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One Night Can Change A Lot by aniipeziins
Chapter 3 : What You Do Can Never Stay Truly Hidden
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(A/N: So i hope this chapter gets validated soon, thanks for reviewing @ AppreciativeReader and granger_ it warms my heart.)


Draco and Samara turned around to see Etienne and Hermione behind them, it was now Draco turn to give her an angry glare which she shrugged at indifferently and said

 ‘Disturb my paroles, I disturb yours. Hi I am Hermione Granger Malfoy…his sister.’

 Hermione said nicely to Samara, whom smiled back at her before replying and saying

 'HI I am Samara, Hey Etienne.’

 Hermione and Draco said at the same time

 ‘You know each other… well it’s a beach… but.’



 Samara and Etienne just laughed at them, he then said to Samara before turning to Hermione.

 ‘Samara hey, didn’t know you were back…Hermione I live at Caperville 8, and I think we should head back, so we can grab something to eat and leave Malfoy and samara alone.’

 Although Malfoy was thankful to what Etienne said, he still was suspicious about him, but let it rest, Draco now said in order to annoy Hermione before she departed

 ‘Caperville 8, Hermione why you should know our house is Caperville 9... I’ll be right next door with Samara since she doesn’t want to go home and I am exhausted.’

 The two couples made their way to the various houses they were going to, at the door Hermione and Draco gave each other one finally look before looking the opposite way and entering the houses.

 It Was Bound To Happen

Hermione and Etienne had fun together in his house, still at their mild flirting and Hermione was falling more and more in love with his perfection and all the things he was saying, she didn’t even care she was still dressed in her bikini, he had been very modest about it, that night before she entered the door of her own home, he had followed her to her door still talking as animated as before, when she turned to him to tell him goodbye, he leaned down and kissed her, and to Hermione it was the most magical thing she had ever experienced in her life, when he pulled back, it had just been a mouth to mouth kiss not open mouth or tongues she still felt breathless, she smiled at him like a silly lovesick girl before she let herself into the house.

Draco and Samara had spoken some more, enjoying the company they gave each other, Draco asked her about Etienne and hers relationship, she had simply said, since he lives here and she comes here as often as she could, because that they had become friends and nothing to it, they had eaten then spoken some more, before He followed Samara back to her own house and then pecked her on the cheek, upon his return to the house, he watched Etienne kiss Hermione and instantly fury filled him up, he might not care about her, but she was his wife after all…he had to carry out revenge on her,  Samara had been giving hints of wanting to take their relationship to something more than friends he could indulge her in her thoughts, since Hermione wasn’t going to be a faithful wife anyways.

So the roller coaster of love affair went on Hermione and Draco cheating on each other, committing a funny kind of adultery since they both knew they were dating other people.

Two days before it was time for Hermione to depart to Draco’s and hers home, one night while she and Etienne were cuddling up on his sofa, they started to kiss and as things got hotter, clothes  were shed, when Hermione was down to her matching pink and black underwear and Etienne his boxer brief ready to take it to the next level, they came together in a kiss, as their lips connected and practically naked bodies collided, Hermione sprang back and let out a small scream “ouch.” Etienne thought he had hurt her and tried to touch her but she screamed again at his touch she then looked at him, and was shocked beyond oblivion…he was sporting fangs and although he still looked beautiful and marvelous, Etienne thought she was going to run away now, and he did have to chase after her make her see reason all kill her, which he knew he wasn’t capable of doing… he then said

‘I know how you humans, think Vampires are bad and evil… but I have proven to you otherwise… you make me feel so… complete and happy and stir all these feelings in me that I have never felt before which made me let my guard down.’

Hermione smiled at his sweet words, but that didn’t explain her being shocked, she reached to kiss him and then was shocked again like a lightning bolt that was coming from her finger, she kissed him again looking at the ring on her finger and as she thought the shock came from it, making her incapable of kissing him while half clothed and she could see clearly it was only her it affected… she be damned

‘Are you alright? I mean you can be in shock since your human and all, but Hermione you have come to mean a lot to me.’

‘Etienne…I never thought vampires were myths, maybe when I was still young, till I turned eleven…have you heard of a school called Hogwarts?’

‘No way… you can’t be a witch…can you?’

‘Yes, I am a witch…and I don’t think I can go on with making out with you out of my clothes, because I can’t take it any further or I did die, so I have to dress up.’

‘I knew you finding out would bring out this reaction.’

‘No! It’s something totally different. You may never speak to me again if I tell you.’

‘You have HIV/Aids? It won’t affect me remember living dead.’

‘I know smart ass, I and Draco…’

‘Yeah what happened to him, two of you took a purity pledge to remain virgins till you are married? If that’s the case then marry me.’

‘His not my brother or related to me in anyway by blood… he is my Husband.’

‘You have to be kidding, that’s the most silliest lie anyone as ever made up and the worst break up line.’

‘I am actually telling you the truth, we came to Italy for our honeymoon, and we got married two weeks ago.’

‘How are you going to prove it to me.’

‘I don’t know, take my words for it…this ring on my finger is enchanted to never come off, and it’s the reason why I can’t do it  with you, it’s sending shocking sparks to me, I can only do things with you while clothed.’

‘Are you being serious?’

‘No I am James, of course, look believe it or not, that’s how much trust you have in me, I am going home, it was nice having this short flingish relationship with you.’

With that Hermione left his house, she felt the anger in her veins and blood consuming her she had told him the truth no white lie, if he didn’t believe her he could go to hell…wait that was where he was heading to. Has she was walking she bumped into no other than Malfoy, who glared at her before moving they continued to move.

‘So what did you and Etienne do today?’

‘None of your business, but Etienne and I are over.’

‘Why? Thought both of you were so loved up?’

‘Sod off, I told him the truth and he thought I was lying, I know hard to believe that I am married to you.’

‘Well, it’s only you that I know of, of the female sex that is repelled by me, when every other being fawn over me.

‘Don’t you have a girlfriend to get to, and guess what you were right all along about Etienne being a weirdo.’

‘Is that the famous Granger admitting she is wrong?’

‘Shut it up, or I will never tell you if I am wrong.’

With that he kept quiet refraining himself from making a crude reply to what she had just said, so she continued to his relief they were now on their front porch seated on the swinging chair

‘He is a vampire.’

‘I knew it to, just too darn perfect. How did you find out? He told you…he must be braver than I thought.’

‘Malfoy don’t give yourself credit you didn’t know or suspect, just jealous that someone looked better than you, his fang showed at a point in time as we were talking .’

‘Well Milady would love to stay and chat with you, but I would be obviously bored and you are vexed you are practically burning holes into the ground and I wouldn’t want to be around you as much fun as it would be, I only have a day and a night with Samara, so later.’


‘Well you have used it before.’

‘You are so crude.’

‘You choose the word, just gave a suitable reply. Later, do not wait up late for me.’

Draco found out about the not having to do it with someone else palaver the next night and his was not so pretty.

Samara had convinced him to actually do it with her, and he couldn’t be more willing especially when she insisted, it had made his ego grow bigger, they started to make out and stripped down to nothing both entertaining the other, Samara then flew into Draco waiting arms and was shocked to be dropped hard unto the floor also seeing Draco shaking as if he had being electrocuted, Draco jumped up and then said to Samara as if it were her fault that he was shocked

‘What the hell did you just do? I just got electrocuted, from where your body touched me.’

‘I didn’t do anything to you. What are you talking about?’

Draco looked at Samara who looked frightened, he then tried to sooth her and tried to hold her, but he got shocked again, (This shock is by far worse than Hermione’s since he is fully unclothed) now he jumped back in fright Samara started to cry before she started shouting to someone…called Poseidon, apparently her father

‘Father I know you are Poseidon , god of water… please leave me and my boyfriend alone to do what we want I am not a child anymore… stop electrocuting him when he touches or my skin touches his.’

Draco looked at her now clearly she was mental and he wanted to get out of her place, she tried touching him and this time he flew into the wall, this stunning him for a moment the impact not affecting him yet, he scrambled for his cloth and hastily wore it, while she wept  and instead of the water to be little it  looked like it was the sea falling from her eyes dropping to the floor making it wet before disappearing, it hit the ground like a falling bucket of water, he moved towards the door and was stopped by water floating in the air stopping him from opening the door… he turned to the mentally deranged girl and she said

‘I am a god, my father is Poseidon and my mother is Athena…’

‘Nice to know you but I’ve got to go now, it was nice knowing you.’

‘I love you, you can’t leave me.’

‘You aren’t okay…besides I am married…Hermione is my wife, no lie, if you love me you will let me go and so your dad won’t kill me.’

She started to let tears fall from her face the size of an ocean filling the whole room, he thought to himself he is a wizard… a wizard he could get out of this…he then finally came up with the right thing to do he apparated out of the house, his body soaked wet, from her tears.

Hermione was surprised to see a scared looking Malfoy apparate into their living room and he was soaked to his skin, dripping wet

‘You do not even want to know what happened.’

‘Try me.’

‘Samara is the daughter of Poseidon.’

‘No kidding, no wonder she loves the water so much.’

‘She cried and everywhere got filled with water she is a freak.’

‘L.O.L. seems like we happen to get the freaky bunch.’

‘I only get them because you are attached to me. Who the hell is Poseidon?’

‘L.O.L. you don’t know the god of water, the sea, horses and earthquakes…’

‘What the heck Is L.O.L. who is Athena she said Athena is her mother.’

‘L.O.L. is me saying Laugh Out Loud, I’m laughing inside but don’t want to annoy you some more after such an ordeal.  You got yourself involved with a powerful goddess and let us just pray she doesn’t cast a lifelong threaten curse on you.’

‘She can? Oh, Merlin.’

‘What are you? A muggle.  Cast a spell to protect yourself.’

‘You are just saying this because you just got lucky and got a vampire.’

‘Whatever, don’t forget to pack since we are going back tomorrow and for merlin’s bloody sake we have to act like every other person acts when they come back from their honeymoon.’

Both of them went to their separate rooms, annoyed with the people they had dated and how horrible the end of their honeymoon had turned out, plus the fact that where going to go back to their workplaces at once.


Narcissa was awaiting them in front of the fireplace, she had the house elves set a sofa there for her to lounge on while she waited for them to come back, wanting to hear all glory details without delay, when the couple finally stepped out of the fireplace, Narcissa squealed with delight.

Hermione smiled at her, although she might dislike Draco, and didn’t hate him anymore, she totally adored Narcissa.  They had decided to floo back home, since the last reminder of their previous flight had yet to escape Draco’s mind, she smirked at the memory. Narcissa then said to her

‘So Hermione would you mind telling me about your honeymoon?’

‘Of course not, Draco why don’t you stay so that we both can tell her so I won’t forget any little detail…’


Hermione was at work at her desk, a week had passed since her honeymoon, everything in her life was back to normal, throughout the day she had felt weak and sick and very cranky all of a sudden. While she sat trying to focus on her work she became extremely hungry, she got up to go to her café to find something to quell her hunger, upon getting there and going to the food display area, at the sight of the seafood section repulsed her and triggered her inner senses making her bring up her breakfast and barf it all out onto the floor, people rush to her side, she really was sick…the last time she had been sick was when she was in her second year in Hogwarts when she had turned herself into a cat and not long afterwards  petrified by the huge basilisk snake, that had lived undergrounds. She wasn’t even feeling like she had a bad illness plaguing over her body, she made her way back to her office after reassuring the people who had rushed to her aid she was fine. Ginny was waiting for her inside, she had not been able to see Ginny since she came back, because Ginny had not been around since she came back and it seemed like Harry and her were over , because when Hermione had asked Harry about her he had said something along the lines… “Those bloody red hair Weasels, just can never be faithful to their spouses.” Which meant Ginny most likely had cheated on him, yet again Ginny let another surprise cry out when she saw her

‘Hermione… you grew kind of fat.’

Hermione hadn’t noticed it yet, but know she looked at herself it was clear she grew fatter and it explained why her clothes were not as free as they usually were she looked at Ginny and then said

‘You don’t think I could be pregnant do you?’

‘That is so sweet, getting pregnant on your honeymoon, if I and Gregory ever get married I would work hard at it.’

‘Ginny, why the hell did you cheat on Harry and with Gregory Goyle of all people! That is so disgusting. I did not even sleep with Malfoy, I have only slept with him once, which I solemnly cannot remember, yet it produces a baby…I swear that night was just ridiculous and it’s keeps getting worse and worse.’

‘It’s none of your business, I love him, accept it or not I don’t care and a baby is a blessing. No matter what, you have to love it Hermione.’

‘Who do you take me for? Of course I would love my baby and how could you cheat on Harry, after all he’s been through for you… I’m sorry I can’t accept it and I can’t believe I’m saying this but you are just like your brother.’

‘You’ve become a stupid Snob like the Malfoy’s; don’t forget your blood isn’t pure to them.’

‘And you are calling me a snob, you just discriminated me because of I am muggle.’


‘Excuse me but I have to go and see my Healer and hopefully this will be the last I see of any of you bloody weasels.’

Hermione apparated out of her office, leaving the stunned Weasley behind, who was not expecting to be shunned by the only friend she had left, even her parents were disgusted with her and Ron didn’t even care about her anymore.


There Is Hope Or Is There?

‘It’s Positive, Mrs. Malfoy you are with child. Congratulations should be in the order.’

‘Thank you Mr. Yuko, I bet my husband will be very thrilled at such good news.’

The healer didn’t hear the sarcasm dripping off her words, the healer smiled at her, she got up to leave the room, ready to go to Draco office at that exact moment. She apparated straight into Draco office, he was having a meeting, and people where seating round a desk while someone was standing explaining something she supposed, the people in the office at that moment turned to look at her their faces showing their irritation at her appearance, while Lucius just looked at her questioningly she ignored the looks and said to them before addressing Malfoy

‘How am I to know you were having a meeting? Draco we need to talk now. No it can’t wait, do follow me out.’

She had seen his look of why now, so she quickly answered him, he saw he had no choice and in order for the meeting to proceed, he followed her out and then demanded

‘What? Why can’t you wait? Can’t you see I’m working?’

‘I’m pregnant.’


‘You aren’t deaf and you can hear me, I am pregnant.’

‘For who?’

‘Who else?’


‘I have only slept with one person in my enter life who happens to be the person I am married to, my husband.’

Although Draco masked it, he was excited, relieved and happy, man selfish nature, feeling proud of himself on being the first and hopefully forever the only man that she could go to bed with, his tirade stopped for a moment when did he start thinking of sleeping with her

‘I am going to be a father at age 21 maybe by the time she is born 22.’

‘Yes you are?’

Out of nowhere Draco hugged her, it wasn’t like anyone was coming and he was just putting on a show of PDA (PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION) it was genuine and sincere, which took Hermione aback she hadn’t expected him to react this way, more like be pissed, shocked or even thinking he would have acted indifferently not bothered and just head back to his meeting.

‘Hermione I am so excited, you have to stop moving about so much, stay at home…don’t work I will take care of everything.’

Hermione was getting more and more shocked, she had to ask him

‘You are excited about having a baby…with me? And you are actually being sincere.’

‘Yes you are my wife, and I think it due time we start acting like a couple that is married, you didn’t know this but I made a promise to love the person who bears my child which happens to be you so, I have to start from somewhere right?’

‘You don’t actually love me.’

‘I know I don’t…but I am willing to try now.’

‘Because of a baby?’

‘I never want my child to grow up in a divided home.’

‘You actually have a heart.’

‘I have had it all along, you just failed to notice.’

‘Well go back to your meeting I am going back to work.’

‘No you aren’t, you have to rest.’

‘I don’t need to do I look pregnant to you, calm down.’

She laughed at him good natured for the first time, he blushed which had her laughing harder, who would have believed a Malfoy was capable of blushing; this was going to be the start of something new for them

‘Go tell my mother. She would be so excited.’

‘Fine I will go, but I’m still going to work till I can’t anymore, and you can’t stop me.’

‘Yeah, got it…I’m going to pick you up by six we need to go out to celebrate and discuss when you are going to move into the manor?’

‘Hmmm, Hmmm…’

She then apparated, Draco smiled and couldn’t contain himself he was bursting with happiness, everyone present in the meeting went from shock to surprise, because a Malfoy never showed emotions, even Lucius was surprised by his son’s action, he truly most love the Hermione girl, and here Draco was sporting a full blast grin, maybe his wife was a good impact on him the others thought.


Narcissa was jumping with excitement, about having a grandchild, she couldn’t contain herself and soon, Hermione and her were happily chatting, Hermione had told her about Draco’s reaction and how excited he had been, when six o’clock came, she sadly departed with her new mother when Draco to pick her, upon sighting her, he had kissed her to her utmost disbelieve, before rounding on his mother kissing her all over the face, before they went.

‘Malfoy…I swear something is wrong with your brain stop the PDA.’

‘You liked the kiss.’

‘You didn’t see me melting into it.’

‘Hermione I am trying why can’t you try and make this work?’

‘I am sorry, but I am not used to seeing you being nice to me.’

‘I know I was harsh in the past, but I had to do it to survive.’

‘I understand, Narcissa already explained it all to me, so don’t think I hold any grudge against you.’

‘Shall we go for our dinner?’

‘Yes. Maybe it’s time for me to start trying…we are stuck with each other for our eternity anyways.’

They both smiled comfortable at each other for once in their life and apparated to wherever Draco had in mind for their evening.

‘So when are you moving into the manor?’

‘Draco, don’t bring that up yet.’

‘Why? You are meant to be living with me…when people find out, they would start to talk.’

‘You really want to know why I don’t want to move into the manor.’


‘The manor holds painful memories for me; it’s too big for me and way to grand…I can’t also give up my house and everything I have worked for.’

‘Fine then I will move into your apartment.’

‘You will what?’

‘Hermione you heard me, I am moving to your apartment…either my place or yours you pick, if you don’t want to go to the manor.’


‘Done, so let us continue eating then?’

‘Sure thing…so when are we announcing the coming of our child to the world.’

‘Is your Malfoy blood awake…because I have a wicked silly plan…for the fun of it and give people something interesting to talk about?’

Hermione smiled, she might actually like the nice Malfoy, she looked at him waiting eagerly to hear what he had to say and she couldn’t be more excited when she heard it.


‘Draco love, isn’t it such a lovely day? The sun shining ever so brightly and perfect for walking around the central park.’

‘Sure Hermione, why not, it’s even better being with you.’

They both smiled secretly at each other mischief twinkling in their eyes, the photographers and reporters did not know; that they knew they were following them and the extra PDA was for their benefit.

‘Why aren’t you sweet?’

‘Nothing could be sweeter than kissing you right now.’

Hermione hit him playfully on the arm, giving a mock stern look of disapproval making him laugh she said to him

‘Why in front of all these people?’

‘You never complained that time we went a little too far in Italy in front of all your admirers.’

‘You started it and you had a fair share of admirers too.’

‘So it won’t hurt showing a little bit of PDA here and there.’

‘Oh alri-’

She didn’t finish her sentence before Draco’s lips stole hers, she was stunned at first, then she started to feel butterflies in her stomach she smiled against his lips and he did so too, she started to feel electricity flowing from his body into hers and hers into him, it was lovely, she melted into his arms and Draco couldn’t have felt happier than he ever had, she had finally melted. While they were enjoying their kiss, they didn’t notice but every other person saw that they were emanating a gold-ish glow and it surrounded them, the ring was working its magic, it could feel the love was growing, this was the start for them and their first true union, and actually real show of affection for each other apart from that dreadful first dinner. The photographers and reporters went ballistic almost showing their cover. When Hermione and Draco broke apart they smiled at each other and his hand slipped down to hold hers, they continued on their stroll, now talking loud and clearly.

‘Hermione I can’t believe we are going to have a child.’

‘I too…convinced on our wedding night.’

‘I know right, that Friday night that we got married…although it’s not as grand as the second or nearly as grand as it was, but now it has proved to be more than grand, cause of the child…I am actually thankful for it.’

He was looking at her as he said those words the sincerity in his eyes, she smile at him trying to bring light to the intense moment

‘Remember our hang-over the next morning…not so pretty.’

‘I’m sorry.’

Hermione knew he was apologizing for how he had reacted when they woke up next to each other… and for all the other things he had done to hurt her. She had come to terms with all the things she had hated about him and then looked at him and apologized sincerely

‘I’m sorry too.’

They looked at each other wrapped up in their love cocoon, about to kiss again forgetting about the press members, when they were interrupted by someone shouting “Hermione” breaking them up and the sweet moment ruined. It was no other than Etienne and standing beside him was Samara, Hermione and Draco looked at each other…Draco fear was showing clearly in his eyes, Hermione anger was adamant in her eyes…they both then said at the same time


Draco then said

‘What are we going to do?’

‘I say we apparate.’

‘They traced us here so they probably know where we live.’

‘Bloody Blasted Skwerts.’

‘Draco let us just go to them, before they let out our doings in Italy.’

‘There is no point they are coming to us.’

Draco and Hermione waited patiently for them to arrive, and when they did it was not what they expected to happen, Etienne started speaking to Hermione

‘I know you have rights to be mad with me, but I am sorry, and I think we should give it another go… I don’t care if you are married to Draco Malfoy we had the chemistry while you were married back in Italy.’

Hermione and Draco heart beat increased, the reporters were listening so where the photographers, Etienne and Samara wouldn’t know this.

‘Errh…Draco and I are in love, we were just having a brief misunderstanding.’

‘He is not in love with you his in love with me, he told me so, when we were in my house and then we made love afterwards.’

Samara said to Hermione who turned to look at Draco, the anger in her system turned towards him, he slept with Samara and told her he loved her? Draco looked confused and irritated at Hermione, how could she actually believe Samara

‘Hermione I came back to you soaked to my skin and wet, and called her a freak, I was scared to death for my life…I will never pledge any love to anyone apart from you. You should trust me.’

‘It better be, and I do trust you.’

Draco and Hermione smiled at each other, chemistry happening despite the situation they were in at that moment. Etienne then spoke up, irritated and wanting to break up this show of affection, Hermione was meant for him

‘So it was just a week fling then…It meant nothing to you, at all.’

‘It did, but you hurt me, and I was hurt to because of Draco.’


‘Oh, what the heck!’

Hermione turned to see Ron running towards her after shouting her name. Etienne was surprised to see she was associated with such big people in the magical society, he was a big fan of Ronald Weasley, Hermione snapped infuriated…what was wrong with everyone destroying her happy moment, she snapped at Ron to Draco and Etienne amusement


‘Look I need you back in my life.’

‘Oh what the hell, you lots should sod off she is my wife you know?’

Etienne and Ron turned to give him a glare…unlike Hermione’s or his mother’s he didn’t back off.

‘You can’t have her, she is stuck with me, only way you can have her is if I am dead.’

Draco had spoken to quick and dimwittedly, Etienne flashed his fangs, Ron turned to him ready to beat him to his death to Hermione utterly horror she threw Draco a look of seriously you just said that?, he threw her a look of I didn’t know you dated murders and she shook her head at him and he just smirked…Samara just shook her head and said

‘Look at them, his about to die and their doing that their silent communication thingy again. If any of you touch my beloved I will send you to the bottom of the pacific ocean without any means of escape…including you Etienne.’

Hermione turned to Samara and then said to her vexations written all over her face

‘He doesn’t need your help, I can protect him and he is fully capable of protecting himself…back off Goddess, I don’t care who your parents are I will finish you.’

The boys were now captivated by the women catfight, Samara attacked Hermione first, sending water her way ready to smother her until she couldn’t breathe. Draco was about to step in and save her, when Ron and Etienne taking it as their chance moved to attack him, he tore his graze from Hermione and started to fend for himself dodging and throwing punches. The water did not touch Hermione’s body, it stopped and was sent back to Samara who made it disappear  when it was nearly too late clearly shocked, but not as shocked as Hermione, who hadn’t moved a single muscle she now noticed it was her ring protecting her, it sent a message making her understand, it was because Draco wanted to keep her safe and since he was unable to at the moment the ring would protect her, she turned to see Draco was being punched and beaten by Etienne and Ron, Samara was trying to get water to kill her but nothing she tried worked…Hermione felt rage, her vision turned red, she matched up to Ron and with a strength she never knew she had and knew was artificial she was able to yank him away from Draco, Ron was surprised at this, Hermione looked at him all hot and her body sparking with electricity she slapped him before throwing him on the ground  saying to him

‘Don’t you dare touch my husband again and I am never going back to you so deal with it and stay out of my life you and your bloody sister.’

She moved on to Etienne, and through his fangs drew him to her level, he was surprised he had been trying to bite Draco, who had been dodging him nicely, it was a good thing Draco had been seeker and he had to have sharp reflexes. She broke Etienne’s fangs and also said

‘What use is a vampire with no fangs? I hate you, and any hope of me forgiving you, is never going to happen now, get out of my life and forget me.’

Both men she had beaten were stunned she helped Draco up who smiled at her and she smiled back at him, before she brought out her wand to fix him up and scolding him at the same time for not defending himself properly, before taking each other’s hands, they emanated the goldish light once again, Samara stopped trying to smother Hermione when she saw this, then broke down in her oceanic tears, A light came from Heaven and then turned into the shape of a giant hand and grabbed Samara who was struggled to get out but it disappeared taking her with it.

‘Well, the photographers and reporters have something…’

‘I know right, a field day for them, Draco lets go home.’

They both apparated, it was clear they were starting to love each other, and even a blind person would know that.


One day Hermione and Draco came back from work at the same time, upon seeing each other they attacked each other, falling unto their rug in front of the fire, they both started to shed their clothing’s, both deciding it was time they consummated their marriage when they were both aware of what was going on…Hermione stopped and gathered her clothes before she went inside Draco, frowned worried before he followed her inside asking her what was wrong…she then confessed

‘I tried doing it with Etienne…but I couldn’t I got electrocuted…and the pain was dreadful.’

‘Erh…now that you bring it up, the same happened to me with Samara.’

Both sat there awkwardly, both silent Draco broke the silence

‘Well this is awkward.’

‘It doesn’t have to be.’

He got up and engulfed her in his arms, feeling complete with her in his arms; she too felt the same way. Her stomach had a little bump now. He said to her

‘Okay…let us go to bed then.’

‘Sure thing.’

Later in bed, right before Hermione was about to sleep…she realized the problem, she then said to Draco

‘I know why we couldn’t have sex with other people.’


‘Because, It wasn’t between the two of us.’

‘That’s lovely…should we continue from where we stopped?’

‘No, it’s too late.’

She giggled at him, he pecked her lips and drew her closer and they fell asleep that way. No one had disturbed them again, the newspaper had gone ballistic has they had thought but people respected the love they had for each other, the reporters had given a full report on what had happened.

A/N: So this is the second to last chapter of the story, the thing is, i've been meaning to put this story up more than a year ago and since i put double chapters every chapter it finishes even faster, and i have people who have waited for more than a year now to read the story, i hope you enjoy reading this chapter and also sorry to HPFF staffs who thought my last A/N was too much, i understand what you mean now. Please do review it won't take anytime at all. xoxo

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One Night Can Change A Lot: What You Do Can Never Stay Truly Hidden


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