chair talking to Remus Lupin. We trudged over to her, still sopping wet and dripping all over the floor.

  “Hey” I said, slumping to the ground by Soph’s feet.

  “Augh, get off my feet. You’re all wet. Go up and have a shower.”

  “Allright, allright I’m going.” I grumbled, turning to Jackie I said “You coming?”

  “No. I’ll wait here until you’re done. You take forever.”

  “Fine” I said “suit yourself.” I trudged up the stairs to the girls dormitory and stripped my clothes off. Climbing into the shower, I suddenly felt relaxed. The steaming hot, pounding water was soothing on my aches muscles.

  As I stood there, Regulus Black popped into my head. I jumped in surprise. Why was I thinking about him? I hated him? But then a question popped into my head.

  Why did he hate me? What had I done to him? Sure we had abit of a fight on the train, but that shouldn’t make him hate me, should it? And then I thought of another weird     question.

  Why did he come into our carriage in the first place? If he wanted a carriage to himself, why did he pick our one?

  Then it hit me. He fancied Soph or Jackie. It couldn’t be me, you could tell he hated me. Jackie, not too sure. But Soph, why she was perfect. Perfect blonde hair, perfect blue eyes, perfect petite figure.

  I quickly turned the water off, got out, and wrapped myself in a towel. Then, forgetting there were still lots of people in the Common Room, I ran down the stairs that lead to our Room.

  “Soph” I called “Soph?” Everybody was staring at me. Some were pointing and laughing and then I suddenly remembered. I was in a towel. Embarrassed, I hurried over to Soph, who was sitting next to a still sopping wet Jackie.

  “Soph” I said breathlessly. She looked up.

  “Yes?” She asked, taking in my towel and sopping wet hair with an amused glance.

  “I need to talk to you” I said “you too” I said turning to Jackie.

  “Well, I have to go up and have a shower anyway” Jackie said.

  When we got upstairs, Soph and Jackie turned to me. And before I could speak Jackie said. “Did you see Sirius’s face when you appeared in just you towel?”

  “What? Jackie, we don’t have time for this now.”

  “But come on Alex, didn’t you see his face.” 

  “No, and I don’t care. I’ve made a big discovering involving Regulus Black.”

  “Ok, let’s hear it then” Soph said.

  “Right” I said “I was in the shower when a question popped into my head. You know when we were on the train?”

  “Yeh” said Jackie.

  “Well, I was thinking. If Regulus Black wanted an empty carriage, why did he come into ours? I mean, he could have scared some little first years and gone into their carriage, but instead he came into our carriage. He should have known we wouldn’t tolerate him ordering us around.”

  “Where are you getting with this?” asked Jackie.

  “Wait, wait, just listen. So, I think there is only one explanation.” Soph and Jackie looked at me in bewilderment. “He’s in love with Sophie” Sophie looked at me “He didn’t want anyone to know, so he pretended to sit in our carriage because he decided he wanted it. But the real reason was so he could see Sophie.” I looked at them, hoping to see impressed faces, but instead, I was met with disbelieving ones.

  “Oh come on guys. It’s not that hard to believe.”

  “Look” Sophie said “Regulus Black is a stuck up pig who thought he could order 5th years around. It’s that simple.”

  “Yes but then why did he declare me his enemy?”

  “I don’t know, why?”

  “See, if he was my enemy he would have a perfect excuse to see you more often.”

  “That is completely ridiculous” Jackie said “anyone can see, he just didn’t like people standing up to him.”

  “Well, if you think my idea’s are silly, I’ll go talk to Sirius about it.” I turned and headed for the door.

  “Good luck with that. He’ll be too busy staring at you half naked body to pay any attention” Jackie laughed. I looked down and remember I still had just a towel on. So, I went over to the chest pretending I had known all along, dressed, and hurried downstairs, slamming the door behind me.

   Ten minutes later, Sirius and I were sitting in the library. I had just told him what I thought and to my relief, he had a thoughtful expression on his face.

  “So, what do you think?”

  “Well, it possible. But I just don’t see my brother falling in love with Sophie. He’s too perfect to fall in love with a Gryffindor.”

  “But you think it could be possible?”

   “Yes” Sirius looked at me “what are you going to do?”

  “I’m going to sneak into the Slytherin Common Room and spy on him.”

  “Alex, Regulus wouldn’t tell anyone. He would be shunned by his friends.”

   “Well, I’m going to find out.”

  “If you insist, you might as well take something of James’s.”

  I looked at him. “What does James have that I might need?”

  “You’ll see.” Sirius said.      

   “James” Sirius said to James, who looked up from where he was sitting “Can Alex borrow the you know whats?”

  “Cause” James said “I’m surprised she hasn’t already.”

  “What are the you know whats?” I asked.

  “Sirius” James said “all this time and you haven’t told her?”

  “Told me what?”

  “About the cloak and the map.” I looked at him, a bemused expression on my face.

  “Come with me” James said. So, Sirius and I followed James out the portrait hole along the corridor and into an empty classroom. Then James proceeded to to take something out of his bag. It was a long shimmering cloak.

  “What is it?” I breathed.

  “A true Cloak of Invisibility” James said proudly.

  “Where did you get it?” I asked.

  “It was handed down from my father. Apparently it’s been in the family for generations.”

  “Wow” I said.

  “Yep” James said, happily “and you can borrow it for whatever scheme you’re cooking up.”

  “James...” began Sirius. I elbowed him to shut up about what I was actually doing, and he did. Luckily James wasn’t listening. He was too busy pulling something else out of his bag.

  “And this” he said “is the Marauders Map.”

  “The what?” I asked.

  “The Marauders Map” James said looking from me to Sirius “Oh come on Sirius. You didn’t tell her about this either?” Sirius grinned, embarrassed. James turned to me, opened the map and said. “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good.” I looked at him. “It’s how you open the map” he said “anyway, this map shows you every person in Hogwarts and where they are at the moment.”

  “Wow. Where did you get this?”

   “We made it. See” James pointed his map at the top where it read; Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present the Marauders Map.

  “Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs? That’s you?”

  “Yep” James pointed at himself “I’m Prongs, Sirius is Padfoot, Remus is Moony and Peter is Wormtail.”

  “Cool” I said grinning.

  “And they’re all yours until your done with whatever you’re doing.”

  “Thank you so much” I said, excitedly. And then as a second thought “Can I show Jackie and Sophie?”

  “Yeh, alright” James said, looking at me and shrugging his shoulders.

Hey Everybody,

I hope you liked this chapter. Sorry for the long wait. Please Read and Review.


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