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Black Meadows by twizzll
Chapter 12 : Chapter Twelve
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 “Dorcas, I’ve been having dreams.”

I looked up. James was standing there nervously. I looked around. The common room was empty apart from Sirius, who was sleeping on the sofa nearest the fireplace. I was sitting on a desk in the corner, trying to do some work whilst my overly affectionate boyfriend was unconscious. Clearly, James had different ideas. Although, his face was filled with genuine concern and it made me put my quill down and stare at him in wonder.

“Dreams?” I asked in curiosity. James nodded furiously.

“And you’re linked.”


James rolled his eyes, “Yes, Dorcas. Linked. You don’t need to confirm everything I say.” When I said nothing, he continued, “I think someone may be playing a prank on me, revenge maybe. Because I keep having nightmares, vivid nightmares of my worst fears, but,” He paused, “But I’m seeing it through your eyes. I’m not sure why.”

“Maybe you’re so in love with Sirius that you pretend you’re me in your dreams so you can be with him?” I suggested, but James just scowled at me, and with a sigh, I patted the seat next to me which James took, resting his hands on his head. “Okay, James. Why do you think this is happening?”

James shrugged, “It’s scaring me, It’s really bloody creeping me out.” He looked at me with wide eyes, “It’s as if they’re real, you know? I’m absolutely petrified.” I felt his pain, I could see his pain, confusion, worry, and I took one of his hands in mine. He looked at our linked hands before back at me with a curious look, “What’s so special about you?”

I laughed sarcastically, “Oh thanks!”

James smiled and gave me a reassuring squeeze. “No, I didn’t mean that. I meant, well, you got Sirius to fall for you in a second when he was only ever interested in casual flings, you got us all to reveal our most precious secrets in a matter of weeks, you saved my life, and now, the dreams,” He paused and I bit my lip nervously, “What’s making you so connected to the Marauders, especially Sirius and I.”

For a moment, I was concerned, as it was true. How, in such a short space of time, had I come to be a trusted friend of the most secretive group of them all. How had I won the heart of number one school heartthrob, saved a life where Remus Lupin and Lily Evans, smartest of the school, had failed. Why was everything linked to me in one way or another. A sudden look of realization must have come across my face because James squeezed my hand again, this time for attention.

“Plan, Meadowes?”

“Maybe.” I thought for a second. Sybil. Sybil said I was important. Could she hold some answers we were looking for. “Sybil.” I said out loud and James looked at me in utter confusion.

“You want to go speak to tapped Trelawney?”

I growled slightly, “Don’t call her that, James. She’s been right about everything so far.” James dropped my hand to hold both of his up in defence and I heard a snigger behind him which I knew belonged to Sirius. James and I looked as he made the noise and Sirius sat up to look at us both, rubbing his eyes, “Well good afternoon, sunshine.”

Sirius smiled, “My two lovers in one empty room. All the possibilities.”

“Do you want people to think we’re gay, mate?” James asked with a smirk and Sirius shrugged, walking over to the desk James and I were sitting at and leaning down to give me a kiss on the cheek. I never could get used to the butterflies he gave me.

“I think she’s right. We should go talk to Tapped-” I glared at him, “I mean, Sybil.” Sirius corrected himself and I nodded, looking over at James as if for approval. After a a minute or two, James sighed, agreeing to our suggestion and the three of us left the common room in search of Sybil.


Marlene P.O.V

I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. Who would want revenge on Sirius and Dorcas just as much as I did. The answer was staring me right in the face. But it had to knock into me to make me realise. Being knocked over by the most shallow, vain, blonde haired boy in Hogwarts was a wake up call. Who would want Dorcas and Sirius to be miserable? Gilderoy Lockhart, of course.

Of course, when he apologised and helped my back to my feet, I couldn’t straight away ask him to help me get revenge on the two people that had hurt me the most. So we walked, and talked. He informed me about the break up between him and Emmaline due to his attempt of kissing Dorcas. I wish she had kissed him back, Sirius would have come running back to me, he always did.

What was so bloody precious about Dorcas anyway? She wasn’t as clever as I was, certainly wasn’t as gorgeous as I was. She was a virgin for goodness sake! She wasn’t even a good looking person, or a nice one it seems. Cheating on her boyfriend with her so called best friends ex? I mean, how shallow can you get? And she obviously told Sirius to break up with me. He was totally in love with me before she came along. I wonder what she said to make him love her. Actually, maybe she was lying about being a virgin. I bet her and Sirius slept together whilst I was with him!

She was slowly driving me to the brink of insanity. I hated, and I mean hated Dorcas Bloody Meadowes. With all my heart.

Eventually, Gilderoy went to explain his distaste for Sirius and Dorcas and I knew this was my chance. I brought up the idea of revenge and he instantly fell in love with it. Of course, neither of us at this point knew what to do. So I planned to skive lessons so, when the common room was completely empty, and I was sure the Marauders were out of their dorm, I would go in and search. Search for anything I could.

That’s what I was doing now. I was on my way up to the Gryffindor Common Room, when I heard three familiar laughs. James, Sirius and Her. Yes, Her. I wasn’t even going to use her name, she frustrated me that much. Panicking, I hid behind a suit of armour, which gave a grunt of annoyance but nothing more.

“Has Mary gone and got her memory removed yet?” I heard James ask.

“Not yet, I think she is tonight. Heard they’re going to ask Hestia Jones next.” I heard the thing say. Ugh, even her voice infuriated me.

“I wish Mary would reconsider.” Sirius said glumly. “We have our little group of trust going on. I’d hate for it to break a little because she was clueless.”

“She has everything to lose, Padfoot.” James inputted, “Where’s Sybil, Dorcas?”

Sybil? Sybil Trelawney? The absolutely insane witch from a few years below? Why on earth where they looking for her? Stupid Marauders and bitch.

“In the grounds.”

Eventually their voices faded away and I stepped out behind the suit of armour. Brushing myself off once, I raced up in the opposite direction they were and into the common room. Luckily for me, it was empty, and it didn’t take long for me to walk up to the boys dormitories. It was fairly neater then what it used to be. Or how I remember it.

I headed for Sirius’ bed, looking in his drawers, under his pillow, in his trunk. Eventually, I got on my knees and looked under his bed. However, I was distracted when my eyes attached themselves to a cauldron, bubbling under Remus’. I crawled over and pulled it out slowly. I had no idea what it was but it looked absolutely vile. However, Remus had left an open book next to it and I pulled that out. My eyes widened.

“Polyjuice Potion.” I said allowed before reaching out of my robes and pulling out a spare vial. There was a lot, so I guess no hairs had been added to it, and they were using it for further mischief. I dunked the vial into the potion, putting on a cork and putting it back inside my pocket. No doubt this could be used for revenge.

It was then that I heard the voice of Remus Lupin and a girls voice I didn’t truly recognise. Panicking, I hurried the potion back under the bed along with the book and raced to hide in the nearest closet next to me. Pushing away some clothes, they looked like Peters, I hid, but left the door slightly open so I could see. And in came Remus and…Mary?

“You slept with Peter?” Remus hissed angrily, closing the dormitory door behind them and Mary let out an irritated growl.

“He was trying it all night, and you said we had to make it seem like there was nothing going on!” Mary defended herself. Oh yes, I heard her and Peter were an item now. How absolutely wonderful.

“He thinks he took your virginity, Mary! He’s over the bloody moon!” Wait, Mary wasn’t a virgin? “And how do you think that makes me feel anyway, Mary?! That was our deal wasn’t it? We acted like there was nothing between us, but you wouldn’t hurt Peter. Well, you hurt me instead, congratulations!”

Wait, was I hearing right?

“Look, Remus, I love you, okay? And how do you think I felt when you slept with Emmaline bloody Vance, and took Marlene McSlaggy to the Christmas Ball?” Ouch Mary. And to think I always defended her.

“I love you, Mary. But this is killing me. The secrets, the lies, how we have to hide.”

Oh my god! How absolutely, fucking positively, juicy! Remus and Mary were secretly together! Behind everyone’s back! Oh what a scandal!

“Oh Remus. You make me so happy. I only want you. We’re perfect together!” Mary cooed. Remus raised his eyebrows.

“How so?” Remus asked. Was his tone flirtatious?

“Well, we’re both blonde, both got our own problems, and we’re both awesome at Sex-” At this I let out a large cough as I choked on air at Mary’s comment. They weren’t just secretly together, they were fucking! The two stood frozen as I made a noise and I stepped out of the closet. Oh this was fucking fantastic. Brilliant. Devious.

“Marlene.” Mary looked at me with wide eyes. “Oh no, please Marlene, don’t say. This can’t get out, no one knows!” She looked absolutely petrified. Oh, did I choose the right day to come up here or what? I smirked.

“Why shouldn’t I just go tell precious Peter everything I heard?”

“Marlene, please.” It was Remus that spoke this time, stepping forward, “I’ll do anything. We’ll do anything.” He pleaded. Oh this was too good.

“I’ll think of something.” I said, giving them a grin. “In the mean time, don’t go telling anyone I was here. Who knows what I came up too.”

And with that, I left. Oh this was falling together perfectly.


Dorcas P.O.V

I stared upwards for a brief moment before looking at the two boys beside me. Sirius hadn’t moved his confused eyes from the tree and James was looking at me as if this was a bad idea. Maybe it was a bad idea, but it couldn’t hurt. At least, I hope it couldn’t. I turned to look upwards again. Sybil Trelawney looked back down at us. She was wearing rather large bright red earrings, which were flashing violently. Her sunglasses were thick rimmed and green and she was wearing an orange coat with a florescent pink scarf. She looked absolutely mental. But at our arrival, she seemed all too happy.

“I haven’t seen you in a while, Dorcas!” She said, hopping down from the tree. It was only when she was on the ground I realised how small she genuinely was. She was a good two foot smaller then me. It was quite adorable. She looked between me and Sirius, “Yes, I sensed fate had finally worked it’s way around.” She clapped her hands together. I smiled but Sirius raised his eyebrows.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh.” I said quickly. “Sybil always said you and I were meant to be together.” I informed him. Sirius smirked down at me.

“Well, I wish you listened to Sybil sooner.” Then he turned to look at James, “I like her.”

James rolled his eyes and Sybil turned to look at him, “I sense you are a non believer.” She said sadly. “Although, I suppose I could help you figure out your dreams.”

I turned to look at James’ face at her comment and his mouth opened slightly in shock, “How do you-?”

“You may not believe, but it’s true.” She said with a small smile.

I caught her attention by waving my hands. “So, do you have any ideas?”

She smiled in my direction this time, “I told you that you were special, Dorcas. A long time ago.” She sighed. “Okay. Erm. You really should ask your parents more about this. I’m not sure on the full story, but this is just what I know.”

“Go on.” I insisted. Sybil took in a deep breathe.

“Your parents being aurors. It means a lot of dark magic, dark wizards. From a baby, you were kind of…tainted.” I raised my eyebrows at her words, but she took no notice of me. “You see, everybody in the order kind of has their… shall I say contribution to the future. Even Marlene. And don’t give me that look, James, of course I know about the order.”

I looked up at James to see him looking completely outraged but he stepped backwards at her words. Sybil continued.

“Well, yes. The gist is, dark wizard cast a spell on pregnant auror, baby got tainted. But not too much in a bad way.” Sybil paused, looking at her fingers. “I’m not sure how to explain. The curse hit your mum right in the stomach. But somehow, because she was pregnant, the Cruciatus curse didn’t effect her. It was as if you sucked the pain away. A baby protecting its mother before it’s even out of her stomach. It’s an unusual event, I’ll tell you that.” She laughed. “But of course, you sucked out all of the painful energy. And it left you-”

“Tainted?” I asked. The word she was using to describe me was getting a little offending now.

“I can’t think of a better adjective.” She frowned. “Anyway, they knew you were a little strange. You could walk from an incredibly young age, you seemed to know what people were thinking just by looking at them. People got you instantly. It’s like you’re this massive magnet. And you give off this brain energy, that if used correctly, could be the biggest weapon of all.” When I looked baffled, she added, “You’re going to have to ask your parents the full story.”

“It doesn’t explain the dreams.” James snapped. Sybil looked at him.

“Your brain is on the same wavelength as hers, only in a different way.” She explained calmly. “You’re going to create a saviour, rather then be one yourself. And because that is what fate intended, when you got close to Dorcas, your brainwaves immediately connected, and you had this automatic link to feel how she felt. See things how she sees.”

“I’m going to create a saviour?” James asked with a sarcastic laugh. Sybil nodded, “My child?”

“Yes.” She shrugged. “I don’t like this negative energy you’re giving me. I told you why you’re seeing it through their eyes. It’s because you both have a massive effect on the end of the war.” She shook her head furiously at this, “I’ve already said too much!” She snapped irritably, turning and racing away.

James gave an infuriated sigh, “What.the.hell.”


Sirius moaned next to me causing me to wake up. He had his arms were wrapped around me but he was talking to James who was laughing. It was curious, as I was sure that when I had fallen asleep they were dressed in casual clothes. However, they were now in their robes. And I could have sworn they were going to Hogsmeade? Why were they back so quickly? I couldn’t have been napping for that long.

When I woke up, a smirking Sirius looked down at me at his grin turned into a genuine smile and he stroked my face. “Beautiful.”

I heard James get up from opposite bed, stand up and leave quickly, shooting a cheeky wink at Sirius before exiting the room without another word. I looked up at Sirius in confusion, but he didn’t say anything. He simply leant down to kiss me. It was a more passionate kiss then usual, and I felt butterflies go crazy in my stomach. I gave a gentle moan against his lips and he moved backwards to smirk at me.

“What’s with this charm, huh?”

“Shut up and kiss me.”

He obeyed, rolling on top of me and kissing me more passionately. His hands made their way to my hair and began to wrap it around his fingers. When he began to kiss down my neck, I felt myself shiver. And then he kissed down my shoulders, my chest, my stomach. It was only when his hand began to move up my skirt I sat up in alarm. He’d never been so forward, “Sirius, what the hell? You said you wanted to wait, remember?”

“And I thought you were easier then this.” Sirius said with a shrug, sitting up straight and rolling his eyes. “I didn’t realize you were so frigid.”

My jaw dropped, “I am not frigid!”

Sirius sniggered, “Why did I ever dump Marlene for you?” And with that, he stood up and left the room. Irritated by his sudden attitude change, I rushed after him and watched as he walked down the stairs. I followed him with haste. James had vanished, and in his place was Marlene who sat facing the fire. Suddenly, I was petrified.

Sirius approached Marlene quickly, grabbing her by the waist and picking her from the sofa. Marlene’s eyes widened slightly, “Sirius, what are you-”

She was cut off by Sirius putting his lips on hers and kissing her passionately. I stared in shock, and I didn’t realize that I wasn’t the only one in the room.

“Sirius, what are you doing?!” A shrill girls voice yelled from behind me. I didn’t even turn around, but I knew it was Lily. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the scene. Sirius was kissing Marlene. Marlene was kissing Sirius. My boyfriend was cheating on me. In front of me. I was being replaced. Again. “Sirius, stop it! Now!”

Sirius moved away, turning and exiting the common room through the portrait hole. I stared after him. No no no, this could NOT be happening.

Marlene turned to me, “Oh, Oh Dory.” She had a look of complete worry on her face, although I couldn’t tell if it was fake or not. I stared at her before collapsing on the floor and breaking into tears.


Sirius P.O.V

“That’s a beautiful necklace, Sirius.” Mary told me, looking down at my hands as we approached the Gryffindor Common Room. “I’m really happy that Dory has you. You’re so wonderful to her.” She looped her arm in mine and I smiled down at her.

“I’m happy I have her. She’s the best thing in my life.” I replied honestly, looking down at my hands too. I had just brought Dorcas a necklace, in an attempt to show my love to her. It was linked on a silver chain, a heart at the end with a single red gem right in the middle. I looked up just in time to see a hurried Gilderoy running from the direction the common room. As I sent him a glare, he smirked at me - It was a smug look and I suddenly grew very worried.

“That was weird.”

But it wasn’t just weird, it was frightening. I put my necklace in my pocket and began to run towards the Gryffindor Common Room. What had just happened? I was petrified. And when I finally reached the common room, I had a good reason. Dorcas was on the floor, crying, at her side was…Marlene, holding her as she sobbed. And when I entered the room, I immediately got a slap from…Lily Evans?

“You have a nerve showing your face in here, Sirius Black!” She shouted angrily. I raised my eyebrows, putting my hand to my cheek and looking at her in disgust.

“What the fuck was that for? I haven’t done anything!”

“Oh yeah.” Marlene looked up at me, an evil glint in her eye, “Nothing apart from snogging my face off in front of your own girlfriend. Real charming.”

I snorted, “Why would I kiss you?!” I demanded before pushing myself past Lily and next to Dorcas. I put my hand on her shoulder, “You don’t believe her do you?”

“Sirius, we saw it! We all saw it!” Lily snapped. I looked over my shoulder.

No, it couldn’t of been me… I only just got back. There must have been a mistake. “Mary, tell them I’ve been at Hogsmeade with you for the past hour!” But Mary wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at Marlene. And Marlene was looking back with an evil glare. “Mary?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about, Sirius. I only just saw you when you were outside the common room.”

“Aha! Liar!” Lily shouted angrily.

This could not be happening. This could not be happening. No, no. I didn’t cheat, I wouldn’t cheat! It was a scam, a complete and total scam. I’d been set up! By Marlene, obviously. But why was Mary covering up for her. No! Dory was still crying. I couldn’t see her cry.

“Doe, I didn’t okay. I promise, I didn’t. Whoever you saw, it wasn’t me.”

She didn’t look up at me. But she sobbed. “We’re over.” She muttered through her tears.

I swear to Merlin, I think my heart just stopped.



Hello all! I haven't updated this story in ages! I'm really sorry! But here you go - I promise it'll get a lot better from here on out!

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