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Zabini Manor by megthechef43
Chapter 1 : The Party
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Hermione would always remember that day. It was the day her life truly began. Most people would believe that her life truly began the day she meet Harry Potter or the day Lord Voldemort was finally defeat but to her, her life truly began the day she found the love of her life.


Flashback to seven years prior…


Hermione felt awkward as she stood in front of the mirror. She twisted and turned to get a better look at herself. She looked at the front of the dress and how it fit on her. It was like a glove. Then she turned around and checked out her back side and realized it too looked as though the dress was her skin. Ginny had bought the dress for her especially for this occasion and against her better judgment she had promised her best friend she would wear it. The dress was short and black and one-shouldered and completely not Hermione’s style. She threw her hands in the air as she realized no matter how many times she checked herself out in the mirror she probably wasn’t going to like her reflection any better. She gently sat in a chair in the corner of her room, she was careful not to rip the satin fabric that encased her body. There was a pink and black shoe box sitting on the floor next to the chair. Ginny had placed them there when she had dropped off Hermione’s dress. Hermione grabbed the box and slowly removed the lid for the first time and let out a groan. Apparently Ginny was trying to kill her or at a minimum break her leg. Hermione hesitantly pulled out the outrageous 6 inch heels out of the box. She noticed a note on the bottom of the box.


                I promise they will be easier to wear than you think. Slip them on. You promised!





Hermione slip each foot into a black stiletto pump and tried to stand up. To her surprise she could stand up and walk normally as if she wasn’t wearing any shoes. Hermione whispered a thank you to all the magic in the world because at least she would have to worry about breaking her neck. Hermione took a quick glance at the clock and realized that she still had 15 minutes before Harry and Ginny would be over to pick her up. She again did a quick once over in the mirror of herself. Her makeup was flawless with her smoke eyes and pale pink gloss. Her hair flowed in smooth curls down her back and her dress fit perfectly and her legs looked long and sleek in the heels. She still felt like a hooker but again she had promised Ginny. Hermione decided she needed a shot of liquid courage if she was going to go out in public dressed the way she was. Hermione knew that she wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable once she arrived at Zabini Manor but at the moment she was having issues. As she walked in to the kitchen and pulled out three shot glasses and a bottle of firewhiskey she thought about where they were going tonight.


Blaise Zabini was throwing the party of the century. It was by invite only and if you didn’t have an invite you were desperately looking to get your hands on one. Blaise had personal delivered Hermione’s invite to her doorstep and wished her to be there. At the time she didn’t figure that she would actually attend but after Ginny and Harry had received their invitation and Ron and Lavender had also received one she gave it a second thought. Blaise was trying to bring unity among the magical youth and what better way that a party. Somehow the guest list had been leaked to the media and if you were under the age of 25 and magical you were on this list and if you weren’t then you had officially sunk to the “nobody” list. Hermione wasn’t big on popularity but she was big on friends and it seemed as though all her friends would be at Zabini Manor this evening.


Hermione hadn’t realized she lost track of time when she heard the fireplace flare and she watched Harry tumble out of her fireplace. She chuckled inwardly because he had never got the hang of the floo network. He stood up and was brushing soot off of his black dress pants when the fireplace flared again and Ginny gracefully stepped out of the emerald fire. Ginny handled the floo network better than her counterpart. Ginny looked wonderful. She wore a skin tight strapless gold dress that hugged her curves perfectly. The material of her dress played on her hair and looked as though she were on fire. Before Harry could even take a good look at Hermione he starts mumbling something about her looking good. Hermione giggled.


                “Harry, Its okay I know Ginny threatened you to say that. I’m wearing the bloody dress. I don’t need any more coercion from you.” Ginny rolled her eyes and smacked the back of Harry head.


                “Ow!” Harry exclaimed as he rubbed the back of his head. “What was that for?”


                “For not being convincing.” She stated simply. “Hermione, what are you doing? Come and show me that dress.” Hermione shrugged and with the bottle and glasses in hand she walked around the counter and did a little spin for Ginny.


                “Hermione!” She exclaimed as she threw her hand over her mouth. “You look wonderful! You are so beautiful and who knew you actually had curves.” Ginny teased. Hermione sniffed.


                “I can still change into my jeans and jumper.” Ginny gave a face of mock horror. “If you are going to make me go out in front of the entire body of Hogwarts dress like this then you must pre-game with me.” Hermione waved the glasses in front of Ginny’s face. Harry was standing to the side. He looked a little awe struck at Hermione. “You too, Harry. Get your bloody-arse over here.” Harry shook his head.


                “Hermione, I think you shouldn’t wear that.” Harry mumbled and Ginny smirked at her fiancé.


                “What do I look that horrible?!?” Hermione questioned. Harry turned bright red and he rubbed the back of his neck.


                “No, that is not it at all.” Harry told them. Hermione caught on pretty quickly as to what he was referring to and was enjoying his discomfort. With Harry’s gaze directed at the floor Hermione threw and quick wink in Ginny’s direction.


                “Then what is it?” Hermione demanded of Harry.


                “Well, um.. It’s just that. Well, there are going to be a lot of… what’s the word. Men! At this party and well…” Hermione and Ginny busted out laughing before he could even finish his sentence.

                “Harry, please don’t finish. I understand but I made a promise. Plus no one will look at the bookworm. I promise.” Hermione told Harry as his cheeks grew more of a red color. She passed around the shot glasses and raised hers first. “To a wonderful evening!” and they all clinked their glasses together before taking the shot. Hermione saw the invite start to glow on the table. “It’s time!” She announced as they all grabbed the piece of paper. Hermione felt a familiar tug at her navel as the portkey transported them to the party.


                Hermione was glad she had a stable footing when they landed. If she had been in normal heels she would have been splayed on the pavement before Zabini Manor. Her eyes swept over the expansive estate as she took in the view. In front of them stood a butler who was ushering them to move quickly before the next set was to arrive. She notice there were four other groups on her right and left had arrived at the same moment were also being ushered up the steps and into the manor. She took Harry’s arm as he offered it and all three set off to enter the Manor. Hermione quickly looked behind her as they walked through the doors. She had seen the next batch of five groups had arrived. Hermione was struck but a character that had arrived alone. She could quite see his face but his blond hair was a calling card for his identity. Her heart fluttered slightly at the sight. It was weird but she had hoped to see him here tonight. She had grown up to hate who he had become but she actually felt as if he was a puppet and maybe the Draco Malfoy she had knew growing up was not the real Malfoy. She shook her head as they enter the main foyer and grabbed a drink off of the trays that were floating around the Manor. She needed liquid courage if she was finally going to talk to Draco Malfoy tonight.



Draco made his way up the steps of his best mates Manor. He couldn’t believe his buddy had the audacity to actually follow through with the party. They had always joked about having a party of this magnitude in one of their ancestral homes because it would be a slap in the face to their parents. Zabini didn’t much like his father but since he was in Azkaban there wasn’t much Old Zabini could do about it. Draco scanned the crowd as he walked in to the ball room which had been transformed to look like inside of a dance club. The party was just getting started so there wasn’t anyone dancing yet. Draco spotted Zabini at the top of the grand stair case in the ball room. Draco grabbed a drink and made his way to his best mates side.


“There are many beautiful ladies here tonight.” Blaise told Draco as he scanned the crowd again and watched the newcomers take awe in the ball room.


“Is that all you care about?” Draco laughed.


“Of course.” Blaise answered with a cheeky grin.


“Did you invite her?” Draco sobered up to a second as he asked the question.

“I did. She arrived shortly before you. I’m surprised you didn’t notice her yet. She happens to be the belle of the ball, so far.” Blaise eyed the brunette before turned his gaze back to his friend. “Though, the youngest Greengrass is definitely showing off her charm tonight. I hear she is on the prowl for you.” Blaise thumped his friend on the back.

“You can have Greengrass. I’m pretty sure I made my intentions clear.” Draco growled.


“That you did, my dear friend. I’m going to go engage Astoria in the first dance. It shouldn’t be long before we get this party started.” Blaise joked as he left his friend overlooking the crowd. Draco eyes had locked on her form and he was more than surprised but what he saw. Unfortunately, any man standing in a 10 foot had also noticed her. He growled under his breath as he made his way down to the main floor.


Hermione felt a little nervous. She had been discreetly scanning the crowd and she noticed out of the corner of her eye that he was watching her from the second floor. She finished her drink and exchanged the glass on the closest floating tray. She knew if kept drinking she would be too inebriated to talk but the alcohol was sliding down her throat far too easy. She had focused so much of her energy on Malfoy that she hadn’t yet noticed she was receiving stares from a number of the male population that surrounded her. The room was become more packed as everyone was starting to arrive. The lighting started to pulsate in the room and she heard a voice echoing around the expansive room.


“Good Evening Everyone! I’m happy to see so many people were able to attend.” Blaise’s voice rang out. Hermione’s eyes landed on his form as he stood on the stairs with his wand touching his throat to amplify the sound. She noticed a certain brunette standing on a step above him, Astoria Greengrass. Astoria flashed a row of pearly whites and most of her assets were clearly visible.


“I know there are still a few more people going to be showing up but I’m an impatient man and I want to get a dance in with this beautiful woman behind me.” Blaise motioned the Astoria. Everyone laughed collective and Hermione rolled her eyes. Astoria would be Blaise type, she thought to herself. “Now, the drinks are flowing freely, the women are beautiful and I hope you all will join me in the first of many dances of the evening!” Blaise ended with great enthusiasm and everyone couldn’t help but join in. He could defiantly get a group riled-up. Blaise pocketed his wand and offered his arm to Astoria, which took a hold of quickly and Hermione was reminded of a bird/prey situation, as they made their way down the stairs the lights dimmed and the strobe lights were beginning to flash and Hermione heard a song from the Weird Sisters fill the room.


Hermione was then overwhelmed by three different men asking for her to dance. She said yes to the first person to ask which turned out to be a guy from Ravenclaw that had been a year above her in school. She promised the next two dances to the other to suitors which were Dean Thomas and a Gryffindor from Ginny’s year. Hermione did quite know how to handle herself, but she threw back the last of her drink and quickly waved goodbye to Ginny who winked at her and then she was off to the dance floor. Hermione got a chance to look at the suitor and he was quite handsome. He had dark wavy hair and bright blue eyes. Even in her heels he stood a couple inches taller than her. He was a fair dancer but the song seemed to end quickly before she barely got his name, which turned out to be Derek but she had missed his last name due to the loud music. Dean was in front of her and the Ravenclaw was gone. Hermione heard Dean mutter something about her looking wonderful. She smiled and continued to dance. Luckily the songs were only three minutes because dancing with Dean was a little more than awkward. He was replaced by the younger Gryffindor and she didn’t even bother with his name because at the rate she was running through dance partner she would have to learn twenty different names. She smiled and continued to dance. He seemed hopeful for a second dance but Hermione excused herself to get a drink.


The night was flying by for her. She was having a great time and she was glad she wasn’t a wall flower but at the rate she was going she was going to be passed out from exhaustion halfway through the evening. She made her way to the bar and watched the crowd pulsate to the music as she waited for her drink. Though this was not her ideal way to spend an evening she was having more fun than she anticipated. Again she let her eyes scan the crowd in search of him. The lights were making it almost impossible but she knew he was there somewhere. Hermione jumped as a deep voice hummed in her ear.


“Looking for someone?” She knew it was him. She wanted to keep her cool. She turned her head slightly his way and saw he was standing so close she was wondering how he wasn’t actually touching her.


“Maybe.” She answered coyly. She turned to face him fully and she felt the familiar buzz of alcohol in her brain. It was pleasant at the moment. “Is there someone you are looking for?” She held her breath for a moment as she waited for his answer. Draco’s head turned towards her and his steel eyes locked on her own.


“Yes.” She expelled the air from her lungs. Her body reacted to his response from the intensity in his gaze. She leaned in to ask him who it was but at that moment Ginny managed to come between them and drag her off.


“Hermione, you must dance with me.” She whined and Hermione realized that maybe she wasn’t the only who had indulged in the liquor this evening. She turned as her red headed friend dragged her away from Draco. She locked eyes once more before people got in the way but the intensity was still present and it still made the butterflies dance in her stomach.


Draco watched as the future Mrs. Potter dragged Hermione to the dance floor. Damn it. He muttered under his breath as he grabbed a drink before he made his way around the dance floor. He did his best to avoid the women who were seeking a dance partner. Tonight he only had eyes for one and tonight she happened to be on fire. He had noticed her before but tonight he had to put her on a whole new level. He knew she had been flirting with him before the interruption. He thought of all the ways to get her alone again.


Hermione dance the next dance with Ginny and then the next with Ginny and Harry. She was having a blast dance with her friends. Soon her crowd of friends grew and Neville, Hannah, Luna, Rolf, Ron, Lavender, Dean, and Parvati had joined them. She felt a hand slide across her lower back and again the feeling of him resonated within her but as she turned to see who it was she only caught the glimpse of blond hair walking away from her. Hermione hid the disappointment she felt as she continued to dance with her friends but wished to be dancing with someone else. It only took two more songs in the pulsing crowd and the intoxicating lights for her fuzzy mind to realize maybe he had wanted her to follow him but now it was too late. She felt arms slip around her waist and she smiled as she turned to greet him and let him know that she wanted him there. Her line of sight fell on a set of familiar blue eyes and realized the man she thought she was dancing with turn out to be Derek, the Ravenclaw from her first dance. She tried to hide the disappointment as it flashed across her face but she knew he had seen it and unknown to her a certain blond man, who was close by, noticed it too. Draco couldn’t have been happier about Hermione’s reaction to the man. He still needed to get her alone but for once his nerves were waning. He made his way to the bar again.


“Two shots!” Draco heard a voice beside him yell. Draco knew that voice anywhere.


“I thought you would be in a corner with Astoria by now.” Draco chuckled.


“I would be but what kind of host would that make me?” Blaise retorted.


“One who enjoys himself?” Draco joked with his friend. Blaise shrugged as two neon green shots slid in front of them. They both shot it without a second thought.


“Why aren’t you with her?” Blaise asked.


“I’m trying but believe or not I’m losing my courage.” Draco responded in earnest to his friend’s question.


“Well, I’m not throwing another party to get you two in the same room again. Don’t blow your chance.” Blaise stated as he turned to look out at the crowd.


“You won’t have to.” Draco clipped out before he walked into the sea of bodies. He was going to find her. It didn’t take long because she was in the center of it all. He felt the familiar boost of confidence burn through his veins as the alcohol he had been consuming overtook him He needed to get close to her. Draco walked up to her and pulled in close for a dance. There was no way anyone was going to be stealing her from him right now. He watched as enjoyment flooded her eyes when they fell on his eyes. He knew she wanted him too and it was the best feeling in the world. Their bodies became one on the dance floor and they moved together perfectly. Her eyes began to fill with some other emotion as the songs faded away and he lost count of how many they had danced to. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the ball room.


Hermione was at loss for words. It was like a dream that he had come and found her. It was like everything had fallen into place better than she could have ever imagined. Tonight she had hoped to become someone she hoped he would talk to but not want in that way. It was funny because before tonight she hadn’t realized this is what she wanted. As her hand was locked in his and he pulled her through the manor she looked at him. He had become more handsome the past few years. He had grown taller and his shoulders were broader. His blond hair was shorter and messed up in a perfect way. He pulled her through a door and shut it behind he finally turned to face her. She could see his steel gray eyes search for something in her own honey colored ones. His deep rumbling voice started to say something.


“Hermione…” He started but she shook her head no. In a second flat he had her trapped in a hard cage. The cool finished wood press into her back and she had an arm on each side of her head and in front of her was the broad chest. His eyes still searching with longing. She carefully reached up to put a hand on the side of his face and he leaned his cheek into the cup of her hand. His arms had slid in close and soon they were wrapped around her and she felt his warmth radiating off him. She knew what he was searching for then. Permission.


“Draco…” Was all it took. His warm soft lips crashing against her own and one hand cupped the back of her neck as a thumb caressed the side of her face and the other hand pressed firmly into her lower back so she could not move away, but she didn’t want to. She relished in the kiss it was wonderful and the most perfect kiss she had ever received. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was really happening of if she would wake up in the morning and it was all an amazing dream. When they both came up for air he pulled away.


“Hermione, I want more than this from you.” He stated as he turned his back to her. The alcohol rushing through her body muddled his words.


“What do you mean?”


“I mean. I didn’t plan on this I just wanted to ask you on a date or something. I know the past was rough but I would like to start over. I mean I had my best mate throw a enormous party just so I could get you in the same room. I had planned to talk to you and see if I had a chance but then you were more than willing but I don’t want you to think that I would take advantage of you when you aren’’t in the right frame of mind.” Draco rambled on and word vomit spewed for his mouth. Bloody alcohol was making him a blabbering nit-wit.  He thought to himself but then he heard her.


“What if it was I taking advantage of you?” She asked with a slight giggle. “I mean you aren’t exactly sober either.” Draco stopped for a minute and thought on it. Nope, he defiantly had it in his mind to take advantage of her. She stood in front of him look like an angel in a she-devils outfit. He would normally not have given it a second thought but this wasn’t just anyone. It was HER.   


“Fine, how about we just talk and that way it can never be misconstrued who took advantage of whom.” She told him as she motioned to the couch in the sitting room. He shrugged and took a seat.


Present time…


Hermione remembered that night perfectly. They had indeed talked and they had argued a little and they had snogged a lot and in the end she had woken up in his arms where they had fallen asleep on the couch. They had been talking and arguing and snogging, and a little bit more for the past seven years and it had been the best decision of her life to go to that party. Though she found out later that Harry and Ginny were about to tear the manor apart looking for her but that is another story.



A/N: I hope you like my submission DMsSlytherinPrincess's Not you typical Dramione fic Challenge. Please R&R. It would mean the world to me. :)









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